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Halloween Ends – Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details And Plot Explained


The first teaser for Halloween Ends has just dropped and the slasher slash horror movie has a lot to unpack from it. Throughout this post, I want to go through all the details that we learned from this new look as well as what we know about the film in general.

There will be some minor spoilers here in regards to the plot as well as some rumours about the film so if you don’t want to know anything then check out now.


Ok so this is due to be the final film in the David Gordon Green trilogy and it’ll see Laurie Strode facing off against Michael Myers one last time.

Groovy baby.

Kinda feel like she must just be exhausted at this point after going against him over 700 times now in alternate timelines that’ll probably be retconned just like this one will in 2 weeks’ time.


Now up top, I think it’s important to say that this takes place four years after Halloween Kills. Obviously, they want to bring stuff up to the present day rather than keeping them in 2018 which is where Halloween, also titled Halloween was set.

Now Laurie has had four long years to recover and she’s likely also turned herself even more into Rambo due to the gap between the movies.

You might remember that in the prior two that her house burned down so this one we see in the opening shot is likely her new one.

It’s adorned with Jack O’Lanterns, pitch black in there and up the stairs awaits Laurie with a handgun to give this a proper f**king reunion.


Now there are a lot of theories floating around about how this film will be about copycats and duplicate Michaels. Looking at this teaser with that in mind a lot of things make way more sense including how one seems to be killed by Laurie. He’s not putting up as much of a fight and there’s also the fact that he just wanders in without a second thought. Now we don’t know this for definite so take it with a pinch of salt but this derives from the fact that there’s been discussion on how we’ll see many versions of Michael in this movie. Halloween Kills was of course laced with social commentary and this final film could be poking fun at how many movies copied the Halloween mould with their own killers.

There are definitely ones that look slightly different in this first look and though this could 100% turn out to be untrue I thought I’d talk about it up top as one of the main things around the film.

Hopefully, we’ll see a William Shatner version in this film with the actor playing the role and we can finally bring, everything, full circle.

Now fret not Halloween Fans because Michael will be returning which we get confirmed by this new look. The teaser culminates with Laurie grabbing a knife and stabbing him through the hand. You can see that his fingers are missing which definitely confirms that this one at the very least is from the prior movies.

His mask also has a greenish tint to it whereas the one earlier in the new look looks more intact.

Original Callbacks

The opening of this teaser is very much putting us in the shoes of Michael and the original film of course opened with a long scene from his point of view. That’s clearly why this has been brought in too and it immediately brings back those old-school vibes to bring everything full circle.

We also get the breathing over the top of this.

This is also accompanied by the older style score showing how this is going back to its roots. Kills was very very over the top in terms of its…well kills and the creative team behind this one has stated how they’re trying to go back to basics and paint Michael out more as the shape rather than the Terminator that he turned into.

This is clear from the teaser which uses several shots from the prior movies.

Now it’s important to bear in mind that this is also a completely different one from what was shown at Cinemacon. That had lots more text talking about how 44 years ago the face of fear was born. It also had a clip of Laurie hiding in a cupboard which of course calls back to the first film. However, the fight that we see was shown at the event so we are getting some snippets of it.

Now huge shoutouts to Jimmy Champagne for spotting that the opening of this teaser is similar to the opening of Halloween 6. Obviously, they retconned the universe but Kills was filled with homages to Halloween 2 and it looks like they’re still gonna at least acknowledge those other timelines through shots like this.

Also, Jimmy runs a great Youtube channel centred just around Halloween so if you’re interested in the movies then definitely go head over there after this….to kill him…kill him.

Nah he’s a lovely guy and one of the first YouTubers I ever spoke to so definitely show him some love.

He also spotted that there’s the kid in the old-school sailor suit that also appeared in the one shot in the prior movies.

Face to Face

This opening kinda flips everything on its head as we have a Michael that thinks he’s closing in on Laurie but instead she’s got the drop on him.

Her room is filled with Newspaper clippings on the wall and this shows that she’s still just as obsessed with the man of her dreams as she always was. I know that this might not be Laurie’s house but seeing those clippings made me think that it is.

We also get a shot of Alyson who is apparently gonna take a big focus in this movie. It’s been said that she’s gonna get some major attention in this entry and with her mother dying in the last one that the thrust of the story will be centred around her. Laurie is apparently taking a bit of a backseat and, interestingly, we don’t really see her all that much outside of this fight scene.

Does she die? Well, I hope not as Laurie is the final girl’s final girl but we’ll just have to see what they decide to do.

Halloween Ends Trailer - Laurie and Michael

Other Characters 

Now Alysson of course also brings across several new victims in the form of her friends. The last movie was very much about all of Laurie’s getting wiped out along with her daughter so it makes sense they’d have to find victims from somewhere else.

However, one person that does return is Officer Hawkins who is back along with the boys in blue.

We then get a montage of all the prior movies in this saga before ending with the fight between Laurie and Michael.

Plot Leaks

That kinda brings things to a close and at this point, I wanna talk about the other plot leaks around the movie that are likely untrue judging by this new look. I’m gonna give you a couple of lines to bounce in case you don’t want to know them but I think that this teaser actually debunks the main point in them.



Are you still here?

Cool, so it was said that Michael would die within the first fifteen minutes and that it would twist everything on its head. I don’t think that they’ll do that for several reasons, namely because it’s stupid but also there are different times of night in this trailer.

You can tell due to the way things are lit that we go deeper into the night and yeah, I just can’t really see that happening because of how much it would p*** off the fans.

There’s no way they could do that in a satisfying way that provides an end to both Laurie and Alyson’s storyline.

I can see them maybe making one of her friends a Michael copycat but beyond that, I think that the main one will remain behind and who knows, he might even kill these doppelgängers.

My Thoughts

Now as for my thoughts on the teaser, I’m not sure what to really make of it as there’s very little to go on. It does seem to be recapturing the look and feel of the original Halloween and the 2018 movie which is probably a smart move due to how divisive Kills was.

I’m in the camp of being someone that actually liked that movie and I wish Michael would just kill me whenever it’s brought up cos ey, not many people do.

But yeah hopefully this restores people’s faith for the final one as it has a lot resting on its shoulders.

All the legacy cast are getting to the point now where they probably can’t reboot it again and I’m not even sure they should.

The timeline of this is so messy at this point that it’s confusing even trying to approach the franchise so hopefully, this is the last one and then we can go out on a high for the final entry.

I am tempering my expectations but as far as first teasers go this was pretty solid.

I’d of course love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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