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UNCHARTED Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Theories & Things You Missed

uncharted movie trailer breakdown


Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka the Naughty Dog who always has a ring to his name like Nathan Drake.

The brand new trailer for Uncharted has just arrived and there’s a lot to unpack from it.

Throughout this video, we’ll be breaking down the difference between your drakes and your drakes. Mapping out all the easter eggs we could find and also giving our reaction to the movie as a whole.

Full spoilers ahead so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend that you check out now.

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With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into our Uncharted Trailer Breakdown.

Ok so when the movie was announced, Sony said that the film movie is pretty much going to be its own thing that’s separate from the game series. Because of this, it’s gonna be taking a lot of story elements from across the four but it’s pretty much gonna be an origin story.

In the games, Sully and Nate met when the latter was younger and it’s gonna be interesting to see if they bring this across or if the pair met whilst he’s working as a bartender which this movie seems to hint at.

Footage from this trailer was shown at Cinemacon all the way back in August and it looks like they’ve pretty much pulled that across and added in a few new scenes and moments that really beef up the teaser.

I actually have several platinum trophies on Uncharted but my head is so full of useless Marvel movie trivia that I’d forgotten most of what happens in the games. However, this brought it all back and it really recaptures the feel of the game series.

Now the first thing I wanna talk about is Drake’s Ring which appears in the trailer at several points.

It’s something that Naughty Dog have laced throughout a lot of their games and it’s appeared as an easter egg in things like The Last Of Us Part 2.

The ring originally belonged to Sir Francis Drake and Nate took the historical figures real name as a way to make it look like he had a lineage and connection to him. Francis didn’t actually have any children and as we learned throughout the series Drake merely adopted the moniker to pay tribute to him and his expeditions.

Inscribed on the ring are several things including the date of the 29th of January 1596 which is actually the date after Francis died which made Nate believe that he faked his own death.

There’s also the Latin text ‘Sic Parvis Magna’ which translates as Greatness From Small beginnings. With this being an origin story I really hope that the movie embodies this and judging by the first look it seems like things start off pretty small scale before ramping up to all-out action set pieces with people falling out of planes.

Now throughout the series, the ring is used in a decoder to unlock the key to puzzles and I very much feel like it’s gonna be something in the film that’s very important. In the game series the villain Katherine Marlow sought after it and the plane sequence that we see in the trailer could be hinting at her being involved in things somehow.

We’ll talk about that more later on but it’s important to bear in mind.

uncharted movie trailer breakdown

Game Comparisons

Now the costume for Holland is perfect and he also has his watch and you can tell they’ve put a lot of effort into recapturing the look of the game.

However, one thing that we’ve known about for a while is that Mark Wahlberg will not be donning Sully’s classic moustache.

When first looks at the film were released this kinda caused an uproar of first world problems but I do think that much like how Holland grows into the character that Wahlberg will too. Marky Marky did drop a video earlier in the year poking fun at people whilst wearing a fake moustache and my guess is that this is gonna turn up in a post-credits scene or something.

Now I must-ache who you think has the better moustache…Wahlberg or that summooffabitch 3c films.

God, I hate him.

Now the trailer opens with Drake and Chloe looking through a hidden tomb whilst the former narrates that there are places you can’t find hidden on any map. In the series, the first island was actually called hidden island and like Drake says it wasn’t charted….it was uncharted.

He carries a torch which is the iconography that has appeared in several of the titles. Chloe being with him is also something that happened in the games and Naughty Dog were super smart in their design as they’d have allies who were brought across so that we could have conversational character development between the small parts.

Next, we see him tending bar which is where he has some back and forth with Sully before he mentions knowing his brother Sam.

We learn that he tracked the macguffin of the movie and if Drake finds this treasure then he finds him too.

Sam didn’t show up until the fourth game and had never been brought up before this point so it’s nice that they’re actually setting up for the character’s arrival towards what will probably be the end of the movie.

Kinda think they might hold him off until a sequel and have Drake simply discover his whereabouts but moving on.

Now drake brings up Ferdinand Magellan who is believed to be the first person to sail around the world. We also learn of his ships treasure which is worth 5 billion. The boat carrying this appears in the trailer and it seems like it’s ripped right out of the end of a Thiefs End as the final location.

Just after bringing up Sam, we see Nate sailing on a boat which seems like it’s ripped from the trip that the two took in the game.

Now we don’t know if Elena is going to be in the film but we do know that Sophia Taylor Ali will be playing Chloe. Chloe didn’t show up until the second game but she was actually Drakes first real love interest and there was sort of a triangle between him, her and Elena for the second entry.

Chloe is kind of a femme fatale that you can’t really trust but you just get lost in those eyes. I think having her feature in the first movie is a super-smart move and then they can have Drake kinda get his heart broken and then he will meet Elena and play a little crash bandicoot with her.

