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THE LAST OF US Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

The Last of Us Episode 6

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down Episode 6 of The Last of Us. The latest entry is packed with easter eggs, tonnes of call-backs to the game and also a big cliffhanger ending that we’re gonna be explaining the outcome of in this video. We’ll save that until the end as it has some major game spoilers in it, and I’ll of course give you a heads up before we hit that section as always. However, for this episode they do hit a section that didn’t actually get fleshed out properly until the second game. I’m not gonna be giving away any major spoilers in terms of the story but I think it’s important to talk about how it at least looks similar to that. So, if you don’t want things like, the bar we see is the bar that is in the second game then I’m sorry and I hope you join us again next week.


What is Jackson in The Last of Us Episode 6?

Now the entry has a major reunion with Tommy in Jackson and though this happens in the first game they actually have the reunion in the town that appears in the second. When you arrived there in part 1 you were primarily at a damme which the people of Jackson were repairing to power the town. We see this location in the episode, but we don’t get the shootout that we happen there in the game. You didn’t venture into Jackson, and it was only in part 2 that you saw the town for what it what which is recaptured perfectly here.

Now in the game this section actually takes place in the Fall and thus there’s none of the snow that we see in this entry. However, Part 2 starts off in the winter with the town covered in a vast blanket of it and you even have a snowball fight early on to learn the mechanics of the game. I think that they bumped the timeline of the show up to recapture the look of snowy Jackson and there’s several landmarks there that we’ll talk about later on in the video.

Also, it’s important to bear in mind that in the game the community hadn’t really been set up, yet which is why you were creating a power source through repairing the damme.

Now we pick up with a flashback to last week in which Henry took his own life after shooting Sam. In the game you immediately cut to black after that and I think they went back to it in the intro to mirror it in the show. We get an immediate time jump and the last of us did this after several deaths, most notably Sarah’s.

On the HBO podcast for the show, they said that they added the burial scene in to show how much Joel had become a parent. Joel wasn’t the kind of person who would stick around and bury the dead, but he did this for Ellie so that she could grieve and grow. There was talk about how kids have it easy because no one is relying on them, but Ellie had Sam very much relying on her.

Neil Druckmann said Joel remained at the grave because he realised that he couldn’t go through this again and after watching another kid die like Sarah, he struggled with getting attached to Ellie.

The Last of Us Episode 6

We see some dead rabbits being taken in and the winter chapter in the game started off with one hopping along before it was then shot with an arrow by Ellie.

This is someone whose returning home to his wife, and we know from the cast list that he’s called Marlon. Played by Graham Greene this is a new character for the show along with his wife Florence. He discovers that Joel has her at gun point and they’ve been living out in the wilderness together. The whole set up here seems pretty alien to what you’d come across in the game and I think they’ve done it to sort of mirror Bill and Frank. We have an elderly couple that have managed to stay together through the apocalypse and carve out what’s likely a relatively peaceful life for themselves.

The scene is played for laughs with Joel and Ellie being terrible at interrogating. It’s actually riffing on a scene from the game that uses the same tactics but it’s way bloodier in the source material.

Marlon also has a bow and arrow, and this is a weapon that you used throughout the game to stay stealthy.

Now he also brings up Cody. This is a location that Joel thought Tommy was located at earlier in the season, but we learn that it’s teaming with infected. Joel’s been desperately searching for Tommy since then and this is why he’s had to resort to holding up two lovely, lovely people in a cabin. Now with them comes an ominous warning not to cross the river.

In Jackson they play up that they use this reputation to keep out stragglers, but I actually think that it might be teasing some people from the game, and we’ll talk about who this is in our super spoiler section.

Anyway, they haven’t heard of the fireflies and outside Joel has to take a second out. We don’t really learn what this is but the last couple of months have clearly been hell on him and this comes full circle at the end of the episode. This is a new addition for the series and Joel didn’t deal with any of the health problems that we see him getting her. He did however get stabbed like what happens at the end though this was on rebar instead of one of the hunters’ weapons.

