Superman: The Movie Extended Cut Review

Superman: The Movie Extended Cut Review

Superman The Movie Extended Cut Review By Oliver Harper

Superman: The Movie Extended Cut review by Oliver Harper

Extended to a three hour cut for TV, Superman: The Movie Extended Edition finally gets a release on Blu-Ray. With all new remastered footage Oliver Harper, mega Superman Fan, discusses his thoughts on the film as well as it’s history. You can check out Oliver’s youtube channel by click here. He creates brilliant, informative retrospectives on films from a wealth of genres that fans will love. Make sure that you also check out his Superman Retrospective and commentaries for more of his thoughts on the Man Of Steel.

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To check out more of our thoughts on the Blue Boy Scout, you can visit our Superman page. We cover all comics from his inception in 1939 all the way to the pages of Rebirth. If you are a fan it is definitely worth checking out.

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