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THE BATMAN 2022 Official Trailer 3 Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Things You Missed, Plot Details And Reaction

Ok so the brand new Batman Trailer is absolutely incredible. I don’t think I’m overselling it when I say that this looks like it might be the best Batman movie ever and the new teaser is filled with easter eggs, hidden details and a lot of things that hint towards what’s gonna be happening in the movie.

We start off with the Batmobile racing after The Penguin in a chase that has been seen throughout several of the trailers. I believe that this takes place immediately after Batman invades his club which may or may not be the iceberg lounge. We know from interviews with Colin Farrel that he’s not going to be in the movie that much so I’m guessing that this is all tied in together.

Later on we see a moment where both Bruce and Selina are intercut inside a club and from the looks of it she’s in disguise whilst he’s following behind her to see what’s going on. Selina is wearing a red wig which we’ll talk about later on but she’s clearly trying to get to the Penguin as much as he is. Bruce has black circles around his eyes which we know he’s gonna also have under the mask so this may happen before he suits up and then tries to take the Penguin down.

We do get a shot in which we can catch him in this disguise out in the rain from behind. This is somewhat a nod to Batman Year One in which the character went downtown in order to fight crime on a low level basis. He ended up coming face to face with a low level pimp and he also punched Selina Kyle in the face so how’s that for equality. This was actually classed as their first meeting and it is possible that this could also happen at this point. I absolutely love the way these little elements all tie together and it makes for such a good opening.

Now this chase scene is interrupted by mayoral candidate Bella Real who says, Bruce Wayne. I actually got a lot of flashes of the opening of the Dark Knight Returns here as that similarly opens with a race in which his name is said at several points in this same manner. In that book, we watched as an older Bruce Wayne who’d retired from being Batman struggled with living a normal, boring life and I love how from the editing here that we get the idea Bruce’s mind is somewhere else.

A new name in Gotham

Here we meet Mayoral Candidate Bella Real, a character that doesn’t pull from the comics and is someone who’s completely brand new for this film. At one point in the new look, we can actually catch one of her billboards in which she promises change for Gotham. If you cast your mind back to the first trailer then you might remember that the shot in which Bruce was in the cave also had one of her adverts playing on a screen and it’s clear that she could bring something new to the crime-ridden city. She says that his staff have been screening her calls and gives him the old, you know the one, the one that’s always on Twitter where people say ‘why can’t you just give money to the police?’

One thing that people don’t tend to take into account is that Corruption is rife within Gotham so it would be pretty much like signing up to Heavy Spoiler’s Patreon even though you know he’s just gonna spend it on funko pops.

During this conversation we get, intercuts of the chase and at one point can see signs saying Gotham Docks which we know from the first trailer is a location that the penguin has a gun fight at. My guess is that he carries out all his shady business there and the reason this chase happens on a freeway to it is that Penguin was retreating there as it’s where a lot of his men are. We can also catch a sign that says Robinson Island which may be a nod to Robinson Park, a landmark in Gotham that Poison Ivy often lives at.

Bella brings up Bruce’s family and how they were philanthropists but I think this movie makes it pretty clear that they were actually not all that they were cracked up to be. This was a motif I remember first being talked about in the Batman Telltale games and we learned throughout them that The Wayne’s were actually just as bad as the rest of the Elite in the city. Instead of wanting to improve Gotham, they’d pretty much milked the city more than I was milking Squid Game videos when it was popular and they’re one of the main factors as to why everything is so bad. The Riddler hints at this at several points in the teaser and it’s clear that he has a vendetta against Bruce and also the Waynes.

I love that the idealism of them is being questioned and it was of course also explored in Joker when we saw what they were like through the eyes of those that had lost out whilst they grew more and more wealthy.

I have a feeling that there’s more to Bella Real than meets the eye and the fan theories about her being Talia Al Ghul could be correct. Bella Real is such a weird name and if you look at the origins of the name Bella it means beautiful and real means…well real. Beautiful, Real is something that people use to describe my channel but it is a bit of a weird name. I’d love to see if it turned out that it was Talia and that the League Of Shadows were actually attempting to infiltrate Gotham through planting their number one daughter as the mayor of the city.

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The Batman trailer breakdown

Freeway, Bridge or Neither?

Now from here, we get continued shots of the car chase including how Batman sends the Penguin’s car flying. We know from the second trailer that the chase ends with Batman walking towards the car looking like a bat out of hell and I do find it a bit funny that the two biggest comic book movies this decade have been heavily promoted using bridge scenes.

What do you mean it’s a freeway, not a bridge.

What do you mean it’s not even a freeway and I need to go back to using British terms?

