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ANT-MAN And THE WASP Quantumania Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Hidden Details, Kang’s Plan And Review

The new trailer for Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania is out now out, and in this video, we’re gonna be doing a big breakdown to discuss all the hidden details, easter eggs and things you missed. I also wanna talk about some plot leaks, and these will explain why Janet fears the quantum realm and her relationship with Kang. I won’t, however, spoil the ending of the movie, and as always, these leaks might not even be accurate so take them with a pinch of salt.

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The Trailer Kicks Off

Now the trailer opens with a shot of San Francisco. This is, of course, the location where the last two Ant-Man Movies have taken place, and it’s also a location of Shang-Chi, which we’ll talk about further in the video. There are lots of links to the Eternals, Nega Bands, and the Ten Rings, possibly linking all these movies together for the next phase in the MCU. Kang says that Scott is an interesting man and his narration dominates the entire trailer, really giving the idea that he is a major force to be reckoned with in this movie.

From here, we see Scott and Hope on the Red carpet showing how they’ve gone from being on the run in Civil War to now being widely admired by the people of the MCU.

Now the MCU has been littered with clues that Scott has cashed in on the fame that came with him helping to save the world in Avengers Endgame. Humanity was at its lowest point after the snap, and for five years, the world wallowed in depression over the ones they lost and the anxiety of how fragile their lives were. We know from Hayward in Wandavision that times were dark, and even the best heroes like Hawkeye became cruel vigilantes that murdered people en mass.

Scott returned from the Quantum Realm, and his return ushered in the time travel plot that helped save the universe.

MODOK in Ant Man 3

So man’s a big name now, and Ms Marvel opened with a nod to his podcast Big Me Little Me.

Wakanda Forever also promoted his book on the news ticker called Look Out For The Little Guy.

This book will pop up in the movie with Scott doing a book reading for it and how greatness comes from little things.

Just tell your girl that, you loser.

He’s basically gonna be the person that’s cashed in on the trauma and has used the public interest to catapult his profile. If you’ve seen The Haunting Of Hill House, then you’ll know a character in that did a similar thing, and this caused some issues with his family and friends.

We, of course, have already seen the Baskins and Robbins employee of the century photo, and along with manager Dale returning, we saw Scott’s uniform in a glass case. There was also his employee photo which had the name Jack on his name badge, which is what he was going under at the time. But they always find out, mate, they always find out. The name Jack was picked because of Paul Rudd’s son, and we’ll talk about how this movie is about parents and their relationships with their children.

Cassie Lang Will Be Key

Now Cassie Lang is all grown up since Endgame, and she’s gonna be taking more of a role in the story than before. She’s sort of gonna be reflecting on how Scott was before he became a superhero, and she will have been in prison for doing Robin Hood Esque deeds and helping out the poor. Scott, of course, did this, and he committed crimes against corporations that were extorting people. That’s sort of the same thing with Cassie, who’ll be a hero in her own way whilst her father galavants about the catwalks bragging about how he’s one as he ignores causes that he doesn’t think will benefit him.

This movie is very much going to be about the pair connecting after having grown slightly estranged. In the first two films, Scott wanted nothing more than to have time with his Daughter, and she was the first person he went to after Endgame.

Kang’s Offer

Judging by this new look, it seems like Kang will be offering Scott more time with his daughter in a reality where Thanos never carried out the snap. We know these exist due to Multiverse Of Madness, which showed that the Illuminati could defeat Thanos before he could carry it out. Thus their world was far more advanced than the 616, and the planet was also protected by Ultron Bots which likely stopped the majority of crime. It seemed way more like a Utopia, and Kang could offer Scott a world like this where he can live with his daughter without having to be an Avenger or having lost those five years.

She also deals with a lot of trauma because of the five years, and it looks like she’s gonna wrestle with the idea of potentially losing him again here.

Now the Quantum Realm device has actually had some info shared on it from what we know about the trailer that was shown at Comic-Con. This contained a lot of extra shots that haven’t been shown yet, and it had Cassie talking about the device itself.

Turns out that she actually made this during the 5 years between the Snap and Blip as a way to try and rescue her father. I dunno how she knew he was in the Quantum Realm, but from the event, we know that’s why it was created.

Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3

That backstage scene had her talking about how she made it with a partner, and as it’s not with Hank or Janet, then it might be with someone like Ghost or Bill Foster, aka Goliath.

He, of course, was helping Ghost, and after losing her father, he might have turned his attention to Cassie.

