MAJOR Marvel Updates | Avengers Kang Dynasty In...

MAJOR Marvel Updates | Avengers Kang Dynasty In Trouble? Pedro Pascal As Reed Richards In Fantastic Four


Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, aka your friendly neighborhood spoiler-man, and in this video, we’re breaking down some major Marvel updates. There have been a ton of new reports dropped over the last couple of days. As we aren’t doing our podcast this coming week due to my holiday, I thought I’d cover some of the stories. If you want to check out our last video, which covers all the week’s news stories, it’s available on the channel right now.


It appears that Kang might be in trouble, as earlier in the week, we heard about Jeff Loveness’ firing from Kang Dynasty. According to Joanna Robinson on the House Of R podcast, he was apparently let go because Marvel is moving away from Kang. This was also brought up in a Variety report, but a lot of that has been debunked, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. However, Destin Daniel Cretton has now been announced as no longer directing Kang Dynasty, and things don’t look good for the big bad time baddie.

Now, coupled with the writer being out, I just saw that and instantly thought that Kang is no longer going to be the focus of the next phase anymore. Loki kinda left things off where you could easily brush him to the side and not have to worry about him coming back.

Obviously, Jonathan Majors is about to start a very public trial, and I think Marvel may have realized that they can’t wait for the outcome to get the ball rolling. I’ve talked about this a lot, and I think that if it was just a one-off film like The Flash, then I can see why Warner Brothers didn’t want to scrap the whole thing. Kang, on the other hand, will be popping up in lots of different projects and also filming for a lot of things while the trial’s going on. Thus, they might just want to not take the risk and have their hype around these films getting hit with that negativity. I have to say it’s always innocent until proven guilty, and the man definitely deserves the right to clear his name. The issue, though, is that this is a big trial, and you also have so many projects that they probably need to feature him in.

Now the main things that people have said back when I’ve talked about this is that Marvel hasn’t announced anything and that the film’s still on the slate.


I’m gonna be honest; studios in Hollywood don’t typically tend to come out and announce they’ve fired people, especially if they’re going with brand new actors. For example, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck were both said to be out as Superman and Batman for years, but no one at any point confirmed it. It was only upon them getting brought back that they made a big announcement about it, and we realized that they’d actually fully been out. Even then, they weren’t really back either, and things can change all the time too.

Gina Carano is another example, and they just said they weren’t renewing her contract instead of her actually being fired.

Just look at the stuff with John Krasinski’s Reed, and you’ll see they never just out and out confirm things have changed if they don’t need to. I don’t think they’ll ever announce anything until they’ve got something else in place, and personally, I’d be surprised if we still got Kang Dynasty. I’ve always said that at worst, they should recast, but it seems like they’re gonna be moving away from that. It’s never a good sign when a director and a writer leave, and now they’re gonna have to do a complete creative overhaul.

Now personally, I think that they might be moving towards Avengers Vs X-men, and the pieces are definitely there for something like that to happen. Deadpool 3 is right around the corner, and yeah, not to spoil stuff, but other things recently have set that up.

I think that would be a smart way to go, and then you could take things directly into Secret Wars.

Also, they could probably swap Kang out with Doom, which seems to be the thing that people want the most right now when it comes to bad guys. Doom was the villain in both versions of Secret Wars, and thus it just makes sense to have him in place.

I think it kinda sucks ’cause Kang was basically such a baddie that he started a multiversal war that cost trillions of lives and then was so powerful that the winner of it ruled over all time. Now it’s just like… ah, keep an eye on him, mate… it’ll be alright… but at least that ending of Loki can explain what’s going on with him.

Now Destin is going off to work on Wonder Man and Shang-Chi 2, which makes it seem like they’re further going into these character films instead of a big team-up. It’s kinda wild that we still haven’t had an Avengers film yet, and our next one, at the earliest, is 2026. That means it’s gonna be seven years since the last one, and I think they might even rush in a Young Avengers film.

Another reason I feel like Destin leaving is bad is that the pay on an Avengers movie would be massive, and for him to turn that down to work on the other two would probably make less sense. Working on an Avengers movie is a bigger career move to me than both Wonder Man and Shang-Chi put together, but let me know below if you agree or not.

