MOON KNIGHT Trailer: Insane Details And Theorie...

MOON KNIGHT Trailer: Insane Details And Theories | Snapped Before He Died, Multiple Personalities And Easter Eggs

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The Moon Knight trailer is something special and piecing it all together is like solving a Rubik’s cube that’s constantly rotating as Oscar Isaacs Marc Spector jumps in and out of his alternate personalities.

Trailer Summary

Throughout we watch as Timid Steven Grant starts to learn about the other facets of his life and just incasein case you don’t know, in the comics, Marc is the dominant persona. In the source material, he travelled to Ancient Egypt and discovered a dig that unearthed a shrine dedicated to the God Khonshu. After Marc was badly beaten by the person leading the dig, he pledged his life to the God so that he could get revenge and he because his avatar Moon Knight.

Now the show doesn’t look like it’s going in this direction and instead, I actually think that we’re gonna get a similar style to Wandavision where we’re dropped in the deep end and left trying to piece things together. I actually think that the series will open with us from Steven’s point of view and then throughout the series we’ll see as he starts to piece together exactly what’s gone on and this will lead to him discovering everything about Marc which in turn will also fill the audience in.

Moon Knight is gonna have to basically deal with several different origin stories as each of his personas has its own one and I think doing it this way is probably the best way to go about it.


Snap Theory 

Now to talk about the next part, I wanna give a huge shoutout to Glorious Purpose on Twitter who said that he thinks The Marc was snapped and then when he was brought back this is when he changed to Steven and has been him ever since. This would explain why he gets a phone call that seems surprised he is alive and it would also explain another big part of the teaser.

Now during the scene, we see a chase in which he’s in a cupcake truck being chased by what I assume are Arthur Harrows men.

There is a moment where we see followers of Harrow bowing before him and in the corner, you can catch the same truck that Marc later drives. There are also soldiers there with guns so it makes sense that this is all part of the same scene with Marc fleeing in this before they go after him.

At some point, he then goes over a cliff and hurtles to his death but we cut before we see how he gets out of this.

Now he may transform into his Moon Knight costume at this point but typically he appears at night and I think it would be weird to have the vigilante in broad daylight at this point. It also begs the question of why he waited up until this point to transform when he could’ve done it at any moment in the scene before this.

Therefore I actually think that he’ll get snapped whilst falling to the ground and that this will be what saves his life.

If you cast your mind back to the release of Avengers Endgame, you might remember one of the big questions floating around about it is what happened to people who were on a plane that got snapped when they were brought back.

If they were put back in the exact same position as where the plane was when they disappeared they’d fall to their death but the Russos cleared this all up. They said that Smart Hulk accounted for this and that everyone was brought back safely on the ground which I think would also happen with Marc.

This would allow Steven to take over but Marc constantly wanting to bust out could itch away at him and make him suspect that something else is going on. It would also allow him to get away from Harrow and then perhaps the pair bump into each other 5 years later in the museum which is where he tells him to embrace the chaos.

Arthur Harrow

Now, little is known about Harrow and even in the comics, he’s quite an obscure character that was basically just a mad scientist.

During his face-off against Moon Knight, one of the priests of Khonshu appeared to him when he was on the road and it sent him visions of Harrow carrying out human experiments. Harrow had won the Nobel prize but there were lots of questions about how he managed to achieve medical developments when it seemed like all he had done was carry out tests on animals.

However, it was uncovered by Marc that he’d been doing this on people but the show doesn’t really seem to be going in that direction.

I think that in the series we will learn that when Marc was a merc he discovered the shrine of Khonshu in Egypt and he then became his vessel. He then started doing odd jobs, one involving spying on Harrow. He then witnessed things and Harrow got his followers to fight him.

In the Disney Plus day trailer, we did see a scene in which he was surrounded by people he’d knocked out in a street that looks similar to the one we see Harrow in. The character seems a bit confused as to how this has happened, almost like he’s snapping out of something so I think this might be him jumping to Steven from Marc.

If our theories are right then the chase likely took place and this led to him falling out of the van which could have tied into the snap and then he was brought back five years later as Steven. He then could’ve bumped into Harrow at the museum which seems to be the location their meeting is happening due to the statues in the background.

I am interested in seeing what they do with Harrow and I actually think they might even combine him with other characters.

Ethan Hawke has described him as a David Koresh-esque villain that’s the leader of a cult and to get this reputation, I wonder if he has any powers or abilities himself. It has been theorised for a while that he’s playing Sun King and I even got so deep into this that comes to the release of the trailer I just assumed it was him.

Von Doom Theory

The internet has been full of people pointing out that the box in the van has von-d on it. This led many to believe that it’s actually a nod to the major Marvel villain Victor Von Doom.

However, it was quickly debunked as in the next show you can see that the box reads von Darrelman which is the name of a cupcake company.

However, however, however, none of you f**ks are as clever as I am and I actually think that in the Marvel universe Victor Von Doom will be a cupcake King who runs a criminal empire selling delicious baked goods.

In the comics, Doctor Doom actually got hit in the face with a cupcake once which is likely his supervillain origin story. Oh my god, it’s all starting to make sense now.

Exclusive theory. Exclusive-clusive-clusive.

Steven Grant

Anyway back to Steven.

Now the character is clearly paranoid that he becomes someone else at night and in the teaser, we can see that he tapes up the door so that if it was opened he’d find this torn. There’s also even a ring of sand put around his bed to show if there are any footprints.

This goes on for several nights and we can actually tell this by the fact that his clothes change. However, another theory could be that it’s all part of the same night and the change of clothes is because he became someone else whilst Steven was asleep.

One of the most interesting parts of the new look is him solving a Rubik’s cube which I theorised represented his fractured personalities all being part of one whole. The constant turning and twisting of this could also represent how he drops in and out of his personalities

Huge shoutout to Youtube user Ralph Shadow for jumping off that and saying that by the end of the season there would be a lot of symbolism to Steven completing it. This would show the balancing of all his personalities and as Rubix cubes typically take a long time to solve, it could be something that he keeps going back to.

Doesn’t take me a long time though as I figured out the Doctor Doom Cupcake thing but yeah I think that would be a great direction to take the series.


Bathroom Fight Scene

Another thing I wanna address is the creature that Moon Knight fights in the bathroom. I did say that this was a Jackal but many of you commented saying it’s a werewolf. After watching the trailer over and over and over, I’m still standing strong in the theory that it is a Jackal and this is because of the face, ear shapes and also the long legs with several joints in them.


I actually think that this might be after what Steven has in the bag during the scenes in which he’s chased. Though many people think that the thing that was stalking him in the museum was Khonshu who does show up in Trailer 2, I actually think that this is the beast in the bathroom.

If you look at it it has glowing eyes whereas Khonshu doesn’t and the God carries a staff whereas this creature is missing it. Thus I think that it might have been sent out by Anubis to collect whatever Steven has in the bag and he eventually ends up defeating it in a bathroom.

However, he did hunt werewolves in the comics and the character first appeared in Werewolf by Night but the lack of fur and shape of the animal makes me think it’s the other.

Anyway hopefully you enjoyed these theories and we’ve been having not too bad of a week as we actually got one right with the latest book of Boba Fett episode. Gonna hold onto that for the rest of time but I’m sure you have better ones than I’ve dropped in this video so make sure you leave yours in the comment section below.


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