The orb glows blue, and it’s possible it’s created by Kang and that it was sent to Cassie, which is why it looks similar to the orbs on the ships that we later see as part of Kang’s forces.

Now Cassie is gonna be getting her own suit too, and she’ll likely be going under the name Stinger. She was known as Stature at one point, but it’ll just keep things more in line with the Ant-man and Wasp names.

She’s also gonna get captured by Kang and held hostage so that he helps her out.

What Kang Wants

Now throughout, Kang is very much acting like someone who can give Scott what he wants, but to do this, he’s gonna have to do something very bad to get what he wants. He Who Remains was very much thought of as being the Devil, and due to this deal, Kang echoes that too. Even the entire idea of Kang is based around the idea that he is the ruler of the underworld and this hammers home the idea that this entire thing is a deal with the Devil.

He carries demonic imagery, like his eyes glowing, and he has powers that can far outmatch anything mortal men can throw at him. The orange portal is too almost like a fire, and there are lots of things going on with him.

This is obviously taking him into other realities, but it’s important symbolism.

Scott doesn’t really care, though, as he is more bothered about his daughter than the rest of the multiverse. There’s definitely this idea of the needs of the few and how helping Kang could destroy all reality which is why Scott has been selected. He is one of the only people that can help Kang, and he’s in a precarious position because his daughter’s the one in danger. Ant-Man isn’t the type of person to make sacrifices, and this is of course also why the Avengers lost to Thanos in Infinity War. He also wants those five years back, which could lend itself to Kang possibly offering a better life. The deleted scenes for Loki Season 1 had He Who Remains doing something similar, with there apparently being moments where we’d see Loki and Sylvie being offered realities where they had all their hearts desired.

Kang’s Costume And Mask

Now Kang’s costume looks so good and I know a lot of it was shown in the first trailer but seeing how much they’ve nailed it really fills me with a lot of confidence for the film. Kang could’ve easily been a weird-looking villain and he’s one of those characters that I saw a year ago in the comics and thought that it would be so difficult, but they’ve managed to do it. Kang’s mask is a big thing with the blue face cover being almost like a visor in this film. The comics have had a number of different materials for this, and in the recent graphic novel Only Myself Left To Conquer, we see lots of different versions of him.

Most MCU masks these days just wrap around someone’s head after coming out of the back of the costume, and I think a similar thing is gonna be happening here.

When Kang walks in and we see the reflection of the character on the floor, we can actually see the glowing blue mask covering his face.

Therefore I’m guessing it kinda grows and wraps around it similar to most of the masks we’ve seen in the franchise. We’ve also seen this shade of blue before in the MCU, and I might be reaching, but it reminds me a lot of the visors that were used on the Quantum suits in Endgame.

A Joke

Time for a joke.

What do they call it when a bunch of Kang Varients all sleep with the same person at the same time?
A Kang Bang
Thanks. I’m here all week.

Thank F**k That Joke Is Over

Anyway, this suit needs to be heavily armour laden because Kang is going on vast journies through the multiverse and into other realities. Multiverse of Madness showed us that there were some environments like the paint world and that he needs to be prepared for anything. Therefore it’s sort of like an astronaut’s suit, and no matter what he encounters, he’s prepared for the environment.

The Quantum realm itself is also really unstable and in the skyline, you can see these massive holes and almost portal-like structures in the sky.

These look a lot like the tunnels in the realm when the Avengers dived into it, and potentially these could allow Kang to travel into other worlds and through time.

Now over the top of this, we hear Janet talking about how he can rewrite existence and shatter timelines and that he basically can’t be trusted.

Kang And Janet’s Deal

The plot leaks have kinda filled in the details with this, and though they might not be correct, they have said that they go way back.

They say that when she landed in the Quantum realm, she wandered the wilderness and made a home. One night she saw a ship crash landing, possibly shown in the clip we see of a hooded figure looking at something crashing down across the skyline of the Quantum Realm. She’s meant to be chased by some of the creatures before Kang saves her, and this is how they meet.

This was potentially shown in the first trailer, with Janet standing on a rocky platform whilst a creature closed in on her.

Like her, he’ll be someone stuck down there, and the pair will work together to fix his ship. We’ll apparently hear his name Nathaniel, and they’ll spend time getting to know each other. During this time, Janet will discover his true plans aboard his ship, and we’ll learn that he has a ship which can travel across the multiverse. Kang will have conquered several realities at this point, and he’ll very much be ushering the prophecy that he who remains warned Loki and Sylvie about.

