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Crisis On Infinite Earths: Episode 4 & 5 Breakdown + Ending Explained | DCEU, Cameos, Flash, Easter Eggs & More

Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review Part 4 and 5 Ezra Miller Flash Cameo

Crisis hit the ground running in December with three episodes that tied together major parts of the DC Universe and told a compelling story about the destruction of the multiverse.

After a month-long hiatus, the series is back with it’s final two parts and throughout this video we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about the finale and it’s ending.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the two episodes yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite Earths Recap

Ok so quick recap of Crisis, the Anti-Monitor has slowly been destroying Earths across the Multiverse one by one. In order to stop this the Monitor brought together paragons but it wasn’t enough. Oliver Queen sacrificed himself, the heroes visited many worlds and slowly they formed a resistance.

The Anti-Monitor ravaged the group but they managed to make it to the Vanishing Point, a place outside of the multiverse that the Anti-Monitor could not reach.

Arrow Season 8 Episode 8 Breakdown

We rejoined our heroes in last night’s episode of Arrow.

Since his death, Arrow has become something else, something more: The Spectre. He becomes a key player in the events of the episode with the character pretty much acting as a guide to the paragons in order to put them on the path to destiny with The Anti-Monitor.

Arrow opens with a flashback to Maltus 10,000 years ago. In this we see how Novu created the Anti-Monitor by journeying to the Dawn Of Time and this sort of kick starts the two hour journey with the main theme of the double bill.

That is memory and connection.

Oliver utters the words “There are few things more powerful in the universe than memory and connection” in the episode and this aesthetic is repeated several times throughout.

Early on, this motif is cemented here with Novu and his wife being showcased on screen as having a deep and meaningful connection in their relationship.

I sound like a Hallmark card.

They diss the costume which, yeah I’m glad they kinda brought attention to it cos this guy looks like he’s cosplaying for Deadspace but without the cool helmet.

The memories of the two have been what has driven the Monitor to save the multiverse as he knows that life is precious and this motif is echoed throughout the entire run.

Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review Part 4 and 5 Ezra Miller Flash Cameo

The Vanishing Point

From here, Oliver journies to the vanishing point to reunite with the Paragons. After spending months there, they’re in complete disarray, unable to truly fathom what has happened. It’s like a season of Big Brother where they just never evict anyone and make them spend 2 years there. They mostly keep themselves to themselves and since The Flash disappeared they’ve lived a very bleak existence.

It turns out that The Flash ran into the speed force to try and free everyone from the Vanishing point but this has failed.

As time is relative in the Speed Force, in Barry’s mind he has only been gone a couple of seconds but to the other paragons, this has been a more agonizing wait that putting the first three episodes in December and the final two in January.


There’s’ no way out of the place…at least that’s what they think.

The Plan

With his new abilities, Oliver rallies the group together and gives Barry a signal boost. Arrow has always been a lone wolf, a character that prefers to do things on his own, however, here he realizes that this task requires a team, a bond that will unite the group to save the multiverse. Once more this ties into the connection that Oli spoke about in the introduction and he has finally realised that they need to unite.

Oliver has a plan, an epic way to deal with the problem…sort of sort of a bit like Skynet in Terminator basically, basically yeah he wants to travel to the dawn of time with some of the Paragons to stop Novu from creating the Anti-Monitor.

As with most time travel stories, this doesn’t work because in order for them to need to go back to the dawn of time then the Anti-Monitor has to exists and so on and so forth and it’s a lot of timey whimey wibbly wobbly stuff.

We do learn however that Lex gave himself an upgrade and this kinda plays into the ending.

The Anti-Monitor

Novu is always going to create the Anti-Monitor no matter what because of his ambition and whether they stop him 10,000 years ago or before brexit, his existence is inevitable.

The attack, on the whole, is a big failure with The Anti-Monitor himself shows up during the mission. He knocks them into the speed force and left with little options, Oli tells Barry that he must go through his memories and find the times that he formed strong bonds and connections.

I kinda felt like this was a bit poorly handled and it just comes out of the blue without any real set up, it’s told retrospectively and it was a bit jarring when it was just dropped on Barry.

However, this is about the memories, connections and greatest victories that they made.

Again this ties back to the line that there are few things as powerful as memory and connection and it’s nice that they kinda set up an overall arc to this episode that ties in with the overall theme.

It’s a real walk or rather run down memory lane with The Flash visiting some major moments in CWverse history.

Barry travels to Arrow Season 3 Episode 17, The Elseworld Finale and Season 3 Episode 8. Everyone talk talk talk talks like this this this this.

Ezra Miller Flash Cameo

During the run he comes across Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash from the DCEU and it’s an awesome cameo that completely blew my mind. I never thought Crisis would tie in directly with the movie universe or even get a cameo this big but it was awesome seeing it, especially in the wake of news last week that the Flash Movie would be a Flashpoint event.

