THE LAST OF US Season 2: Full Ellie Story Recap...

THE LAST OF US Season 2: Full Ellie Story Recap, Abby Theories And Everything You Need To Know

Credit: Naughty Dog (The Last of Us)

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show! I’m your host Paul and with the last of us season one now at an end I thought we’d look to the future days ahead and what to expect in season two. Due to how similar the show’s story is to the game, I think that we can predict where things are going to go, and throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking down the full story of Part 2. I think it’s just par for the course to tell you that the video will contain heavy spoilers, so if you complain after this point, just kiss my putt.

The golf puns are in full effect already, and with that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into our Last of Us Season Two video.

How Many Seasons Is The Last Of Us Part 2?

Ok, so it’s been long said by the creative team that The Last of Us Part 2 will likely take up two seasons on its own. If you’ve played the games, then I’m pretty sure you’ll instantly know how they’re going to divide it, and the game itself is very much divided into three chapters. The first has you playing as Ellie, the second has you as a character we’ll talk about in just a bit, and the third has you returning once more to the shoes of Ellie. Therefore, I think that a second season will most likely center around the first part of these acts, with us seeing things from Ellie’s point of view.

However, though that’s the main thrust of the act, The Last of Us Part 2 actually starts off with somewhat of a prologue from Joel’s POV. We met him and his brother Tommy on the outskirts of Jackson, with the former telling him the truth about what really happened with the fireflies. Tommy is a person that he’s always told the truth to, and he was also one of the only people who ever learned Ellie was immune.

He admits to his brother that he murdered all of the fireflies and doctors there and says that they could actually manufacture a cure. This clears up any ambiguity over whether it would’ve actually worked or not, and Joel says that it was possible to create a vaccine. The only catch was that she had to die, and though he says he doesn’t exactly know why he did what he did, he makes it clear that he had created a bond with Ellie that he didn’t want to let go of.

He views himself as saving her, and we see bodies lining the hospital as Joel carries her out of there.

The Last of Us Episode 6

He clearly shows no regret, though, and he says that if he were given the chance, he’d do it all again.

Now, whilst Joel is saying this, we see him cleaning his guitar, and this becomes an important item in the story. Episode 9 had Joel talking about how he wanted to teach her lessons, and from here we watch as he and Tommy ride to Jackson, with J-Dog showing up at Ellie’s home. Here he plays her the song Future Days by Pearl Jam, which becomes important later on.

We end this scene with Ellie sitting with the guitar on her lap, and then get a time jump of four years. We catch Ellie in bed, and this will likely be framed in a similar way to how Sarah woke up at the start of Episode 1. Anyway, she’s woken up by knocking, and this is carried out by a man named Jesse.

Jesse pretends to be annoyed at her, and though he’s just playing around, we discover that he’s doing this because of something that happened the night before. Ellie ended up kissing his ex-girlfriend Dina at the tipsy bison, and then a big thing went down. The homophobic bartender started shouting slurs at them, and then Joel stepped in, which made things worse. We don’t learn why but viewing the story in chronological order there’s actually a big bit that we find out about later on. Now it turns out that Ellie actually ended up running off to St. Marys, where she discovered the truth about what actually happened with the fireflies. She’s furious that her life actually could’ve meant something, and she feels like she was robbed of the opportunity to die for something that would’ve saved the world.

Since then, she’s kept what happened a secret, but she’s refused to talk to Joel because of what he did. However, we learn later on that Ellie actually went to Joel that night and said that, though she couldn’t forgive him yet, she would try to do so.

The pair agreed to watch a movie, and this was going to be Curtis and the City of a Thousand Planets 2 which is also what he and Sarah were going to watch the night she died. I don’t know why, but every time a pair of people end up going to watch this movie, one of them ends up dead, and we’ll get into that more later on.

Anyway, Ellie and Jesse got to the tipsy bison, which is where they saw Maria, and the bartender, Seth, apologized and gave Ellie some steak sandwiches. He’s packed two because Ellie and Dina are about to head out on patrol, and after a snowball fight with some kids, the pair go out into the surrounding areas of Jackson.

Now mirroring Ellie waking up at the start of this chapter, we cut across to an unnamed woman, who we later learn is called Abbie. She’s with a group of people camping in an abandoned hotel outside of Jackson, and along with a man named Owen, the pair go out into the wilderness.