In case you don’t remember, he said that he discovered Multiversal travel early in his life, which allowed him to open gateways to other worlds. Here, he met versions of himself across the multiverse. However, with the infinite number of good people, there were also versions of him who were evil. Because of the power they’d unlocked, they realised they had a way to travel through multiple realms and conquer them across the multiverse.

This led to an all-out war between realities in which several timelines fought it out for dominance. Judging by the rumours on Secret Wars, this will also be what plays out in that movie with several timelines fighting against a supreme version of Kang to stop him from taking over each and every reality.

Scott and Hope in Ant Man 3

Now He Who Remains managed to defeat the evil Kangs and because of this, he decided to form the TVA, which would stop the forming of offshoot realities by wiping them out. This would stop the possibility that a version of him could be born wanting to destroy the multiverse. With He Who Remains dead, the MCU is now in a state where a Kang can once more rise up and allow this one’s ship to be fixed and usher in the end of worlds.

Janet apparently ended up sabotaging his ship upon learning this, and she fled, leaving him stuck in the Quantum Realm for decades, plotting his revenge.

In the first trailer, there was a line where Kang said he’d help someone get home and give them more time.

This was presented in a way which it was aimed at Scott in exchange for helping him.

However, it’s possible that it could actually be to Janet. She’s been stuck in the Quantum realm and has lost out on decades with her daughter.

Either way, Kang wants Scott to help him, and this is likely the key to starting his ship up once more so he can travel the multiverse again. In that time he’s started up Chronolopolis and has made a civilisation down there that’s also got its warring factions against it. These are the rebels who all seem like new characters. However, there is one that seems like Acroyear, though it might just be a design similarity.

Kang has his pigeons who in the comics are the forces that fight for him and all resemble how the villain looks.

MCU Modok Explained

Now they are escorted by some of these in the trailer, and we can also see Modok.

Now Modok has been hidden heavily from the marketing, but little leaks have made their way to the surface. He’s gonna be a big character in the movie, and according to early reports, he’ll be an evolution of Darren Cross. Cross was defeated at the end of Ant-Man, and as he was sucked into the Quantum Realm, his body was distorted due to the suit malfunctioning after Scott broke it.

This is why the proportions are all wrong and it’s a nice way to explain why he’s this way in the MCU. In the comics, the character George Tarleton has had a number of different reasons as to why his body grew the way it did with it being down to diseases and sometimes just because he grew his brain during an experiment.

I think the use of the Quantum Realm stuff makes sense here and I hope that when we see the final look in the film he’s a bit more in line with the comic. Modok has such a distinctive look and sure it’s goofy but that’s also what makes him so memorable.

From here we get some expanded shots of what we’ve seen before with Janet and co-riding on top of that sting-ray-looking creature.

How Ms Marvel, Shang-Chi, and The Eternal Connect to Quantumania

However, beyond this, we also get a large golden ring structure that carries special glyphs on it. These have slowly been popping up in the MCU at several points, and as always, it could all…be connected

Now the glyphs appeared on the Eternals’ ship, and they were also something that showed up on the Ten Rings as well as the Bands in Ms Marvel. I know I’m not the first person to point this out and I think Ryan Arey, bloody Ryan Arey, did a full video talking about them.

These might just be Marvel giving nods to their greater universe or there could be a reason that they’ve been chosen on these devices and it’s because they’re all linked. Shang-Chi of course ended with a beacon being found and it is possible that this came from the Quantum realm rather than being something out in space. The Negabands could also open doorways to other realities, and they gave someone the ability to travel through time which, if linked with Chronopolis, could explain how all this stuff happens.

Scott Variants

Now Scott goes into further parts of the Quantum realm, and here he runs into what could be variants of himself. We see several Scotts forming a column, and this is of course also similar to how ants operate. This is all to grab a battery which will likely help power his ship so he can travel through the multiverse.

Another reason why I think this plot leak checks out is that it mentions him running into several versions of himself down there. This will be the shot from the trailer where there’s the big giant man running and we’ll meet Scotts from several different universes.

There’ll be one that’s from a universe where he never got fired from Baskins and Robbins because only in the infinite multiverse do they not find out.

Kang’s End Goal

This is an extremely dangerous environment in which all of space and time blend into one, and the rules of reality are thrown out.

