JLA: Prometheus Unbound Review

JLA: Prometheus Unbound Review

JLA Prometheus Unbound

JLA Prometheus Unbound

The JLA books by Grant Morrison really changed the status quo for the DC Comics Universe. The writer introduced new members, killed off characters and provided plotlines where they were required to save the multiverse time and time again.

With the League’s allegiances shattered at the end of Rock Of Ages, Prometheus Unbound sets to reassemble the League, all whilst throwing some curveballs their way.

I can’t wait to see how it plays out and as always will be giving minor spoilers throughout my review. It may be worth skipping this for now if you want to go in with fresh eyes but feel free to read ahead if you don’t care.

With that out the way, let’s dive into JLA: Prometheus Unbound!

Death To Justice

When the Justice League reforms they throw a competition that will allow a member of the public to join The JLA for a day, Prometheus sees a way to destroy them once and for all. The introductory chapter expertly tells Prometheus’ origin story and will instantly have you rooting for the villain.

His plan is to sneak aboard the League’s satellite disguised as the competition winner and tear them apart from the inside. I absolutely loved watching him use and abuse the ‘unlucky’ winner, Retro, and seeing his master plan fully come to fruition will leave most with a sadistic smile on their face.

What Morrisson expertly does is that he underplays a sense of dark humour to the work that makes it joyful to read for those with a twisted side. Retro is a complete moron and seeing him completely oblivious to the fact that he sits in the midst of a super villain is side-splittingly fun. It makes for one of the best openers in the run and it perfectly sets the stage for what is to come.

League Down

Prometheus enacts his plan upon arriving at The Watchtower and beautifully takes down The Justice League one by one. It’s carried out with a military level of precision and will have even the most die-hard fan in awe as they see their favourite heroes taken down a peg or two.

Whilst we all know the heroes will save the day and defeat Prometheus in the end, the arc will still keep readers on their toes and the final showdown is a cerebral affair that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The book ties up nicely and teases what is to come and I can’t wait to see how the villain returns down the line.

The Verdict

Prometheus enters the DC universe with a bang. Packing all the swagger and sensibility of a great supervillain, his first attack on The JLA becomes an instant classic.

Whilst short in length the book does a lot of good in the pages and panels that it possesses and those who like seeing the Villain win for once will find a lot to love here.

Prometheus Unbound gets a…


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