ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explain...

ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown, MCU Future & Phase 5 Predictions

Kang in Quantumania

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down the two post credits scenes shown at the end of Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania. As is always the case with Marvel movies, the audience is treated to a tease of the future if they kang around until the end and there’s a lot to talk about as we go into phase 5.

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Loki in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Now the first one I wanna talk about is actually the second stinger that we get in the movie. This is actually taken from Loki Season 2, and it gives us a fair idea of what the upcoming show is gonna be about. Marvel have done this sort of thing a couple of times and No Way Home of course ended with a trailer for Multiverse of Madness. If we go back to the first Ant-man film that even ended with a scene from Civil War so they’re very much keeping up tradition.

Now Loki season 1 of course ended with the reveal that the variants of Nathanial Richards were now unleashed across the multiverse, and we catch Loki and Mobius in a theatre during the early 20th century.

Judging by the clothing here it looks like this is set between the start of the century and the 1920s. Either way it’s clear that this season will be doing with lots of time travel.

Loki - Quantumania

It’s how we at the channel make videos so fast and they’re likely using it to track down variants of Kang across the multiverse. Season One was about tracking down a Loki variant and I like how this theme has carried across to the second season. The variant we catch here is Victor Timely and this in itself is an easter egg. Timely is of course…well to do with time but before Marvel became Marvel, it was actually a company called Timely comics that was founded in 1939. The name then changed to Atlas comics, and it was during the 60s that it finally became Marvel. Still though, you can’t forget where you came from, and the creators gave this name to Kang as a kind of meta joke for comic readers.

In the story, Kang ended up suffering a humiliating defeat and he travelled back to 1901 which is where he created the town of Timely. Under the name Victor Timely he established a community there and not only did he become the mayor, but he also founded Timely Industries. This had a range of factories, mines and places that provided him a small fortune. He of course also used his knowledge of future technology to create highly advance things that shouldn’t have existed in the era. Marvel actually retconned the origin story of the original human torch who was an android instead of being the Johnny Storm we know and love. I’m sure I recognise him from somewhere.

Now Marvel actually did an easter egg for this all the way back in the first Captain America movie and at the expo we could catch a play on the original human torch in a tank. Chris Evans of course also played the character and like I tell you every week…it’s all connected.

Anyway, Timely also created several other androids including ones of himself so he could disappear for some time and do things without rousing suspicion. Now not really ageing of course could arouse suspicion and just in the same way that Kingo had to keep faking his death, Victor Timely also had to die too. Kang then became Victor Timely Junior, and he continued the actions under this new name.

In this scene, he has his classic moustache and he’s doing a presentation on time. Loki instantly recognises him, and he looks absolutely terrified.

Victor Timely

Loki is pretty scared of him, but Mobius finds him a bit laughable.

I think this hints that the season is basically gonna be a sort of buddy cop team up where they’re going timeline to timeline and finding all different kinds of Kangs across the multiverse. It’s a pretty cool concept and what I love about the idea of Kang is that you never know what you’re gonna get. You could get a humorous magician or an evil conqueror.

The Kang Dynasty (The Council of Kangs) in Quantumania

There’s also the fact that multiple versions of Kang have already formed his council which takes us into the first post credits scene that we see.

In it we see different versions of the character collected together and we catch them discussing how the Kang Exile has been killed. This is the version that we meet in Quantumania and though there is the possibility that he’s still alive, they at the very least believe that he’s dead.

He may have been Darren Crossed into a smaller part of the quantum realm but either way he shows that not all Kangs are created equal and that some are more important and dangerous than others.

The council has three key members who we’ll discuss in just a bit, but they vow to stop the heroes who’ve started to meddle with the multiverse as they could destroy everything they’ve built. This is of course referring to the interconnected timelines that now exist across all reality.

He Who Remains kept things simple, and all contained to one timeline because he knew that things would eventually evolve into a giant multiversal war. Thus, he started to prune timelines so that all that was left was the sacred timeline that the show centres around. Variants that created nexus points were pruned but his death nullified his master plan and now the other Kangs all rule over everything.

The Kangs then call for support from the others and we see that there’s a giant arena of Kangs including a Skrull version.

This is shot to look similar to their first appearance in Avengers 292 in which we got an angle similar to this.

There’s some that warp in using the same teleportation that Reed Richards had in Multiverse of Madness and the character is of course also a descendant of him.

Now the main variants leading the council are Immortus, Rama-Tut and someone who according to the reports is the Scarlet Centurion.

