EUPHORIA Ending Explained: Your WTF Questions A...

EUPHORIA Ending Explained: Your WTF Questions Answered | Laurie & Rue, Ash, Fez, Cassie and More

After that explosive Euphoria Season 2 finale, we have many, many questions about the fates of the characters. Though we’ve already made an ending explained that talked about the season as a whole, for this breakdown I wanted to discuss the unanswered questions whilst giving our theories for season 3.

Fez and Ash

Now while the finale left Rue clean and sober once more, the rest of the characters are in shambles with most of their storylines being left up in the air. Many of them are open-ended and the first question I wanna address is what happened to Fez, Faye and Ash?

I know a lot of you think that there is still hope for the latter because we didn’t see his body but the surrounding elements of the scene seem to hint that he is indeed dead.

Firstly he killed a SWAT team member and secondly we saw the red laser light going up to his forehead and then heard a shot. During this Fez was screaming out that he was just a kid and if we look at things from a narrative point of view, it also makes sense that he’d be killed.

Fez very much was a guardian to Ash and though he tried to steer him down a certain path it’s clear he wouldn’t listen. Ash just had a switch in his head that he couldn’t turn off and this made him kill Mouse and also go toe to toe with the SWAT even though Fez said he’d take the fall.

Now as for Fez, his fate remains up in the air but I do think there are several directions that they can take things.

Now firstly we know that Custer was working with the police after Mouse’s death to get Fez put away. Though there are theories that he died too due to being shot in the gunfire exchange, we do see him being handcuffed and then picked up by the police.

It was sad to see his note to Lexi all bloodstained like his suit which Faye lovingly de-creased for him and I just hope she knows how to wash blood stains out of it too.

Sorry too soon.

Now Fez was originally supposed to be killed off in Season 1 but he was kept around and he’s very much become a fan favourite.

What Could Happen Next

There are definitely two directions that the character can go with the first being jail time. The season opened with the story of his childhood and it very much ended with the consequences of this including a small shot of Grandma lying in her bed.

Therefore him being escorted away would be a fitting end for his arc and it would also make a lot of sense for the show as it could move away from the addiction themes and focus on Jules’s sobriety.

However, there is a chance that Fez can get out and it could be a bonus that Custer tried recording him with two devices.

Whilst one was put in a drinks cup, the other remained behind and this could potentially clear Fez of Custer’s murder. He’d be on the recording trying to cover for Ash and due to Faye’s quick thinking, the story she gave Custer would clear Fez’s name.

Fez is also a carer to his grandma who is sick in bed and this might grant him some leeway. I can see there is the potential that he’s allowed to be on house arrest to look after her as she is a dependent and he could argue he is a carer.

Laurie’s Closure

Now whilst the drug storyline could be closed off if Fez is sent away, one lingering thread remains.

We never really get closure on the Laurie story and the debt that Rue owes to her.

Now we know that Rue’s suitcase with $10,000 worth of narcotics and that she admitted to Laurie that she had flushed it.

Though softly spoken, Laurie was furious and she then drugged her and locked Rue in a room after doping her up with Morphine.

Laurie means business and the fact Rue has escaped from her has only paused the issue Rue has of trying to fund the missing drugs. While Faye tried to implicate Laurie in Mouse’s murder at the start of the episode, the suitcase of Damocles is hanging over her head. If Laurie doesn’t end up implicated after Faye’s attempts then she will no doubt pursue Rue for the rest of the cash or force her into human trafficking as she implied.

During her end-of-episode narration, Rue says that she has stayed sober so Laurie hasn’t come knocking yet but it’s only a matter of time. Laurie has a lot of connections and will be desperate for the money and I doubt that Rue will be able to pay her back financially. Therefore they might go down the dark and twisted trafficking route with Laurie attempting to get her cash back through other means. There’s potential here that they might do a really messed up storyline but I actually am kinda hoping that they don’t and instead that pray that Laurie is captured by the authorities.

In the final narration, Rue talks about how she remained Sober for the rest of the year and if Laurie had come knocking I think that this would be brought up too.

Rue & Jules

Now, this narration also gives us an idea of what really happened to Rue and Jules after the play ended.

Rue says ‘Jules was my first love, I like to remember it that way with ‘was’ being the big word there signalling that they didn’t get back together.

Rue rebuffed Jules’ attempts at reconciliation after the play and walked off on a path to sobriety.

I actually went and counted the steps here and was hoping she’d take exactly twelve but alas over a decade of Marvel movies has made me start to look for easter eggs that aren’t there.

However, this somewhat reflects the ending of Season 1 as it was Jules who left her but now Rue is the one leaving the toxic cycle.

Rue needs to focus on herself now and her attempts to stay clean which as we know from the narration worked.