It turns out Owen has been scouting the area, and he’s managed to find Jackson. He decides to go back because his girlfriend is pregnant, and it’s clear that he’d rather the group turn around rather than push ahead. However, she wants to keep going because she views this as possibly her last chance to get what she wants.

But what are they there for? Well, it turns out that Abby actually has a personal connection to a character, and she’s driven by vengeance. Later on, we have it revealed that Abby is actually the daughter of the doctor who was going to operate on Ellie, and after his murder, she’s been on a quest for revenge.

After the attack on the hospital, the fireflies ended up breaking apart, and Abby and Owen ended up joining a militia known as the WLF out in Seattle. After learning about where Joel could be, Abby has led this group out there because her need to get revenge has been driving her crazy.

That is a crap golf pun.

Anyway, we cut back to Ellie and Dina out on patrol, and you run through an abandoned supermarket, killing some of the infected. A blizzard ends up hitting and though they initially get lost in the snow,  they come across an old friends underground man cave which is filled with weed.

Ellie shows Dina her tattoo, and we see that she’s given herself a chemical burn on her arm. This is to cover her bite, and I was thinking that this might link back to the sulfuric acid that Bill left with the pair in episode 3. That scene isn’t in the game, but I was thinking that they might tie it in.

After a smoking session, Ellie and Dina kiss a bit, and whilst this is going on, we cut to Abby once more, making her way closer to Jackson.

She’s ambushed by the infected, which leads to a giant horde chasing her.

When all seems lost, guess who turns up—none other than Joel and Tommy.

Abby tells them about where she and her group are camped, but at this point she’s completely unaware of who she’s with.

I think one of the big controversies surrounding the game is that Joel actually saved Abby’s life, but she couldn’t put her quest for vengeance to the side. She learns Joel’s name and realizes that this is the person she’s been hunting for the last four years.

The three eventually make their way to the hotel, which is when the rest of the group learns who he is and it all goes down. Inside a room, Joel introduces himself once more, and he says that they all look like they’ve heard of him, which is when Abby says because they have and shoots him in the leg with a shotgun.

Now back with Ellie and Dina, we see as Jesse arrives and he says Tommy and Joel haven’t shown up to the lookout.

Alarmed by this, Ellie ends up going out looking for them, which is when she stumbles across the hotel.

I keep saying hotel; it’s like a big house, but…look either way.

Inside, she goes into the basement and finds Abby playing Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour with Joel’s head, and he’s badly beaten by her group before she brutally murders Joel in front of Tommy and Ellie. So that’s basically what I can see episode one being, and this is about the first 90 minutes of the game. Joel’s death would be a big way to close things out, and it would pretty much set the tone for just how bleak the story is.

Who Is Dina In The Last Of Us Part 2?

Now Abby lets Joel and Ellie live, and this pretty much sets up the quest for revenge that I can see the rest of the season being.

The next episode could start with Ellie waking up beaten and bruised, like what we get in the game. This perfectly mirrors how she woke up in the previous scene, and following on from that, she gets a knock at the door. This is Tommy, who, after having a word with Maria, has shown up to try and talk Ellie out of going to Seattle. Ellie says that Joel would be half way there by now if it was either of them and Tommy begs that she just gives him a day so that she can talk to Maria.

After visiting Joel’s grave the next day, Ellie goes to his house to pick up some stuff before they head out, and we learn from Maria that Tommy left a note saying that he’d gone to Seattle. He begs her to lock Ellie up so that she can’t follow him, but Maria says she knows that won’t stop Ellie. Maria agrees to cover for Ellie and Dina and look the other way, allowing them to head out on the condition that they bring Tommy back.

The pair arrives in Seattle, and you find the Fedra checkpoint gate abandoned, but you manage to get the gate to open after climbing the wall. Generators are needed to power everything up, and this is when you kind of head into a side-questy part of the game in which you head into a big open world area in order to get gasoline. You’ve got a bank here, pet stores, synagogues and a giant like button that they end up hitting. It’s very much just a kind of resource collection place where Ellie and Dina kind of build their relationship. Dina is also Jewish, so it allows her to talk about her faith, and though this is kind of a filler section in the game, I can actually see them bringing it into the show. Now what happens next is where I think they’ll end episode 2.

