GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Egg...

GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host, Paul, and what an absolutely crazy episode of Gen V that was. It’s easily up there as being my favorite in the entire series, and I’m so hyped to talk about what happens in it. Throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking it all down and going through all the Easter eggs, hidden details, and our theories for next time.


Now, we pick up with a student being thrown into the woods, which is where we realize they’ve been dropped in with a contagious supe. The kid says ‘what did I do’, and it’s possible that he was just grabbed up by Shetty’s goons without even doing anything wrong. In the past, they’d moved kids here from Sage Grove, which is why Sam was present rather than him being a student.

This is because if a student went missing, people might ask questions, but here they’ve started dipping into their classes.

I feel like this shows they’ve taken things to the next level, and in order to stop students asking about others, they’ve put them all together.

This is why this guy recognizes him, but let me know below if you took it another way.

Either way, Shetty and Cardosa are watching on as they die, with the former wanting to make it airborne. There’s obviously been a lot of fears over viruses in the last couple of years, and I think this is touching upon some of the conspiracy theories surrounding how it was created. Gotta skirt around it ’cause YouTube demonetizes channels for even talking about it, but I’m sure if I show up at your house to go over there, there’ll be no repercussions.

Either way, Cardosa feels like he’s in too deep ’cause now he’s having to basically kill The Deep.

Getting a phone call from Cate, Shetty asks if she’s taken her medication, and you could actually catch Cate taking it earlier in the episodes. Not doing it means her head has people’s thoughts flooding in, and this is slowly pushing her more towards being a villain.

On a TV, we get some foreshadowing for what’s to come with Victoria Neuman speaking to Cameron Coleman later in the episode. Around it, we can also catch some Funko Pops of Homelander, two Starlights, and a Black Noir. I’ve got most of ’em…except that Starlight one with the original uniform there, which is also boxed up to the right-hand side with the Amazon exclusive sticker.

Pffff wish I bloody had it, mate. There’s also a Homelander figure and several little flags, which the character, of course, uses as a cape.

We also hear as Coleman say.

Coleman is basically an AOC parody, which this be what many of her critics call her. He also mentions George Soros, who also donates a lot to the Democrats.

As we know, though, it doesn’t matter either way because Vought’s in control of both sides. They’ve whipped people up into a frenzy where they’ve become so tribal that they’ll stand by their side no matter what. This loyalty has created massive followers who will do whatever they can to do things that benefit Vought.

GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

Around the table, we see that no one really trusts Cate and also a detail we’ve only recently caught with Jordan. Our editor, Matt, pointed out that Jordan actually has two sides to their necklace, with one side being pearls and the other being a chain.

Left by herself with none of her friends believing her, Cate’s truly someone that’s been abandoned.

Now outside, we catch some Seven-inspired posters for A-train, Homelander, Starlight, The Deep, and what I think is Crimson Countess.

From the amount she’s been featured in the show, I’m even wondering if the world knows Soldier Boy killed her.

We also see a poster for Singer and Neuman’s campaign with ‘supe lives matter’ spray-painted over the top. This is later shouted at the town hall and it becomes something for supes to rally behind.

Now points for guessing what that’s a reference to, and we see in the episode how it becomes a chant of rebellion uttered by the students.

Marie convinces Jordan to accept Cate on their side, and we see as the pair end up kissing. They’ve obviously got a complicated relationship, but amongst all this, they’re trying to make it work.

We need Cate.
I think in the end, Marie’s going to regret doing this as she’s unleashed the monster that people always suspected she was. Now though they can break into Shetty’s computer, they know that because of who they are, no one’s going to believe them. However, Victoria can provide a way to expose it, and luckily for them, she’s speaking at the school.

With Sam and Emma as the former starts having fun at God-U,

and he also discovers the Starlight…D toy that was featured in the main boys show.

Even lights up just like how she does, and even though she wants him to lie low, he finally wants to live his life. He’s pretty much gone from one cell to the other, and we can even see the bars on the windows have been brought down.

Now he says.

The last time I was with Vought Burger, I was with Luke.
and we’ve seen this fast-food chain popping up in the show.

Now there are some other Easter eggs that we’ve pointed out before, but just in case you’ve missed them, here they are. Emma’s dress has lots of different size clothes, and this is due to her shrinking size changing depending on how much she’s sick. There’s also a Starlight Funko on the dresser and Termites Crazy Love 2 poster up on the wall. Next to it is the Queen Maeve one, based off the Wonder Woman solo movie from DC.

