TRANSFORMERS War for Cybertron Trilogy SIEGE En...

TRANSFORMERS War for Cybertron Trilogy SIEGE Ending Explained + EARTHRISE Post Credits Scene Breakdown

transformers war for cybertron trilogy siege ending explained

Transformers War For Cybertron is now out on Netflix and throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new show and it’s ending.

Obviously there’s gonna be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the full series yet then you better transform this video into a none spoiler review real fast.

With all that out the way, welcome to the heavy spoilers show, now let’s get into our Transformers Breakdown.

Transformers: War For Cybertron Plot Breakdown

Ok so Seige is the first in the War For Cybertron trilogy which is set to be debuting on Netflix over the next couple of years.

It’s a sort of reimagining of the war between The Autobots and Decepticons and will be predominantly retelling the original series with a couple of updates and additions.

The show sets the scene with the Decepticons ruling over Cybertron and possessing complete control of the entire planet.

As always their leader is Megatron and he wishes to crush the Autobot uprising before they can take back power.

Imagine, the opening scene of Bumblebee but for an entire series and you pretty much have the outline of the show. If you’re like me then that was the best part of that movie and it’s great to see us get a full rendition of it here in anime.

The AllSpark

Now as with most rebel uprising entertainment, every story needs it’s macguffin. Whether it’s the Death Star plans, the Power Stone or the one ring to rule them when the forces of good are facing down against an almost unbeatable empire, they need something to make the job easier.

For the Autobots, it is of course the Allspark, the infamous ancient artifact that has the ability to bring machines to life. The Allspark was actually responsible for the creation of the Cybertrons and if you’re caught up with Transformers lore then you’ll be well aware of it.

Little is known about its origins but we do know that it kickstarted the first dynasty of Primes and those that served them.

The show centers around the Decepticons and Autobots wrestling for control over it whilst several subplots take place.

There’s really four campaigns going on at the same time and these all sort of connecting for the one overarching goal of getting off-world with the Allspark. On the other side of the coin is the Decepticons who wish to take the Allspark and using it’s abilities unleash a powerful wave of programming that will reformat all of the Autobots.

transformers war for cybertron trilogy siege ending explained

Mixed Reviews?

That’s pretty much the plot of Seige and though it’s getting mixed reviews online I definitely think that there’s a lot to enjoy here in terms of the story. I don’ think it quite lives up to the original work, however, if you’re a Transformers fan and let’s face it who isn’t you’ll find it a blast. The show is absolutely gorgeous looking and considering this is animated there were a lot of times that I thought everything looked photorealistic.

The Autobots have to retrieve the Allspark, repair the Spacebridge and also collect enough Energon to give power to the Ark which will transport them away.

Optimus and co goes after the main item, Ratchet the Spacebridge and Bumblee Bee the Energon.


Bumblebee actually gets a lot to do this season and he’s a sort of scavenger only interesting in surviving day to day. He’s not really into the idea of fighting as part of an uprising but as the season goes on he becomes more and more indebted to the cause of course becoming the more classic version that we’ve come to know and love.

This ideology is reflected throughout several of the Autobots themselves and many are interested purely in avoiding exctinction for as long as they can but Optimus sees that in the long run, they are merely delaying the inevitable rather than ending it.

Thus they must fight in order to reach the day they no longer have to fight…man I sound so cool doing that.

There are obviously dissenters amongst the Autobot ranks and Ultra Magnus goes to Megatron with the hope of striking up a peace treaty in order to avoid anymore oilshed. It’s here that he learns of their plan to gain the Allspark and he sends out a warning to his allies.

Using a stockpile of highly concentrated Energon they lay a trap for the group and attack when the Autobots try to retrieve it. Bumblebee actually manages to get away with it and he goes to the group with the material.

Megatron executes Ultra Magnus after he leads them on a wild goose chase and using propaganda, publicly ends the truce between the Autobots and Decepticons. He also orders Shockwave to unleash the Anti-Autobot virus and this severely depletes the Autobot numbers.

There are several members of the Decepticon forces such as Jetfire that disagree with how dishonorable this is and the show tackles complicated themes like patriotism and following certain believes.

Decepticons Stay Decepticoning

Impacter is a key example that shows being Patriotic doesn’t also mean blindly following the Government and orders especially if you know them to be wrong.

I love how some question what it actually means to win and if you betray your principles and beliefs, does that mean you betray what you were fighting for in the first place?

It’s really interesting and adds a lot of subtext to the show.

Now it’s revealed that Bumblebee had the Alpha Trion Protocols uploaded to his brain from Ultra Magnus the instant that the character was killed. This massively changes his perspective and the wealth of knowledge he gains alters how he views the war and life.

This is mirrored in the Guardians who Optimus goes to seeking aide. Similar to Bumblebee they initially refuse to get involved in the conflict even though it will have severe repercussions to the planet. Though it seems like the pleas fall of deaf ears Omega Supreme does eventually join the fight showing that inaction is not always the right option.

After all evil triumphs when good men…I mean machines fail to act and I really appreciated that the show was laced with the notion that though it’s easier to sometimes keep out of trouble, it isn’t always the right thing to do.

With the Alpha Trion protocols, the Autobots gain a wealth of knowledge on how to fight back and also the location of the Allspark.

Bumblebee fully joins their forces which takes us towards the final act of the series.

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War For Cybertron Ending

Optimus and his group travel into the hazardous rust lands to retrieve the Allspark and Shockwave uploads the Virus to Ultra Magnus in order to destroy Alpha Trion’s code no matter where it may be.

