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BOOK OF BOBA FETT Episode 2 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Ending Explained & Spoiler Review | STAR WARS

the book of boba fett star wars series disney plus ending explained breakdown

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and as always it’s good to see Chewbacca the channel just in time for our breakdown of The Book Of Boba Fett.

Episode 2 has just dropped on Disney plus and in this video, we’re gonna be breakdown all the easter eggs and Jar Jar Blink and you’ll miss it details that appeared in the new entry.

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With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Book Of Boba Fett Episode 2.

Ok, so last week we watched flashbacks of Boba as he climbed out of the Sarlaac pit looking like how I did after New Year’s eve. Seems a bit rude that actually with whatever that is…

Anyway, we saw as Boba won the respect of the sand people after he was taken captive and in the present, he was trying to do the same thing with the crimelords of Tattooine. Boba was ambushed and he ended up being taken bacta his tank to heal which should have you fully caught up.

Now one thing we didn’t point out last week is how much Fett actually changes his pattern of speaking when he’s dealing with certain people. He’s always kept it respectful but the guy has actually changed the way he talks to be more dignified depending on who he’s talking to.  Though it’s not a massive detail it’s a nice bit of attention to detail that’s something to bear in mind when you watch the show.

Now we once more start at Jabbas Palace with Fennec along with the prisoner she caught last week. They bring him in through the main door which we saw opening up in this way during the beginning of Return Of The Jedi. Even though the whole background is CG you can actually catch that they added a heatwave to it which shows how much attention they were putting into things.

You might also notice that there are Rancor heads on the thrown now which is something that I didn’t catch last week.

The prisoner speaks in Huttees and says Eee choota which you might remember being a curse word that was used to C-3po during the empire strikes back. Though they don’t have a protocol droid to translate it, it’s still a pretty well-known curse word. However what they do have is 8D8, Jabba’s torture droid who is being voiced by Matt Berry.

Huttees is a common tongue amongst the gangster as they of course control the trade on Tatooine and later on we get more of their kind.

We learn that the Assassin is part of a group called the Order Of The Night wind who I don’t believe have popped up in the Star Wars saga before. Let me know if you’ve heard of them before but we discover they’re very expensive and bound by the ancient rule of snitches get stitches.

Dropped into the Rancor pit he ends up revealing that it was the mayor who sent the killers but that kinda becomes murky in this entry as he denies doing it.

Now it was thought that Muuchi, a Rancor from the Bad Batch, could end up appearing in the series at some point as he was taken in by Bib Fortuna but it seems like they don’t wanna confuse things for people who haven’t watched that. Thus the Rancor from Return of the Jedi is still dead and they haven’t brought another one in instead.

The Tribes of Tatooine

Now the episode is called The Tribes of Tattooine and whereas Stranger in a Strange Land had some significance last week, this entry’s name is pretty straightforward.

Boba and co go out to visit the mayor and amongst the people, we catch a group of Trandoshans which are the same species as Bossk. Demanding that the Mayor grant him an audience we get a bit of a bureaucracy joke and his servant played by David Pasquesi steps in.

David is part of one of the worlds most famous improv groups that was documented in the film ‘Trust us this is all made up.’ The group TJ and Dave have had a long-standing career and though he’s a bit underused in the series it’s still nice seeing him pop up.

He drops a joke about how Boba hasn’t been carried in which calls back to last week’s entry when he was made fun of for the same thing.

Here we meet Mayor Mok Shaiz (mock shy-eez) who is an Ithorian. Ithorian’s are often referred to as Hammerheads and they have to speak through translator devices which we can see strapped onto his head. Moz’s bodyguards end up shooting the assassin which shows he’s not messing around and boba takes the tribute that he should’ve got last week.

He tells Fett to go to Garsa’s sanctuary and he returns to the Canteena from last week. We can also catch the droid R3-X on a table and you might know it from the Disney Star Tours ride. Beside the droid is also a mouse-like alien which is known as a Chadra-Fan and a Chad Fan is what the ladies call me. Shabow.

