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UMBRELLA ACADEMY SEASON 2 Ending Explained Breakdown, Theories, Predictions & Full Spoiler Talk Review

The Umbrella Academy Ending Explained Full Series Spoiler Talk Breakdown

Ok so the Umbrella Academy is back in full force and throughout this video we’re gonna be breaking down everything that happens in the second season, explaining the ending and giving our season 3 predictions.

Obviously there will be Heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything ruined then I recommend that you turn off now.

If you’re still here, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Breakdown

The series picks up almost immediately after the events of the first season and it centers around the students of the academy attempting to avert the apocalypse.

The second season is loosely based on the second graphic novel, titled Dallas and it follows the group as they travel through time to once more stop Armageddon.

Whilst the Umbrella Siblings all traveled at the exact moment on April 1st 2019, they were all dropped off at different points in time which leads to Klaus and Ben being dropped off in 1960, Allison in 61, Luther 62, Diego September 63, Vanya in October of the same year and number Five a mere month behind her.

What’s alarming is that the timeline has drastically changed because of their interventions and thus America is at War with Russia which inevitably leads to them firing nukes at one another.

From the off the series really grabs your attention and seeing the team murder the Ruskies to I did it my way instantly reminds you of why you fell in love with the series in the first place.

It’s down to Number Five to stop doomsday before it happens and this is where the main thrust of the plot comes from. With Elliot, a UFO obsessive that has been studying the time jump he tracks down Diego who is in a mental institution due to to trying to prevent the assassination of JFK.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Easter Eggs JFK Spoilers Plot

JFK Easter Eggs And Real-Life Similarities

Now the show ties in heavily with the real-life conspiracy theories that surround it. During the infamous moment in which the President was killed, there was actually a woman who later became known as the Babushka Lady that filmed the entire event. She was asked to come forward but never did and her footage was never found even though it could have shed light on one of the biggest mysteries of the past 100 years.

We actually see her footage appear in the season and learn that it was stolen which ties in nicely with how the true history is built upon.

There is also the mysterious umbrella man that was at the scene and though in real life we never learned who this actually was, the show reveals that this is in fact Hargreeves, the founder of the academy. He’s involved the Majestic 12 who, if you follow conspiracy theories you’ll be well aware of. They’re basically the Illuminati of the UFO community and people believe that they are a secret committee of scientists, military leaders and government officials that have their hand in manipulating world events.

They’re one of the major groups in the entry that make you question Hargreeve’s allegiances which we’ll get into further in the video.

Now throughout the first half of the season Five tries to track down the family and reunite them in stopping the apocalypse before it happens.

Where The Umbrella Academy Are

Vanya is living with a family of three made up of Sissy, Carl and their son Harlan. She suffers from amnesia, unable to remember any of the events which led to her destroying the planet. Vanya takes care of Harlan who possesses autism and she actually saves his life at one point in the series, using her power to resurrect him which passes on her abilities to the boy. Luther makes money as an enforcer for Jack Ruby, and in real-life this was actually the person that murdered Lee Harvey Oswald, the man apparently responsible for killing Kennedy.

We actually see him pick up a gun in the final few minutes, likely going to hunt down either Harvey Oswald or Luther himself who is suspected of the crime.

Klaus becomes a cult leader and Allison lives as a housewife helping to advance civil rights with her husband Ray.

The Temp Commission

On the other side of the coin is The Handler who survived being shot by Hazel in the last season. Alongside her is of course the Temps Commission and their Swedish triplet soldiers which spend the majority of the season hunting down the group in order to remove them from the time stream.

In addition to this, she uses her surrogate daughter Lila to pose as an asylum inmate in order to get close to Diego. The two escape the compound together and we learn about her being The Handler’s mole.

Much like Hargreaves and the academy, The Handler scooped the child up and raised her as her own, training her to be a weapon and pretty much forcing her into a life of duty and servitude in order to further the organization’s goals. We learn that the Handler and Five actually killed Lilas parents because the former wanted to use her as a weapon. Lila is one of the 43 children with special gifts that was born on the 1st of October 1989 and her abilities are to mimic other’s powers. This is how throughout the season she’s able to fight like Diego whilst also being able to keep one step ahead of 5 and his teleportation abilities.

