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THOR Love And Thunder Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene, Breakdown + Review

It’s time to celebrate Thorsday with a bang as we’re gonna be breaking down the ending of Thor Love And Thunder. The new Marvel movie has a lot to unpack from it and its final few scenes set up a lot of things for the future.

I am the God Of Spoilers giving you one warning before we get into it so if you haven’t checked it out then go find something else to watch!

The Theme

The film ends with both Jane and Gorr dying with the latter entrusting Thor to look after his daughter Love. Love is played by Chris Hemsworth’s real-life daughter and his son also makes an appearance as a younger version of Odinson. Thematically the movie is very much about love, loss and also finding love beyond the loss when the heart starts to heal. This is reflected in Love who Thor ends up taking care of at the end of the film. He wields Mljonir whilst she wields Stormbreaker and he raises her as his own kid, making breakfast for her and getting her ready for what’s to come.

However, it’s very bitter-sweet as Jane isn’t there and the first major thing I wanna talk about is her death and the post-credits scene. In that we watch her reach the gates of Vahalla and here she’s greeted by none other than Heimdall who of course was killed at the beginning of Infinity War.

Jane & Thor’s History

Now the story of Jane is heavily based on the Mighty Thor run and if you go off that, there’s actually a big chance that she’s gonna come back.

Now in both the comics and film, we pick up with Jane as a cancer patient who is going through chemotherapy. The outlook is pretty bleak and it’s through this that she’s led into becoming The Mighty Thor. Now in the source material, Jane received her diagnosis whilst Thor was off fighting Gorr in a book that we’ll talk about in just a bit.

She underwent treatment and whilst this was going on, Thor ended up becoming unworthy due to a fight with Nick Fury. Mjolnir was left on the moon and from here it reached out to Jane who then travelled to it with the help of Heimdall. Upon reaching it she gained the power of the God which took her from a Thordinary woman into the Mighty version that she ended up becoming.

Now in the film, we discover that Jane and Thor spent a lot of time together between the events of The Dark World and Ragnarok. They were great, in love, she’d go do science, he’d go fight battles, and they lived together for some time. However, the pair grew apart due to their insecurities and she ended up breaking up with him by leaving a note.

Really great sequence of events and an important part in this montage is that we learn Thor told Mjolnir to protect Jane at all costs. Similar to how Odin created a sigil upon uttering the worthiness spell in the first film, doing this also binds the Hammer to her which ends up being the reason that the pair become linked.

Jane’s Treatment

In the film, we catch up with Jane as she’s going through Chemotherapy and see a patient reading her book The Foster Theory which we first heard being discussed all the way back in the first Thor movie. This involved the idea that one could travel through gateways in space and we get a little reference to the wormhole explanation from Event Horizon and Interstellar.

Eric Selvig can’t cure her cancer, there’s a visit from Darcy and Lady Sif also helps to set up the rules that one must die in battle to get into Vahalla which we’ll talk about in just a bit.

There’s also a nod to Sif’s costume in the comics as well as the Thunderstrike Thor one that he wore in the 90s.

Mighty Thor Kills Jane

She ventures out to New Asgard which is overseen by King Valkyrie and the pieces of the hammer are on display there. There’s also a play with Matt Damon as Loki once more, Sam Neil as Odin, and Luke Hemsworth as Thor. This time though they’re joined by Melissa McCarthy who’s playing Hela.

Now after Jane gets Mjolnir she ends up gaining the power of Thor but this also worsens her cancer. We get the reason for this discussed in much greater detail and it basically boils down to this. Because Thor is a God the cells in his body are strengthened and his immune system is extremely powerful. This makes it capable of wiping out all toxins and diseases within seconds and this ends up backfiring on Jane.

Because the chemotherapy drugs attack cells, a God’s body would see this as a threat and instantly wipe out the treatment in the blood. However, because all of the cells within a God’s body are hardened the tumour itself also became more resilient and this killed Jane faster than it would’ve had she not become Thor.

Now throughout the movie, she teams up with Odinson and together they set out on a quest to stop Gorr The God Butcher.

The constant transformations end up taking a toll on her body and by the end of the film, she dies in his arms. Throughout the movie, there are jokes about how she can’t nail down a catchphrase and she whispers it into his ear at the end.

Thor says it’s perfect and though we don’t hear what it is…I’d like to think it’s something really stupid like every Rose has its Thor.

Now, this arc is similar to the comics and in those, she transformed one last time to stop Mangog from destroying Asgard. Here it’s a lot simpler but we can actually see where things go in the comics to roughly plot out how she’ll return.

Becoming a Valkyrie (comics)

Now she comes across Heimdall at the gates of Vahalla and because she died in battle she’ll be able to enter it. In the comics, something similar happened but Thor ended up calling her consciousness back and he channelled the God Tempest through the broken Mjolnir which ended up resurrecting her.

Jane vowed to focus on the second chance she’d been given and she turned away from being The Mighty Thor to focus on her chemotherapy. She ended up beating the disease and eventually, Jane became A Valkyrie which is how I think that Jane will return. I can see a bit of a break before her next appearance but I do think that the post-credit scene at Vahalla teases that they are following the same story. I think that she will return to the land of the living because fate wills it so and that she and Thor will end up raising Love together, instilling in her the best qualities that they both have.

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Gorr The God Butcher

Now Gorr is an incredible villain in the film and Christian Pale really brings his all as the God Butcher who’s here to murder everyone in the heavens along with Paul Allen.

