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The Walking Dead: Season 10: Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained + Episode 4 Predictions

the walking dead season 10 episode 3 ending explained recap spoiler talk breakdown

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and after a two week long staring contest we are finally at the point where we know….IT’S ON!

The two episodes of the season gave us a big catchup of what had been happening with both the Whisperers and The Survivors setting the stage for what’s to come. Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about Episode 3 and it’s ending.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

That’s your last chance to back out but with that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into Episode 3 of Season 10!

The Walking Dead Episode 3 Breakdown

Ok so episode 3 is a very cerebral one that deals with Carol’s grief over the death of Henry and the fact that she’s stuck in everyone’s favourite Zombie Apocalypse TV show…well everyone’s favourite for like the first four seasons…look never mind. What this episode does brilliantly is that it just showcases the sheer mental exhaustion that would come from constantly being fearful for your life and the coping mechanisms that you would have to put in place in order to survive such a world.

There’s an almost relentless feeling to parts of the episode with Zombies really laying seige to Alexandria on almost an hourly basis and whilst it seems like this is probably some tactic by Alpha to tear them apart we actually learn from the newly appointed Gamma that it isn’t. She also informs the survivors that Alpha wishes to meet with them and everything looks like it’s coming up Milhouse. Finally they can put their differences and live together in peace and throw a big party where Alpha can bring her hat.

the walking dead season 10 episode 3 ending explained recap spoiler talk breakdown

The Meeting!

As expected though, the meeting does not go well and it’s actually Carol that has a lot to do with this. This is because, one, the meeting place is where Henry’s head was put on a pike and two because Alpha’s just not really a nice person is she? She divulges that she knows that the group have crossed her territory a total of three times and that there needs to be new rules set. Now if you’re scratching your head as to when this was, the first time was during the snowstorm in season 9, the second was when Aaron and Michonne searched along the river and the third was during the satellite crash. It’s clear that Alpha has eyes everywhere but she says that there will be no bloodshed as long as the group sticks to the new borders which massively scale back their hunting grounds.

Carol and Alpha actually raise the game from their staring content here and talk to one another and Alpha drops one of the most devastating lines in the show thus far, informing her that Henry screamed her named before they beheaded her.

Carol almost shoots Alpha but Michonne dives in at the last minute, stopping the conflict from getting any worse. It really shows that Carol could be the spanner in the works in all of this whereas Michonne has now adopted diplomatic tendancies similar to Rick. This is a far cry from the girl who wanted to get a sniper rifle and go and shoot Negan and it’s clear that Rick’s departure has had a positive effect on her. Michonne seemingly calms Carol down but it definitely falls on deaf ears as she says later that Alpha has to die.

Carol’s Mental State

Now whether Carol will be able to do this becomes questionable when we see that she is once more dealing with the mental pressures of having pretty much everyone that is put into her care dead. After the group enter a seemingly abandoned school for shelter, she hallucinates at one point that there’s a cookbook with her serving pancakes to all those she’s lost along the way. Daryl seemingly calms her down but this too turns out to be a hallucination and due to her inability to tell between what’s really going on, she doesn’t carry her usual awareness and stumbles into a Whisperer trap. This is an awesome part of the episode and it really ramps up the tension.

This sort of sets up the ending and shows that The Whisperers indeed have it in for the group and have the manpower to overthrow them should it come to it.

the walking dead season 10

Negan Becomes Aaron And Aaron Becomes Negan

Anyway, in the background of all this is an awesome subplot with Aaron and Negan who seem to have pretty much swapped roles. The former has a spiked bat whereas the latter wishes to just farm and have a great time and it’s moments like this that I think have really elevated this season above the prior entries. Eugene also is pretty desperate to get out of that friend zone and it’s at a point now where I’m actually sort of rooting for the guy. What a difference a haircut makes.

Everyone gets home ok and Carol gets to rest up and recover but we really get the feeling that things won’t be safe for much longer.

The Walking Dead: Season 10: Episode 3 Ending Explained

Now the ending of the episode really teases that Alpha indeed watching them and leading the charge but that Carol is the only one who knows it. Carol states that she saw Whisperers at the School but no one seems to believe her due to her mental state and the fact they’re all probably living in denial, happy to have less room to hunt as long as they get to keep their houses.

However, we do see in the final few closing shots of Episode 3 that there were indeed Whisperers in the area and one that Carol managed to shoot seems to have turned, still wearing the mask. What this does cement is that they are indeed looking upon the group at all times, supervising them and making sure that they stay in line.

There’s an awesome scene with Judith at the end that reminds you that there are children here and with Alpha out and about they will never truly be safe. It’s another great episode and slowly this season is winning me back round to The Walking dead with it’s awesome storylines. I didn’t think that the show would survive, pun intended, without Rick but they’re doing a great job minus their lead.

Episode 4 Predictions

Now going forward it looks like the Zombie onslaught isn’t going to end anytime soon and in the episode 4 preview we see the camp suspicious that the Whisperers are sending more waves of the undead their way. Now whether this is paranoia or not we will see but it seems like Alpha is in the perfect position to do this, we know that she has a gorge full of Walkers that have been released and should she be questioned on it she can always deny doing this, pretending to not have the power to. However, there are suspicions here and due to Alpha’s attachment to the walkers, if this keeps happening, people will undoubtedly begin to believe that she is behind it all.

No matter what way you slice it we are heading to the Whisperer War and you can slowly start to see people beginning to put Alpha and co as the reasons for all their troubles, this is bound to lead to an awesome showdown and whilst next week looks like another setup, it seems like a gripping one and I can’t wait to dive into it.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode and what you wanna see down the line. Comment below and let me know!

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