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THE BOYS Season 4 Theories & Predictions | President Homelander, Soldier Boy 2, Billy’s Future, Victoria And More

The Boys Season 3 is now over. Episode 8 had a massive ending that set up a lot of things for the future and throughout this video, I wanna give our big theories for what’s gonna come next time.  Obviously, there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the finale then check out now.


What’s Next for Ryan? 

Now the first major one I wanna talk about is Ryan’s fate. By the end of the season, he’s back with his dear old dad and without Becca being there to help he’s likely gonna end up becoming the spawn of Superman. They even end in a similar way to the Omen to hammer this idea home and it really seems like he’s gonna become the second worst Ryan in the world.

Homelander and his son Ryan


To make matters worse, Billy hasn’t been given long left to live because of his overuse of Compound V24. This was warned to be fatal in the series and now because of it, he’s living on borrowed time so he hasn’t got long to save Ryan from his father.

Now I actually think that Ryan is going to become the next Soldier Boy in the show. In the comics, this was one of the only superhero titles that were seen as a moniker rather than being for a specific person. There were three versions in the comics and with Ryan being descended from the first one I can see this being something that’s passed to him. He’s listed off the countries just like Soldier Boy did in the comics, he’s worn the same colours as him and he’s also on this idea of him being a patriot would help play to Homelander’s base.

So I really think they’ll go that way with Ryan and have him as somewhat of a sidekick to Homelander using the mantle.

Now Billy is probably gonna die and you already know they can’t leave Homelander alive at this point.

So who will look after Ryan?

Well, I actually think that he might end up with Annie and Hughie come the end of the series. Earlier in the season, we got the scene in Red River where Hughie investigated the adoption procedures and though he talked about adopting a Supes kid as a way in it could’ve hinted as to what’s coming.

On top of this Starlight of course runs that child traf… Sorry, she runs that orphanage programme which Ryan would likely end up in once the scorched earth battle ends up playing out.

Billy’s Fate

Now say by some miracle that Billy survives, I think they’d have to do this in a way that makes sense for the show. Though I do think he’ll die, Billy could end up taking the extra refined compound V that Annie took from Vought. Though she gave some to Kimiko to kickstart her powers again there was a lot left over.

Billy could end up taking this but I actually think his principles will turn him against this.

He’s already talked about how bad V is and I think that rather than taking it he’ll instead focus on clearing it out from the world.

This is something that he also did in the comics and his final arc revolved around wiping out everyone on Earth who had V in their system. Not only did this include the Supes but it also included the Boys who had been using the substance to level the playing field. Now how Butcher will do this could have potentially been hinted towards. In the comics, he ended up using a refined version of Compound V that was linked to little Nina. Early on in the comics, she had created a way to explode every Supes head by injecting them with a specialised form of V that detonated upon a certain radio frequency going off.

The Boys - Butcher laser eyes

Billy was going to disperse this and then detonate it, killing all the Supes.

Hughie managed to stop him but I think that they might change it up and have it linked to BCL red and Soldier Boy.

In the series, we discover that this vaporises the V within someone’s bloodstream and potentially this could be altered and refined so that it doesn’t cook regular people’s blood, just the Supes.

Soldier Boy is currently under the care of the CIA in containment and if he’s being studied then there could be developments that end up changing the BCL Red developed by the Russians.

Still standing by BCL standing for big chest laser as well.

Billy’s Revenge

Alternatively, Billy could also get his revenge by altering the V24 substance. If he can do this then it can achieve the similar lethal side effects that he now has and yes…it would be ironic to do it this way.

I don’t think he’ll end up killing the Boys but they may end up attempting to stop him fully going through with his plan. He’s went toe to toe with Mother’s Milk in the season and Annie and Maeve have shown that there are good supes.


Future of The Seven

Now as for the Seven I’m really not sure how things will go but I think we are on the brink of them collapsing. Several of their major members are dead with Black Noir and Supersonic being killed by Homelander in the series. Maeve is lying low and the Deep and A-train seem to be the only other members left due to Starlight ditching them.