Furthermore, we can watch more catch Max Reebo busting up those keys and It’s nice to see the guy is getting steady work after Jabba’s palace was destroyed.

Garsa doesn’t seem too happy to see Fett and Boba says she’s sweating like a Gumpta on Mustafarr. Mustafarr was the lava planet that Anakin and Obi-Wan ended up fighting on and just ask Anakin, the place is pretty hot.

He’s pretty armless though that Anakin ey, don’t drink too much mate, you might end up legless. Having that.

Here she brings up the Twins, a pair of Hutts that have now laid claim to Jabba’s throne and we watch as they are carried in which of course juxtaposes how Fett refuses to be. This is such an awesome introduction and you can actually see the board they ride on bending due to their weight. I thought it was pretty messed up that one even used a little mouse-like creature to wipe down their sweat and this introduction of course symbolises how much they use others at their disposal. There’s of course the litter they have propping them up and even little lifeforms like that have no other purpose than to basically clean their body.

Amongst the servants, we can also catch some Niktos and though these tend to be quite high up in Star Wars society, one being a slave here shows just how powerful that the Hutts are. They later pop up as part of the swoop bike gang which kinda gives a nod to the power difference here.

Now at this point, we’re introduced to a major character from the expanded lore.

the book of boba fett disney plus star wars black wookie explained breakdown

Who is the Black Wookie?

This is the Black Krrsantan or “Black K” for short. That was a term used by Doctor Aphra and I’m just gonna be using it as well because I’ll constantly mess up the pronunciation otherwise.

Black K is a male Wookie Bounty hunter that was originally taken from Kashyyyk which appeared in Revenge of The Sith. He was then trained to become a bounty hunter and he’s one of the most feared in the entire galaxy even without the reputation that Wookie’s can pull someone’s arms out of their sockets.

Fett is clearly trying to distance himself from being a bounty hunter as he makes it clear to the Mayor that he’s not. However, watching characters like this show-up and the Hutts call him one pretty much cements that he’s still viewed like and that it’ll take a while before things change.

Fett tells them to go back to Nal Hutta which is a swampy marsh bog planet that is the home of the Hutts. Due to the environment, they’re most comfortable here and it’s a bedrock of criminal activity.

Fett uses the word Majordomo to describe Bib Fortuna and this is typically used to talk about the head of a household. There are a lot of ancient phrases used throughout the series as well as Daiymo which is the Japanese name for a Lord. Star Wars took a lot of inspiration from old samurai films and I’m glad that they’re paying tribute to stuff like this through the language used.

The Hutts leave but it’s clearly not over and much in the same way that gangsta families work, one must get permission before killing them.

Jump bacta Boba in his Bacta tank which once more brings up Imagery of Luke when he was in one during The Empire strikes back. We see Fett training with the Sand people and this explains how he ended up getting their combat techniques which he applied during The Mandalorian and also the episode last week.

The Tuskens…sorry Sand people easily beat him because he doesn’t hold the staff correctly but he quickly learns their ways. As with most training sequences in the Star Wars saga, he starts off cocky and arrogant but the character quickly realises that isn’t the way.

Now watching Boba along with the sand people are Massiffs and we can also catch Bantha’s which they use to ride through the desert.

We get more creatures coming from the sands showing just how dangerous that Tattooine and also a train moving through it. The Bantha is taken out and shoutouts to Simon A Burman on Twitter for pointing out that this is another Western/ Wild West callback. People used to shoot buffalo/bison from trains for fun and the Bantha was shot first on purpose so that the Sandpeople couldn’t flee.

Sand people shooting at transport is something that we’ve also seen in the saga, namely when they attacked the pod racers in Phantom Menace. We learn that this train is transporting spice, a narcotic in the Star Wars universe that was based upon Spice from the Dune series. You can catch a brief glimpse at one of the people on the train and that is a member of the Pyke Syndicate.