At the top of the group is their shubunkin goldfish leader, Carmichael. Fans of the comics will know the character well and he was pretty much Five’s boss during his time with the Temps. Carmichael possesses a genius-level intellect and he gained the ability to talk. In the comics he’s described as having the strategic instincts of Nathan Bedford Forrest and this makes him a master at keeping the timeline intact.

The Umbrella Academy Ending Explained Full Series Spoiler Talk Breakdown

A Great Second Season

Now throughout the series there are some really great moments and from the off, I think this probably bettered the first entry in every way. Vanya accidentally probably starts the crop circle phenomena and begins a relationship with the mother of the family she’s with, Klaus visits Dave before the two ever met in the Vietnam war to varying degrees of success, Lila, Five and Diego infiltrate the Mexican Consulate in order to get Hargreeves and the entry is pretty packed. It’s here that they come across Grace and I loved seeing her and Pogo pop up in the season even though we know what happens to the both of them in their later lives.

After the midpoint of the season the family meets with their father in the past and it’s one of the best scenes in the entire series. They all go through their powers with him and he completely shouts Diego down. You really get the idea of the psychological power that he has over them and Hargreaves is fascinating to watch.I actually think this scene plays massively into the ending and considering we never actually get that many interactions between them all as a family I really appreciated this scene.

Hargreeves Explained

We learn that Hargreeves is involved in the Kennedy assassination plot and though he didn’t wish for the president to be killed, its clear that he is someone that would benefit from his death. Now if you’ve read the comics then you’ll know that Hargreeves is actually an alien masquerading in human form. This is revealed at the end of the season and it’s a brilliant moment.

The reason that the character actually got involved with the Majestic 12 is that he is interested in gaining access dark side of the moon. So yeah, that explains why he’s an Olympic gold medalist, inventor athlete, YouTubing podcaster that’s able to develop simians to the level Pogo is at.

This reveal was actually teased all the way back in season 1 when we saw the character comforting his dying lover before exiting the property to watch rockets blasting off into the sky.

We learn very little about the character’s origins in the show and about the same amount in the comics.

All that we discover is the following passage:

For reasons unknown, Sir Reginald set out with his bodyguard Abhijat aboard his private vessel, The Minerva, rumored to be powered by the remains of King Amen-Kharej IV (an Egyptian monarch).

So yeah, very little we know but hopefully we learn more in the third season.

With the death of Kennedy, the advancements to space travel will be pushed further and thus America will beat Russia to the moon and he will be able to get there quicker by this aligning himself with the American forces. This moon mission hinted at in the first season with Luther of course been station out there at his father’s behest.

Time Travelling Shenanigans

The handler also drops information to the triplets, I mean twins on Diego’s location and they go after the group, promising to spare number 5. They kill Elliot and 5 meets with the Handler at her hideout. She promises to cancel the apocalypse in the future as long as he kills the board so that she can take over.

5 travels to 1982 and takes out the board by turning into an ax-wielding murderer that carves most of them up and smashes Carmichael’s fish tank in. It’s just not cricket but he takes him back to the sixties.

Unfortunately, they miss the window to travel back to the future due to the issues thrown at them. This forces 5 to interact with his past self in order to be better prepared for what’s coming.

Now what holds the group up is an awesome scene with Allison getting to bust out her rumour powers whilst Backstreets back thumps away. Diego is kidnapped by Lila and Vanya faces off against forces sent in by Carl, the husband of her lover and their son Harlan.

Umbrella Academy Spoiler Talk Ending Explained Season 3 Theories

Why The Apocalypse Happens

This leads to the FBI interrogating her under the belief that she is a Russian spy. During this, she begins to recall the events that led to the apocalypse in the first place. We learn made her unleash her powers and this coincidentally happened just as JFK’s motorcade was passing the FBI headquarters in Dallas. JFK survived the event and before becoming lined up in the crosshairs of Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle the convoy sped away. Because Vanya blew up the FBI building, it was thought that the attack was actually supposed to be on that to send a message to the president.