Anyway, they head out after taking one of the rabbits and this is slung up on Ellie’s backpack whereas in the game she ties it to her horse. They set out across the landscape, and I love shots like this where you actually get to see the beauty of the landscape. It reminds you just how long this journey and how far they have to travel. They go from several cities to forest and mountain ranges and the game did this too with it constantly feeling like you were never in the same place for too long. Now they mistakenly think that they’ve reached the river of death and decide to bunker down for the night.

We see Joel applying duct tape to his boot and this is something that he did of course to Tess in episode 2. Now though this scene doesn’t appear in the game it was actually originally meant to, and this moment is based on the concept art that was created for part 1. It’s Joel and Ellie sat around the campfire and shared stories like what we see here.

When discussing it Neil Druckmann said:

“That was a moment we couldn’t make work in the game, so that was a conversation I had with Craig on how we capture these down-beat moments.”

The pairs dishes return from the camping scene in episode 4 and they share a drink with Ellie doing the usual face you’d pull anytime you had a drink when you were a kid. Ellie starts to think about the future, and she talks about what they’re gonna do after the cure is made. The pair have been so focused on getting to the fireflies that they haven’t thought beyond it but here they really start to look to the future.

Joel says he wants an old farmhouse where he’ll raise sheep, and this actually has somewhat of a tie to part 2 along with what Ellie says. We won’t spoil it until the end of the video in the super spoiler section but Ellie talking about astronauts and space will likely have a payoff too.

Anyway, Ellie confesses that she rubbed her blood on Sam to see if it would save him and it clearly has her doubting whether she’s actually the saviour.

Joel once more stares at his watch and rubs it and as we’ve talked about in our prior breakdowns, he does this whenever he thinks of Sarah. She gave him this gift, and, in the game, it happened just before they reached the Boston state building. He glanced down at his watch, and this is something that was then carried over to the show. When he was watching Henry and Ellie play football, he also did it then and I love how this motif keeps reappearing throughout the series.

Obviously, the watch doesn’t work and it’s more of a reminder of the life he lost. However, it’s also showing that Ellie could be a second chance for him to be a father and he switches in this moment to be nicer towards her. He reassures her that Marlene knows what she’s doing, and we can clearly see a change in Joel.

It’s also important to bear in mind that they don’t mind starting a fire here whereas in episode 4 they of course avoided it. Hunters wouldn’t really be out this far as they tended to stick near the cities and the infected also froze in these conditions. In part 2 you come across some frozen stiff and they very much tend to stick to warmer areas.

Joel’s slept in and Ellie has taken the second shift showing how much more independent she’s becoming. She carries his rifle and at the hotel Joel ended up giving her this so she could provide sniper cover as he took out some hunters. The podcast for the series talked about the scene in which he gave her the gun in episode 4 and this was very much a moment of Joel becoming a father once more. Like any parent he has given his child a skill that they feel they can now do on their own and thus Ellie has taken it upon herself to stand guard with a gun.

It’s also important to bear in mind that Joels deafness is clearly putting them in a vulnerable position. In episode 1 he didn’t hear Tess coming in when he was asleep, we had the whole thing with Henry and Sam and now he’s not even hearing Ellie getting up. You can see why he’s starting to doubt himself and at the end he doesn’t hear the hunter sneaking up on them.

They make their way across a bridge and once more assume that this is the river of death. I think we will see something like this in episode 7 and finally get that sweet river of death, alright.

Now we also get a play on a scene from the game when Ellie tries to whistle.

They then come across the aforementioned hydro damme which was a location you had to navigate to get past. Ellie couldn’t swim and you had to jump in the water and use a board to navigate her across so she could build a bridge. On the other side of this you came across a child’s grave and this was potentially played upon last week with Sam’s.

Joel also says she’s no Will Livingston and this was the guy who wrote the amazing, 5 star reviewed pun book.

After guessing wrongly that this is the river of death, I’m starting to think Ellie should start saying theory time…theory time…for the amount of s**t she talks.

Anyway, they’re then ambushed by people on horseback with guns drawn. Dogs are brought in to smell if they’re infected and in Jackson you actually got to pet one when going through the damme.

When facing off against groups of enemies a lot of them would also carry dogs and they’d sniff you out as you moved about areas.

