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RICK AND MORTY Season 6 Episode 2 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

rick and morty ending explained season 6 episode 2

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and you better check yourself before your rick yourself because the brand new Rick and Morty is now out. Season 6 Episode 2 is filled with lots of easter eggs, callbacks and hidden details. Throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking them all down before we talk about our thoughts on the new entry. With that out the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Rick and Morty season 6 episode 2.

Ok so the episode is called Rick: A Mort Well Lived and this calls all the way back to Mortynight Run. This had both Rick and Morty travelling to Blips and Chitz which was an arcade that had several games including Roy, A Life Well Lived. This virtual reality simulation placed Morty in the shoes of Roy and with him, he lived out life as a kid that turned into a college football player before he went to work in a carpet store. He was diagnosed with cancer but Morty managed to beat it. He ended up returning to work at the carpet store where he was killed by a falling rug and Rick ripped the s**t out of him for being such a loser that he ended up going back there. He tried the game and then ended up going off the grid showing how different the two characters are.

Movie Call Backs

Now The episode is also filled with lots of movie callbacks including Die Hard with Summer taking the role of John McClane. This is pretty much name-dropped by every character and you could say that this reference was a die-hard one that refused to die.

We discover that Aliens have attacked the arcade and this has glitched the Roy game as it split Morty’s consciousness when it restarted. This might throw you off a bit and when we first open the episode we can hear that every single character has Morty’s voice.

An NPC is also a slang term that…I probably get called a lot and it originates from the idea that we exist in a simulated reality with some people taking on the roles of NPC. They give the exact same opinions without critical thinking and are programmed to just repeat things others have said without any thought of their own. Basically just means someone is a stupid bot like my one million subscribers and it’s clearly making fun of Morty with this Meta joke.

Now though we get lots of Die Hard references we also get an overall play on one of the major theories floating around on INCEPTION. I’ve covered this in a video before but in case you don’t know there are a lot of people who think that Inception was actually an Inception on Cobb himself. Though this is never confirmed, many suspect that the crew were actually planting the idea into Cobbs’s mind that he needed to return to the real world and also his children and the entire job was centred around them planting this idea in his mind.

This is very much the same thing with Rick who plays as Roy. He is attempting to get Morty to realise he’s in a game and we see this early on with the character wearing the same clothes as Morty. This is something that other characters are influenced into doing as becoming more like Morty show they believe in the truth of their world.

We see a rally flyer by Roy which points out that he’s his grandson. Rick is rounding up all five billion parts of Morty and this has turned some of them into almost cult members even though they’re all pieces of the same whole.

Cut to the outside to see Blips and Chitz already in the midst of the attack. Now we get the title sequence in the show but I’m gonna use this time to ask you to like comment and subscribe. Now we get a look at Morty’s subconscious and see the girl that we’ve been following comes from a Jewish family that Morty has imprinted his stereotypes onto. The end of these episodes always comes with commentary by the creative team and they discussed how this entry is basically a comment on organised religion and how this would fit into simulation theory as well. Dan Harmon said that in the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in religion or simulation theory as it all means that we’re part of some bigger scripted thing happening with the universe. Rick constantly says-

But in the end, it somewhat turns out to be because they all follow and believe the same thing.

Now from here, we cut to Summer sneaking around and we get a scene that introduces the big bad.

Played by Peter Dinklage this character clearly riffs on Hans Gruber due to to his suit and the post-credits scene even introduces his brother similar to what happened in Die Hard 3. His first scene involves him shooting someone in the head whilst at a table and a similar thing happened with Han to show how ruthless he was in the first Die Hard movie.

The game Don’t Touch me sounds off and…I dunno why but I chuckled at this.

rick and morty ending explained season 6 episode 2

Hostage Situation

Now the hostages were also a big part of Die Hard as well with John’s wife Holly being amongst them.

Over with the Morty’s, we watch as Roy’s arrival also brings Swat teams with them who are there to arrest them for being in a cult. Could be a comment on a number of authorities trying to seize cult grounds and the one that springs to mind the most with me whenever they do this is David Koresh and Waco. Koresh claimed to be the final prophet of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists and the Waco Seige saw a raid by the FBI after several highly serious allegations were levied at the cult.

Definitely recommend reading up on it and I can’t go into too many of the details here without getting demonetised but I feel like it’s playing on that so let me know below if you agree or not. We learn the main marine fought in a generic overseas war and this is of course commenting on how Morty views the world. He is a little racist but he has a best friend that translated for him and he finally comes around to the idea he’s a Morty after realising the truth.

Summer goes over the edge with one of the aliens and this explodes into a massive ball of goo. Huge shoutouts to TV Tropes.org for pointing out that this is known in TV and Movies as a Ludicrous Gibs which is when there’s an over-the-top explosion of guts.

Summer finds a walkie-talkie similar to John McClane and she also straps her gun over her shoulder similar to how he carried his in the movie. The first person that Summer kills also has a brother who wants revenge similar to Tony in that film. However here he’s called Winslow which is riffing on Carl Winslow who’s played by Reginald Vel Johnson in that film.

