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Batman: Gothic Review By Deffinition

Grant Morisson Review

  First appearance – The Bat Jet   A Gothic Take On Batman OOOOP it’s only my favourite comic book writer of all time writing my favourite comic book character. Hope that I’m not really biased on this one….ooop think I might be. [spacer height=”20px”] I read Gothic years and years ago when I was […]

Batman Prey Review By Deffinition


Prey For Batman The Batman canon read through is back. We’ve had a great run of books so far which set up Batman’s early years. He’s clashed with villains, saved people from human sacrifices and been close to getting caught in a couple of them himself!   Here we are with Batman: Prey.   This […]

Batman The Man Who Laughs Review By Deffinition

Batman the Man Who Laughs Review by Deffinition

“What The Hell Is Happening To My City?” Batman: The Man Who Laughs is often heralded as one of the greatest Batman books ever written. It introduces The Joker, no laughing matter (the puns have started), and attempts to set the tone that Batman and Joker’s relationship will follow down the road. However, this is […]

The Evolution Of Batman Timeline

The Evolution Of Batman

Batman’s Timeline Through Comics And Film This brilliant timeline shows just how the main players in the Batman Universe and how they have grown from the 30’s and 40’s to modern day. This brilliant graph shows off the Joker, Batman and Two Face in all their incarnations. I’d love a poster of this.   For […]

Batman The Mad Monk Review By Deffinition

Batman And The Mad Monk Review By Deffinition

Do you read?   You will!     We are back with my canon run of the Batman graphic novels. I’m trying to follow the timeline and what’s considered canon as much as possible (and some stuff that I consider canon but others don’t…they’re not here…they won’t mind…and if they do…ill break their legs).   […]

Batman And The Monster Men Review By Deffinition

I See A Dark Moon Rising   First Appearance in Canon Of: The Batmobile, Sal Maroni, Julie Madison and the first mention of Lucius Fox.   This Was No Massacre….it was a feeding frenzy We are back with our Batman Read Through. Still in his early years we follow Batman through his first real test […]

Batman: Shaman Graphic Novel Review

Bruce Becomes The Bat Oh, there you are. You must be following my read through of all the batman graphic novels considered canon. This week i’m back with Batman: Shaman.   This really rare out of print book often goes for ridiculous amounts of money on Amazon and Ebay. Being a billionaire playboy though I […]

Batman Year One Graphic Novel Review

Batman Year One Comic Review By Deffinition

  First appearance in canon of: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon Sr, Carmine Falcone and his gang, Selina Kyle, Comissioner Leob…the list goes on.   The Birth of the Batman The rumours are true. I pretty much have every Batman comic that is considered current canon, so you could consider me a […]

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