Now in Shetty’s office, we see Marie and Jordan going through the files, and they learn what’s a pretty big bombshell in a hidden part of a drawer. Turns out Shetty’s kid and husband were on Atlantic flight that Homelander and Maeve caused to crash during Season 1. It’s probably the first thing I think of when I think back to that season, and it’s such a cool way to tie the main show in with this. As soon as you start seeing the reports, you start figuring it out, and I genuinely got goosebumps seeing the pieces fall into place.

As she opens the file, we see a photo of a man and details of the rescue crew searching in the wreckage. I did go back and look through the episode, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find this guy. However, there were the two girls that Maeve tried to Homelander to save, but whether either of these was Shetty’s child or not, we don’t know yet.

However, it instantly makes sense why she’s developing the virus, and in many ways, she’s mirroring Butcher’s arc in the comics. Becca was killed due to a supe’s actions in that, which was used as a basis for the show. This set him on a path of vengeance, which I’ll talk about more at the end of the video. Once we get into it, you’ll see how similar the characters are, and they may skip over him doing it in favor of what happens with her.

Now, much like Butcher, working with the government and Vought has opened up the truth, and since then, she’s used their resources to mount up a plan. Now, Cardosa ends up coming in and peeing in some alcohol, which I wondered…was that a Granny’s Peach Tea reference?

Overhearing his ramblings, they discover the infection rates before we cut to the skyline of New York City. If you look, you can see they actually added in the Seven Tower, and we can catch the cranes at the top still repairing the damage.

Turns out Shetty’s meeting with none other than Grace Mallory, making this feel even closer to the main series. Grace is, of course, aligned with Shetty’s goals, as her grandkids were killed by Lamplighter. Like Shetty, she lost two people that she cared about, and Shetty wants her to help out in her genocide. Now, Shetty wants her to stop and warns her that Vought will crush her and everyone she cares about.

Grace sees vengeance as being something that won’t bring her loved ones back, but Shetty argues it could save others from facing the same loss.

Now at this point, Grace ends up giving a nod to Billy, which again I believe paints them out as being on similar arcs.

The rage is something that’s consumed Butcher, and in the end, it’s what’s going to destroy him. Makes me wonder whether he’ll pop up at some point in the finale, and he may even be someone who learns about the virus. Right now, he’s living on borrowed time, as the doctors gave him less than two years to live. Season 3 ended with him planning the downfall of Victoria Neuman, which the events of this show could end up leading into.

It definitely seems like they’re setting her up as a big villain, and if she gets that vice president seat, then I’ve no doubt she’ll be in the hot seat soon. Now with Sam, we see as he comes out of the cupboard and starts exploring the room. On the photos on the wall, we can also catch Emma’s sparring opponent from episode 1 when she was filming her fight video.

There’s also a Barbie jeep as well, with some other small cars on the shelf which I’m guessing she rides around in.

Man starts going through the underwear drawer too, and we see she’s got all sizes in there.

Hearing a bang and rushing outside, we see that one of the Iceman-inspired supes has created a little iceway in the corridor. This is by Steve who we met earlier in the season when Emma returned to her room after going big on social media.

Rufus leads him to a party, and it kind of shows how naive he is. Sam hasn’t had much experience and thus he’s easily led into being part of the violent supe uprising. In the comics, this too was inspired by Homelander who, after the events of Herogasm, started inspiring supes to resist their leaders. It was actually during this arc that he caused a plane to crash, which somewhat links in with what happened with Shetty. Now on the Cameron Coleman show, we see an interview with Polarity. Polarity is described as a god-fearing supe that bleeds red, white, and blue, and thus he’s given a warm welcome, whereas the Democratic Victoria isn’t. I was actually expecting Coleman to go a bit easier on her because in the end, she’s still someone Vought wants in control. This might have been a last-minute thing though, as we do learn Polarity was originally supposed to be the moderator.

As we see, Andre has seen how much bullsh** goes on now and that there’s not actually anyone heroic at Vought. His dad still wants what’s best for him, and I thought it was a nice touch to include Polarity’s posters up around the display.

Now what’s going to bring them together is what happens next with Polarity having a seizure that causes his powers to overload and bring the entire set to come crashing down. Cutting to commercials, we see an ad for Vought Pharmaceuticals. This calls back to their days before getting into the superhero business, and using their website link will take you to the Sony Pictures Television website.