Either way, things aren’t looking good for Jonathan Majors, which is a shame ’cause the guy’s a really talented actor. The man went from having the two number 1 films in the world with Creed 3 and Quantumania with a whole MCU phase built up around him.

Now I don’t even know what’s happening, but yeah, it doesn’t look good.

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Now in other stories, we’ve had a ton of Reed Richards casting over the last year. There’s been Krasinski, obviously, people like Penn Badgley, Dev Patel, Adam Driver, Matt Smith, Kevin Spoilers, Jake Gyllenhaal, and so on and so forth.

Still, though, no one has signed on, and from what I heard, this was largely due to the script and strikes.

From what I was told, Vanessa Kirby was a lock from the start, and the movie’s gonna be built up around Sue Richards. They wanted to have people audition and screen test against her, but due to the strike, they couldn’t do this, and thus, they’ve been holding off.

Now that takes us to today, where Pedro Pascal is reportedly very close to signing things. I know there are lots of people confirming that that’s the case, but as of making this video, there’s nowhere that I can find that has said he’s definitely in the film. The rumor came from Daniel RPK, and even he has had to come out and say, look, he hasn’t signed it yet.

However, if you’re watching this video in the future when he has, then I just want to let you know that he has signed on, and this whole story is confirmed, confirmed, confirmed. Unfortunately, because of how Twitter is right now, anyone can buy a tick and look like a proper news outlet, so be careful when looking at stuff on Twitter. Ey, ey, don’t follow that OnlyFans girl, your mates will see.

Now Pedro is an interesting choice, and he’s not someone that I would have assumed would be in the running for Reed. However, he’s so hot right now, and it actually makes sense with the roles he’s played in the past. Reed is a bit… bit of an arse in the comics at points, and Pedro can pull that off too. However, he can be likable as well, but the big question is will man shave the mustache or keep it in place.

Now due to his age and the fact that he plays every dad on the planet, I also think that this could hint at what direction they’re taking things. Reed and Sue are parents in the comics, and the one we encountered in the 838 was one too. Thus, I think this would allow both Franklin and Valeria to come in as both are big characters in the comics. I really hope they’re basing things around the Fantastic Four Jonathan Hickman run as that could then lead perfectly into Secret Wars.


Like I said, I still think Secret Wars is coming, but we just have to get through the movie before that first. Who knows what’s happening, but there’s been a lot of shakeups at Marvel, and I think there’s gonna be a lot more. The Marvels are really gonna struggle to even break even, and after the lowest opening for an MCU movie, the studio is probably panicking. They just seem to be releasing as much as possible at the moment and getting things out of the way before they change course. Personally, I’ve always thought that they should just push everything back that isn’t connected to the multiverse and just basically have every project building up to that. Stuff like Agatha can probably come out after the film, and even Blade can, I imagine, as well. That’s going through development hell at the moment, and I think all these negative stories just look bad on the studio. Feels like we’re back with DC in 2017 where they’re just announcing loads of stuff that then either doesn’t get made or is mid.

So I’m hoping that The Marvels has been a wake-up call for them and that they’re finally realizing what needs to be done. I know people are saying the strikes are why it’s doing bad, but I think that film had more than enough marketing. Just for that movie, we had 3 Disney Plus shows, several trailers, and it’s the sequel to a billion-dollar movie that’s attached to the MCU so yeah… don’t know how much more an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel would’ve done. Even just having the Marvel name attached to your film is such a big push, and that’s why Sony was so desperate to be connected to the MCU.

So my hope is that they’re not blaming that and actually being self-aware enough to realize that they need to change stuff fast. Anyway, I’d of course love to hear your thoughts on the story, and again, no across the spoilerverse coming this week. If you want to check out our last video, then that’s linked below, and a huge thank you to everyone who’s now a regular listener. We’ve had our highest views 3 weeks in a row now, so we massively appreciate everyone who’s watching and listening.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for sitting through the video. I’ve been your host, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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