Now speaking of female characters we also know that Tati Gabrielle will be playing a character called Braddock in the film. Gabrielle is just coming off the back of You Season 3 and she’s also starred in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She’s a great actress and though Braddock is a completely new character I believe that she’s based on Nadine. At one point we see her kicking the crap out of Sully and Nadine was really good with her fists. The locations that we see in the trailer also seem to be pulling from places that she popped up at too.
Now in Uncharted 4, the group go to an auction in Italy in which they steal an Idol. This is somewhat seen in the trailer and it’s clearly happening when they’re all suited and booted. Now following on from this they then went to the Scottish Highlands, namely the St. Dismas Cathedral. Clearly, there’s a Scottish guy in the trailer as they make a big joke out of his accent but you won’t be laughing when you get Kilt ey.

Having that ey.

Now I kinda think they’ve just put those two scenes together so they’re not flying the cast and crew around the world and spending hours scouting locations and in terms of storytelling it probably just makes the most sense. Nadine kicks the crap out of the group whilst they’re in Italy and to me, it seems like they’ve sort of just bridged it all together.

Uncharted Movie Villain

Next, we see Antonio Banderas who is clearly the villain of the film. He talks about his family and how they’ve been after this treasure for a long time. We also see him getting out of a red car which shows up at the end of the trailer flying off the back of the plane.

Though we don’t know his character name as of making this, I’m guessing that he’s a cross between Roman and Navarro, the villains from the first uncharted game.

At one point we see him looking over a cross with Nate and in the trailer, we can actually see Drake laying out maps with plans to steal this.

They also go through caves and though we don’t know if there’s a supernatural element to this movie or not, the majority of the games have one in the final act. In Drakes Fortune, they discovered zombies who had remained on the island since world war 2, and it’ll be interesting to see if these are brought across.

We see them chasing Chloe across Rooftops and also see an amazing action scene at the auction as they swing from lights that dangle from the ceiling. It’s really well put together and there is a clue that Sully might be working for the other team. He did kinda go back and forth between some of the early games which really added to their relationship but by the end of it, Drake could completely trust him.

They also have a shot at the auction where Sully sneaks around in a staff jacket and they rip the earpiece joke off from Casino Royale…I saw Bond do it.

Now the trailer ramps up to a big scene from the third game and that is the plane one. During the mission, Drake sneaks aboard one of Marlowe’s vessels as it flies out into the desert and he’s then discovered, gets thrown out the back of it and has to walk through it for what feels like a lifetime.

Here though the set-piece is the same they have changed up the location and instead Drake is now over the ocean and islands below it. I’m guessing that this is him flying to an island where the treasure is buried and either way it works pretty well.

Now we can catch him clambering up stuff and it looks exactly like how Drake jumps in the game. There are also people hanging off the back of it with him and seeing these get taken out makes it look phenomenal.

Now Drake actually manages to make it back onto the plane whereas in the game he doesn’t. However, is taken out by a red car which hurtles toward him. I was trying to remember if this car had been in a game before but I can’t quite put my finger on it. However, let me know below if you know where it’s from.

Drake is then sent out of the back of it without a parachute but if you’ve played the games then you know how he survives.

Upon falling he catches back up to some of the cargo crates and he then uses the parachute on them to float safely to the ground.

Whether they do that in the movie remains to be seen but I don’t see how else he gets out of it.

Anyway, that wraps up the trailer and sends it out with a bang.

uncharted movie trailer breakdown

Trailer Reaction

Now as for my thoughts on the movie, I’m still a bit unsure on the whole thing. Though I thought this trailer was really good, there are points where I feel like it comes across as an old 80s action movie and I just can’t vibe with a lot of the casting.

I really like Tom Holland as an actor and obviously, this role is something that he’ll grow into but for me, he just doesn’t embody Nathan Drake.

I dunno if you’ve seen the Nathan Filian short that was done but yeah, that guy basically is Nathan Drake. I know he’s probably getting to the point he’s too old to do it but that guy was Nathan Drake.

Now we are seeing such a small part of the movie so it’s difficult to judge how he’s gonna be when he’s not hanging out the back of planes and stuff but yeah, I think they’ve gone with a known actor over whether he’s perfect for the role. The way he says oh my god when the Scottish guy comes across him just doesn’t quite strike me as Drake yet but I know the guy is a good actor and that they’re probably looking at him to age up into Drake.

Now on the other side of this Mark Wahlberg is also a really weird casting for Sully and it’s kinda mind-boggling they haven’t given him a moustache.

As I said earlier I think that they’ll end up putting it on him towards the end of the movie and that video Mark posted out in response to internet backlash does seem to suggest that.

Now brushing all my criticisms to the side I have to say that they’ve really recaptured the look of the games from the set design to the costumes and just the way everything feels.

The only thing missing was 700 yellow railings but other than that it seems like they’ve really nailed the entire thing.

Kinda wild that this comes out in four months and this is the first trailer we’re getting for it but I will go see it when it drops as I’m a big fan of the games even though I can’t remember much about them.

But I swear I’ve played them, Eddie you summofffabitch.

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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