These ruthless gangsters built their whole society around it and they harvested Spice into a drug that they used to build a fortune with.

3:10 to Yuma Vibes

Now shoutouts Filup Molina from New Rockstars for pointing out that there’s a 3:10 to Yuma vibe to this entire entry due to the train heist plot. In the night we catch the swoop bikes once more which we saw last week belonged to Niktos raiders. It is possible that amongst this group is Arden Lynn who you might know from the Expanded lore. Lynn was a master of Terras Kasi and I’d love to see her pop up in the series at some point though she isn’t among the group we see here.

Potentially she’ll chase after Fett for what he does later on but we’ll talk about that more in just a bit.

The Tuskens burn the body and Fett uses sign language to communicate with the raiders. He says that he will stop the train and he travels out into the desert to what’s probably the second biggest hive of scum and villainy I’ve ever seen.

Shoutout Simon again for pointing out that this could be Toshee station and that the couple we meet here may be Camie and Laze who showed up in a deleted scene during A New Hope. I think that’s an incredible easter egg and it just fleshes out the world of Tattooine.

I love how this gang’s costumes are based on a biker gang and we even catch a crest on one of their backs.

Laze tries to stand up for himself but he’s hit worse than the thumbs down button is when I bust out a pun but luckily Fett arrives in time. Using the Tusken’s ways he knocks them off their Fett and yeah dislike button is right there.

I think it really shows his character when he learned a new skill and then decided to use it to take out the first gang of people that he could find. He knows these Niktos are bad dudes and they might end up attempting to get revenge later on.

Fett ends up taking their swoop bikes and he returns to the Sand People bringing gifts.

Now I kinda think that because of their alliance that they’ll end up showing up later in the series when Fett’s back is really against the wall with the Hutts.

He teaches the people how to ride a bike and it’s actually a nice moment. Stranger In A Strange land was actually about a human that was raised on Mars returning to Earth to learn about our customs but in turn, teach us things too. Though that was the title of the last episode I think it works really well and they plan the train heist.

Everyone learns to go bike to bike and back to back this is such a cool scene. Fett ends up becoming master of Stick and they head to the train. Propelled by an engine I think that this might actually belong to a pod racer and it’s been retrofitted to propel the train faster.

At one point we see the driver messing about with the engines which do look very similar to how a pod racer works.

It’s not an easy thing to take down and the Pykes once more shoot the Bantha’s first.

Them showing up in the series could also link in with Qi’ra who we last saw at the end of Solo. AS the group were also part of that film it is possible that she might show up too at some point so we can find out what happened to her whilst the main trilogy was going on.

This scene is brilliant and everyone who was down on the show last week I think will have their opinions turned around by how well this whole thing works. Train robberies are of course a staple of Western movies and one of course also showed up in Solo as well.

The engine is used as a weapon but in typical western train fashion the driver ends up breaking it so that the train can’t stop. Fett manages to do it though and yeah, what a brilliant scene.

The Pyke syndicate leader ends up unmasking and we can see that they’re an amphibious type alien. I’m pretty sure that we haven’t seen what these look like before and the guy seems like some Hellboy Shape of water type ish.

Fett brings up the mines of Kessel which is where Spice is farmed from. Fett tells them that they are only allowed to pass through but only if they pay a toll which they agree to. Fett tells them to walk in single file which is something that the Tuskens did to hide their numbers. He also tells them to head to anchor head which was brought up last week. Anchorhead offers passage off the planet and though Fett wanted to flee to there in the previous episode, we see here that he wants them to go showing that he’s made his home.

They’re given the black melons which Fett was last week and it is shown as a sign of respect as water is of course precious in the desert.

Well it was, but then these lads just sprayed it from the water car like the end of Temple Of Doom or some ish.