So going forward they might even end up getting some members from the comics. Jack From Jupiter has been hinted at in the show when we see him doing something with Uranus.

There was also Mister Marathon who too was a speedster that would create a rivalry with A-train.

Now going beyond this I think that they’re all gonna die outside of The Deep.

I can see A-train sacrificing himself and finally making amends for everything and The Deep making it through cos, Kevin is a f**king idiot and he’s exactly the kinda guy that survives this s**t.

Deep also ended up surviving in the comics too. Come to the end of the run he joined a group called America Consolidated and he changed his name to True. Would definitely fit in with the character to do something like that and try and do a complete rebrand after his reputation is left in tatters.

Vought’s Leadership

Now as for Stan Edgar, I really dunno how it’s gonna go with him. In the comics they pretty much gave his role to Stillwell and Edgar was only ever mentioned as the CEO.

James Stillwell ended up inspiring Madelyn Stillwell but the character clearly ended up being fully adapted into Edgar as they’re much more similar.

Super confusing but when Edgar died in the comics, many assumed that Stillwell would take the top spot, however, he allowed Jessica Bradley to do this. This was so that when the company fell, she would take the fall along with it.

This seems to be what Edgar is doing in the show too and he calmly left, allowing Ashley to become the She-O.

I think that when it all comes crumbling down that she will end up becoming the patsy, much like Jessica. Stan will then take the reigns back, disprove his guilt and also expose Homelander and Victoria as being in collusion to frame him.


Now the last one I wanna talk about is where I think that they’re taking Homelander. Throughout the season he’s been making a lot of big power plays and also saying a lot of things that sound a bit… a bit like they’re making him like a certain real-life figure.

Whatever your political leanings we ain’t here to judge but I think these choices have been done on purpose for the creative team to potentially set him up as someone who will rule over America. Beyond the obvious similarities in dialogue, showrunner Eric Kripke said that Homelander is very much an analogue and I think that they will steer him towards this.

Homelander has just started running a billion-dollar company and he is gaining his fans to the point I think that Season 4 or 5 will see him taking the hot seat. In the comics Vic The Veep was a Vought plant who ended up teaming alongside Dakota Bob in the Whitehouse. Eventually, Vic killed him by using a wild racoon and this is when he was given the job of ruling America. With him controlling the laws and government contracts he was able to give Vought access to anything that they wanted. However, Vic’s reign was short-lived as Homelander launched his Supe uprising. Throughout the comics, he slowly started to turn against his masters and he eventually unified the supes to lead a coup. He stormed the Whitehouse and beheaded Vic, taunting Billy who arrived on the scene.

Mentioned it a lot in the breakdowns but I think it would be really ironic if Homelander beheaded Vic to make up0 for her exploding other people.

Stopping Homelander

Either way, this moment was a major one in the comics and it’s when Black Noir stepped in. He revealed that he was a clone of Homelander who had slowly sent him insane so that he could fulfil his mission to murder him. We learned that the only reason Black Noir was created was to stop Homelander in case he went rogue but not being able to do this made his life feel meaningless. So he set things in place to kill him and it all led to this moment where he could finally take him down. Black Noir murdered Homelander but with him now being dead in the series it means that we can’t have this play out.

Therefore I think Homelander might actually survive this scene and potentially he could end up going on past this scene.

I think it would massively change up the dynamics and having the Boys fight the most powerful person in the country in terms of ability and position would add a great dynamic to the show.

Now if they don’t go that route I think that Ryan will be one of the main players to take him out. Kinda gone back and forth over whether he will deliver the killing blow but I think that Billy might stop him from doing this and this will cost him his life too. We might see him take V24 for the last time which will give him one final power boost to finally kill Homelander before it takes him out as well.

I think that would be the perfect end to his arc as he’d finally kill Homelander but he’d also stop Ryan from becoming a violent murderer. Obviously, I know everyone will have their own theories so let me know yours below.

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