AVX: VS Review

AVX: VS Review

avx vs graphic novel review

avx vs graphic novel review

Avengers Vs X-Men was phenomenal. I instantly fell in love with the work and scored it at a 9.5/10 due to its amazing storyline and drama and left the story fully satisfied.

But what about those who want more?

Here to flesh out some of the keynote battles from the graphic novel is AVX: VS!

Throughout this story, I will be discussing whether this book is actually worth picking up or if readers are best left sticking to the central storyline.

There will be heavy spoilers so if you don’t want anything ruined then I suggest that you skip to the score and come back to this review at a later date.

For everyone else, let’s dive into AVX: VS!

Iron-Man Vs Magneto

The book opens strong with a showdown between two heavyweights. Whilst most readers will believe they know the outcome in advance due to the fact that Iron-Man is made of well…metal and Magneto controls well…metal, the story still throws enough curveballs to keep this fight fresh and engaging.

This beautifully Segways into The Thing Vs Namor, Captain America Vs Gambit and The Hulk Vs Colossus. It expertly devises scenarios thought upon the playground and announces a winner once and for all which makes for a very satisfying read.

However, those who are not fully up to speed with the AVX storyline may find themselves scratching their heads and wondering why these scenarios are even happening. It’s very unfriendly to readers who aren’t in the know but those who are will find the introduction at least, very satisfying.

avengers vs x men vs magneto vs iron man

Hells Kitchen

What I love about the book is it’s pacing. The fights come thick and fast and this is a perfect book to just pick up and read for fun. There’s no real need to know the story beyond the battles and the book doesn’t do any real recap of the events of its main arc which makes for a storyline that is easy to engage with.

Most may find this a negative though and how much you enjoy the work may all depend on your sensibilities. Those who don’t really enjoy comic book action will probably detest this graphic novel whilst others who do will lap it up.

Thor Vs Emma Frost is the definite highlight of the book. The battle rips across the panels and uses colour and line work to paint a breathtaking and chaotic showdown. It’s moments like this that really make the comic book stand out and I highly recommend that you seek out this single issue to give you an insight to the work if you are unsure on whether to pick it up.

The Conclusion

The book saves its big guns for the finale with Black Panther Vs Storm and Hope Vs Scarlett Witch. Whilst the latter weighs heavy on the story the former also showcases that some relationships are completely decimated by the Avengers Vs X-Men arc.

It’s a great finish to the work and sends it off on a high note.

The Verdict

AVX: VS is a hell of a lot of fun. Each battle is fast, frantic and a lot of fun. Those who’ve read the main Avengers Vs X-Men arc will lap this up and probably blast through it in a single read.

I had a lot of fun with this and whilst it doesn’t really do anything that you wouldn’t expect, it’s still a nice number that enriched the main arc for me.

Making it a solid….


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