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ANT-MAN And THE WASP Quantumania Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Hidden Details, Kang Reaction And Review

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’s wife says size doesn’t matter and this video we’re breaking down the Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania Trailer. The first official look at the film has just released online and throughout this video we’re gonna be going through the tiny details in it, easter eggs, new characters and also what we think could be happening in the film.

Some of this was shown at both D23 and Comic-con and we will be going over the info from that as well to bring you the best picture of what’s gonna be in the film.

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Who Is Kang In The Quantumania Trailer?

Ok so the first thing we have to talk about is Kang The Conqueror. Played by Johnathan Majors he’s gonna be the new big bad in the MCU and it’s even possible that Scott doesn’t survive the encounter with him. This brings to fruition the warning that was given to us by he who remains at the end of Loki Season One. He explained Nathaniel Richards backstory and how killing him would free the multiverse and variants but that it would also bring with it his variants.

The multiverse being opened would usher forth his variants too and eventually this would lead to a multiversal war. We know Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars are on the horizon and this movie will very much be the setting up those films.

These can be either good or bad but the latter leads to some of the most evil villains in the entire multiverse. Kang recently had his origin redone in the phenomenal graphic novel Kang The Conqueror only myself left to conqueror.

In that a young Nathaniel Richards travelled back in time to explore the past due to the future basically being at a standstill. Everything was a utopia because of how far humanity and technology had come and thus people just didn’t really advance or progress.

So he travelled back and it’s here that he encountered a future version of himself in Kang. I don’t wanna go too indepth on it as this video has a lot of ground to cover but it basically was about Nathaniel trying to stop himself turning into the older version and in doing so he ended up becoming him.

He would then watch as he would come across himself at the temple as a boy and it created a loop in which he was constantly pushing his younger self down a path of conquerng.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Johnathan Majors is bringing a lot to the role and when discussing it with Variety he said that this will be a warrior version of Kang.

The one shown at d23 had a much more extended scene of what we got in the online release and it had Kang asking Scott to steal something.

This comes off the back of the whats it gonna be line that we hear at the end. Now going off the leaks we have a fair idea what this is going to be.

According to them Kang will be after a chair that allows him to travel through the multiverse. Now in the comics he did have a time chair that allowed him to travel through time but the MCU will switch the way it operates up. We know from the d23 trailer that he’s holding Cassie hostage and Scott will have to potentially get this chair in order to get her back.

As He Who Remains said, Kang is a conqueror who will stop at nothing to take over the multiverse.

Therefore getting this chair will allow him to hop from one dimension to the next in order to take over that realm. We’ve already seen remnants of this and in Loki we saw a version of the Avengers Tower which had Qeng on it, a nod to a version of Nathaniel. It’s a bit of a moral quandry, a bit of a quandrymania if you will because Scott could potentially doom trillions of lives across infinite realities just to save his daughter.

Now Kang will be located in the Quantum realm and it seems like Janet has already had experience with this. We’ll talk about what this could’ve been later on but it looks like they’re bringing things full circle from Ant-Man and The Wasp. In that when we travelled into the Quantum Realm we could see what appeared to be Kangs city and I believe that this is where we’ll be venturing in the movie. Kang comes across as a cold blooded mother f**ker and I love how he nonchalantly asks whether he’s killed Scott before.

Man has gone through a lot of Avengers and I love how intimidating he is in his introduction.

He shakes the scene in a Johnathan Major way and the costume looks so close to the source material.

In that his suit helped him to travel through time and it also came with a blue face mask that covered his head. I actually think in this that they might be pulling sort of from the way the quantum masks looked in Endgame and just in the same way they had a blue visor that popped over them, this could be used on his helmet too.

Now it looks like Kang is working alongside some other characters in who Bill Murray is playing. Though it wasn’t shown here we know that the d23 version had Modok in it who’s absent from this first look.

He is apparently going to be played Darren Cross who you’ll no doubt know from the first Ant-Man movie.

Originally Yellow Jacket he was taken out by being shrunk and sent to the Quantum Realm.

Similar to how the character appears in the comics his body proportions are all over the place and this is likely due to the breakdown that the suit had in the movie.

It looks like he’s almost cybernetic here with the mask being a big change up from the comics in which he was basically just a big head with arms and legs.