Jackson is its own settlement away from Fedra and thus it doesn’t have the government technology like the scanners. So, they have to use dogs to smell cordyceps, but it doesn’t flag up on Ellie probably because it’s been nullified or mutated in her. Now here we meet Maria for the first time who we learn is Tommy’s wife. She gets a far more fleshed out role here and in the first game you just had a couple of words with her here and there when you arrived at the damme. They add an extra dimension to their relationship and make her pregnant which is something that wasn’t in the game at all.

Joel and Tommy in The Last of Us Episode 6

Now they hit the front gates, and these are modelled to look exactly the same as how they appear later on in the franchise during the start of part 2. In that you ride in on horseback which is of course how they get in here. As they enter the town, we see two signs and the first of these is the lights festival.

This took place in 2003 which again is a reminder of when the world collapsed in the show. Jackson was lit up with lights for part 2 and this came off the back of the hydro damme that you helped to power up in part 1.

We later on seeing these being used as the light through the town and this sign is a nice bit of foreshadowing to set that up.

Now to the right we can also see the Tipsy Bison.

This was a location that too appeared in part 2 and this is very much just the creative team laying the groundwork for what’s coming down the line. We’ll talk about what happens there in the spoiler section, but I did warn you there’d be things like, the bar is the same as the other bar.The Last of Us Episode 6

Now Ellie sees two important things as she rides in. The first is a woman in a wheelchair and the second is bunch of kids at a school. In the game the reason that Sam and Henry fled Hartford is because once Fedra abandoned posts they often fell into the hands of raiders who refused to care for kids and the elderly.

Here though we see the Jacksonites will look after the weak and infirm and it shows what kind of civilisation they’re trying to build.

In the game, they hadn’t got it set up yet and Joel was actually the more optimistic one that they could make a new world.

Now Joel sees Tommy working on some scaffolding and this changes things up from how it happens in the game.

They kinda combined the guns being drawn and Tommy being amongst them whereas in the show we get the riders and then them taking them in. As I keep mentioning, this happened at the Damme because Jackson wasn’t a location, they’d made for the game yet and damme…. gonna get annoying when I keep pointing that out.

But on we go.

The official podcast on the HBO series brought up that Joel very much has it within him that he needs to protect his family and going back to the conversation in the truck, there were hints towards this. Joel talked about how he only followed Tommy because he wanted to keep him alive. I think it’s very much the same in the case with Ellie and he’s the kind of person who needs to be a protective father figure.

This is due to Sarah’s death which has shaped his personality and now he thinks that he has to protect his family no matter the cost.

They end up hugging which appears in both, and Joel says he’s came here to save him. He of course is starting to believe in the vaccine and as far as they’re concerned, they’re on a quest to save the world.

Now like what happens in the game they’re offered food by Maria.

Now they’re fed a proper meal and we get what I think is a cameo from a character that pops up in part two. We’ll discuss her later on but she’s clearly seeing what’s going on with Ellie who doesn’t act like the rest of the kids in Jackson.

Tommy and Maria announce they’re married and it kinda calls back to this moment from the game.

The Last of Us Episode 6

They get a tour that…more foreshadowing for season 2 and we see sheep tying back to the farm that Joel talked about around the campfire. It seems like the perfect home for them, and Ellie meets the horse Shimmer which is also the one that she rides in the games.

Come on that’s not really spoiling stuff, she has a horse…. anyway, I love the realisation of Tommy realising that they’re pretty much communists. He of course had this view of the world but in order to survive he’s had to alter his principles to fit. Also, before you start calling the authority for British values or whatever, I’m not a communist, but I think it’s interesting how he’s had to adapt to a different way of life to survive.

Anyway, they hit the Tipsy Bison and Tommy has to crack the ice because the machine probably uses too much tower. The whole place is covered in snow as well so they can just grab it from there.

This is a bit of an ICY reception and I see…it’s clearly uneasy between the pair.

Joel also uses the excuse that she’s the daughter of a Firefly big wig which is what he says in the game too.

Now we’ve often talked about how Joel pushes things to the back of his mind, so he doesn’t have to face the truth or inflict pain on others. In the game he refused to tell Bill that Tess had died and even kept up the lie that she was back in Boston.