Back with Emma, we see as she walks through a giant vault door, showcasing the kind of security that they have at the school. Also, I noticed there’s a code red sign inside her room, as a supe going ballistic could cause a s**t load of issues.

Rushing out to his dad, we see as Andrew has to use his powers to stop him from imploding the ambulance. This has the sign ‘Global Wellness Services’ on the side, which is riffing off the name and symbol of the Global Wellness Institute. In this world, it’s owned by Vought though, showing how they have their hand in everything.

Such a cool and chaotic scene, and I was genuinely fearing for the paramedic’s life as things started flying about in the back.

Cut to Emma looking for Sam, and she comes across Maverick and Sloan. Sloan is actually a student who just looks like an alpaca, and al paca mav-erdick into that.

F**ks sake.


Anyway, cut to the town hall, where we see her getting roasted by Cameron. He brings up both Stormfront and Soldier Boy, who Vought has distanced themselves from, even though they caused it. We hear a lot of nods to the superhuman registration act, which acted as a way to bring super-powered people under the reign of the government. This led to the major Marvel event Civil War, which too was started off by a supe exploding like Soldier Boy.

Neuman wants to offer a seat at the table for the supes, and as Coleman mentions, she’s currently not too popular with them. What I think is brilliant about this is that Victoria herself is, of course, a supe, but she’s hidden it from almost everyone so that she can infiltrate the government. At the moment, it seems like they’re barred from doing so, and it’s Vought that has all the power. I wonder if her revealing this will eventually win around the super community and then push her and Singer over the edge to become the winners. I kind of doubt it though, because then the head-exploding thing could be linked to her, and as we learn, she’s very similar to Marie.

Now with her and Jordan, we see as they make a distraction which leads to her dislocating Justine’s Jaw, who’s chilling out with Rat girl. Lots of powers on display like eye lasers, and it leads to the guards leaving their post.

Now at this point, Vic is asked whether Homelander will stand trial for killing someone. There’s very much the feeling that supes are superior and that the humans should bow to them. Like the comics, Homelander has weaponized them under one cause, which has a similar motif to what he does in the comics.

GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

It’s sort of like…sort of like a Sniperwolf situation where him not being held properly accountable opens up the door for other supes to break the law and act how they want. The government isn’t treating them fairly and wants to use them as a way to win. However, due to the backlash here, I think they might go in a Civil War direction and instead offer the majority of humans the chance to impede their rights. They may fear the supes could replace them, but Vic looks like the way to be the best of both worlds. Her standing up here could show she doesn’t

fear the supes, which in the eyes of regular people would make her look strong. As we know though, she could easily explode everyone’s heads, so it’s not so much a case of her being fearless; she’s just way more powerful than they are.

Now we get some further nods to the X-Men here, with a girl’s eyes flashing purple like Psylocke and one also screaming similar to Banshee.

Taken off stage, Vic recognizes Marie, and we learn that she’s in fact her benefactor. Both went to Red River and both have the same powers, and she’s willing to tell Marie who she really is. Now she seems friendly and says she gave her a little boost, but I think she may want to use her for nefarious purposes. Say something about Vic gets put into the spotlight where she’s suspected as being the head popper. She could shift the blame to Marie, and though the dates don’t necessarily line up due to her being in Red River, I’m sure they could do something to spread misinformation.

Back with Shetty, we see as Cate confronts her, and she tests whether she actually loves her for real.

Shetty genuinely cares, and she sees her as a surrogate daughter. Cate needs a mother too, and Shetty promises to keep her safe from the virus. It seems legit, but Cate killing her is very much an embodiment of her killing her own mother and casting her ties to humanity away. During The Boys Diabolical, we saw the students of Red River breaking out and going out to enact revenge on their parents. I feel like Cate killing Shetty’s in the same vein as this too, with it being about her stepping out from the confines of someone who’s controlled her.

Also, quick correction, last breakdown I called Cate a reality warper, but as you guys pointed out, she’s not really. She’s mainly just a really powerful psychic rather than being someone that can change the fabric of reality itself.

Now with Neumann, we see her and Marie meeting for the first time and can catch some posters up on the wall.

Along with the Dawn of the Seven one, we have the Crimson Countess Whiskey Sunrise, which is a play on the Tequila Sunrise film. There’s also Being Translucent’s Invisible Force 2. Love the way his head’s missing from the suit and the tagline “you can’t kill what you can’t see.”

Neumann also makes a little joke about her powers.

