SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits ...

SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels

SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler-man, and in this video, we’re breaking down Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

We’ve been going through the PS5 game at breakneck speed, like Gwen Stacy, because these things have been living in our heads rent-free, like Mr. Dickovitch’s number one worst tenant.

Throughout this video, we’ll be talking about the major plot points in the game and also discussing the ending and where it could be going. Heavy spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want anything ruined, then don’t. Don’t bloody click and end the explained video. Smash the thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, and do all that stuff to join the spoiler society. With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into Spider-Man 2.


Now the game begins with Miles and Peter as the protectors of New York, with them both having to deal with how the heroics affect their lives. Peters managed to land a job teaching at Brooklyn Visions Academy. In his class is Miles, who’s applying to colleges, and he’s joined by his love interest Hailee from his spin-off game.

Now, though life seems sweet, it doesn’t last long, and we kick-start the action with Sandman attacking the city. It’s like Anakin Skywalker’s worst nightmare, and both Peter and Miles have to go out and handle it. This leads to the latter getting fired from his job, and to make matters worse, MJ has been too.

The pair are dating, with Peter living at May and Ben’s home, and though they don’t have much, they have each other. However, things haven’t been calm for too long, and we see that six months ago, Kraven the Hunter was out looking for new challenges. Becoming bored because everything was too easy, he decided to head out to New York’s Urban Jungle.

He knows the city is filled with both villains and heroes alike, and it’ll make for a major battleground.


Now this is sort of based on the ultimate Spider-Man run, in which he wanted to really prove himself as the ultimate hunter. Hitting up the city, he becomes a major antagonist, which is made even worse by some of the other villains.

As we learn throughout the story, Kraven is actually dying of cancer, and his wish is to go out in battle against someone who’s strong enough to best him.

Early on, we see what’s really going on with Harry, who was teased in several of the bonus scenes from the other games. We catch Curt Connors, who has been working on him, and he ends up becoming the Lizard.

Venom has also been helping heal Harry, which is of course something that the other games alluded to. Venom ends up killing Kraven and basically becoming a major threat in the city.

Now during the game, you get a spider-bot quest that, once completed, opens up a spider-verse bonus scene.

In case you don’t know, the film originally had a deleted scene that showed a bar with a bartender known as Delilah. This was known as the bar with no name, which also pops up during the game.

Opening a portal, she says she’ll take the bots back and even mentions Miguel. This is, of course, Spider-Man 2099, who was one of the big antagonists during the movie. I’d absolutely love it if the game tied in with that, and as we know, Spider-Man from this universe is also featured in the film. Potentially, in Spider-Man 3, we might even get some cross-over characters with them coming to this world to sort it out.

SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels
SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels

Also, the spider-bots in general may be a reference to the superior spider-man, with him inventing the technology when he was in the role.

Now we will talk about other spiders popping up later on, but that final scene could tease to whats going on.

I’ll save that for later on, though, and we watch as Peter wrestles with the symbiote taking control of him. As always, this makes him turn to the dark side, but its connection to Harry is what really shakes things up. In the Playstation universe, we’ve not had a green goblin, and shifting it to Harry ramps up the stakes.

MJ too gets taken by it as well, and at one point she becomes the villain scream.

Venom has been giving people symbiotes in the city, and it leads to a big boss battle with her.

I’m pretty sure it’s never attached to MJ in the comics, but this shifting to a more personal setting really hits things home.

In the end, Peter ends up destroying the meteorite that brought in venom, which destroys the symbiote, but in doing this, it harms Harry. Harry had it as a way to heal himself, but without it, the character sadly dies due to his illness. Harry’s death was also a big thing in the comics, with him becoming the green goblin and one of Spidey’s big villains. Now Miles was actually given new powers by Martin Li, and this allows him to revive the character, which is when he was sent to the hospital.

His father, Norman, blames the group for his poor health, which we see as he’s taken home and put in his hospital bed.

There are traces of brain activity, but he’s basically a vegetable, and there’s very little chance the characters come back.

Though Peter and MJ have been looking out for his dad, he’s still desperate to heal his son, and he’ll never accept that his son is going to die. Wearing a green jacket kind of shows what direction he’s going in. Norman grabs Harry’s cane and starts using it to smash things like the like button, which leads to Peter and MJ clearing out. Norman then makes a call and says to get the G-Serum ready, which clearly highlights what’s going to happen in the next game.

