MCU New Phase 5 Leaks Full Breakdown On All The...

MCU New Phase 5 Leaks Full Breakdown On All The Upcoming MARVEL Movies And TV Shows | D23, New Avengers, Secret Wars & More

Galactus In The MCU

It looks like we have a whole host of new leaks in regards to what’s coming down the line in the MCU.

TVO Of The Lord Of The Long Box Youtube Channel, which was recently disabled by Youtube, said that there were several sources in the industry that had told him the upcoming lineup of events and throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that the content creator said would be coming in the upcoming Marvel slate.

Whilst all of these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, there will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined about the upcoming movies then I highly suggest that your turn off now.

With that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video now let’s get into my breakdown of all the Phase 5 rumors.

New Avengers Secret Wars

Ok so first up TVO said that the next big Avengers Endgame level event will be Secret Wars which will l be built up to in phases 4,5, and 6. From this Earth will become Battleworld and will be sort of mapped out similar to things like Game of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings with there being several different territories.

Doctor Doom will be taking over Europe. Mandarin will be controlling Asia. The Red Skull will be brought back to control the US and U.S. Agent will work for him before turning against the villain.

The Netflix characters are also rumoured to be coming back on Hulu and these characters will actually interact with the bigger narrative unlike how things have been in the past.

Galactus In The MCU

Galactus Rises

Now whilst all of this is going on the cosmic side of the MCU will see the introduction of Galactus who will make his way through what’s called the Annihilation wave between phases 4 and 6. TvO said that the Galactus Vs Tyrant rumors are untrue and that Nova will be the first herald of Galactus who will appear in the first Fantastic Four movie, before Silver Surfer follows in the sequel and this is how the big villain will be introduced to the Earth Heroes. Apparently, the Fantastic Four and X-men logos have been finished and will make their debut at D23 this weekend as well. Omega Red is planned to be an X-Men villian very soon and this could be the first characters that the group go up against.

Whilst that’s the bigger arc of the MCU, TvO in addition to this said the following about the confirmed films that we have.

He said that Fin Fang Foom will be coming to Shang-Chi and that his source has seen concept art on the character. He also cleared up the rumor over whether the homie Gus Fring, which is how I’ll forever know him, will be debuting in the MCU. He said that he won’t be playing Norman Osborne as Kevin Feige doesn’t own the character and TvO didn’t provide who he could be playing instead.

Venom And Spider-Man

Going forward with Spider-Man 3, Peter will hire a lawyer to help clear his name that will be none other than Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk. This definitely seems like a great introduction for the character especially with The Hulks role becoming less and less going forward. Venom 3 will become a big part of the MCU and will use the storyline Maximum Carnage as it’s basis.

she hulk in the mcu

On the other properties, Doctor Strange 2 will open up the multiverse and supernatural to MCU. Namor will become the villain of Black Panther 2 and the Rock is apparently in deep talks for the character after being upset over the budget that DC have provided for Black Adam.

Keanu Reeves wants to be Adam Warlock, but his team wants him to be Moon Knight and there is concept art of Hercules and Machine Man for Thor Love And Thunder.

In terms of Marvel shows, apparently, Moon Girl is coming the Disney Plus streaming service though this is the only announcement that they had. Finally, TvO has not heard much about Deadpool. Marvel R rated films will have FOX banner in front of movie which we have sort of heard rumors about in the last couple of months, with a lot of people not really knowing how the character would be handled.

My Thoughts On The MCU Phase 5 & 6 Slate

And that’s everything that we know so far, there are definitely some massive massive things in this and I kinda feel from this lineup that the MCU is just sort of getting all of the cards in place with Phase 4 before they can really bring out the big guns for the next slate.

Galactus being a villain is something that I’m still a bit unsure about as the character is more of a force of nature than someone with a grand plan which I think is the main reason that Thanos was so relatable. Here is someone who just drifts through the Cosmos consuming so i’m not sure how well he will translate as even with the scale of the character, he’s difficult to have a conversation with on a one to one level. Now they may go with something like Ego the living planet from Guardians of the Galaxy but it will be interesting to see.

Whilst this is the rumoured lineup I don’t think that Marvel will pull out any of these plot points during the d23 panel and I think this info will be saved for down the line in order to keep the hype train going.

We do have rumors that Black Panther 2 will be released on February 18th 2022 and then it will be followed by Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3 which will drop on May the 6th of the same year.

Marvel is clearly lining up for something big and if they pull this one off we could be in for another ten years of amazing movies.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this news and if you’re hyped for it or still a bit skeptical. Comment below and let me know!

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