Ellie and Dina get to a WLF hotel, and inside they find several people who were complicit in Joel’s death.

They find people who have been murdered using the same interrogation tactics that Joel used on the people in Silver Lake, and it turns out that this is Tommy’s handiwork.

From this point, they ride further into the city, and after leaping over some barbarians, an explosive is set off, which is when WLF soldiers arrive. Dina rolls over the edge and escapes, and a soldier named Mike kills Ellie’s horse, Shimmer, before she’s taken captive. Ellie is knocked out, and I think that would be the perfect place to end the episode. That would close the second episode out on a cliffhanger too, and it makes sense to wrap things up at this point.

Now the next section opens on Ellie waking up, which is where she’s being interrogated by Jordan. This is someone who was there at Joel’s death, and he wants to know who is killing the others. At this point, a character named Mike busts in to kill Ellie, but Jordan stops him because he wants to know what she knows. Mike thinks that Ellies is the one who has been killing the others, and thus he goes to shoot him before he’s stopped by Jordan. In the confusion, Dina makes her attack, and she kills Mike before being shot down from the roof.

Jordan goes to kill her, which is when Ellie breaks free and kills him.

Credit: Naughty Dog (The Last of Us)
Credit: Naughty Dog (The Last of Us)

Ellie and Dina make their escape as the WLF start to surround the area, and they move through the streets of Seattle, avoiding soldiers and the infected. Heading towards an abandoned TV station, they eventually reach it and find another of Ellie’s buddies, Leah. Filled with arrows, it’s clear Tommy beat them to it, and in her bag, Ellie finds polaroids of all the other people on her hit list. This makes for a natural break in the story, I think, and the lead up to the station is quite long, so they could easily pad that out. Either way, the area is once again stormed by soldiers, which forces Ellie and Dina to flee as they’re fired upon. Chased into a collapsed car park, they end up making their way underground, which is when they come across a new form of infection in the shamblers. They are able to throw acidic bombs at people, which also explode upon death. From here, they manage to get into a train station, which the pair then push through.

After one of the cars collapses, Ellie’s mask is cracked, and she reveals to Dina that she’s immune. They don’t really have time to talk as the infected swarm the area, and there’s a frantic chase through the train station as runners and clickers swarm them. It’s a really great action scene that I think would translate perfectly to television, and I hope that it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor like most of the scenes in Part 1 involving them.

Now, after getting out of here, they come across an abandoned theater, which sort of becomes their base of operations in the city. We also discover that Dina is pregnant too, and that the trip has taken it out of her. She’s very much a reflection of Owen’s girlfriend, Mel, and like Abby, Ellie refuses to turn around. Ellie goes down to the theater, where she finds an old guitar, and she plays the song Future Dayz, which takes her back to one of her happy memories with Joel.

This is another break in the story, and I could see us ending an episode there too before we transition into a flashback.

Here we join Ellie playing guitar out in the woods with Joel.

Turns out it’s her birthday and we learn that he took her out to a museum which was filled with dinosaur exhibits and also a section dedicated to Nasa. Joel gave her a helmet and a recording of a liftoff, which allowed Ellie to imagine it as she sat inside the cockpit of a shuttle pod.

I’m not sure if they’re called shuttle pods, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, they go to explore further in the museum, and Ellie ends up going into an area that only she can reach. She goes through it looking for a door to let him in, which is when she hears something moving in there with her.

Amongst the displays, she also finds anti-firefly graffiti saying stuff like “There is no light.

Now it turns out the thing making the noise was actually a wild boar, which scares Ellie before it runs off. It knocks her down, though, and after getting her flashlight back, she sees some more grafitti. This is the firefly symbol with the word liar written below it. This itches away at Ellie, and she starts to question what really happened out at the hospital. Later on, we see the conclusion of this with her heading out, which, as we discussed, makes her realize what really happened.

I can definitely see that all being handled in one episode, and it would be great to see Pedro Pascal at what I’m guessing would be the midpoint of the season.

