LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How ...

LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains

LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and Uh-Oh Spaghettio, Loki Season 2 has just thrown us a big curveball.

If you’re still wondering what just happened, then this is the video for you. Throughout it, we’re going to be going over the final few scenes and discussing how Victor Timely’s death could still pave the way for He Who Remains to emerge.


Heavy Spoilers ahead… never mind, already ruined it, but the first thing I want to talk about is the pruning of Ravonna Renslayer. This video will contain clips from the trailers that haven’t happened in the series yet, though, so be warned and get yourself pruned if you don’t want to get ruined.

Now the first thing I want to talk about is a short and sweet explanation for what’s happened with Ravonna Renslayer. In the entry, she gets pruned by X-5, which is sort of a reversal in Season 1 Episode 4. During that, Mobius was pruned by Hunter D-90 under the orders of Ravonna Renslayer. In Season 2 episode 4, we see both D-90 and Ravonna getting pruned, which flips the script in an ironic way. Now, looking at the trailer, we actually have some shots of Ravonna in the void, which is where she’s clearly coming face to face with Alioth. That’s still down there, and I think that we will watch her escape from this and see as she goes on a similar journey to Sylvie and Loki.

I’m guessing that D-90 will get killed by Alioth as a demonstration of how dangerous it is, but he may also work alongside Ravonna to bust out. Either way, the void is the perfect place for some variant cameos, and I’d love to see the Loki variants we met last time returning for this series too.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains
LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains

Now, as for Victor Timely, him getting spaghettified probably had you like, ‘how can he be the one if he’s dead.’ However, his death actually makes sense if you’re able to grasp the timely wimely wibbly wobbly stuff. Now, in episode 3, we watched the bootstrap paradox playing out in full effect with He Who Remains instructing Ravonna to leave Victor Timely the TVA manual. This had to be done by her as Ms. Minutes isn’t actually able to physically interact with objects, and thus someone like Ravonna was needed to act as a messenger.

Now interestingly, you may notice that episode 3 starts off in the sacred timeline, but when Loki and Mobius jump to the future, this is actually a branched one.

So, He Who Remains clearly carried this out for a specific reason, and this shows that his own creation is linked by the fact that he himself has to be created through a branch in reality.

I think Ryan Arey, Bloody Ryan Arey, came up with this first, but it makes a lot of sense.

Victor Timely is on the sacred timeline because this is the one that sets up the events that eventually lead to the loom exploding, creating a far more expansive multiverse.

The loom explodes because it can’t handle all the timelines, and now the multiverse has truly opened up with there being an infinite number of realities created. The loom had just been keeping things to a certain number, but it overloading here opens everything up.

Now, I believe that it’s in one of these realities that He Who Remains is born, and this then allows him to continue on. The book being dropped off in the sacred timeline takes it to Timely, who then puts things in effect that lead to the loom being destroyed. Had he given it to another, then they might end up having some technology that could fix the loom, and therefore, he needs to find a version of himself that’s completely useless. That’s definitely the case with Timely, as well as he’s a conman who, though able to make and design things, doesn’t seem as adept as the other Kangs we’ve encountered.

Now, the reason that the timeline is considered the sacred one is because this is the one with Victor Timely on it. He Who Remains knows that he’s crucial to his own creation and thus he’s pruned the other realities and just left this one.

That is the reason why it’s classed as the sacred one because Victor Timely goes on to create He Who Remains. He Who Remains prunes the timelines and takes things under control, and then sends the book back to Timely so the cycle can continue. It’s the perfect Bootstrap paradox that keeps everything in place and thus He Who Remains can be born.

Now, the release schedule has kind of messed things up with the way these stories are being told.


Technically, I think that this series is happening before the events of Quantumania, as we pick up immediately after the events of the first season. That happened after the segue in Endgame and then went off into its own thing.

Thus, when the loom blows up, several other Kangs can branch off, explaining why there were so many in the coliseum. That might be me just grasping at things, but looking at how things have been released, I’d imagine that’s how it’s played out. When it comes to stacking my Blu-rays in chronological order, I’m going to stick these two seasons after Endgame and then Quantumania further on.

Either way, I think that He Who Remains needed the loom to be destroyed, which then helps to open up the other realities.

