INSANE DETAILS In Godzilla VS Kong I Noticed Af...

INSANE DETAILS In Godzilla VS Kong I Noticed After Binge Watching The MonsterVerse | Easter Eggs

Credit: WB (Godzilla)

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, a.k.a. the guy whose wife prefers a machine to the real thing, and that’s not a Mechagodzilla joke.

You having that?

Godzilla Vs Kong has made a big impact, and the movie is now the highest-grossing film since the pandemic began. It’s got a ton of things going on in it, and after binge-watching the entire Monsterverse, I’m going to be pointing out some of the insane details, easter eggs, and callbacks that you specifically, yes you, didn’t catch because… you’re an idiot…

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Ok, so the movie is very much centred around the idea that the two Apex predators cannot coexist, and thus Godzilla goes on the warpath trying to retain his reign as King Of The Monsters. Kong himself is, of course, an Apex predator, but we also learn that Godzilla is also hunting for Mechagodzilla, who just so happens to be made by a company called Apex Cybernetics. Though it’s slightly on the nose, it does show the attention to detail that the script has, and the company is very much plotting to play the pair off against one another in the hopes that their machine monster can take the dominant role as an Apex predator that humanity can control.

Mechagodzilla is built on sublevel 33, which just so happens to be a reference to the year 1933, which is when King Kong was first released. We learn that it’s powered with the help of the consciousness of a Ghidorah head, which we last saw at the end of King Of The Monsters. In that, we discovered that the Titan was actually an alien that communicated telepathically, so it makes sense it’s able to control another skull located inside the head of Mechagodzilla.

Credit: WB (Godzilla)
Credit: WB (Godzilla)

The movie pulls from other things in the long and rich history between the pair, and the plot itself echoes several classic Godzilla movies, including Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla and Terror Of Mechagodzilla. Both films centre around the G-man being framed as someone who’s turned against the human race, and they also have several key moments that are repeated in this film. For example, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla both fire their atomic breaths directly at one another, and both moments end with Mechagodzilla winning.

The deaths of Mechagodzilla are also extremely similar too, as across both the movies, the machine monster is beheaded, which is what also happens here.


Mechagodzilla was originally created by aliens, though in Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla 2, it was changed up so that it was humanity that created the monster, which this movie, of course, aligns with.

In 2002’s Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, the machine was built using the bones of a Gojira, and these eventually overpowered the machine and took over, similar to what happens during this.

Mechagodzilla kills a Skullcrawler using the same move that Godzilla did on the MUTOs in the 2014 film, and in the credits, we learn that this is referred to as the Kiss of Death.

Though not explicitly stated in the film, the man who controls Mechagodzilla is named Ren Serizawa, and he is actually the son of Ishiro, played by Ken Watanabe. From interviews and behind-the-scenes information, we know that there were a vast amount of things cut out of the movie, including a subplot involving him and how he views the attack by Godzilla as personal because his father’s death was linked to the character.

We also meet Bernie Hayes, played by Bryan Tyree Henry, who’s the host of the Titan Truth podcast. The logo of this looks extremely similar to the eye one from the 1998 movie, which I actually really like. Yeah, I haven’t seen it since I was 10 years old, but I quite liked it at the time.

Credit: WB (Godzilla Vs Kong)
Credit: WB (Godzilla Vs Kong)

His podcast episodes include one called “Mothra Pregnancy Theory,” and this is something that pulls on the long history of the Titans. Mothra was killed in King Of The Monsters, but it was theorized that some form of the character could return through its child, which has allowed the creature to return in several monster movies. This egg was spotted at the end of King Of the Monsters, making me think that we will save Mothra for another movie.

An article on Emma Russel can also be seen at one point, which asks whether she was a villain or savior. In the prior movie, she wanted to Thanos the population with the Titans, and this would allow the survivors to have more resources and live a better quality of life.

Now the eye that Bernie comes across looks very similar to one from a Terminator. The machine itself is very much in the same vein as that machine because it’s based on an organic creature and has been tasked with killing the main character of the franchise.

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Remember, I’m Paul, and I’ll see you next time on the Heavy Spoilers show.

Take care, Peace.

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