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INVINCIBLE Robot’s True Plan Explained + The Character Origins | Comic And Show Spoilers

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show; I’m your host, Paul. What do they do when Robot attacks an innocent bystander? They charge him with battery.

Well, you know I had to start off with a crap joke because I couldn’t resist, but in this video, there’s a lot to talk about.

Amazon’s Invincible is now halfway through its first season, and the show is completely kicking all kinds of butt as we watch Mark Grayson carving out a new legacy. It’s full of violence, over-the-top gore, and a lot of twists and turns that completely subvert your expectations.

One of the most mysterious things going on right now centers around the enigmatic machine-man Robot, and throughout this video, we’re going to be discussing his true plan in the comics and where things could be going in the show.

Heavy spoilers ahead for his full arc, so if you don’t want anything ruined, then I recommend that you shut down now. If you enjoy the video, then please click the thumbs-up button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to join my army of bots.

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Okay, so we first meet Robot when he’s part of the teen team. These are basically the Invincible version of The Teen Titans, and slowly throughout the series, they become some of the most respected superhumans on the planet… partly due to Robot.

When we first meet him, the seemingly synthetic superhero shows off his superpowered skillset and instantly seems like he’s easily its MVP. Because of this, he’s chosen by Cecil Steadman to take over the Guardians Of The Globe after their death at the hands of Omni-man, but the more and more that we follow him, the more we realize that something else is going on.

In a conversation with Monster Girl, Robot plays his hand slightly and drops a line about how people often don’t look past his appearance when the pair discuss how they’re often judged because of the way they look.

This line is very important for Monster Girl, as she’s not the teenage girl that she seems to be; in the series, she’s actually 29 years old. Similar to this, Robot isn’t actually a robot, and he’s really a human called Rudolph Connors, or Rudy for short. Rudy suffers from a genetic condition that means he’s pretty much allergic to oxygen, and it burns his skin when he comes into contact with it. Thus, Rudy now lives inside a specially built pod, and the strange baby-like monster that we see at the end of the fourth episode is actually him and not the machine.

Rudy is a complete genius, and he is easily the smartest character in the entirety of Invincible. Because of his incredibly high IQ, the character has mastered all forms of technology, and he’s used these means to not only keep himself alive but also to make it so that he can find a way to live.

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)
Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

Able to control his machine body through his thoughts, Rudy actually has an implant in his brain which can activate multiple robotic drones at once and have them all do his bidding.

This is called Mechanokinesis, and it means that though he remains in the tank at all times, he still can have an impact on the world by using his puppets.

Rudy keeps up the premise of being a machine so that people don’t look too closely at him, and slowly humanity starts to trust him more and more as a machine there to do man’s bidding.

However, living in a tank and not even being able to walk takes its toll on the character, and he longs to escape the fate that he’s been doomed to.

The conversation with Monster Girl really sparks off a desire within him to find some normality, and thus he embarks on a journey to completely change the way things are.

Rudy misses being human and knows that he’s going to pretty much be confined to this hell in a cell… is it a cell?… never mind… confined to this until he uses his intellect to escape.

Now this is where the Mauler twins get involved. In the third episode, we watched as Rudy helped them escape from a supermax prison, and though one of them used the other as a human shield, Rudy is well aware that they will become a pair once more due to the reliance on two people that most of their plans tend to have.

Though the Maulers seem like your typical hulk-like henchmen that are brawn over brain, like most things in Invincible, they completely subvert expectations. The Maulers are experts in biology that can completely change genomes on a molecular level, and thus they have the ability to alter whatever life forms they wish.

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)
Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

In the comics, they were initially set free to resurrect the Immortal, who was beheaded by Nolan after he attacked the Guardians.

This not only allowed Rudy to further shape the Guardians, but it also confirmed for him that they were right for the multi-phased plan that he had.

The first part of this involves finding a suitable and desirable host that he can clone and then take over.

In the comics and episode four of the first season, we see him taking a blood sample from the character. Rudy’s true plan involves cloning Rex and, at the same time, with help from the Maulers, duplicating his mind. Now, Issue thirty-one makes it clear that it won’t erase his brain or transfer it, but it will create a perfect copy that won’t be able to tell the difference. This is something that is reflected in the Maulers; the pair of which constantly argue back and forth over who the original was.

On top of this, he also has ulterior motives which involve Monster Girl.

We learn early on that she’s actually attracted to Rexplode, but he doesn’t have much interest because she seems like a teenage girl. Rudy, however, is interested in her and, firstly, he warns the pair off one another, as this would cause issues with public perception around the members. Luckily for Rudy, Rex isn’t interested, but that doesn’t mean that the former won’t go above and beyond to make her life better.

Rudy ends up taking a skin sample from her in the hopes of finding a cure for her mutation that means she’s constantly judged by her appearance, much like he is. You see, with Monster Girl, the more she transforms, the younger she gets, and thus she’s lived quite a miserable existence, constantly in fear that she’s going to end up being a drooling mess at some stage, which hey… probably coming to most of us.


There’s an excellent moment in the comics before the reveal where Monster Girl suspects that he might actually be nervous around her, and he has to keep up the fa├žade of being a Robot so that his plans go undetected. It’s the classic tale of unrequited love if one was an ever-aging monster that fell in love with her machine stalker.

Now, not only does Rudy eventually find a way to reverse the effects on her, he also achieves his endgame, and with help from the Maulers, they transfer his consciousness into the clone of Rex.

Rudy promised to pay the Maulers for their services; however, this was actually a ruse, and he actually apprehends them once more as criminals.

With the job done, Rudy destroys his former body and he starts dating Monster Girl.

However, he slowly becomes more and more deranged the longer that the comics go

on and without getting too deep into it, he eventually becomes one of the biggest villains in the series.

That’s your lot for the video, and I hope that this breakdown not only helps you to understand the character more, but that it also has you excited for what could be coming down the line.

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