AVENGERS SECRET WARS Plot Leaks, Early Details ...

AVENGERS SECRET WARS Plot Leaks, Early Details And Theories

MCU Multiverse Saga - Leaks

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show! I’m your host Paul, aka The Biggest Kangster on Youtube, and in this video, we’re breaking down some of the big leaks and plot details we’ve heard about Avengers: Secret Wars.

Cast your mind back a couple weeks, and you might remember that we did a video discussing the future plans for Sony’s Spider-Man and how they’d be integrating Andrew and Tobey into future films.

This included Across The Spiderverse and beyond, with the actors reportedly also returning for Secret Wars.

It picked up a lot of traction, and though I did talk about elements of Secret Wars in the video, I didn’t go all out with what I’d heard.

So I thought I’d do this follow-up video to discuss some of the details I’ve been told and also to just give my general theories on what I think will happen in the movie.

Now take this all with a big pinch of salt, as the script is still being worked on and the finer plot details definitely won’t be nailed down yet. However, this is more of a rough idea of what they plan to do and how the MCU will look after the events that happen in Phase 6.

I know right now you’re likes.

Why shouldn’t I watch the leaks?

Either way, from here on out, the secret wars might not be so secret, so let’s get into the breakdown.

How ‘Quantumania’ Affects the MCU’s Secret Wars

Ok, so in order for this to happen, we have to talk about what we’ve been told plays out in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumia.

Apparently, in that movie, we’ll learn that Kang got stuck in the quantum realm after crash landing there whilst traveling through the multiverse.

His ship, or rather, chair, will be able to hop from dimension to dimension, and he will have been traveling through alternate realities in an attempt to conquer them.

Kang will get stuck there, and he’ll come across Janet, who’ll start to help him fix his ship before she finds out what he’s really after.

This will be why she doesn’t want to go back to the quantum realm, and Scott will be hired by Kang while they’re down there to find a device to bring his ship back online.

Now, from what I’ve been told, Kang will end up leaving the 616 at the end, and this will leave Scott and Hope stranded in the Quantum Realm.

MCU Multiverse Saga - Leaks
MCU Multiverse Saga – Kang

During the movie, Kang will promise to travel through the multiverse, devastating every reality until he returns to the 616 to destroy it all. This is due to Janet destroying his ship earlier in the film and leaving him stranded for decades.

Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars will very much be the culmination of this. The first movie will very much be about this version of Kang returning, and we’ll learn about him conquering worlds across the Multiverse. This will also introduce several of his variants, and it will very much be his movie, much in the same way that Infinity War was Thanos’. We’ll really learn his backstory as Nathanial Richards, see his journey through time, and also watch as the first wave of Avengers attempts to stop him.

This will be made up of characters like Shang-Chi, Falcon, Black Panther, and so on. Like I said, this will apparently be the first wave of characters to fight him, and the movie will culminate with Kang winning, which will cause the heroes to have to reach out through the multiverse in order to get others.

Again, take this all with a pinch of salt as it’s still very early, but I’ve had so many people ask me to talk about what else I was told in regards to the plans. Now, during the Kang Dynasty, we’ll also be reintroduced to He Who Remains. There’s a lot of timey-wimey-wimey wibbly-wobbly stuff, and technically, to him, this is the first time he’s experiencing it. The movie will have Kang beating other versions of himself, and all that will be left at the end is…drum roll please…he who remains.

MCU Multiverse Saga - Leaks
MCU Multiverse Saga – He Who Remains

Now that the Avengers are defeated, we’ll go into Secret Wars, which is still being worked on, though the fundamental plot details are still there.

This will center around He Who Remains pulling together as many people as he can from across the multiverse in order to fight in this giant war against Kang.

Now, in my last video, I talked about how Feige was trying to get every major character from a Marvel movie into the film in some form or another. There are a number of franchises, such as the Fox X-Men universe, the Fantastic Four, and so on, and they are aiming to get as many heavy hitters as they can.

So your Hugh Jackman Wolverines, Andrew Garfields, Tobey Maguires, and so on are who they’re really trying to nail down.

On a side tangent, Deadpool 3 will actually heavily involve the TVA, and it will have Owen Wilson returning as Mobius as well as Miss Minutes.

This was teased this week by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, and slowly we’re going to get all these characters slotted into the MCU.

On the last video, I did say that Marvel Studios was wanting a similar sort of scene to the portal one from Avengers Endgame. I dunno if I worded this badly or whatever, but the way the reports came out made it seem like it would be a copy and paste of the portals scene.

What I meant was more the idea that everyone was on screen at the same time.

This was pretty much every major character from all the MCU movies up until that point, with them all standing shoulder to shoulder.

That’s more what they’re aiming for with us seeing every franchise on screen at the same time, all alongside each other, ready to duke it out with Kang.

Now I did get told that the plan from then on was to sign new contracts with some of the stars and bring them into one streamlined universe. The comics did this too, and when Marvel had lots of different universes existing alongside each other, they did the big secret wars event and brought all the favorites into one universe.

Miles Morales was originally in the Ultimate universe, but after the mega event he was pulled into the main one, where he’s been ever since. This is the plan with Secret Wars too, and it’s going to allow for some of the X-men and so on to be brought across.

Now because of this being streamlined, I’m guessing that the movie ends in a way that we’ve already been told.

That takes us into theory time, theory time, and theory time.

Ok, so the timeline being converged and the inclusion of He Who Remains make me think that there’s only one way this plays out, and it’s been spoiled in Loki Season One.

The He Who Remains had been through all of this before, to the point that he had a script to show how everything was going to play out.

Therefore, I think that the movie will end with the heroes having defeated Kang, and then He Who Remains will form the TVA, and he will keep things in check with the one timeline until this all starts up again. Potentially, Sylvie and Loki will end up making different choices, and Kang won’t be created. That would be the perfect way to end a Loki season as well, and I do kind of hope that’s the way things go.

Time-travel shows and films in general normally have the idea that when something is told to us, it ends up happening no matter how much people try and avoid it.

Therefore, I think the story that He Who Remains told us in Loki will very much be the way that the entire Secret Wars saga plays out.

Anyway, that’s the end of theory time. Just a theory, mate. Don’t come back in 3 years and say it’s wrong.

How The Multiverse Saga Will Connect

Now, either way, this is going to be the Multiverse Saga, and I’ve actually been told that there are lots of movies that are going to have a big push towards this without us initially thinking that they’ll have anything to do with it.

The Marvels are a good example of this, and the Nega Bands will play a big part in it with them being able to pull things from across other dimensions. We saw this very much with the Clandestines, who came from an alternate reality. The bands will be able to pull across characters and resourcers, but my sources have told me that this will trigger an incursion in The Marvels that will lead to bigger things.

Now, when I say my source, I’m definitely not talking about my uncle Patrick, who works at the Disney store in Sunderland. He definitely never saw an email from HR when he was cleaning the Belle Disney princess dresses out of the back room, and none of this stuff should get him or anyone else in trouble.

MCU Multiverse Saga - Leaks
MCU Multiverse Saga – Leaks

So I’m glad that’s cleared up, and Patrick, if you’re watching this, you might want to start looking for another job.

Anyway, that’s the video, and I hope you enjoyed it. Not massive reveals, just me adding context to what I was told so some websites can take the news, run with it, and get way more views. I suppose it’s Christmas though, so I’ll let it slide, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you want to see in the movie.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace


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