INVINCIBLE Omni-Man Explained | Full Character ...

INVINCIBLE Omni-Man Explained | Full Character Breakdown, Origins And Powers

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka Invinci-Paul and this video we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Omni-Man.

The Superman inspired Man Of Steal your planet is making a big impact on Amazon’s news show Invincible and in this video we’re gonna be breaking down everything you need to know about his origins and powers.

There will be fully spoilers from the comics here and though the show could be going in a different direction, I don’t want anything ruined for you. If you stick around and enjoy the video then please click the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe for videos like this each and every day.

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Ok so when we are first introduced to Omni-Man we’re led to believe that he is a protector of peace and Justice. Though he looks like Henry Cavill before the effects were added to him in Josstice League (please use a photo of Henry’s crap moustache before the CGI) the pair are actually very different when it comes to morals.

Under the name Nolan Grayson he has become a best selling author that also operates as a superhero.

Issue Two of the comic run centres around his apparent origin story in which he tells his son Mark of the planet Viltrum and we learn of a story that is likely told to every planet that the Viltrumites visit.

According to Omni-Man Viltrum is a cool blu oasis planet much like Earth that exists billions of miles away from our Solar System. The population, though similar to humans in appearance have several abilities that we do not possess.

By our standards they all wield super strength and can move at super speed. Living a highly advanced life had it’s benefits and because of this Viltrum had apparently achieved perfection. Omni-man or rather Nolan, tells us that because the planet had achieved perfection that there was no murder or war and the inhbaitants lived on a Utopia.

With no conflict to tackle the High Council refused to let their society become complacent and they sent out their people into the stars in order to help other planets develop to their level of perfection.

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)
Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

This was a process carried out by The World Betterment Committe which Nolan became a part of. The mission was to boldly go where no one had gone before and see out planets at a crucial stage of development, ones that had the potential for greatness rather than ones who were too far along to the point their outcome was decided.

According to Nolan, a team of scientists would travel to the planet and help the inhabitants to improve in every single way. Nolan came across Earth but this was deemed too crude to be added to the betterment schedule. Thus Nolan decided to volunteer to be Earth’s sole protector and it became his second home. He met Mark’s mother Debbie and the pair settled down and had a kid. Nolan adopted the Moniker of Omni-Man and apparently became the best of us.

That is of course until he revealed his true mission (issue 11) which went down worse than Joss Whedon at a feminist rally.

Now Nolan revealed that though Viltrum had achieved perfection, this wasn’t done through being nice and the higher ups of the planet decided that the weak should be destroyed in order to obtain intergalactic dominance.

After the population of the planet was more than halved the council of Viltrum decided that they would bring their new world order to all those in the galaxy and in doing so they would create a galactic Empire that would make even Emporer Palpatine realise that Sith hit the pan.

From here the world conquering comittee traveled throughout the universe, finding worlds that had the potential for greatness and were worth conquering but also ones who hadn’t developed their defenses to the point that they would pose any threat.

And thus the Viltrumites conquered and enlisted the forces of the planets they’d overthrown into their ranks. Those who refused were wiped out and an army of slaves was created throughout the galaxy.

It became civil duty for citizens to join the committee and Nolan signed up, throwing himself into his work. He crushed and conquered his way throughout the universe and quickly rose through the ranks.

However, Viltrum reached the point where it’s forces were stretched too thin and thus the Viltrum’s devised a new plan. Rather than conquering worlds they would send somewhat of a trojan horse onto a planet. Certain soldiers would be selected to accimilate with the natives and become a member of their society which Nolan was handpicked to do on Earth.

Nolan started to slip into society and during this time he met Deborah whom he viewed as somewhat of a pet rather than an equal. He assumed the position of the Earth’s protector and quickly realised that several other alien species were trying to invade the planet too. Thus he destroyed them so that the Viltrumites would face no resistance other than the humans.

Shortly after he made a name for himself he was greeted by the Guardians Of The Globe. Though he never became a member he worked closely alongside them whilst he raised his son. Eventually he realised that they were becoming too powerful and made his move in a completely brutal scene that we see played out in the show.

Nolan called them together and ambushed the group, brutally murdering them one by one like I’m gonna do to anyone who thumbs downs this video.

This left a vaccuum of power on the world that his son Mark aka Invincible quickly slotted into. Nolan expected his son to join his side in helping to invade the planet but his son resisted and thus the two went head to head.

Nolan completely decimated him but just as he was about to kill his son, Mark said that he will always have a father and rather than murdering him where he lay he flew off into space.

From this point onwards Nolan tried to invade another planet in order to appease the Viltrumite Empire and he has quite along arc that we will no doubt be going over in the series. Nolan has a very complicated arc in which he jumps back and forth from hero and villain.

Now to make things even more complex, the multiverse exists within Invincible and there are several points in which we visit Knightmare-esque timelines where Nolan and his son teamed up. They completely ravaged the planet and the glimpses that we get at these are incredible.

As for his powers, Nolan has very similar abilities to Superman.


He is by far the strongest superhuman on Earth and this made it so that he could completely dominate every fight that he was part of. A lot of the time he ended up holding back and even in his fight with The Guardians Of The Globe, he fighting as hard as he could.

Nolan can also move at super-speed and he too possesses super stamina. Viltrumites don’t build things up like Lactic acid and thus the character doesn’t really get tired or exhausted.

All Viltrumites can fly and also journey through space without breathing apparatus which is something that Mark, due to being half human has to. In general Viltrumites have huge lung capacities and they can hold their breath for up to two weeks.

Now as mentioned in Mark they are able to bear children with other species. Due to their dominant genes, these often overpower anything that a human has and thus all their kids tend to take on the majority of their powers.

One of the most interesting things about the Viltrumites is that they actually age slower the older that they get. Upon reaching maturity everything about them slows down so that their bodies can remain at peak physical perfection for as long as possible.

This means that it’s almost impossible to know Nolan’s true age and due to time dilation in space he could have existed for what we would class as millennia on Earth.

Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)
Credit: Prime Video (Invincible)

Now though they seem perfect they do have one big weakness. The viltrumites are able to fly using the equilibrium in their ears but if this is disturbed by a certain frequency it can cause immense pain. If you manage to find the brown note…I’m guessing…it overwhelms them to the point that they become incapacitated and long exposure to this can cause death.

Omni-man is a completely fascinating character and one of the best spins of Superman that I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see what they do in the show and it’s gonna be great to watch this classic comic play out on screen.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the What If Trailer which will be linked on screen now. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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