He does the same thing here and pretends that everything’s all good with her.

I think he does this because talking about their death means that he has to acknowledge it happened and with this brings the pain of their loss. At the Damme in the game rather than talking about Tess, Tommy brought up Sarah and he said that he’d actually gone back to where they lived in Texas to visit their old home. He’d picked up a photo of Joel and Sarah, but Joel didn’t even really want to look at it and he dismissed it pretty quickly.

Again, this is the character completely broken but refusing to accept it because he doesn’t want to deal with the pain that comes with loss. He lies and says that he was heading this way and just so happened to pass by Jackson when we know he’s been searching for Tommy for months. His plan all along was to get Ellie to her but we see in the end that he accepts she’s, his responsibility.

Now we really see the difference between Tommy and Joel at this point when they discuss what they had to do in order to survive.

Tommy sees it as murdering people whereas Joel sees it as being something that he had to do in order to survive.

This moment sort of pulls from the game and we get some similar lines of dialogue that are then brought into this and the scene later on.

Joel’s selfishness and need to keep things that he wants is something that is a theme which repeats throughout the story but in all honesty, I think most of us would’ve done the same thing. People would like to think that they’re the good guys who would make sacrifices if the time called for it but a lot of us will happily step on others to keep going.

Joel to me very much represents the true face of humanity whereas Tommy wants to be something better. Now this new outlook has likely been brought on by the fact that he’s going to be a father. In their relationship before the outbreak Joel was the one with the kid whereas Tommy was the one with no responsibilities. He’d be the one off down the bars starting fights and showing up to his brother’s house looking for breakfast. Here though he’s now the father and the one who was seen as being the father is left without a kid.

Sarah was supposed to have so much ahead of her, but this was robbed from both her and Joel for this worse world.

And this is of course reflected in his watch which stopped the second Sarah was shot.

Outside things get too much for him again and he ends up having to rest. Again, this is all new for the show with it not really appearing in the game. I think when you’re playing as the character that you don’t really think of health problems and stuff because you’re very much of them. However, Joel is in his fifties, and he’s been travelling on the road for months with very little rest and food. He’s sleeping in on the morning, having to take his time and slowly going deaf. He’s not a sprite young chicken anymore and this adds a lot to the character.

He also sees someone that he believes is Sarah all grown up. I’m sure anyone who’s ever lost somebody can relate to this and you often do see strangers that you think could be that person even if it’s impossible. Joel has a brief moment where he forgets everything and it’s almost like he’s seeing Sarah grown up, happy with the life she should’ve had.

It’s pretty devastating and it explains why he wants to hold onto Ellie so much.

Now from here we cut to Ellie who’s holed up in a child’s room. The pictures on the wall and colour in general are of course meant to evoke Sarah’s from episode 1 and we’re slowly seeing the two become more similar and similar.

Later on, when Joel comes in, we see a Giraffe poster on the wall mimicking the giraffe toy that appeared in Sarah’s room in the game and the one they walked past in episode 2.

In Jackson there were several houses that were obviously owned by people who died on outbreak day that people ended up filling. This is very much the case here and Ellie gets a note saying I’m across the street. This is written on home-made paper which I remember having to do back in primary school. Obviously, they don’t have Dunder Mifflin in this world so if they wanna make notes like this they’d either have to get some paper from 2003 or make their own.

We next see Ellie touching a purple and white Hoody and this is what she wore from the Damme part onwards.

Lastly is a cup to deal with her periods and we of course saw her in episode 1 looking for some tampax. I’m not no expert on this stuff but with it being rubber I’m guessing it’s reusable, so she won’t have to go into basements to fish out the last box…which…yeah, I don’t think my man Barney Rubble needed it.

Now Joel probably doesn’t think about these kinds of things and that’s why it’s given by Maria. Ellie goes to Marias, and this looks similar to the layout of some of the houses that you’d come across when walking around Jackson. We then get a moment that’s a pretty big gut punch once you realise what it is.

On a chalkboard, we see two names with a set of dates below them.

This belongs to Kevin and Sarah, and this is very much the pair’s gravestone to mark their passing.

