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RICK AND MORTY Rick Prime Explained | Character Breakdown And Everything We Know About The TRUE Villain

Rick Prime in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Season 6 confirmed a lot of things about what was going on with Rick. After getting confirmation of our Rick’s backstory in Season 5, we came face to face once more with the Rickest Rick of them all. That is Rick Prime. A goddamn sum’bitch that murdered Beth and Diane and sent Rick off on the quest of revenge in which he countless versions of himself across the multiverse. Rick Prime is Rick’s nemesis, and in Season 6 we watched as his obsession pushed him to the point that he created a robot to be with his family just so he could track him down.

But what’s going on with the character?

Well throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down everything we know about the character and also giving our theories on what we think will happen with him. If you enjoy the video, then please hit the thumbs-up button and don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this every day. With that out the way, thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into Rick Prime.

Rick Prime Explained

Now the Series has long been teasing that Rick Prime has been a threat. We of course had Evil Morty, and thus it makes sense that there’d also be an even more evil Rick out there. Over the years we’ve been fed breadcrumbs about what happened to Rick to make him this way and Rick prime was first mentioned all the way back in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind. Dealing heavily with the council of Ricks and an Evil Rick it’s during this that the idea was planted that there was a bigger threat out there.

It wouldn’t be until Season 3 that we got our next hint during The Rickshank Redemption. Rick apparently manufactured a backstory in which we saw that Beth and Diane were killed by an explosive dropping down from a portal. At the time Rick said that this was all fabricated. However, in the Season 5 finale, we learned that it was in fact true. Now going back to the Season 3 episode in the scene we see Rick Prime arrive as C-137 is making basic portal travel. He throws an apple into a portal which destroys it and thus he hasn’t got it cracked yet. Rick Prime arrives and offers to speed it up which C-137 rejects. He then killed him, and we learned more of this in Season 5 before getting way more of the character in the premiere of Season 6.

However, beyond this, he was laced in the game Pocket Morty, and at Salesman Rick’s shop, he was a skin that you could buy. Titled Weird Rick this became the name he was known by for some time, but because of Season 6, he’s now referred to as Rick Prime. However the Weird Rick term was traced back to that tenth episode in Season 1, and when Evil Rick was showing a slideshow of all the Ricks, he talked about how one was super weird. The evilest Rick designation was given to C-137 with Evil Rick himself being at number 3. The number two spot was given to a Rick he referred to as Super Weird which yeah… we now know that was weird Rick.

Rick Prime in Rick and Morty

There was actually a character on the Council Of Ricks called Rick Prime, but this character was murdered, and thus it kinda detaches them. Huge shoutouts to Roundtable for spotting that and thus Rick Prime has pretty much become the real real Rick Prime.

Rick Prime’s History

Now Rick C-137s life up until the death of Diane and Beth had pretty much been in the same vein that the other Ricks had lived. Typically, Ricks were talented scientists that met the love of their life Diane early on and together they had a daughter called Beth. At the start of Season 6, we discovered that Rick Prime’s family was the one that C-137 took over and we’ll talk about why this was later on. Now Rick’s destiny is to discover portal travel, and this is something that Rick Prime did seemingly without ever having the tragedy that we’ll talk about in just a bit.

Either way, he discovered Portal Tech early on in his life, and he travelled out to C-137 to offer our Rick the technology.

C-137 turned this down, and in an act of revenge, Prime Rick killed Beth and Diane. This spurred C-137 to develop portal tech in his universe, and he set out on a journey to avenge his wife and child. Rick murdered what could be millions across the multiverse but no matter how high and low he looked he couldn’t find Rick Prime.

Eventually, Rick became disenfranchised with his mission, and it hit a point where he was existing to kill Ricks rather than actually serving a purpose. Thus he brokered a peace treaty with the other Ricks, and eventually, this led to the creation of the Citadel.

Now in the multiverse, anything is possible, and thus for every universe in which Beth and Diane died, there was also a universe where they didn’t. Beth is, of course, Morty’s mother and thus in order for a Morty to exist there needs to be a universe where she lives long enough to meet Jerry. It’s also unlikely that Rick Prime would’ve killed his own family as he created portal tech on his own so no other potential evil Ricks would kill his family to get him to make it.

Rick used this knowledge, and he went to Rick Prime’s world and took over the position of him in the family.

Rick’s Revenge

Rick waited for him to return so that he could get revenge. However, Rick Prime never came back and slowly he became attached to the Morty he met there. Rick had never had a grandchild before, and he saw him as someone who could come along for his adventures.

At this point, Rick had lost his need for revenge, and thus he decided to let things go.

However, in the aftermath of the Citadel’s destruction, the pair crossed paths once more.

At this point, portal fluid had been boobytrapped by Evil Morty, and thus anyone who entered one ended up dying. Rick went to reset this, and in doing so, he accidentally sent some of the family back to their own dimensions. This included himself which is where he arrived at his home. We see a quick flashback of Rick Prime.

I love how Rick had re-created this in order to track down his clothes and hairstyle, and it’s similar to how he was using photographs to scan the other ricks in his flashback. This entire world had been put into a time loop by Rick in order to relive that traumatic day over and over again as a reminder. He’d also created an AI that had Diane’s voice, only it made it sounds like she was in the next room, no matter where he was. He had forgotten about ageing, so all the people stuck in the loop had aged up which… we’ll not go into that.

Now Morty’s original world was Cronenberged, and he ended up returning here which is where he once more met his true father. Rick travelled there to rescue him, well aware that this was also the reality of Rick Prime.

Because he’d reset all the travellers and forced them to return to their own universes., this meant that Rick Prime had now been catapulted back home too.

Tracking his base Rick and Morty were ambushed by several pre-recorded messages from Rick Prime that taunted him. Prime presented himself in a test tube naked to f**k with Rick’s mind about whether that was really him or a clone. Buying himself time, he was able to jettison himself into space, and he landed back on Earth.

Is Rick Prime Immortal?

Here he came face to face with Jerry who attempted to kill him. However, this instantly healed up and this could explain why Prime Rick looks so much younger than the other ones. Accelerated healing helps one to stay younger for longer, and this is something that we’ve seen in characters like Wolverine. They don’t really age, and thus Prime Rick has stayed looking younger for longer. If we look at the day they first met, we can see that he hasn’t changed at all whereas C-137 has.

Rick Prime seems like he’s the only version of Rick that’s actually cracked immortality and though we’ve seen the deaths of countless other Ricks in the series this one has survived it.

Now Rick managed to salvage some of his technology from the hideout in the Cronenberg dimension. Though this was booby-trapped with two explosives, he managed to analyse the software on a killbot which brought up his location in the universe. Prime Rick immediately started duplicating in order to throw Rick off, but one of these locations has to be his home. Rick is slowly getting on track to track him down, and this sets up a lot of things for the future.

Rick Prime is no doubt gonna be the big bad of the entire show, and it’s difficult to even think if they can top this in terms of villains. The only way I can see them doing it is if Rick C-137 is the bad bad guy, and then it’s like a reflection of all the self-destruction he’s caused.

Now what he wants we don’t know yet, but his comments to C-137 make it seem like he’s done this a lot of times before.

What Does Rick Prime Want?

Perhaps his focus is to build an army of Ricks across every universe that are all underlings to him and thus he will be able to rule over the entire multiverse through himself and his variants. That’s just a theory, but he is willing to kill Beth and Diane for the ones who disagree to force them on that path too.

Maybe… but hopefully this has helped you to learn a bit more about the big bad of the series.

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on him and what you think we will see in the show going forward.

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