To make matters worse the virus greatly affects the Autobot numbers and the Alpha Trion code is wiped from Bumblebees head. Against all odds, though the group succeeds and they manage to retrieve the Allspark and Energon and repair the space bridge.

Optimus rides there with the Allspark whilst Elita-1 and her forces try to create a distraction for the Decepticons.

Unfortunately, Megatron realizes that Optimus is heading to the Spacebridge with the Allspark and the two face down there. It’s a brilliant battle and I love actually seeing the two face off against one another. They don’t get much screen time against each other in the series so seeing them actually duke it out was brilliant.

Megatron sees Optimus as a traitor for wishing to destroy the planet that they live on and juxtaposing this Optimus sees his tyranny as something that has instead led to it’s downfall. It really makes you feel like Cybertron is lost and Optimus himself also loses the fight against Megatron. Luckily Bumblebee stops Megatron from taking the Allspark and in this moment Optimus launches the Allspark into the Sparcebridge, sending it to parts unknown.

Impacter sacrifices himself and Elita-1 launches the Ark, heading towards the Spacebridge to provide a vessel for the Autobots to escape the planet.

Omega Supreme

Just as it seems the Decepticons are closing in Omega Supreme arrives and fights on the side of the Autobots for the good of Cybertron.

Seeing the Gigantic titan take them down is excellent and I loved watching the massive machine decimate the Decepticons. It buys the Autobots time to flee to the Ark but just as they’re about to escape, Elita-1 decides to stay behind.

You get the feeling that she and Optimus were really close but due to the Duty that she feels towards protecting the planet against Megatron’s forces, she decides to remain and fight, possibly dividing the Decepticons attention which will, of course, give the Autobots more of a chance to get away.

As they arrive at the Spacebridge it seems to explode, potentially killing all of the Autobots onboard. This leaves Elita-1 wondering whether her friends made it out or not but she vows to continue the fight in honor of them.

Jetfire arrives to beef up the numbers and you really get the feeling that even if their allies are potentially gone they won’t stop fighting.

But what of the fate of the Ark?

Transformers War For Cybertron SIEGE Ending Explained

I don’t think you need to be Alpha Trion to know that the Ark actually made it off the planet and after the series comes to a close we are treated to a cool little post-credit teaser in which we see the lights of the Teletraan-1 power-up. This cements that the Autobots did indeed escape Cybertron and that they survived the trip through the space bridge.

Teletraan-1 is the sentient computer system that runs the Autobots Ark and thus it activating showcases everything onboard is ok.

Now there are primarily two theories surrounding this. The first one says that the Autobots made it to Earth and that the military or other agencies are coming to investigate what crash-landed on the planet, the second is that they are in space and have encountered other life forms.

We can confirm that it is indeed the latter due to what we see just before Teletraan-1 powers up.

You really have to turn your brightness up to see it and if you’re running Netflix with 4k Dolby vision then you probably missed it but just before the computer activates we can indeed see it floating in the vast emptiness of space.

So they have indeed come across someone.

The Quintessons?

Who this is is up in the air but it is likely the Quintessons due to the fact that a new toyline has been launched for the series.

The Quuintessons are actually an ancient race that is known as Galaxy Wide traders and businessmen. They possess advanced technology and travel the universe looking for life forms to deal with.

Thus it does make sense that an unknown vessel in space coming across the Ark would be interested in investigating it.

I actually think that the Ark may be very low on power and thus they will trade with them in order to find a way to repair the ship and continue their journey to the Allspark.

Now as for the Allspark, though we don’t know for definite where exactly it is, the fact that the next part of the trilogy is called Earthrise does give it away.

I think that next time Optimus Prime will take his forces to Earth and this will hammer home Megatrons’ comments on how the Autobots were happy to devastate other planets with their war.

Let’s face it, they have to make it to Earth at some point in order to tie in more with the transformers legacy that has come before, and with a title like Earthrise, it does make a lot of sense.

Did Omega Supreme Survive?

On top of this, another big question that hangs over the show is “what happened to Omega Supreme?”

Well, personally I think that the character actually perished in the explosion that we saw at the bridge. I’ve seen a number of theories saying that he may have gone with the Autobots but I’m not exactly sure if this is the case.

Personally I think that his death will snap the Guardians out of their apathy and they will realize that this war will eventually reach them if they don’t act quickly. This will force them to all choose a side and it will definitely elevate the series in several ways.

Megatron will of course be worried that the Guardians may actually join the battle and thus I think he will either try and win them over or exterminate them completely.

I feel like next time we will see the war continue on Cybertron whilst Optimus and his forces try to obtain the Allspark on Earth. I think Megatron will send key Decepticon plays to get them and we will see as the war plays out across the universe with the Guardians becoming involved too.

I also think that though the alpha trion protocols may be gone from bumblebees head that there will be a way to retrieve them and this will provide the autobots with information on what to do next.

The Autobots getting left behind on Cybertron is a really interesting aspect and hey, I’m hyped for what comes next.

Transformers War For Cybertron Review

Ok so what did I think of the series as a whole, well whilst this is getting called too dark and too short I actually disagree. I think when the trilogy is fully available and we have the entire arc, excuse the pun, things will make a lot more sense and there will be a lot more dynamism to the piece.

For a first chapter, I think this brilliantly put the pieces in place for a lot of potential avenues in the future.

Sure it wasn’t perfect but I think when the dust settles on the entire trilogy this will be a lot better as a part oner.

Overall I had fun with War For Cybertron and this easy binge gets a…


Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show and it’s ending. Comment below and let me know.

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