JLA Fire In The Sky Review (Vol 1)

JLA Fire In The Sky Review (Vol 1)

JLA Fire In The Sky Review By Deffinition As Part Of Graphic Novel Talk
Zauriel Joins The Justice League

JLA Fire In The Sky Review By Deffinition

JLA Fire In The Sky is the third storyline in Grant Morrison’s legendary run with The Justice League. Whilst I have praised the prior two entries very highly I have very poor memories of this arc. However, if you’ve been following My graphic novel read through then you’ll notice that I often change my opinions on books after revisiting them. Perhaps this is due to maturity or just the fact that I have settled into the DC aesthetic. There was even a time when I regarded Morrison as overrated and nonsensical.

Boy how that changed!

So, with open eyes, let’s jump into Fire In The Sky and see whether it can change my negative opinion!

Heaven on Earth

The book opens with demons discussing their devilish plans….inside a plant pot. Morrisson allures to how hell is everywhere, we just never look close enough to see it. This is a brilliant idea on paper but it’s hard to take seriously whilst we watch them connive…inside a plant pot. I think initially it was this trans dimensional microcosm look at the demonic side of the world that originally put me off. And when the angel, Zauriel crashes to Earth I was not dissuaded from my negative opinion.

The Justice League quickly rally together to see this strange occurrence and inadvertently stumble into the midst of a war between Heaven and Hell. I always struggled with this story due to the fact that I am Agnostic. There may be a higher power, there may not but the way this comic presents Heaven as a pyramid with battle ships it is hard to really cement a belief.

And there is ofcourse….the plant pot.

The Flash and recently Redesigned Superman, two of the most interesting members of the League are removed from the fray early on. Perhaps realising that they could completely turn the tide in the battle, the demons (or should I say Morrison) strands them on the moon.

This made it difficult for me to connect with the ground forces and too adds to my dislike of the book. It’s hard to align myself with many of the leaguers in the fight as they are made up of the B listers of the time.

And there is the plant pot.

When Superman and Flash re enter the fight the pace picks up but it is still difficult to reconnect with the derailed story by this point.

 JLA Fire In The Sky Review By Deffinition As Part Of Graphic Novel Talk

The Art

Unfortunately I feel that the art is one of the major problems in the book. Every character is well drawn and crafted, however, due to the panelling, it’s difficult to make out exactly what is going on. As a reader if you are unable to connect to the art it’s very difficult to connect to the story. Many a time have I seen poor art completely destroy any good will that a writer has created and this is no exception.

This is not Dark Knight Strikes Again level however but I doubt any pieces ever will make it as a tattoo.

Eventually the fight wraps up and the League return Heaven to its rightful place, offering Zauriel a membership in their ranks should he wish. Declining the Team then begin the drafting of The Green Arrow, just as their base is attacked by the mysterious Key Holder…ending our story.

The Verdict

Ive disliked Fire In The Sky everytime that I’ve read it and this is no different. The arc feels too short to create anything substantial and what we are left with really pales in comparison to the work that has proceeded and by far surpassed it.

This feels like the first real BIG miss for Morrison and it’s a shame as there are certain moments within the plot that really add depth to the characters and the team as a whole.

When your cliffhanger is more interesting than the entirety of your book you know something is amiss.

And that’s why it gets a


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