Now, what I think then happens is that the TVA’s destroyed, and everyone on it’s sent back to where they were on the timeline. This is why when we watch the trailer, we can see Loki time slipping in front of a Jetski shop.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains
LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains

I believe that this is where Mobius will be at, and we’ll see his real life on the timeline. Now, these people need to be put back here so that He Who Remains can then recruit them, as at some point, everything will need to be reset.

Now, this is a similar thing to what happened with Ms. Minutes too. We know that she was an AI that He Who Remains reprogrammed to work at his side. The Ms. Minutes we follow outlives He Who Remains, and thus there needs to be a point in which he recruits the initial version. There can’t just be two floating around, and thus, at some point, she needed to be wiped out.

This is what we saw happening in episode 4, and I believe the TVA agents needed to go through this too. We can’t have a TVA intact when He Who Remains arrives because he’ll be behind where they are in the timeline. Thus, the reset was inevitable, and it needed to wipe the slate clean so that everything can start up again.

Having these key figures put back in place will allow them to then start the journey that leads them to the TVA.

So, this big thing at the end makes a lot of sense, and it could also send things in a direction that we’re already aware of. As we know from Quantumania, there was an exile who turned against the council and was then cast out. This is the one that would go on to become Kang in Quantumania, who I also think is actually He Who Remains. Though he was seemingly killed at the end of the film, I think he’s just went into another part of either the multiverse or quantum realm.

Now, him instructing Ravonna to do something that eventually led to Victor’s death could also show his plan playing out perfectly. If he is the exile, then he’s obviously been cast out and has likely realized what needs to be done. He Who Remains touched upon the multiversal war that was caused by his variants, and this is why the TVA was set up.

He Who Remains was all that there was because he was all that remained after taking out all his other variants.

This was likely done through the war with him killing the entirety of the council. Make no mistake, this is a war between him and the others, and thus him taking out Victor is one less Kang that he has to worry about.

Now, doing this on the sacred timeline also means that that doesn’t have a Kang there that he needs to worry about. If this does take place after Quantumania, then it makes sense why he was sent there too.

As we know, incursions are a big thing as well, and they have the potential to destroy two earths.

Sending someone from another reality into one where a Kang doesn’t exist may help to mitigate this effect. We’re still unsure exactly how incursions work in the MCU, though they do operate differently from the comics. From what’s been said so far, they tend to be caused when someone from one world goes into another, and then the two worlds are pulled into each other to sync up. Doing this on a quantum level may stop this effect, hence why he was sent there.

Now, Quantumania too takes place on the sacred timeline, and thus Kang would be aware of this reality.

He may also know that this is where Timely was and thus want to remain on that one with it being his central home.

As we said, this is the one where Victor Timely was, and giving him the book created the branch.

This did show that Victor wasn’t always meant to get it, but I still think that he may have become an inventor due to what we saw him doing as a child.


On top of this, I also believe that Loki will be the one who takes over the position of He Who Remains while the war is going on. Someone needs to lead while the war is going on, and thus I think that Loki will end up in this spot eventually. With the stuff going on with Majors as well they may even make him the villain of Secret Wars instead of Kang.

Kang was never the bad guy for that story in the comics, and both of its iterations centered around Doctor Doom. The way the MCU is heading, it seems like it’s going to be whoever is in the hot seat, and Loki also has precedent for this in the comics. During the Agent of Asgard arc, we discovered that an older version of Loki was ruling over everything and controlling things from the shadows.

I’d love it if it was revealed that the Richard E. Grant version or something was the one that was far in the future, even beyond where He Who Remains was controlling this entire loop to put himself on top.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains
LOKI Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained | How Victor Timely Created He Who Remains

It would make He Who Remains a pawn in that plan too and also explain how he had the script that outlined what Loki and Sylvie were going to do and say.

I think there are still lots of ways they can take things, and even though this is all part of a loop, it’s still packed with lots of surprises. I felt like I had the entire thing sussed out, especially when Loki pruned himself, but there’s clearly way more going on with it. I still think that He Who Remains is creating his own origin, but we’ll see how it plays out.

Obviously, though, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for sitting through the video. I’ve been your host, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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