EXTRACTION Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Mo...

EXTRACTION Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Movie Spoiler Review

extraction netflix spoiler talk review ending explained breakdown

This article we’re breaking down the new Netflix movie Extraction.

The Chris Hemsworth action flick is slowly shaping up to the be the biggest movie of the rest of the entire year and there’s a lot to talk about.

Throughout this we’re gonna be going over the entire movie, it’s ending, and our thoughts on it.

There will be heavy spoilers so if you don’t want anything ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Extraction.

Extraction Plot Recap

Extraction takes place mainly in Asia and it spans across Mumbai and Dhaka. The movie itself centers around the kidnapping and rescue of the son of a high profile drug Lord named Ovi.

Ovi is initially being held for a king’s ransom by a rival gang and due to his father being in prison all of his assets are frozen thus he is unable to buy him back.

However, that won’t stop him.

He threatens his second in command Saju’s family and left with little option Saju reaches out to an organization of mercenaries. He pretends to have the money in order to at least get the job underway and the group go back to one of their best soldiers, Tyler Rake played by Hemsworth.

He gets to don his Australian accent for once. They did it, they did it.

Tyler Rake

Now the film starts off rather slow but it’s not too long before Rake is thrown into the deep end on his quest to rescue the boy. This is as much a story about the extraction as it is about redemption for Tyler as we discover throughout the film that he lost his own son to lymphoma at the age of six.

His marriage fell apart and he ended up becoming a gun for hire after leaving the army.

Since then he’s lived almost day to day almost looking for a Suicide mission so that he can be stripped of his guilt. This mission seems highly dangerous but he really has absolutely nothing left to lose.

He doesn’t flinch when guns are put to his head, jumps into gorges without looking and is basically a man’s man like your dads mate Terry, you know the guy, drinks 40 cans of Stella a night and smashes them over his head when he’s finished.

After confirming Ovi’s location Tyler goes full John Wick and helped by his associates he dispatches up those who have him captive, kicks one into a wall, and makes a guard see first hand why they call him Rake.

See, rake, never mind.

extraction netflix spoiler talk review ending explained breakdown

“They Screwed Us”

Ovis group as we mentioned don’t actually have the money to pay them and the mercenary group realize mid-mission that they’re getting screwed over. It’s revealed that Saju has decided to intercept Rake and Ovi mid-mission in order to avoid paying them and he will take the boy in himself.

This creates an attack on both sides that Rake has to evade.

Now action movies need to have well…good action and Extraction doesn’t disappoint, hell you can’t even say extraction without saying action and every scene is more ballsy than the last.

There’s an excellent sense of choreography here and the film has one of the best single-take scenes that I’ve seen in well…forever.

It really gets your heart pumping and as someone who’s seen this kind of hostage rescue film play out on the big screen a tonne of times, it’s moments like this that make it stand out.

It goes from a car chase to a building to rooftops and then back down the street and it’s got so much dynamism to it. I dunno how Rake doesn’t end up being hunted worldwide for blasting so many cops but it’s hard to really care when you can tell how much work would’ve gone into making such a scene.

We’ll talk about the ending in just a bit but I think it’s worth checking out the movie for this alone as it works so well.


Now every good action film needs a good villain and Extraction finds it’s antagonist in Amir. I kinda wanna say he’s like an Asian Alan Rickman in Die Hard because the man is stylish, intelligent, and also ruthless.

Amir begins to sort of mentor one of his underlings and their almost father and son like relationship is reflected in Rake and Ovi.

Ovi states that his father used to just view him as a thing rather than a person but Rake actually sees him as something more.

I also got the feeling that Amir did care for him deep down but he was being as mean as possible to prepare him for the kind of world that they were going to be a part of.

Fathers And Sons

The movie is very much centered around father and son relationships and Tyler is very much seeking forgiveness within himself for not being there for his son when he died.

Ovi is referred to as a walking corpse which in some ways is probably similar to the death sentence that his son was given.

It’s touching stuff and there are some great parallels between the relationships between Tyler and Amir.

Anyway Amir gets a great introduction and it’s the perfect way to set him up as the enemy hunting for Hemsworth and the boy whilst Saju and the police try to close in too.

However, I did feel that by the end he didn’t really live up to his full potential and was slightly underused. He ends up just standing around and never comes face to face with Rake which I think would’ve been a better way to end the film as Tyler would have to put himself between the character and Ovi.

That’s just a personal opinion but I think it might have improved the ending.

A Fight For Survival

Rake gets several opportunities to leave Ovi and whilst he initially states he’s keeping him around for the money it goes beyond that.

Eventually they’re saved by David Harbour who I was not expecting to appear in this film. He betrays them and is killed by Ovi who has clearly been influenced by Tyler.

He contacts Saju because he knows that out there is a worse fate than he will have if he’s not reunited with his family.

Tyler fires upon the blockade whilst Saju and Ovi attempt to escape. Aided by his group Rake makes it to the bridge but Saju is shot and killed by a sniper and his ride out of there pulls back.

Rake too is fired upon by the sniper and badly wounded he makes Ovi flee to the helicopter.

Amirs henchman shows up shooting Rake in the neck and he falls over the bridge which carries the symbolism of the gorge from the start that he dived into potentially seeking death to be reunited with his son before he snapped out of it.

The two definitely share a lot of similarities and Rake seemingly dies saving the boy bringing closure to the fact he couldn’t save his own son.

extraction ending explained spoiler talk review

Extraction Ending Explained

8 months later we join Ovi at a swimming pool where he dives off it similar to how Rake did showing that he has become more like him rather than his father. He’s found self worth and a reason to go on similar to how Rake did, looking for a mission that was worth dying for.

Amir is killer by Rakes contact and Ovi rises out of the water and looks over to a man that may or may not be Rake.

Now whether this is him or not we don’t know for definite but we can take a lot from it. It is possible that Rake survived and made his way out of the situation.

However, it’s also possible that this carries the symbolism with it that Rake will always be a part of Ovi’s life now and in some ways the boy will have him with him in his mind, guiding him.

There are really two ways you can take it, personally I side with the more literal version of it with Rake being alive because we never saw his body, however, it can also be taken as him looking over him and being part of his life on a spiritual level.

It’s up to you I guess but I do think he’s out there and he now has to lie low because of how many policemen he killed. I don’t have a definite answer but that’s how I took it. It’s a nice ambiguous way to end the film that really lets you go either way with it.

Extraction Review

But what did I think of the film overall?

Well though it wasn’t perfect I had an absolute blast with it, especially the first hour.

It really hits the ground running and within the first twenty minutes you’ve been thrown into the deep end and you’re now watching Hemsworth do what he does best. As mentioned earlier the choreography is outstanding and it feels like they wanted to show a diversity of weapons used in the film each of which they present really well.

Whether it’s cars, guns, knives or hand to hand everything is extremely well handled.

I do feel that it drags slightly in the middle but overall there is enough on the beginning and end to keep you interested and it’s difficult to really fault it.

It accomplishes what it sets out to do and you can tell that they really poured their all into the action scenes.

Hemsworth carries the movie excellently and he always gives a top-notch performance, handling the stunts with ease and also bringing life to the more emotional moments. I don’t think people who hate action movies will be won round but those that love them will find a lot to like.

Overall I had a really really good time with Extraction and it’s definitely the one to watch this week…year.

In the end, this was a really great ride and it gets an…


Your thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on Extraction so comment below and let me know.

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