Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credit Scene Breakdown &...

Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credit Scene Breakdown & Justice League Snyder Cut Release Date

wonder woman 1984 post credits end scene breakdown explained lynda carter cameo justice league snyder cut release date

Ok, so Wonder Woman 1984 is now out in select theatres across the UK and with the delayed-release, I’ve kinda been weighing up the best ways to talk about it for my UK viewers who’ve seen it this week and for the American ones who haven’t.

So I thought I’d do the Post Credits scene first as that doesn’t really spoil the plot of the movie and then when it’s had a wider release we’ll bring you the full breakdown going over it’s plot and ending.

Now obviously there will be Heavy Spoilers here so if you don’t want one of the big surprises ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now. We’re also gonna be breaking down what looks like it’s gonna be the release date for the Snyder Cut so make sure you stick around until the end.

Wonder Woman 1984 Post Credits Scene Breakdown

Ok so Wonder Woman 1984 had select screenings for film critics earlier this month and initially these released without any post-credit scenes. Patty Jenkins said she had some surprises up her sleeve for when things were released to the general public and Wonder Woman 1984 has one hell of a cameo.

The film features Asteria Amazonian Warrior and she’s played by none other than Lynda Carter who of course played Wonder Woman in the original series.

Now, this is important for a number of reasons as it likely means that Carter will be appearing in the inevitable third Wonder Woman film.

At the moment nothing has been greenlit but clearly, this post-credits scene is supposed to tease what could be coming down the line and with Wonder Woman being one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, it seems a given that she will be returning.

Gal’s version meeting Carter is not only meant to hammer home that DC are doing all they can to pay tribute to the things that have come before but it’s also meant to show that Asteria’s legacy is crucial to Diana’s.

wonder woman 1984 post credits end scene breakdown explained lynda carter cameo justice league snyder cut release date

DC Fandome Panel

If you stayed up all day and night watching DC Fandome then you may remember that Lynda Carter actually popped in at the Wonder Woman panel and this was clearly being kept under wraps so that the creative team could surprise everyone in the cinema.

Carter actually did confirm that Patty asked her to do a cameo in the 2017 film whilst she was in England but that they couldn’t get their schedules lined up and thus nothing ever came of it.

Lynda did joke that if she got a decent part that she might do it and it looks like the stars must have aligned as we know that she is now filling the shoes of one of the most infamous Wonder Woman characters.

In the scene, Asteria is seen saving someone and there are of course a lot of questions about where she’s come from, why she’s not on Themyscara and well…what the hell bro…where you been….should probably have said sis there…

Anyway, she tells Wonder Woman and The Audience that she’s been doing this all the time and it is possible that in the upcoming movie she may become a sort of mentor figure to Diana whilst we also learn about the ins and outs of her history and what caused her to leave the island.

Asteria already had a bit of an easter egg in this movie and the Golden Armor that Wonder Woman uses in it belonged to the character.

This armor originally appeared in Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross before it was brought over to the main continuity.

The scene is really short and sweet but it teases a tonne of things to come. I kinda view it as being similar to the one at the end of Spider-Man Far From Home in which we saw an appearance by none other than JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson.

That kinda showed that going forward anything is possible and that we could have actors returning in other roles or simply playing the same ones that they always did.

We do know that in the upcoming Flash Movie that Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Batman and it is possible that going forward we will be getting a similar sort of aesthetic with many of the actors of old returning to revitalise their characters in other properties.

I’ll check if George Clooney wants to come back and do Batman ey?

Nah but this is a really cool little scene I think and I can definitely see why they wanted to save it for a bit. It also opens up the possibility that the version which is released to HBO Max on Christmas Day might have an additional credits scene which I will, of course, keep you up to date on if that’s the case.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 1984

However, I just felt like I had to talk about this one as fans of the show that grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s will definitely hold Carter close to their heart as she opened a lot of doors for female superheroes and was a highly beloved depiction of the character.

It’s good to see Carter back and if the next Wonder Woman film takes place in the past it makes sense as to why we haven’t seen her since then in the more present movies like BVS and Justice League.

Now I do think that if this scene is setting the stage for a third film that it will likely pick up almost immediately after this moment with Diana asking everything that we wanna know.

Thus we could even see the next movie take place in the 80s once more but for the meantime this is purely speculation and Warner Bros are yet to greenlight anything.

However, Wonder Woman 84 is getting great reviews and I think that had the pandemic not happened that it would have been one of the biggest movies of the year.

Hopefully, things all go ahead as DC seem to be really listening to the fans at the moment and speaking of that, we actually have a big update on The Snyder Cut.

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Justice League Snyder Cut Release Date

Now though we don’t have exact dates just yet for the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League but the director actually confirmed on his Vero account that the project would be released in March.

If you watched our last video you’ll know that we reported that there had been a TV spot which listed the month as the date it was dropping. This actually turned out to be fan-made but it looks like they got it right and the four-episode miniseries will be debuting in the first quarter of next year on HBO Max and select distribution networks.

From what I’ve heard the release will be available on Amazon Fire though I don’t have specific information on whether it will be the day of release I think it’ll be round about then.

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be available on VOD until January in the UK which has annoyed a lot of people who aren’t able to see it.

I think that it will be a different scenario with the Snyder Cut though as Wonder Woman is being shown in some cinemas here and Warner Bros probably want to give it some room to breathe so that the cinemas can at least make some money even though most of them are now shut.

We also know that unlike 84, The Snyder Cut will not have a post-credits scene and instead Zack is going to just put the end stinger right at the end of the series to close things out.

Justice League Snyder Cut Ending Breakdown

As we guessed the scene will take place in the Knightmare world that was teased in Batman V Superman. It will have Joker and Deathstroke in their road-weary forms fighting alongside Batman as he attempts to stop the forces of Darkseid.

Now according to leaks The Ayer cut of Suicide Squad was meant to have the clown prince of crime making a deal with Steppenwolf at the end of the movie so that he could rule over a certain section of Earth…I’m guessing Gotham because ey…Captain Obvious here.

However, in the Snyder Cut we learn that he has in fact double-crossed Darkseid and will be working with The Dark Knight to save the planet.

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