Anyway we cut to the next day at the theatre and after Ellie discovers Dina vomitting with morning sickness. Over the night, Dina fixed up the radio there, and she’s been listening in on their communications. She learns that Owen has gone AWOL, which sort of plays into Abby’s plot, which I’m guessing will happen in Season 3. Now Dina has mapped out the area and she learns that when they talk about numbers that theyr’re referring to areas of the city. They’re currently in six, and there are reports of a lone male trespasser out in two.

They go to leave, but Dina is too sick, so Ellie heads out on her own.

Along the way she fights the infected and WLF before making her way further into Hillcrest.

As soldiers start to swarm her, she’s grabbed by Jesse, who has followed the pair out to the city in order to help them.

Now, though you’d assume that the lone male is Tommy, it’s also possible that it’s Jesse, as we don’t really learn exactly who it is.

Most likely Tommy, but Jesse and Ellie decide to work together, and they manage to steal a WLF truck. This leads to a big car chase in which they’re swarmed once more by the infected and soldiers as they fight to make their way back to the theater.

Ellie has realized Tommy isn’t there, so the best plan of attack is to return to base and create another plan.

Honestly, the car chase is a big one, and though I know the series has been cutting back on the set pieces, I’d love to see this one kept in place.

They end up riding over the end into a river and barely making it out alive before they go back to base.

Now this is another perfect part for a break, and what…are we running at like…5 episodes now?

I dunno, anyway, it kind of creates a love triangle as Dina is, of course, carrying Jess’s child and Ellie feels like she’s been pushed out. She remembers an awkward scene with Joel and Tommy at this point, and we cut back two years earlier to see Tommy taking her out for sniping lessons.

This was actually referenced in season one of Jackson when Ellie asked him to do it.

It is kind of filler in this bit, because there’s not much that we really learn beyond Ellie suspecting something and everyone kind of being aware that something is up with her and Joel. At this point, she hasn’t discovered the truth, and honestly, I think they will probably just cut these bits.

They do have a scene where Tommy pretty much makes Ellie and Joel go out on a mission together to try and sort out the tension. However, along the way, they come across a corpse from Jackson, and we discover that this was a couple who left the community. They saw all the good that had been done there and wanted to spread it to the rest of the world, but they were attacked by a hoard and bitten in the process. Ellie realizes that if they’d had a vaccine, this wouldn’t have happened, and she once again carries the survivors guilt.

She questions Joel’s lie about there being other infected people out there and says that she’s never met another one like her. Joel just plays it off like that’s what the Fireflies told her and that people out there could be hiding it like Ellie is. Ellie says that she was pulled out of there still unconscious and that she didn’t have time to ask questions or even say something like, “Well, nice to see you.

Now, Joel says there was no cure that could help these people, and I think in general he was talking about humanity. He saw the ugly side of it, and I’ve always thought that Joel didn’t think we were worth saving.

Anyway, we cut back to the present, and after getting a lead at the WLF hospital, Ellie decides to head there. Along the way, there are some super scary infected scenes involving an office block that’s filled with stalkers. These infected lurk and hide around corners and stalk you as you move through the environment; it’s extremely tense, and Ellie ends up getting thrown into a river by one of the infected, which takes her to a new part of town. In a park here, she ends up encountering a new type of enemy, known as the Seraphites. Nicknamed the scars, these are religious fanatics that have decided to reject technology in favor of a more humble lifestyle. Within Seattle, they’ve waged war against the WLF and easily provide the most intense human encounters.

Now why is that?

Well, they have special codes and communicate by using whistles. A lot of the time, you can’t see them, but you can hear them talking back and forth as they whistle away hunting for you.

Ellie manages to make her way past a large number of them, which is when she finally arrives at the hospital, and she kills the poor PSP girl. Rest in peace, mate. Before dying, she points her in the direction of Nora, and we learn that the WLF are clearing out the upper floors of it. You later learn that they’re launching a big attack on Seraphite Island, which is what the second act of the game builds towards. Anyway, Ellie eventually manages to make it to Nora, and she chases her through the hospital desperately searching for answers over what happened.

It’s important to keep in mind that Ellie doesn’t actually know why Joel was killed at this point, so she has no idea how it ties in with the previous game.