They do look slightly different but that is what the leaks on the scene said in advance and as they turned out to be true, we’ll just go with that. In the comics we had something known as the Trio of Kangs which this group clearly represent.

Now Immortus is one of the most important versions of Kang and He Who Remains was altered to look more in line with him. Originally in the comics He Who Remains was an elderly being that ended up being the last leader of the TVA in that reality.


At the end of a timeline before things started up again, he’d leave behind information so that the next ones could start things up and this cycle went on for trillions and trillions of years. In the MCU he’s also the leader of the TVA but with him being a kang variant he has ties to that character too. He who remains wore long purple robes just like how Immortus does too. Purple is actually a colour associated with royalty as back in the olden days it was hard to dye clothes to have that colour and therefore only the rich could afford them.

Anyway, Immortus is actually one of the oldest versions of Kang and most that live long enough to reach that point usually end up becoming him. Immortus is sort of an Anti-hero who’s even fought alongside the Avengers at points and a lot of the time he finds his younger self a bit cringy.

Imagine going back in time and reading your Facebook posts from ten years ago and you kinda get the point.

In the comics Immortus and Kang have been locked in an almost everlasting battle and this actually played out in the Avengers Forever storyline. Immortus being here could actually hint at the way things are going and we’ll give our theories on that in just a bit.

Now the next character I wanna talk about is Rama Tut. When Nathanial first travelled back in time, he actually went back to ancient Egypt which is where he donned the mantle of a Pharoah. Travelling through the timestream on a giant Sphinx he became a ferocious ruler due to his knowledge of technology and science.Pharaoh Rama Tut


We actually got a nod to this vessel in Loki Episode 5 as we saw a Sphinx with its nose intact which looked identical to Kangs. It’s possible that the void here actually had several remnants belong to pruned timelines involving Kang which is why we saw a Qeng building and the yellow jacket helmet. He of course ended up becoming Modok and it may tie back to that episode in Loki.

Anyway, Rama-Tut was defeated by the Fantastic Four who ended up back in Ancient Egypt and this was one of Kangs first major defeats.

We of course know a Fantastic Four film is coming and potentially they might have Rama-Tut as the antagonist in that, tying this all together.

Now lastly is the Scarlet Centurion who kinda builds off the back of Rama-Tut. In the comics Kang ended up being beaten by the fantastic four and he then travelled to the 20th century which is where he came across Doctor Doom. Believing they were relatives they started to work together, and Kang became the Scarlet Centurion. He created armour based on Dooms designs and they may end up bringing this into the MCU. Doom hasn’t been introduced yet, but they could very much have Kang somewhat creating the character after meeting him and forging a path for him to become a supervillain.

Scarlet Centurion

The Centurion was beaten by The Avengers and after this defeat he aimed to travel to the 31st century. He overshot though and he ended up on a world decimated by war.

Now in regard to what could be happening here if we look at the comics there are some clues.

It’s obvious that this will be the set up for Kang Dynasty and the movie will likely set centre around them trying to carry out their plan to rule over the multiverse and every version of Earth. I was talking to Canadian Lad about the scene, and he said that he thinks Loki will be trying to find the version that becomes He Who Remains which I think is such a cool idea. I don’t wanna just run off with the guy’s theory as I’m sure he’s making a video on it so definitely check his video out if you haven’t seen it.

Over time a version of Kang rose up called Prime who started eliminating timelines that other versions of Kang came from. This annoyed some of them, started infighting and it basically led to the Avengers stopping Kang whilst he had all the other stuff to deal with.

It led to a battle between Prime Kang and a version known as Third Kang. Third Kang died when trying to kill Prime Kang as the weapon he used backfired on him leaving Prime Kang seemingly as the last one from the council.

However, it turned out that Immortus was actually manipulating the entire thing and that he’d created the council to bring everyone together to destroy them. He’d also created something known as the Psyche-Globe which brought together the memories of every different version of Kang that had ever existed. With this knowledge Immortus intended to become the Ruler of All Time and I think that this might be something that is brought across into the MCU.

Now the Skrull version is really interesting too as we have Secret Invasion coming out in the next couple of months.

Potentially we’ll see this variant of Kang in that series though that might be something they don’t end up including.

Either way I think that there’s big things gonna be happening with the character going forward.

And with Johnathan Majors being the best part of the movie I can’t wait to see what they cook up.

The council of Kang has influenced several things such as the council of Ricks from Rick and Morty and Reed Richards even had to create his own council to try and beat them.

Lots of things that could happen and let me know your thoughts below and where you think that they’re gonna take things.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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