The emotional toll of their relationship led to her relapsing and without having to maintain this, she clearly worked on her sobriety.

Elliot & Rue

Another question is, will Elliot and Rue become friends once again? The pair met at the New Year’s party under the influence of many substances and continued to take drugs together despite Jules thinking Rue was sober.

Jules’ distrust of Elliot was correct as he enabled Rue’s drug taking but it was clear Elliot wasn’t as addicted as Rue.

However, in the finale, Rue forgives him for accidentally saving her life. A question remains over their last interaction which is will they become friends once more?

To me, it’s highly unlikely as he enabled her drug use and being around drug users isn’t good for her recovery. However, she very much seems at peace with him which is why she gives him a nod in the theatre. She’s not his enemy but she isn’t really his friend either.

Elliot & Jules

Now while Elliott and Rue’s friendship is over, there is the possibility of Jules and Elliot becoming an item just like in real life. Adding this drama would present challenges to Rue’s recovery and seeing how she can handle this would make for some interesting television.

The Elliot and Jules character could end up being used to explore addiction once more but it just depends if they wanna go that way or not.

Jules has sought validation in men for a while so after Rue’s rejection of reconciliation she may have sought comfort in Elliott knowing he is into her.

Cassie & Lexi

Now the reactions to the play blew wide open some relationships with Cassie seeking to publicly embarrass her sister like she had been.

Because of the portrayal of Nate, he dumped her and Cassie decided to finally become the Joker.

She took to the stage and aired out the issues she had with her sister which led to Cassie chasing her through the school.

Now whilst Lexi was cheered to the point that she came back on stage and continued the play, it’s clear that the relationship with her sister is in tatters.

Whether they can reconcile remains to be seen but I do hope that they can.

Last episode we saw the trauma from their past and how they both handled it in different ways. Lexi retreated into herself while Cassie sought solace in relationships and this was helped by the confident Maddie. We don’t see the sisters talk after but Season 3 should see them attempt to repair their sisterly bond as they’ve been through so much together.

Maddy & Cassie’s Fight

Towards the end of the episode, we see the aftermath of the catfight between Maddy and Cassie with Cassie having a bloody face and dishevelled hair while Maddy just nurses a cut on her foot.

Cassie explains how bittersweet the fight was as she tells Maddy how Nate dumped her. She’s made a scene out of herself and doesn’t even have Nate to console her. This is when Maddie explains how this is just the start of it. This is an interesting line but what does it actually mean.

Well, initially I took it to be something that meant Maddie was going to keep tormenting her and throughout the season Nate warned Cassie that she wouldn’t ever stop. Due to the gun moment in the bedroom, it’s clear that Maddie would be putting herself in a lot of danger if she ever tackled him head-on and thus I assumed it meant that she was gonna ruin Cassie’s life.

However, after reading the comments from you guys and reflecting on it I think Maddy is saying that this is just the start of Nate tormenting Cassie. She has of course been through the wringer with Nate and knows what he’s like. Therefore she would be aware that this is only the beginning and that Cassie is bound to go through it too.

If that is what Maddy is saying then it seems there may be a chance that they can stay friends again. This is because Maddy may have learned from the tale her employer told her about how she never reconciled with the friend whose boyfriend she slept with.

What’s Next for Nate?

Now speaking of Nate, what will he do next?

In the finale, he sought revenge and got his father put in jail by exposing his recordings to the police.

It seems his ambition was simply revenge but with his father in jail for whatever was on that flash drive puts the business in jeopardy. In episode Episode 6 of Season 2, it was said that Nate cares about the business and Cal’s sex life would ruin that.

With Cal arrested, it’s no doubt he will go to jail and be put on a certain register for illegally filming sex acts.

After going to see Jules I actually think that he might have omitted her video from that flash drive to protect her and potentially the business due to her being underage.

Lots of possibilities with it but it does seem like Nate is finally done with this and though I don’t think he deserves a redemption arc there are different ways they can take things in the future.

Kat’s Storyline 

Now sadly underserved this season was Kat who at least had a storyline unlike the silent member of Maddy’s crew. Kat had arguably a very interesting story that saw her find her boyfriend too nice and vanilla while she yearned for a toxic relationship like the other girls.

It was a gripping story complete with that moment she was visually overwhelmed by competing female ideologies. We saw her return to her webcam ways briefly in Episode 7 in a montage and it’s clear she will be seeking out someone toxic in her life. Hopefully, they can resolve the behind-the-scenes beef between Barbie and Sam if it is still lingering and we can see more of Kat as she definitely deserves it.


Anyways our video and hopefully we answered some of your questions and you enjoyed our theories on where things will go.

If you want to watch our ending explained then you can jump to it here.

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