Sony Confirm Spider-Man: Sinister Six Movie Is ...

Sony Confirm Spider-Man: Sinister Six Movie Is Being Built Towards In The MCU

spider man 3 update sony confirm sinister six in the mcu

spider man 3 update sony confirm sinister six in the mcu

It looks like Sony are building towards a Sinister Six movie in the Spider-man Marvel Universe with Amy Pascal dropping some big hints in a recent interview.

Throughout this, I’m going to be going over the interview with the Sony exec and giving my thoughts on it. Now there will be some spoilers here so if you aren’t fully up to date with Far From Home then this is your last chance to back out.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into the breakdown.

Sinister Six Teased By Sony

Ok so just before the release of Far From Home we did have rumors that were reported by CGI artists that had worked on the film that one of the post-credits scenes for the film showed Norman Osborne in the newly converted Oscorp Tower meeting with the member of the Sinister Six. Osborne had taken over Stark Tower and this is why in the teasers and film the building appeared to be vacant. Apparently this scene teased the introduction of the villainous group to the universe and was a big step forward for the universe.

This scene was supposed to featured Mysterio, Vulture, and Scorpion but evidently, if the scene ever did really exist then it didn’t make it to the movie.

Now, leakers did say that this was pulled due to the Sony and Disney deal being collapsed at this point and neither studio wanted to really tease anything Major without knowing how things would be working for the character. Take all of that with a grain of salt because as I said we don’t have confirmation on it, however, it does indeed look like Sony is building towards a Sinister Six movie with this newly released featurette that comes on physical copies of Spider-Man Far From Home.

Let’s get into the clip.

Sinister Six In Spider-Man 3?

So Pascal pretty much makes it clear that the studios have been slowly introducing the Sinister Six into their films and that there are plans to do something with that. This makes sense as to why Scorpion was teased in Homecoming but then never appeared in Far From Home and also adds a lot of weight to the rumor that Drew Goddard is still working on a Sinister Six film. Now, this was initially in development from the Cabin In The Woods director and was due to follow on from the Amazing Spider-man series but after that fell through rumors of the villain team-up did.

However, we know from this that Amy Pascal was still really interested in pursuing this avenue and I don’t think that she would have dropped it in the video if she didn’t at least have some big plans for it. The post has also been promoted on Reddit in the Marvel Studios thread so it seems like the corporations could be at least pushing for awareness of this.

Sinister Six Theories

What could happen in Spider-man 3 is that now all of the villains know that Spider-man is Peter Parker so they start gunning for him separately before realising that they’re stronger together and I definitely think that this little clip is laced with the subtext that we may be seeing them sooner than we think.

To me, it makes a lot of sense to travel down this avenue and the seeds are definitely there at the moment to sit assume that things are going ahead, especially due to Pascal’s statement. For those who don’t know Pascal has pretty much been the creative mind behind a lot of the Spider-man Sony Projects and she’s been working closely with Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige in order to bring the best version of Spider-man to the MCU.

If you look at the MCU films in general, they tend to tease and build up to things so the pattern so far in the Spider-man Series definitely seems to be aligned with that and it makes a lot of sense for the moves carried out in the franchise so far.

Personally I really can’t wait for this and I think if we finally get a Sinister Six film, it could be the best villain showdown in Spidey’s long and rich cinematic history.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you’re excited for the film. Comment below and let me know!

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