As Vanya was believed to be a Russian informant he assumed that it was the Soviets that attacked the location which starts a war between the two countries and thus the apocalypse begins.

Her powers fully manifest and they connect to Harlan which freaks his father out and he tries to take him to an asylum. Sissy holds him up at gunpoint and Harlan gets caught in the crossfire of Carl trying to wrestle the weapon from her. Because he now possesses Vanya’s power the bullet backfires and kills his dad something that Vanya likely wanted to do to her own father.

We watch as the family try to prevent her from bringing forth the end of the world once more and Ben possesses her. Inside her mind he discovers the white violin which in the comic books is the villainess name that the character goes under.

Ben’s Second Death

Ben actually comforts her and makes her realize that it’s not her fault what’s happened to the world and that it was due to the actions of her family. He says that they treated her badly but still love her and that they’re on the outside are fighting for her which is something worth remembering.

Due to Ben actually completing what he’s been hanging around for which is making sure that the family are ok he leaves the land of the living and can finally be at peace which…I’m not crying you’re crying.

This stops the dark path that Vanya was supposed to go on but Diego actually causes more issues which we will get into in just a bit.

Meanwhile, we watch as older 5 descends into Paradox Psychosis whilst younger 5…who looks older…yes it gets confusing, strikes up a deal with Luther to off the older 5 and then travels to 2019 to stop Vanya ending the world there.

At the temp’s commission the truth about five killing Lila’s parents is revealed and The Handler manipulates the situation to pin it on Diego too due to her being worried that her daughter will end up becoming closer to him.

Angered at Carmichael’s attempts to reveal the truth she swallows him and Luther and older 5 send his younger version through the portal to 2019.

The Paradox

Now this closes the paradox loophole and allows most of the first season to happen, however it also confirms that there is an alternate timeline as the 5 that went back was likely was still in his older body due to knowing the correct calculations to travel. There’s a lot of alternate possibilities and timelines going on in the show and this is an important thing to bear in mind as we get into the ending.

Unfortunately, the time briefcase that younger Five was carrying is destroyed and thus the group cannot travel back to the present.

Aware of what they were up to in regards to attempting to stop the Kennedy assassination, Hargreaves instead sent a plant which Diego tracks down and the president is killed as he was supposed to be.

Hargreaves however did not want this to happen and he goes to the Majestic 12, killing them after they threaten to reveal who he really is.

The Umbrella Academy Episode 10 Breakdown

The final episode we learn that since the Kennedy assassination they’ve become the most wanted people in the world. It’s at this time that Vanya becomes aware of Harlan freaking out on Sissy’s snow-covered farm and the family travel together to her farm tailed by the last of the triplets.

The Handler materializes with the entire temp commission to take down the Academy for what 5 did to the board. The show devolves into all-out action with bullets flying towards the group, however, Vanya wipes all of them out except for The Handler and Lila.

Lila’s abilities are revealed and her and 5 go head to head.

She tells 5 that he murdered her parents but he retorts that The Handler was actually behind it and that she came with him on the job in order to get her. The family embraces her as one of them but The Handler arrives and shoots them all with an Uzi before being killed by the last surviving member of the triplets who discovered that she set him and his brothers up.

As he stands over 5 about to kill him, the character uses the last of his strength to reverse time to the moment before The Handler arrived and he stops her from taking them out. She’s still killed by the Swede who decides to leave the group alive.