This will likely lead to the debut of the green goblin in this timeline, which will finally bring Spidey’s Big Bad to the forefront. In case you don’t know, the G-serum gave Norman improved strength, but it was also something that caused him to go insane. This, coupled with his anger and grief, is going to make for a highly unstable villain, and he’s now ready to do whatever he can to get revenge on the spideys.

Now it’s possible that this could be used to heal Harry too, as in the comics, like we said, he too was the green goblin. Personally, though, I’d like to see Norman become the big bad, as so far he has only remained at this level.


So yeah, I think he’ll be the one that takes the serum, and this will give him the superpowers to fight the spiders. To make matters worse, he started making allies, which takes us into the post-credits scene. That has Norman visiting Ock at the raft, who has been in prison since the very first game. He asks if Otto will reveal the two Spider-Man identities, but Ock refuses and thinks it’s good that Harry and Norman are suffering.

This is kind of like the post-credits scene for Spider-Man: Homecoming, when Vulture refused to do the same thing. Lucky for him—or, well, unlucky for him—hes now in the mobius universe. However, things aren’t over with Ock, and we discover that he’s writing something known as the final chapter.

Now it is possible that the next game will be the final one in the trilogy, or it could potentially link in with a possible comic book. Shoutouts to IGN for breaking down both comics that carry this name. The first is the iconic 1965 one that I’m sure you’ll instantly recognise the cover of. That is the amazing Spider-Man 33, in which Peter gets trapped under some rubble. The whole thing is about him basically perseminating in order to get himself out, which is something we may see happening next time. There have been moments in the game series that have riffed on this so far, but yeah, excited to see if that pops up down the line.

Now the second final chapter is centred around the green goblin, who initiates a ritual known as the gathering of the five. This itself has five relics, which give five people a certain outcome. There is power, knowledge, immortality, insanity, and death, and each of the five is basically gambling their fates. Norman believed that he got power when, in fact, it was once more insanity. Knoweldge also seemed like it was madness, and there were some nice twists that happened along the way.

SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels
SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels

Now they may call it the Spider-Man 3 final chapter, or they could head in another direction. Now personally, I believe we’ll get another Miles game in between those sorts of acts as an expansion like what came before.

Why do you say that, Paul? Well, let’s look at what happens at the end and kind of discuss where things could be going.

So we close out with MJ starting up a podcast, and ey, stay off my patch, yeah. Also, me and Greg from Reel Rejects run a podcast called Crossing the Spoilerverse, where we talk about movie news, give reviews, and just love in general. It’s on Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube too, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, we end with Miles and Hailee talking about how he’s trying to live up to his father. What we learn is that Peter is taking some time out to be Peter, and Miles is now going to look after the city. Both he and MJ have started up the Emily May Foundation, which is named after Aunt May and Harry’s mother, Emily.

Harry initially joined as co-founder, and this was set up to heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying.

Peter will now just focus on that, while Miles says that he can hold down the city.

I do think that Peter will return, and though there have been some people speculating that it’s Spider-Man no more, I personally think that he’ll be back in the red, white, and blue soon.

Anyway, Miles might be getting someone under his wing and becoming a mentor, much like Peter.

Early in the game, his mother says that she’s been dating someone, and we find out who this is in one of his final scenes.

He’s been desperate to finally meet Rio’s son, and he brings along his own kid, who is called Cindy.

Now that instant cut to black, obviously shes important, and in case you dont know, this is Cindy Moon. Cindy Moon is none other than Silk. Cindy was bit by an irradiated spider, and as we all know, instant spider powers

Cindy has all the abilities that come with this, along with organic webshooters and a silk sense. Not kidding, that’s what it’s called.

Now I can see a spin-off…ey…cos spiders spin webs…f**ks sake spin-off game with Miles now being a mentor to his new friend Cindy. I think that will then lead into the main game and set up Ock’s release, as long as the arrival of the green goblin. This will then all go down in the third main game, with Peter returning due to how the threat escalates.


There are also other villains set up in the game, with the Chameleon and Carnage both potentially becoming bigger players.

All in all, there are lots of things coming down the line, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next game. This is really becoming one of the best comic book game series of all time, and its story is an incredible thing to get through.

If you have any other theories, then drop them below and let me know where you think things will be going next time. Also, huge shoutouts to the channel GameClips, where we got the footage. I left their watermark on the video because I didn’t want to just erase it, but thanks to them for collecting the footage.

SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels
SPIDER-MAN 2 Ending Explained | Secret Credits Scene Breakdown, New Character And Sequels

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