Now Kevin is a new character for the show, and we see that he died at the age of three two days after the outbreak. We learn that Kevin was Marias’ child, and it shows why she makes a bond her whilst also showing why Maria doesn’t want Tommy storming off.

She instantly goes into motherly mode and makes sure that she has a coat to keep her warm. She also cuts her hair and if you’ve ever played the Walking Dead tell-tale game then you’ll know you did a similar thing with Clementine so that it couldn’t get grabbed by the undead.

We learn that Maria was a District Attorney, and this explains why she’s kinda shifted into being the sheriff of Jackson. She has clearly accepted the loss of her child and she’s a complete opposite to Joel due to the fact that she’s happy to talk about them. It’s at this point that Ellie learns about Sarah and suddenly the penny drops. One thing I love about the podcast is that they’ve really delved deep into the fact that Ellie is looking for a parental figure just as much as Joel is looking for a surrogate daughter. This is why Ellie smiled when he beat up the soldier in episode 1 and why she said last week that she was scared of being alone.

The two very much have this father and daughter relationship but in this world, it leads to them enabling the other to carry out terrible things so that they can keep them alive. This was very apparent in the Brian scene in which Ellie allowed Joel to murder him. Neil Druckmann said that in any other show or movie that she would try and plead for Brains life because killing him was the wrong thing to do. However, Ellie knows that Joel has to do it and thus she just walked away with her back turned.

She’s clearly defensive of Joel and won’t let Maria bad mouth her or warn her about what Joels really like.

Now Ellie clearly ends up feeling betrayed by Joel’s plans to ditch her and in her mind, she built up that he was gonna be her dad. We see this reflected in the next scene in which we cut to the people of Jackson watching the movie The Goodbye Girl. Now theatre screenings are something that we discovered happened often in the city and there was one that was gonna happen during a scene in the super spoiler section.

Anyway, this movie actually has a lot of allusion to what’s going on in the story right now. It involves a single mother moving into an apartment with her daughter and actor boyfriend Tony. He gets a job in Italy, and he ends up subletting the apartment to a man named Elliot who’s played by Richard Dreyfus. The mother Paula and he start a relationship and over time the daughter Lucy becomes attached to Elliot. However, he gets a job in Seattle and Lucy worries that the same thing is gonna happen with Tony. This is of course reflected in Ellie who believes that Joel is ditching her like all the other people in her life.

So far, she’s had several parental figures including Fedra, Marlene, Tess and Joel and bar the last one they’ve all been people she’s left behind. Joel ditching her during the next scene is a mirror of how Lucy felt. In the end Elliot takes the job and it seems like he’s gonna be gone forever but he asks Paula to restring the guitar that he left in the apartment. He left this back there because he means to return, and it ends on a more hopeful note just like how Joel decides to take Ellie in the end. Joel is also a keen guitar player too and I love the similarities between this movie and the arc in this episode.

Now Ellie notices Tommy leaving, and we cut to Joel at a workbench trying to fix his shoe.

Workbenches in the game were where you’d do upgrades but here, they set the scene for a difficult conversation between Joel and his brother. Joel brings him some new boots and apologises for going off before which is when they launch into a really deep moment.

This pulls somewhat from the game in that they kinda combine the bar scene with what we get here.

Joel tells his brother the story of how they got here, and he goes over Brian in episode 4. He’s realised he’s too old to do what he used to do and because of this it’s forced Joel to re-evaluate what kind of impact he’s going to have on Ellie. She had to shoot someone because of his actions, and he also froze when Henry had the gun pointed at him and Sam. He feels like she’s better off with someone else and the death of his daughter clearly still weighs over him.

He says he’s weak, that fear is causing his heart issues and overall, he’s plagued with nightmares of what could go wrong. This is a side to Joel we’ve never seen before and watching Pedro cry brings a whole new layer to the character that wasn’t in the game. In them he was very sure and determined whereas here we see how broken he is. I think losing a child in the way he did would make you doubt yourself so much and with another kid being entrusted to him he just feels like he can’t measure up.