I think this design is pretty solid but I am hoping that we get one more in line with the comics eventually. His suit could end up coming apart and if the mask detaches then it might leave him looking closer to what he does in the source material.

Originally in the comics, Modok was a character called George Tarleton but it looks like they’ve changed things up here and honestly, I think it works better with the story. We don’t really need a big origin breakdown during the movie if he’s simply Cross and it gets us up to speed with him instantly.

Now I have some theories about how stuff is gonna go in the movie just to have a sort of narrative thing with it. So obviously we know Kang isn’t gonna lose in this film because the two upcoming Avengers movies are centred around him. So he’s probably gonna win but and it’s a big…well a little but…Scott can’t just take nothing but Ls in this movie.

Therefore I think he’s gonna get a win against Modok who is the side villain and then he’ll get beat against Kang so it’s at least like ‘well he got one win in.’

What Happens In The Quantumania Trailer?

Anyway as for Bill Murray we know that he’s gonna be playing Krylar who too is a character from the comics.

He’s had only one appearance that I can think of and that was in Incredible Hulk Issue 156. This had him living in the Micro-verse which Marvel don’t actually own the rights to. So I think they’ve changed this up to the quantum realm and that he’ll be working for Kang.

He clearly knows Janet and I actually think that she probably had a thing with him due to Hanks reaction here. We found Janet wandering the Quantum realm and my guess is that she survived so long down there because of the city. Captain Obvious I know but she probablky then escaped and started wandering the wilderness of it which is when the plot of Ant-Man and The Wasp started.

This explains why she doesn’t want to go into the Quantum realm at the start because she knows what’s down there waiting for her.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Now Cassie is going to be a big character in the film and this is the first time we’ll see her donning her own suit. In the comics she’s had many aliases including stature but at the moment she’s going under the name Stinger. I’m guessing that we’ll just be skipping over the stature thing and sticking with Stinger.

We get a couple looks at her suit in the teaser and this contains the purple colour scheme that the character is known for.

They might also go with some of her other nicknames like Ant-girl and so on but yeah that’s what I think she’ll be known as.

The comics had her stealing Hanks Pym Tech and making a suit herself but here it looks like she’s working alongisde Hank in order to save the world. Scott seems to just be a celebrity at this point who’s more focused on his ego and bragging about saving the world. Cassie on the other hand is actually putting things into action and trying to do the right thing.

We know from the d23 teaser that he’s going to get a call from her in whilst she’s in prison and that he’ll have to go and bail her out.

He of course was in prison in the first Ant-man movie because he was trying to do the right thing too and he sees this very much echoed in his daughter. However he thinks shes wasting her life when in reality shes doing something that actually matter.

I kinda have a feeling that he might take her under his wing and this will be what gets her in trouble.

This will mean it’s more crushing for him when she gets put in danger because he put her there. After the loss of Janet, Hank didn’t want to put Hope in the wasp costume because he feared that she could end up being put into perilous situations and I think this is very much the same thing with Scott.

Her introduction also pushes us further towards a Young Avengers movie. So far the MCU has been slowly slotting characters into place for this to happen and we’ve had a number of them popping up in the Diseny plus shows.

I’d actually love to see something where the avengers get defeated in Kang Dynasty and then we have a gap where the groups like the thunderbolts and Young Avengers have to fill in.

Something similar actually happened in the New 52 and when the Justice League were beaten Lex Luthor pulled together a group in the interim called Forever Evil.

I think this would be the best way to do it and hopefully we get something along those lines.

Anyway she ends up pulling them into the quantum realm after accidentally activating a device that sends them down there.

This is described as a sort of satellite that sends a signal to the quantum realm and it’s clear that this is what pulls them in. Here they meet strange looking creatures and an almost tribe like gang that don’t really seem to be part of Kangs forces.

In the d23 trailer we had a quick flash of a woman rocking some awesome God Of War face paint mixed with Hell Blade.

I’m not sure who this is but judging by the armour she mayb have been part of this group.

The graphic novel we talked about before actually had multiple versions of Ravonna renslayer so maybe it’s her. That’s a biggggggggggg reaaaaach. But just thought i’d let you know.

No matter what happened Kang kept getting involved in things that led to her death and there was many versions of her that

Again we are chumps at the channel and I wanna turn this over to you guys to see if you know who this is and if you do then drop it below. Thanks.