Now we then get Gordan saying that The Riddler is calling for Batman and we learn in this trailer that he’s figured out Bruce Wayne is Batman. This is something that comes from the comics, most notably Hush in which he helped to terrorise Bruce’s life with his childhood friend Tommy Elliot.

Riddler figured out quite quickly that Bruce was Batman but he also realised that a riddle everyone knew the answer to meant that it had no power. Thus he never told anyone and it’s clear that this version hasn’t either, though he is taunting Bruce.

We find that at a crime scene that he’s left behind a map on the floor which has the words ‘a real change’ written in the middle. This is of course playing upon Bella Real’s slogan and how he doesn’t believe that she will actually change anything.

It’s rumoured that in the movie he will be killing high ranking officials in Gotham such as the mayor and that his office is where the first trailer opens.

When we get the reverse shot of this map we can also see what appears to be a poster for the Mayor but also alongside this is one for Thomas Wayne. Though it’s difficult to make out, this image says Wayne For Murderer, potentially showing that in this universe he also ran for Mayor. This calls back to not only Joker but it was also a feature of Batman year one, which this movie is also going to be heavily based upon.

We can also catch an image of Bruce just below this showing how the movie could be about the son inheriting the sins of the father.

In the room, we can also catch what appears to be the collar explosive that comes into things later on showing that this is where The Riddler creates all his traps.

We then get Alfred asking why Riddler is writing to Batman clearly referencing the clues that have been left behind. However, beyond that, there is also a phone that the pair use to facetime each other.

Zodiac Killer

Woah, what the hell was that.

Anyway, Riddler says that he’s been trying to reach him and here we can also catch a chair in the background against his symbol on the back wall. This symbol appears throughout the trailer several times, including a point in which Batman shines a UV light on one. The symbol and The Riddler have been purposely depicted like this in order to mimic the real-life Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac sent encrypted messages to the press and it’s only recently that his identity was found out after one of these was hacked.

On the opposite side of this phone call, we can see what appears to perhaps be a wig, so this could be Selina in her get up from earlier. I’m not sure if that’s right but make sure you leave a comment below to let me know what you think it is.

Interestingly it looks like The Riddler is gonna be doing a lot of these face time messages throughout the film as we can see that DA Colsen also has one later one as part of his trap. This scene is actually influenced by a collar bomb bank heist that was carried out in real life and it’s the subject of a documentary on Netflix called Evil Genius.

It’s really messed up and I definitely recommend that you check it out as it’s probably gonna have a lot of things in it that this film touches upon in some way or another.

Colson at one point can also be seen speaking into a phone as well whilst the Riddler is on the other side of it so this motif will clearly pop up again and again. Also am I the only person who hates face-timing people, just have to stop what you’re doing to talk to someone, have to get ready and stuff. Just send a text riddler, just send a text mate.

Now Colson’s name also appears in the clues that Bruce maps out later on along with No More Lies which is something that can be seen on the tape covering his mouth as well as the one completely over the mayor’s head. The scene in which Colson is held hostage is meant to happen during the Mayor’s funeral which is also where he meets Bella Real.

Over the top of this Selina says that Riddlers latest is all about the Waynes and that if they don’t stand up no one will. This is taking place inside her apartment which is full of cats. This could actually be a reference to one of their first meetings in the comics in which Bruce was badly injured and Selina nursed him back to health. She didn’t remove his mask and it could explain how he ends up here but she doesn’t know that he’s a Wayne.

She says she has a thing about strays and then we see the pair fighting in the mayor’s office. It is believed that she’s gonna be breaking into this to steal a ledger which is what she does in the opening of the Long Halloween. This was at Alberto Falcone’s penthouse who was revealed to be her father and it is thought that the two will be related in this movie as well.

This also leads into the bike chase that we saw behind the scenes of earlier in the year which people were falling over themselves to be a part of.

Bruce has clearly been keeping a close eye on Selina and as Alfred remarks that he has a new friend we can see an image of her behind him once more wearing that wig.

The Batman Movie Trailer Breakdown


Could it be Arkham

Cut to a full shot of the Riddler at the location that I believe is where the final fight will take place. It seems like lots of people will be in his forces causing an uprising against Gotham and this is likely where the Bella Real billboard is along with the final fight we see which looks amazing.

Looks like bloody Arkham doesn’t it.

Riddler is holding a rifle here and this could be used to give a nod to the Dark Knight Returns in which Batman also had one or it could be a reach. This might not even be the actual Riddler as later on in the trailer we do see two in what appears to be the same position and both are dressed very similarly.

We then see a shot of the centre of Gotham which is deliberately done up to look like a sleazy time square. On the buildings, we can catch one that says Gotham Empire.