Anyway, the chase takes them to a dead end above a crack in the floor, which leads into an infected part of the hospital. With guards closing in, Ellie ends up throwing herself down there with Nora, and using the infected, she takes out the guards that follow them. A hospital like this was very much ground zero during outbreak day because that’s where a lot of people went when they got sick, thus it was filled with them because when things got bad the army simply locked the doors, destroyed the stairwells, and never looked back.

Ellie eventually manages to follow Nora further into this, where she finds her heavily infected due to all the spores in the air. She realizes that because Ellie is breathing spores, she’s the infamous immune girl. She also hints at why Joel dies and refuses to give up Abby.

Ellie gives her two options at this point: she can either tell her where Abby is and have a quick death or prolong it and die in agony. Ellie starts to beat her, and though we don’t see this, she does learn the location of Abby from Nora.

Ellie returns to the theater, and we see the extent of what this entire thing is costing her. Her hands are trembling, her back looks like it’s been cheese-grated, and she’s very much losing her humanity in her quest for revenge. But Abby is so close, and after learning she’s at an aquarium, she decides to head there with Jesse.

Sandwiched in between this, we get another natural break with us seeing Ellie go out to the hospital to see what really went down there.

Outside, we see that Joel has followed her, and after he tells her what really happened, she decides to cut him off completely.

Back in Seattle, a storm is starting to roll in, and Jesse correctly guesses that she’s pregnant. He wants to take her back, and Ellie says that they should both go home, but Jesse says that Dina won’t leave without her. Thus, Jesse insists that they go get Tommy and head home.

They guess he’s going to the aquarium, so they head out there, which leads into more action scenes before they eventually hit the lower part of the town, which has collapsed and flooded the city. They notice a WLF soldier using a boat and decide to steal one, but during this, they overhear soldiers talking about where Tommy is. Jesse wants to go and grab him, but Ellie makes it clear she’s really just there for Abby. Jesse goes looking for Tommy, and Ellie ends up stealing the boat and heading down the river. More action scenes include an abandoned arcade that’s filled with a balloon and some runners. Finally, as Ellie makes it down the river and into the open sea, a storm comes in and ends up capsizing her boat.

She has to swim to the aquarium, and upon arriving there, she’s attacked by a dog, whom we later learn is just a cute little pup.

Ellie also discovers that surgery has been carried out, which Abby’s section tells us happened to Yara.

Who Is Abby In The Last Of Us Part 2?

Now Abby was here, but she ended up going out to Scars Island with Yara to save her brother Lev. I could spend ages going into this, but them running off has caused a big argument between Mel and Owen, whom Ellie catches in the aquarium. Owen basically tells Mel to f**k off even though she’s having his kid, and at this point Ellie bursts in.

She tries to do the old Joel technique of getting one to point on the map, but Owen tries to grab her during this.

He’s shot, and then Mel attacks her, which makes Ellie stab Mel in the neck.

In his dying words, Owen tries to tell Ellie that Mel is pregnant, and horrified at what she’s done, she starts to have a panic attack.

Now at this point, Tommy arrives with Jesse, and the group leaves. However, Ellie leaves behind her map, which just so happens to point to where her hideout is, and Abby eventually comes across this upon returning home from the island.

Back at the theater, Dina and Ellie rest up, and finally everyone decides to go home and cut their losses. Tommy says he found a gold necklace on his travels, which he wants to take back to Jackson, and he makes a joke and goes to the lobby while Ellie apologizes to Jesse.

They then hear a thump and rush into the lobby, which is where Jesse is shot and killed, and we find Abby standing with a gun to Tommy’s head.

Credit: Naughty Dog (The Last of Us Part 2)
Credit: Naughty Dog (The Last of Us Part 2)

Ellie is made to toss her weapon, and Abby says that she let them live and they wasted it, which is when we cut to black.

Now that ends Ellie’s section, and from this point on, you play as Abby and see what happened during the other 3 days in which Ellie arrived in Seattle. I’m not going to go super in-depth on this because I think that will be Season 3 stuff with us ending on a cliffhanger at the theater.

However, I don’t want to leave you with blue balls if you’re desperate to know how the story actually ends, so I’ll do a quickish summary.