Vanya rushes to Harlan and absorbs his powers and saves the day. Herb and his assistant from the Temps Commission arrive and reveal that he’s been elected as the new head of the board. Vanya goes to Sissy to try and take her and Harlan to the future but Sissy realises that they’ll always live in danger if they go. It’s heartbreaking to watch but also bittersweet at the same time. Sissy now can be herself because of what Vanya has brought out in her and they agree to go their separate ways with her traveling to Mexico whilst Harlan shows he still possesses powers.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending Explained

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending

Ray finds a letter from Allison detailing how things will get worse before they get better, Dave enlists in the army and the final Swede takes up Klaus’s place as the leader of his cult.

Jack Ruby watches the death of the president and picks up his gun. He may end up hunting for Luther, or at least getting his offspring to or he could be going after Harvey Oswald, obviously, let me know which one you think below.

The group take the briefcase and travel back to 2019, one day after the apocalypse originally happened to see that their father is still in the land of the living.

Hargreeves states that this is now the Sparrow academy and we see there are more super-powered children, including Ben who is still alive. The Sparrow Academy is actually the name of the 4th Umbrella Academy book which is supposed to center around the other 36 children born on the same day as the super-powered beings. I think that the next season will sort of combine volume 3 and 4 but you’re probably wondering what has exactly happened.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending Explained

Well from a version of 5 meeting his older self which never happened and then traveling back in time whilst being in his older body we know that there can exist alternate realities and timelines. This is also shown in the opening of the season in which we see a version of the timeline where the apocalypse still happens.

Now if I know Hargreeves, and let’s be honest I don’t, but from what I do know, he’s a very stubborn…thing, and I think the meeting that he had with the group wouldn’t have happened originally, however the fact it did massively altered things. The man in the Babushka ladies footage clearly was the character but he sent a body double instead after learning of the Academy’s mission, showing that he used the knowledge they gave him to change future events.

Thus, I think meeting the group like this and seeing that they were all over the place would’ve put him off trying to adopt them and therefore he would pick others from the 43 children that we know were born with special abilities. His stubbornness to accept them in any form is also shown in the change of the academy’s name as he likely wants to distance himself from what has come before.

It’s also possible that because Harlan was gifted with abilities all the way back in the 60s that the timeline itself has changed and he may have went off the deepend which forced the academy to be formed sooner. Who knows he may even be a member as we see a character levitating something just like how he did with the bird.

The Sparrow Academy?

This bird does look a lot like a sparrow and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s dropped her and the academy is called the Sparrow academy. He would’ve likely been the world’s first superhero and due to his age, it is possible that Hargreeves called it the Sparrow Academy in tribute of him but there are other possibilities that could happen.

I also think that due to Grace in the past discovering what Hargreeves was up to and then likely seeing JFK murdered not long after that she has stepped away from the character, probably taking Pogo with her. Pogo would be alive in this timeline if he was still at the academy due to Vanya not being there.

Now the biggest twist in all of this is that Ben is alive and by the looks of it he’s the leader. This is cemented by his picture which hangs in Hargreeve’s place. Ben was one of the most powerful members of the family and with Vanya, not in this timeline, it looks like he actually may have become that. Thus his death, the events that led to it, and more did not happen likely because they were caused by the academy. Ben in the comics was known as The Horror and it looks like the character has turned to the dark side and I think for the third season the Hargreeves will have to face off against this group in a sort of superhero showdown.

The third volume, Hotel Oblivion actually centers around developing the greater universe as there becomes an increasing amount of super-powered lunatics running around.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Theories

I think this will be brought across to the third season and rather than ending the apocalypse it will center on ending superpowered beings perhaps altogether. I actually have a feeling that Harlan may be a supervillain that Vanya may have to reconnect with in order to stop and they will also have to bring Ben back to the light after revealing what he was really like in their dimension.

In the third volume the group fracture off and do their own thing and who knows, maybe season 3 will pick up far in the future with them having to deal with living in a timeline that isn’t their own. The first season dealt with them living apart from one another, the second season dealt with them living in the 60s and carving out a life there and it’s likely the third will follow this sort of aesthetic.

We’re in for a big treat and hopefully, it isn’t too long before we see them back on our screens.

Your Thoughts

Anyway that’s our thoughts on the show and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the season. Comment below and let me know.

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