As he describes the cesspool of a city we see Bruce driving along to what I believe will be the Mayor’s funeral. Here we can catch a citizen holding up a riddler symbol showing how the villain has inspired the lower class to rise up.

Next, we catch Batman standing over the city at night and to the right of him, we can catch the bat signal.

This is accompanied by shots of the Riddler getting arrested at the coffee shop and let’s just take a second to appreciate how good this film looks. The cinematography is absolutely incredible and every single one looks like it could be a painting.

At this point, we see the Riddlers question mark coffee and he also says that he knows Bruce is Batman. At this point, we get doors opening with Bruce standing in the middle of a circle, showing that he is somewhat a target now. Cut to the shot in which he got shot…a lot and also Gordon and Bruce investigating a dark and dingy environment.

This is where we see a door that says where it all began and above it there’s a sign that I can’t quite make out but if you can, comments comments comments.

Now there are rumours that The Riddler or rather Edward Nashton will have been an orphan much like Bruce and that he will have grown up in an orphanage which this location could be. There are theories going around that this will tie in with the renewal project but itll turn out that the kids here were actually exploited by the Waynes and that this was actually just a front. Clearly, Alfred knew something about this as Bruce says you lied to me, Alfred.

Alfred replies by saying that we all have our scars which are tied in nicely with us getting a glimpse at the scars on Bruce’s back. This is actually referencing a famous piece of art by Alex Ross in which Bruce could be seen shirtless with all his scars on display.

He says you’re still a Wayne which is when we see one of the family’s personal cufflinks which is an item that appears throughout the trailer. The movie is really gonna question what it means to have wealth if you only use it to help yourself and Bruce will be not only discovering what the Waynes did but also redefining what it means to be one.

Cut to commissioner Pete Savage saying that Batman is involved in this to Gordon. Gordon denies this but Savage rightly asks how he knows. My favourite Batman stories have always been ones where he’s very close to being on the other side of the law himself and I love this idea that he’s gonna also be a suspect. We then see him being chased by the police and can actually catch his grappling hook coming out of his gauntlet before he fires it upwards. I love this shot as it shows that he’s planned a quick exit if he ever needs one and we watch him travelling up a staircase whilst the police fire at him.

This appears to tie into the glider chase that happens later on and I love how Batman is just so above the Police that they just can’t catch him even when they throw everyone they have at him.

Over the top of this, we hear Bruce telling Selina not to throw her life away to which she says don’t worry I got 9 of em.

Behind her appears to be a Riddler hostage and as she jumps off the building later on in the scene we can see what appears to be Gordon attempting to pull Batman off him. I think that Batman might be beating him up and potentially he could’ve been dressed like the Riddler and carrying out attacks.

Next, we get the riddlers reign of terror over the city which includes explosives going off. This actually also pulls from Earth One in which The Riddler was a terrorist that denoted bombs throughout the city in order to cause the most damage possible.

We can see Batman and Selina aren’t taking it lying down though and the pair go head to head with the riddlers forces as the trailer wraps up. We can see that Riddler is actually flooding the city which is such a good way to watch destruction happening as opposed to what normally happens which is just explosions. The map from earlier shows that he’s mapped out the entirety of Gotham showing that he’s well aware of the layout of the city and that he knows how to strike at its weakest points.

Batman also answers Riddlers Riddle and says Selina calls him Justice which closes out the trailer.

Now on the final screen, you might notice that there’s a weird code on the bottom which when deciphered brings up this website. So far no one has figured out everything going on with it but it does seem like a command prompt game that will reveal things about the movie the more that people dive into it. So where you at hackers, get them easter eggs for me you punk, I need them, need them for these videos so I can make money off your hard work.

Best Batman yet?

Now as for my thoughts on the trailer, boom, mind blown, so so good and I am absolutely blown away by how incredible this film looks. My hype is through the roof right now and I think this will completely shut the naysayers up as at this point I don’t even know how you can hate. This is one of not only the best looking comic book movies I’ve seen cinematography wise but the atmosphere and general feeling to it is so menacing.

This is such a well put together trailer in how all the shots kinda tie in together to fit the narrative and it works on a number of levels.

I’m just so hyped for this and the score, action, look of the film, costume design and everything is ticking all the boxes for me. Sh****t I might even go back and watch the Twilight movies because I’m blown away by this performance. Honestly, I think if this blows up that DC should maybe just move away from trying to copy the MCU and just lean into what they’re good at which is these dark and gritty portrayals.

Considering this cost $100 million dollars and that’s normally half the price of most comic book movies it looks incredible and shows what a skilled director can do when given the right material.

Honestly, it just looks amazing and this is my most anticipated movie for 2022.

Now I’d of course love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace


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