There’s also another one in robes and this looks slightly like Acroyear, might be them but again im not 100% sure. There’s lots of different civilisations down there beyond just kangs and we might see wars breaking out amongst the quantum realm.

Now I’ve done this trailer breakdown in a weird order because I just wanted to talk about Kang up top and then go over the new characters and additions.

Because of this we’ve kinda skipped over the main character in the movie in Scott.

Though it sounds like I’m not interested in what’s going on with him I think that he’s actually gonna get one of the most interesting arcs he’s ever gone on.

I think this movie is gonna be totally different to the Ant-Man movies that have come before and we might see him going on a journey that humbles him out.

At this point we now know that he’s pretty much a celebrity in the MCU and this has been shown across a number of things.

Ms Marvel showed us that he’d on a podcast titled Big Me Little Me and we know this filled in a lot of the details that happened in Avengers Endgame for the public. This is how characters in Multiverse Of Madness knew about the snap and so on and so forth.

Here we catch him walking through the streets smiling like he’s tobey maguire after just getting venom powers.

He returns to Baskin and Robbins where he’s named the employee of the century. He was of course fired in the first movie because Baskin and Robbins always find out. Always find out.

Here we get a better look at his new suit which now has a circle in the center of it.

He high fives a kid at a bench and you can see that he has an ant-man back pack.

He also gets called spider-man and sadly, though we know who Ant-man is, we still don’t know who was behind that mask.

In the D23 teaser we also had an extra shot of him reading a book titled Look Out For The Little Guy.

I think this entire movie is gonna be very much about humbling him out. His ego has got to big, ey and now he’s gonna be taken down a peg or two. He’s constantly going over how he saved the world and is pretty insufferable. I think at this point across the world he might even be the most famous Avenger and this is why Kang taking him down a peg or two is big news. At the heart of it this movie very much seems like it’s gonna also be a one about a father and daughter who just arent connecting. Scott got lost to the quantum realm for five years and that is time he missed out with Cassie. Instead of spending time with her though he’s so wrapped up in himself that it’s now pushed the pair apart.

I think this movie will very much be about him examining what is actually important to him and losing Cassie will push him down a path of going back to the old, ageless guy that we know and love.

Is Kang A Villain In Quantumania?

Now other cool little details are that we see them riding on the back of one of the creatures in the quantum realm. These sort of popped up when a character journeid down there and there’s very much almost an ocean feeling to the entire thing with them being like sting rays.

I think Kang also places a device into a similar machine to what messed up Ghosts particles in the last movie.

Chronolopolis itself looks like the inner workings of a clock and these circular gears all fit together in really interesting ways.

We also see Scott as Giant man too…well might be giant I dunno he’s still pretty small all things considered.

There’s also a bit where we see him running alongside himself getting Reed Richards-ed.

Im guessing this is a variant and as we know from d23, Kang asks whether he’s killed Scott before. This could be a flash back to Kang going over how he’s killed others and if we look in the bottom there are several ant-men. This might be a flash of the multiversal war that broke out with them all dying at Kangs hands.

Also goodbye yellow brick road by elton john plays throughout and this of course has ties to the wizard of oz and basically saying goodbye to reality.

It’s such a great song to have in the background that keeps the tempo up.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Now that wraps up the trailer and all the things I think you probably want to know about the movie. As for my thoughts on it I’m getting really hyped and I think that this is gonna be a great way to start phase 5. Phase 4 has kinda had it’s ups and downs and I think it’s very much just been about recovering from the snap and also focused on laying the groundwork for the next phase.

It’s kind of this interim whereas this trailer is showing us what we can expect from the whole thing.

I think Johnathan Majors really stole the show in Loki and it looks like he’s gonna be doing the same thing here. It’s gonna be a big entrance for Kang if he actually manages to take Scott out and this will set the stage of him being a f**k around and find out villain.

Personally I love the tone for this and with him being introduced in an ant-man movie I was worried that it would be a bit goofy and all over the place. I think that when it comes to jokes that the MCU sometimes misses so I’m glad they’ve kept things sincere with the character and are playing it straight.

Lots of things in this that get me really excited for what’s to come and I’d obviously love to hear your thoughts on the teaser below.

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