Though Summer hasn’t seen the movie she quickly fits into the role of it and the Hans character goes off on how it’s now a stereotype. The film itself had meta commentary like this with them discussing how John thought that he was Roy Rogers who’d come busting in and saving the day. Roy Roger’s catchphrase was Yippe Kay Ye and this of course got changed up in the film to be Yippe Kay Yay mother f**ker.

Summer changes this to.

rick and morty episode 2 season 6

Roy, A Life Well Lived

Cut back to Roy, A Life Well Lived and we see that the world is slowly starting to follow him. This includes places like Moscow which now has a statue of Morty, what I believe are Tulum ruins though it might just be either generic Aztec or Mayan ones, the Taj Mahal, Africa and more.

We see how this quest has lasted what appeared to be decades due to Rick ageing up. In Roy, A Life well lived the same thing happened with the character and over time his appearance became more like this.

As we saw in season 2 the game has time dilation within it meaning that it moves much faster than the real world. This is something that was present in not only Inception but also Westworld as well with time moving faster due to computer processing speeds being quicker than reality.

Rick wants to travel into space and beyond the borders of reality which will reset the game. Rick has brought in Martha’s father who is trying to almost do his own inception and win her back.

Now Martha herself also could be based on Bugz from the Matrix Resurrections and she has the same beauty spot that that character did. Bugz broke into the programme in order to pull Morty out similar to what we get with Rick here. The entire cult is almost like the freed minds of that movie and there’s a lot going on with it. I also love how Rick and Morty pretty much fit into their usual roles with Morty following Rick. In the end, a small part of Morty is left in the game and over the seasons we’ve seen a lot of discussion about how Morty is breaking away from his Grandfather. This was of course shown in Evil Morty as well but it’s definitely laced throughout a number of entries. I feel like this part being left behind also signifies that there is a part of him that will eventually become independent and that he will eventually go off on his own path.

Now interestingly it could show that Morty in the main world is also gonna be fully subservient as the rogue pieces could all remain behind in the game. This is touched upon by the president who is one of the main world leaders that won’t join them. This is 8% of him and let me know below whether you think this will take Morty’s descending side out or not.

Also, the president is white here but I kinda hope Keith David is playing him in the main universe still.

He says that he realised early on that he was in a game and that he used this knowledge to gain power. He just played the system and would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

In some further nods to Die Hard, we get an alien standing on a table seemingly spouting off dialogue.

This is similar to the table scene in Die Hard with a villain doing the same thing which gave John an opening to kill him. Here is advice is to not hide under a table which Summer didn’t due to her not actually seeing the movie. We also get the big bad reading a book called Nakatomi Paradigm with the tower in the film of course being called Plaza.

Hans says he’s going to wander the arcade unarmed pretending to be a hostage which was something that the character did in the original movie.

Roy has now fully aged up to the point he was at when he died in the original game and it shows the plan is almost coming to an end. Martha is also ageing up too and we can see this in the extra lines on her face. They mention the Snyder Cut and how 8% of that was Batman dreaming with this playing on the Knightmare scene. Batman’s dreams also played a big part in BVS and I was wondering whether Martha was based on that too.

rick and morty ending explained season 6 episode 2

Its All Connected

Morty says he hasn’t seen The Snyder Cut but ey, you’ve seen Batman V Superman though right?

Now the world leaders screen also has several rooms based on their own ones and I’ll never forget those three podiums that we see the UK guys standing in front of. Because Rick refuses to tell Morty he loves him we see the world devolves into a holy war with the Morty’s going against Rick. They don’t want to go back to the world where Rick doesn’t love him and want to stay in the sim no matter what.

Though he does say he loves him it’s revealed this is a robot decoy and we of course have seen the character use these throughout the series.

Cut back to Summer and we get this Die Hard reference.

After realising that she hasn’t left the arcade because she has a reason to stay we get this scene.

Which is a callback to this.

Similar to how Hans took Holly hostage he holds the pair at gunpoint. Martha’s daughter decides to join Rick and her father dies longing to be a teenage boy once more potentially similar to Sato wanting to be a young man.

Martha goes back to her grandfather and says that she will let her people go.

She also says her name is Marta at this point which has biblical routes and it typically means The Lady.

Back with Summer, we hear Hans drop this line.

They do some reverse psychology die-hard stuff with Summer denying that the ending is playing out the same way. However, we get the weird pronunciation of mother f**kaaaaaaaaa and also the pair laughing together. Summer has taped a gun to her back though and she pulls it as Rick and Morty leave the game. They wake up similar to Inception and get the upper hand. Whereas Karl arrived at the end to once more try and kill John, here Winslow kills Hans like how the real Winslow killed Karl which, kinda changes things up I guess.

Showing that he does care Rick pays to have the Roy game put in storage so that Marta can keep living her life and we get a Raiders Of The Lost Arc reference with it being put in a big storage hall.

The post-credits scene features Han’s brother getting a character to wear a sign similar to what happened to John at the start of that movie. No one is attacking him because it’s too generic and the snow base itself might be a reference to either the one from Inception or the Airport from Die Hard 2.

Anyway, that ends the episode and I thought this was another banger. I love when the episodes go off and do these sort of self-contained heavily movie-referenced entries. Nice building on the Roy concept too and I had a lot of fun with it.


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