With this breaching across all different realities, the Ant-Men that we see here might even be on the same mission by alternate Kangs from different realities. I think that’s what makes the most sense, and they’re all gonna be meeting at this convergence point to get the one item for their specific Kang. As we know, several Kangs are across the multiverse all fighting for supremacy, and I love the idea that there’s an infinite amount out there all after the same thing so that they can beat the others.

Little detail you might have noticed on Scott is that a second version seems to come out of the back of his head. If this is a Nexus, then that could mean that it’s a literal point at which reality splits into other timelines. If you think about how a timeline splits, there has to be a point deep down in the fabric of everything where it splits off.

This would have to happen on a Quantum level, so this could be a point at which everything splits off.

This would explain why there’s a second head appearing behind Scott.

Where Quantumania Goes Quantumad

We, of course, also get the giant man splitting off into ribbons. It’s a similar effect we’ve seen twice in the MCU now, with it happening to Mantis in Infinity War and Reed Richards in Multiverse Of Madness.

These were both linked to reality, with the reality stone and Wanda’s reality-warping powers being the thing that turned Reed Richards from “arms are heavy” to “Mom’s spaghetti.”

Should’ve called it the 838-mile universe, ey.

Anyway, that’s gonna be a big location that could have multiple Ant-men and maybe even some realities where the wasp went there.

This would explain why we see multiple Wasps, and I know I’m clutching at theory times here, but that’s a possibility I thought of when looking at it. Now it is possible that Scott learns how to split reality and that he can create echoes of himself. These would be the ones that come out, and they’re almost similar to how Ghost moves, potentially tying the two characters together. These would stop them from being the variants that we see here, and instead, they’d be versions of them rather than those from across the multiverse.

Two Scott Langs in Ant Man 3

Anyway, Kang threatens that he will destroy everything that Scott calls a life. We also get the text “witness the beginning” popping up on the screen, which is a big thing as this is, of course, really the start of Kang’s rise to power in the MCU that will culminate with Secret Wars.

Either way, we get a lot of fight scenes at this point, with Kang clearly betraying Scott on his deal and us also seeing that Scott is willing to lose to stop him.

We also see Scott falling in the column interspersed with this, and I’m guessing that he’s saved by the wasp who comes flying in.

He’s the only one who isn’t wearing a helmet to keep things simple so that we can focus on him instead of him getting lost.

Anyway, in the end, it seems in this moment that Kang has won, and it sets a very dour tone for the entire movie. This is Ant-Man’s third film, and if we look back at the MCU, several of the third films in a trilogy often close out with the hero very much losing part of what made them them. Now what I mean by that is that Iron Man 3 ended with Tony throwing away the arc reactor after finding a way to live without it, Cap ended up leaving the approval of the US government after Civil War, and Thor Ragnarok had Asgard being destroyed.

For Ant-Man, there are several things he could lose, and though I don’t think it’s gonna be his daughter it could be a long those lines with Hank, Hope or something else being taken away from him.

The Leaked Ending

Now for the next part of the video, I wanna talk about how the movie ends according to the plot leaks. Because of that big spoiler alert for the next part of the video.

I told ya.

The movie will apparently end with Janet and Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm after Kang leaves them down there before he flees to another world. He promises Janet that he will destroy every world across the multiverse before finally coming for the 616 last.

This will set up the events of Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. He will come back from his quest with several of the worlds destroyed, ending the movie with him having ruined multiple realities, and it will be a final stand for all those affected by him coming to take the villain down.

The Kang we meet here will be the final one they face off against, with He Who Remains being all who Remains on the other side.

Anyway, that wraps up the video and I hope you enjoyed our breakdown. This will probbaly be the final one, as Marvel tends to do the two trailers, and then they do multiple TV spots. I’ll try to cover them, too and hopefully, I see you back on the channel when we do our breakdown of the film.

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Bill Murray?

Now it has been rumoured for a while now that Bill Murray will be playing a character called Krylar. I’ve searched high and low every time the character pops up, and even now, I can only find him in one issue.

That is Incredible Hulk 156, which had the character travelling to the Micro-verse. Marvel doesn’t actually own the rights to use the word Micro-verse, so this is why they changed this up to the quantum realm.

He clearly knows Janet, and according to the rumours, he had a thing with Janet. Janet was down there for decades, so who knows what she got up to on her Bill. When we caught up with her in Ant-Man and The Wasp, she was wandering the wilderness, and potentially she ran off from people like Krylar after learning what plans they had for the main universe.

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