When Ezra was cast as the Flash a lot of people cried out that Grant Gustin wouldn’t be the big-screen version of the hero so it’s nice to see the two kinda acknowledging one another in what is the best cameo in all of the Arrowverse…in my opinion anyway.

He mentions Victor who is, of course, Cyborg in the DCEU and it’s nice to know that the characters live on even if their movies are at a bit of a stalemate.

The Flash Flaspoint Movie News

A Celebration Of Arrow

This journey is a big travel back in time that allows us to reminisce over some of the big moments in Arrow history. This is going to be Oliver’s final season and though the character could return, we did need a sort of trip through the past to sign off how great this show has been.

It’s a really bittersweet moment and it also highlights how Arrow has pretty much been a lynchpin of the TV DC universe. I mean it is called the arrow verse and it’s great seeing what pulled everything together and this tribute really sets up the final battle.

The episode is laced with flashbacks and it’s a good way to tie everything together for this mega event.

There’s an awesome battle here at the Dawn Of Time that really puts all of the budget on the table. It’s a massive, special effects-laden battle that feels like the biggest and most ambitious action scene that has ever appeared in the Arrowverse.

The Paragons face off against the shadow army and Spectre goes head to head with the Anti-Monitor.

The Meaning Of The Final Battle

Everything at this point sort of becomes a bit metaphysical and metaphorical and metahuman metamorphical…with Oli becoming the spark that relights the flame to spark up the universe.

Lex helps them realise that they have been put in place to fan the flame and together they all unite with Oliver to strengthen him.

They manage to defeat the Anti-Monitor but it’s at the expense of Oliver’s life who dies as the singularity forms and creates the multiverse once more.

Sara, Barry and Oliver unite on the mountain and we watch the character as he slowly passes away.

The Death Of Oliver Queen

Now if you saw my Crisis episode one breakdown then you’ll know that I felt like Oli’s death felt a bit flat and didn’t really have room to breathe and because of this it just felt lackluster.

Here it’s completely different from the character’s death here really feeling like an emotional gut punch. We did know that Oli would die in Crisis ahead of time but it really hits home here.

The universe grows and we then jump to the second episode that concludes everything.

DC Legends Of Tomorrow Crisis Recap

So, similar to the Crisis On Infinite Earth’s graphic novel, the reformation of the multiverse has streamlined everything together sort of shifting things pretty much onto one Earth.

Kara, Barry and Sara all realize that they all now live together on the same Earth, Earth-Prime.

There’s a couple of hilarious moments such as Lex getting a Nobel Peace Prize, Beebo wreaking havoc in the street and Black Lightning asks how many times the world almost comes to an end and so on but ultimately everything is tied together now.

Normally the finales of the mega-events sort of wind everything down but they actually use the episode to cement the sacrifice that Oliver made.

There are some major moments and Sara provides the episode some real heart with her clearly being torn apart by the death of the character.

Everyone is in mourning but there’s no time to grieve and the shadow demons return which cements that The Anti-Monitor is still alive.

The Arrowverse Vs The Anti-Monitor

The Arrowverse heroes all come together on their collective earth to face down against the big bad of the special. For Oliver, they make one final stand. It’s another big fight scene that sees the heroes surrounding the Anti-Monitor and attacking him from all angles as he grows in size.

They manage to defeat the Anti-Monitor with a sphere that will shrink fo eternity and trap him in the microverse. This is concocted by Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi and for those who don’t know Choi is a version of the Atom in the DC comics universe and it looks like they are setting this up here.

The episode ends with the President giving a speech to the nation about Oliver’s sacrifice and we then see a reborn multiverse with the families built together through their memories and connections.

The show ends with us remembering the great hero but it also sets up what is coming down the line.


Crisis On Infinite Earths Ending Explained

There’s Titans, a Green Lantern Verse, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and many many more that really hit home just how successful this universe is now.

I loved the Superman Returns moment and this awesome callback to the Christopher Reeves bit was one of my favorite easter eggs in the entire run.

Clark and Lois talk about their sons which sets up their upcoming show with one another.

The heroes spark up the flame in Oliver’s memory at an old S.T.A.R. Labs Facility and we see that they have set up a Justice League like table that all has their logos emblazoned on the chairs surrounding it.

We get a nod to Gleek and they show the hall of justice from the outside.

With the characters all on the same Earth now they can truly for a JLA that connects the heroes with one another. After a couple of issues with the opening episodes of Crisis, I have to say that these final two episodes were incredible.

They ticked all the boxes, set up a lot of things going forward and I can’t wait to see what happens int he newly formed Arrowverse.

This was a brilliant finale and I can’t wait to see what’s in store down the line.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the finale of Crisis and what you wanna see in the future. Comment below and let me know!

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