So we follow Abby as she’s still part of the WLF, and on day one, she heads out with Mel and Manny on a mission in Seattle. On the way, they’re ambushed by Seraphites, and they end up duking it out with them. They’re rescued, and they return to the base, which is where we learn that Owen has gone AWOL. Abby requests that she bring him in, and we learn that he’s become disenfranchised because of the war between the two sides. The muddies the waters even more; Abby ends up getting captured by some scars, and as she’s being hung, Yara is brought in. It turns out that she and Lev are considered apostates because Lev was trans, which went against their religion. Lev attacks and saves them both, which is when they work together to escape the woods and become infected.

Over the next couple of days, they build a friendship, and Abby decides that the war isn’t worth dying for. She also has a pretty awkward sex scene with Owen on his boat, which is ok.

On the other side of the operating table, we learn that Yara had her arm badly broken and that Abby returned to the hospital to steal medical supplies for her. She was locked up but freed by her friend Nora, who allowed her to escape. In the hospital basement, Abby fought with a super-infected creature called the Rat King, but she managed to kill them and get the supplies. Yara was fixed up, but we discovered that Lev ended up fleeing back to Scars Island to try and save her mother.

Yara and Abby head out to steal a boat to go there, and along the way, Abby bumps into Manny. There’s a sniper in the area taking them out, and together they work towards him.

Ellie’s Story In The Last Of Us Part 2 Explained

Manny is shot, and the sniper is revealed to be Tommy. Abby throws him over the edge of the marina, and together with Yara they head to Scar Island. They find that Lev had to defend his mother because she tried to attack him, and as the WLF assault starts on the island, the trio tries to make it out of there.

Yara is killed during this, and Ellie and Lev barely manage to make it back. At this point, they stumble on Eli’s handiwork and find Mel and Owen dead. Abby and Lev then head to the theater, where we see the rest of the scene play out. Abby and Ellie end up duking it out, and Abby gets the upper hand. She goes to kill Dina, but her hand is held back by Lev, and they end up leaving.

This is where we get the third act, with Ellie living on a farm with Dina and her and Jesse’s son. Ellie has tried to stop vengeance from taking over, but she has PTSD over Joel’s death and decides to go and get Abby once more. Dina says that she will leave her if she doesn’t drop it, but this falls on deaf ears. Out in Santa Barbara, we watch as Abby and Lev are looking for remnants of the fireflies, and after they speak to some on the radio, they get given directions as to where they are. Outside, though, they’re captured by slavers known as Rattlers, and we watch as Ellie arrives in Santa Barbara to discover Owen’s boat.

She is captured in a trip wire, and after getting the upper hand on the rattlers, she finds out where Abby is kept.

Ellie makes her way through the Ratler camp, and after killing loads of them and freeing the slaves, she finds Abby and Lev strung up on the beach.

She’s a shell of her former self, completely malnourished, and on the brink of death.

She lets the pair down, but as they go to sail away, she gets another PTSD flashback of Joel and Ellie, which makes Abby fight her to the death.

During this, Abby bites off two of Ellie’s fingers, and though Ellie gets the upper hand, she decides to let her go. She has another flashback of Joel, and we learn what happened to him the night of the bar scene. As mentioned earlier, Ellie said she’d work on forgiving him, and this idea of forgiveness is something she shows in this moment.

Abby and Lev sail off, and we learn from the follow-up menu screen after completing the game that they manage to make it to where the fireflies were stationed.

As for Ellie, she returns to the farm to find it abandoned, with most of her possessions left behind. This includes Joel’s guitar, which she tries to play.

Credit: HBO (The Last of Us)
Credit: HBO (The Last of Us)

However, due to losing her fingers, she can’t, and thus she’s lost one of the things that reminded her of Joel.

It’s a bitter ending, with her losing out on not only Dina and her child but also one of the best memories she had with J Dog.

She ends up leaving the farm and heading towards Jackson, and that closes out the game.

As I said, I think that the first act will probably be Season 2, but let me know what you think will happen below.

Anyway, that’s the video, and thanks for sitting with me as we went back through the game. I wanted to give more of a focus on the first part of it, but after Season 2 drops, I might do a more in-depth view of what happens in Abbie’s section and after.

A huge thank you for sitting with me, and if you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the finale, which will be linked on screen right now.

With that out of the way, thanks for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul; you’ve been the best; and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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