The chief brings up the tribes of Tattooine, a callback to the episode title and this talk actually makes you feel a bit sorry for them. Guys are limited by technology and though they’re the natives, the offworlders have come in and taken over. Lucas very much wore the Dune inspirations on his sleeve and they are quite similar to the Freman from that.

the book of boba fett disney plus series star wars jabba the hutt black wookie explained breakdown

Boba’s Enlightenment

Boba also goes on a spice trip somewhat similar to Paul Atreides but whereas he just had it by ingesting Spice, a lizard also shoots up Fett’s nose. That night he wanders through the desert until he envisions a tree surrounded by Water. I got a lot of Kamino vibes here and the branches could potentially represent the clone brothers that are part of his family tree.

There’s also red eyes that surround it and judging by the concept art these are Jawas surrounding the branches.

Now the branches wrap around him like the Sarlaac pit and we also get flashes of Kamino, namely when young Boba watched his father leaving. It’s such a well put together scene and Boba awakens and travels back to the people with a branch. Trees of course would find it difficult growing in the desert and this branch shows that he is one of them. Juxtaposing the clothing part of last weeks episode we get Fett this time being dressed like the Sandpeople and I love how this scene mirrors the one at Jabba’s palace with the droids. This is something that the emperors of old used to have done to them and it gets him appearing similar to how he did during his first appearance in The Mandalorian.

He builds his own Tusken staff, something that is mirrored in the Jedi when they build their own lightsaber. It’s very much seen as a coming of age moment for both and it’s such a good way to end the entry, showcasing how far he has come.

That night they sit around the fire, victorious, with Fett as part of their ranks. Together he and another member dance and this tribal form of expression are supposed to show unity amongst the chaos.

Now if you’ve been keeping up with the news reports around the show then you’ll have seen there was a big rumour that got put in a lot of press this week. I’m gonna be talking about that in just a bit but I thought I’d drop my review of the episode first. Now last week seemed to divide peoples opinions online but I thought that this was incredible. It was like its own little standalone film and it might even be my favourite star wars Disney plus episode thus far. Really really well put together and everything in it worked for me.

After this one, I’m fully on board with the show and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Anyway onto the leaks and these are pretty big ones so if you don’t want a major appearance in the show potentially spoiled then thanks for sticking with me and I’ll see you on the next one.

Honestly, I dunno how people do this you know, hear there’s gonna be a big report and dive out, I’m not that strong. I’m pathetic, I’ll have everything spoiled for me, I don’t care.

Anyway, it has been reported by several big news outlets that Harrison Ford will be appearing in The Book Of Boba Fett. Though this is unsubstantiated at the moment it’s appeared in outlets like the Daily Mail and The Scum and though they’re terrible newspapers, it’s more than just your uncle Kevin Spoilers telling you he thinks that Al Pacino is gonna be in Wandavision cos his dad best mate works in the Disney store.

According to The Sun Ford will be digitally de-aged much like how Mark Hammill was during The Mandalorian.

They stated that sources have told them that he spent three days filming in London for a cameo scene.

Solo and Fett of course last saw each other as he Mr Magooed his Jetpack and sent him hurtling into the mouth of the Sarlaac. Also yeah, a lot of you punks last week tried correcting me on something you f**ks got wrong. I said that the Stormtrooper might have come from a New Hope but you guys were like ‘aaackually’ the Stormtrooper fell in just before Boba did.

But listen you punks, there were no Stormtroopers with Jabba. Just annoyed me how so many f**ks were saying it, especially with there already being enough genuine mistakes in these videos as-is.

Anyway, that’s a pretty big reveal and one of the big things about The Mandalorian is that the Luke Skywalker Cameo didn’t leak so I can imagine that this will be a bit of a blow as it would’ve been so cool to just see in the show unspoiled.

Kinda feel a bit bad now if I’m being honest but you know leaks like this should always be taken with a grain of salt and it is possible that he was there shooting for something else.

Obviously, let me know what you think and I’d of course love to hear your thoughts on the episode so make sure you leave them below.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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