This is her way more charming than we’ve seen before, and I feel like she’s a different woman after stepping out from under Vought.

Getting Marie to sense the V in her blood very much creates a connection between the pair, in which they’re quote unquote blood sisters. Marie’s been looking for a real mentor and connection since episode 1, and it seems like Vic may be the one. Marie tells her about the virus, but she seems to just brush it off and tells Marie to go back to school.

She says she could be “the first black woman in the Seven,” which is something Marie’s wanted to be since episode 1.

This is all that she’s ever wanted, but in the end, Marie seems like she’s going to go against this in order to do the right thing. That’s what I really love about The Boys, and though it seems like it’s just a parody, it also has these actual heroic arcs for the characters to go on. Now the series has been very focused on parental and mentor figures due to the conflict between them being the ones that often made it so their kids had V.

Nowhere has this conflict been stronger than with Andrew and his dad, who we catch at his bedside in the hospital. Judging by the windows, I’m guessing that this is the Seven Tower, which someone of his stature would obviously be taken to be looked after.

He ends up not going out to Shetty’s while the rest do, and it’s going to be interesting to see if he abandons his dad for the finale.

Now here we catch Cate having instructed Shetty to be under her control. This is given to us by a nice little clue with Cate’s eyes being bloodshot. The roles have reversed, and all the fears everyone had about Cate have come true. She is holding Shetty hostage, but she has fair reason to with the reveal of what’s happening at the school.

They’re not there to study; it’s there to study them, and Shetty wants to unleash the disease to kill them all. Shetty won’t let the supes continue their paths of destruction, and she knows the supes are destined to cause misery. This is something that we saw in the off when Hughie’s girlfriend had A-train ran on her…probably…probably could’ve worded that better.

Anyway, Shetty wanted Cate to kill everyone in the woods, cover it up, and then unleash the virus. Shetty just wants to forget, but it’s gone too far.

So cold how Cate even forces Marie to not help, and it brings things full circle from the girl she saved in the club. Marie could do it, but she’s continued to align herself with people who aren’t too interested in actually saving people.

Sam says it’s justice, and he and Cate are two that I can see teaming up next time.

With Neuman, we see her collecting the virus from Cordosa, with him being completely unaware that she’s a Supe. He says he just wants to compassionately control them, which does sound similar to phrases used in genocide. The man gets his head popped off in what’s an amazing reveal, and we close out to the song “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This starts with the lyrics ‘off with your head,’ perfectly playing off what happens in the scene.


Neuman now has the only container for the virus, and she could even study this for a way to immunize herself and wipe the rest out. I do feel like her blood powers could even keep her safe, as she’d be able to potentially take it out of her system. If Marie can see V within someone’s blood, they may be looking at it like that, and the pair could potentially pull it out.

Either way, there’s lots of things to look forward to next week, and I absolutely loved this finale. The series has been killing it, and this week was the best one so far for me. Just can see all the pieces falling into place, and there are so many major reveals in it and things I wasn’t suspecting. Bringing Victoria into it was a big move, and it was so good just watching what both she, Cate, and Shetty brought to the episode.

Now getting into the comic spoilers, check out now if you don’t want to know what could be happening. I have talked about this a fair few times before, so you might… might just be bored.

Either way, Homelander ends up rising up with the majority of the supes, and he kills the president, Vic the veep, and tries to take control. At this point, Butcher is sent in, and after the Black Noir reveal that he’s a clone of Homelander, he ends up killing him before Butcher takes his life. Now the comic keeps going, and we see as Butcher kills the rest of the boys’ team except for Hughie. His endgame is to set off a radio frequency that will trigger V within all the supes and cause them to die en masse across the planet.

Now that hasn’t been set up like how it has been in the comics, and instead, I think that the virus will be what goes down in the show. I am predicting that Vic gets put in the presidential seat after she takes out Singer, and then Butcher will take the virus from her and then unleash it on the world. I know he doesn’t have much time left, but I think that that’s the way that things could go. Shetty was clearly a stand-in for him, and not only did she lose her family due to supes, but she also wanted revenge.

She created something that could wipe them all out, which Butcher will, of course, want to do too.

GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 7 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

In the end, I’m so hyped to see what happens with it, and I think there are a lot of ways they can take things. Butcher might even end up taking himself out if he still has V24 in his system, and they could go that way with Hughie trying to stop him.

Lots of things going down, and a huge thank you for clicking the video. Obviously, let me know all your thoughts below, as I’d love to read them before the finale.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been your host, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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