Tommy accepts the job but as we learn, Ellie listened to this conversation and she’s heartbroken because of it. In the game Tommy doing this caused Maria to kick off and it was at this moment that Ellie grabbed a horse and left.

Here it’s a lot more subtle and Tommy returns to the screening and Maria instantly knows what’s gone on. There are no words between them and it’s a really nice moment in which you can see her having to deal with the fact that her child’s father is putting his life on the line for someone else’s child.

Now in the game when Ellie ran off you had a bit where you followed her horse tracks until you found her holed up in a house. On the way you fought some raiders just to vary up the moments because…you know after all you are playing a video game.

Once you kill them and then the raiders in the house you get a scene in which Joel have a heart to heart in an upstairs bedroom like what happens here.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Ending Explained

Now after this moment we see Joel thinking back to Sarah. He remembers them decorating the tree at Christmas. We get a long shot focused on a dove and this symbolically means peace and love. These are two things that Joels lived without for quite some time, and he clearly has a change of heart as he is waiting at the stables for Tommy to bring Ellie. Unlike the game he gives her a choice of who to go with, but she immediately chooses him.

I think this is why he ends up collapsing at the end beyond the stab wound because it’s very much his worst fear coming true. He felt like he’d be a liability and that he couldn’t protect her. This is kinda proven right as he leaves her in a very vulnerable position in the final scene.

They say goodbye which takes us into the university section. This too pulled from the game, and it was at this point that we learned more about Joels past in which he wanted to be a singer. This too is reflected in the game when they arrive.

He’s clearly starting to trust Ellie more and we see them practicing with a makeshift shooting range. These moments are obviously because he doesn’t know how reliable he’s gonna be and thus he wants her ready for the dangers she could end up facing.

I think from this point onwards that there’s a real change in Joel and Ellie’s relationship with them bonding a lot more.

Anyway, they reach the university of eastern Colorado and Ellie points out the mascot like what we get in the game.

They also come across some monkeys like what we see in the episode.

Now the game had you realising that the Fireflies had abandoned the place because there was infected there. At one point you had to drop down into some of the dorms which were teaming with clickers and a bloater that stalked the hallways looking for prey. It was such a good moment and I think my biggest criticism of the show is that they’ve skipped over a majority of these scenes which really stand out in my memory when I think back to the game. There was the bit in the skyscrapers, the hotel and now this which I think are the things I think of first when I look back to it. Seeing how well they handled the clickers in episode 2 made me really excited for moments like this but unfortunately, they again skip over them in favour of other things.

It is possible that there are infected here as we see Sandbags piled high blocking one of the doorways.

Either way the outcomes the same and we see some firefly symbols spray painted on a sign before they reach the biomedical lab.

The Last of Us Episode 6

Inside this you found X-rays and scans of the infected and discovered that this is where they’d been trying to manufacture the vaccine. Having this would of course give them a lot of power as they’d be able to distribute it to who they see fit and thus they could very much decide who lives and dies.

Now firstly Joel and Ellie enter a main hallway, and this looks similar to where Joel collapses in the game. In that you were ambushed by bandits, and he was impaled by some rebar after wrestling with one and falling off a balcony.

Joel and Ellie find a list, and this is similar to the ones you’d come across the game when visiting the area. I kinda wondered whether this university is the one they modelled the game after as the environments are so similar down to the staircases and rooms.

They also bring across the moment in which you think infected might be inside and this is revealed to just be some monkeys.

Monkeys were important to have around as they’re of course similar to humans on a genetic level and it meant that the doctors and scientists could try out vaccines. Ellie also theorised that monkey’s spread the cordyceps back in episode 2 so maybe it’s just coming full circle from that.

Now here they find a map with the location of St Marys on it. This shows where the fireflies have moved to, but it’s interrupted by some raiders who arrive at the location. Like the game it leads to a stand-off in which Joel is impaled and though they manage to make it out of there he’s badly wounded.

The attack brings a baseball bat with him which is a weapon you’d often use in the game. Joel strangles him and breaks his neck which is also a move you could pull off when you grabbed people in this position.

Nice little detail is that Ellie has her gun drawn here and is ready to shoot the guy like how she did with Brian.

The pair make it out, but Joel ends up falling off the horse which ends the episode like how this chapter does in the game.

Joels worst fear has come true, and he’s now left Ellie in a really vulnerable position. Now at this point we hear an acoustic version of the song Never Let Me Down Again.

If you cast your mind back to episode 1 then you might remember that we heard the Depeche mode version of the song playing over the radio at the end. This spelled danger and it’s very much bringing the first time they set out full circle with this one. That song was about taking a ride with a friend that ended up letting them down which is of course reflected in Joel here.

Now his fate is left up in the air and if you wanna know what happens then we’ll be tackling it in our super spoiler section coming up next. I’ll talk about that first before going into detail on the other spoilery easter eggs so you can check out after that if you want.

You still here, don’t let me down, don’t Joel me…

Cool….alright let’s go.

So, Joel is still alive, but Ellie has to go out and hunt for food and medicine whilst he recovers. I the game you don’t learn his fate for at least an hour, and it was agonising playing through it not knowing what was going on. During this time, she ended up hunting a buck and it managed to get away. However, she tracked it down, but this brought her into contact with David who was from another settlement.

Seemed like a nice guy, lovely guy, but he was a f**king cannibal.


Now it may or may not be them but when they said don’t travel past the river at the start that’s who I immediately thought of. The couple said some bodies were found in the river and that some of these were infected whereas others weren’t. The cannibals could have potentially been dumping these in the river and then they may have travelled down there past Jackson. This would give the Jacksonites their reputation and they may be teasing to that coming down the line.

Now the constant mention of the sheep farm is a clear nod to Part 2.

In that Ellie and Dina end up having one after they fail to kill Abby. Ellie gets constant PTSD flashbacks there of Joels death and this location being something that he wanted to do clearly is gonna be something that will inspire the shows, Ellie.

Ellie also brings up Sally ride around the campfire and in case you don’t know, she was the first American woman to travel into space.

In Part 2 we get a flashback in which Joel takes Ellie to a museum for her birthday and they look at the Nasa exhibit.

Now the Tipsy Bison is also a big part in the second game.

After Ellie learns the truth about the Fireflies, she decides to cut Joel out of her life but the pair of course both still live in Jackson. They have a dance at the bar in which she kisses Dina for the first time and the bartender throws some homophobic slurs her way.

Joel stepped in and punched him which is when Ellie started to forgive him.

Now speaking of Dina, it’s possible that we see her spying on Ellie when they’re first taken in. That girl does look like her and it sets up a big love interest for the character in Season 2. We also get the horoscope mentioning a secret admirer which could indeed be her.

This leads into the tour scene in which Tommy talks about using his rifle to headshot the infected.

Ellie asks if he can take her shooting and at one point in part 2 you go out with Tommy and shoot at the infected using his sniper rifle.

We also have the fact that the interrogation technique Joel uses at the start is something that she does in part 2. The way this situation plays out in the game is far bloodier and Ellie takes the more gruesome approach as well later on.

Beyond this we have Maria talking about betrayal and Joel somewhat does this with Ellie in the end. He lies to her about what really happened with the fireflies, and she chooses to accept this lie because the truth is too unbearable to think about.

There’s also the giraffe picture in the room which could foreshadow the big giraffe scene that happens before they reach the fireflies.

They’re located at St Mary’s hospital, and we see this on the map that they discover at the university.

Lastly Tommy says there’s a place for them there and the pair of course both end up in Jackson after the events of part 1.

Anyway, that concludes the episode, and it was nice seeing Jackson fully fleshed out here. Again, I do kinda wish that there was more infected in the show, and it is sad seeing some of your favourite moments from the game don’t make the cut repeatedly.

However, I think the performances are really strong here with Pedro Pascal delivering his best one. He’s really added some complexity to Joel and for the first time I’ve started to understand why he wanted to leave Ellie once they reached Jackson. Bella Ramsey as always is crushing it as Ellie and it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing her at this point. She’s really nailed it and I think next week will take much more of a focus on her with us likely getting the left behind stuff.

Haven’t seen the trailer for that but we will be doing a breakdown of the teaser so much sure you stay locked.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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