His arc in the movie is heavily based on the Thor God Of Thunder run in which he made his debut. In that book, we got a really in-depth look at his psyche and discovered that he came from a barren wasteland where he had to fight to survive every single day. Because the people of the planet had so little they became devoutly religious and they’d cry out to the Gods every day to help them. If they survived they believed that the Gods had blessed them with whatever scrap of food or water that they came across and they became highly superstitious. Gorr’s mother was killed in front of him when he was very young and though he escaped her final words instilled in him the feeling that he should always look to higher powers for help.

However after the death of his wife and child, he started to curse the Gods and fearing retribution for having a blasphemer amongst them, his tribe cast him out to die in the cruel wastelands. At this point, he came across two Gods duelling that had crash-landed on the planet and one carried with them the Necrosword, a powerful blade that in the comics is carried by the God Knull.

Here due to bloody Sony, f**king Sony, Marvel didn’t include him likely because Sony would make them sign a contract where they acknowledge Morbius exists and that he’s gonna be in the thunderbolts or something.

Anyway, the Golden God wins but badly beaten he cried out to Gorr for help. Gorr realised that these Gods he’d worshipped were weak and self-centred and he vowed to kill them all for not liking the video and subscribing.

Now the prologue of the film changes things up and in that we join Gorr and his daughter who are left in the sweltering ruins of their home planet. She ends up dying and he wanders the wasteland until he comes across a lush oasis which is occupied by the God that he’d prayed to. Similar to the comics he’d just defeated the wielder of the Necrosword and he’s there basking in the glory whilst Gorr is at death’s Gorr.


Now Gorr pleads to him to deliver the divine reward that was promised to his followers but the God mocks him which leads to the Necrosword reaching out to Gorr. Before the God can kill him he claims his first victim and it shows him a flash of Eternity.

He utters the words all Gods must die and goes after each one of them like they Odin money.

Ey, Odin money, that’s a good un.

Thor’s Mission

Now the film also takes other notable elements from the graphic novel run as we get the story narrated to us by Korg. He pops up telling the story at several points and in the comics Thor actually narrated the tale to one of the youngsters on the planet. He’d arrived there to find that there were no Gods which led him to discover that the ones who ruled over it had been taken out by Gorr but Korg recounts the times that Thor fell in love.

He’s now decided to cut himself off from it and now just travels with the Guardians, believing his only purpose is to be a warrior that people call upon. Starlord shares some similarities with him as he lost Gamora similar to how Thor loses Jane but he hammers home the idea that it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved before.

After learning of Gorr he sets out to his next target at New Asgard and Thor comes across Jane. Gorr ends up kidnapping the children of New Asgard including Heimdall’s kid Axel which confirms the fan theory that Heimdall f**ked.

They’re taken by Gorr and Axel reaches out to Thor Heimdall-style and using a tourist boat, Thor and co out across the cosmos to recruit an army of The Gods. There’s a nod to Tom Cruises film cocktail and they arrive at Omnipotence City.

Omnipotence City

In the comics, this was an area that Thor travelled to as it housed the Hall Of The Lost, a library that contained details on every missing God. It basically created a roadmap for Thor to trace Gorr’s butchering and here he came across Falligar The Behemoth who he also runs into in the movie. The shot looks exactly the same as how it does in the comics but instead of being the Hall Of The Lost, Omnipotence City actually is housing a ceremony hosted by Zeus.


Lots of cameos here including Gods, Dragons and Celestials who of course appeared in the tv spot. It would be the perfect place to have a Gorr recruitment drive but Zeus is very much showboating and he refuses to join the fight. Telling the crowd there’s nothing to fear he actually admits to Thor that he’s terrified and he’s a good example of why you should never meet your heroes. Thor grew up idolising him and he was Thor’s childhood hero, however, this shatters his view of the Gods and he sort of reflects Gorr’s questioning of the deities.

Now Thor believes that Zeus killed Korg and he ends up catching one of his lightning bolts which he then launches back at him, seemingly killing him too.

Zeus and Hercules

I say seemingly because as we learn in the other post-credits scene, the God is actually alive and he’s p*****d. Russell Crowe will likely be returning as the big bad for the next film as he and pretty much everyone hates Thor.

He talks about how people used to worship Gods without even knowing whether they existed or not and how times have changed. They used to pray for lightning and rain but now when they look to the sky they want to see Superheroes. Zeus wants everyone to become God-fearing once more and he will no doubt reign terror on the worshippers that turned their back on him.

Zeus is also joined by his son Hercules who we see is played by Brett Goldstein. You might recognise him from Ted Lasso, Derek and The Pact.

Hercules has been a major part of Marvel comics for a while now and due to the character being out of copyright they’ve milked him like a Homelander scene.

Now, having all the myths and legends tied to the character made it easy to flesh out his backstory and in the comics, he’s got the exact same origin story. This includes his banishment from Olympus, his Twelve Labours and everything they covered in the Disney movie that they’re now making into a live-action movie.

In the comics, he’s had several run-ins with Thor over the millennia and he once led a crusade against his Viking followers.

The pair had somewhat of a rivalry in the past, however, for the majority of their time together they’ve been allies. Hercules has been part of The Avengers and during the New Labours run, he stated that Thor was one of his mightiest friends.

Therefore I think that he will actually end up working with the God Of Thunder and that they’ll end up fighting his father along with Love and potentially Jane as a Valkyrie.

This has some basis in the comics and Zeus was put on trial shortly after the events of Secret Invasion. This was carried out by his brother Pluto and though it was pretty much a mock trial used purely to determine his guilt, they could adapt it into upcoming films.

As I said, Zeus was found guilty and he was forced to drink from the River Lethe which turned him into a child, possibly signifying where things can go in the future without turning Thor into a God Butcher himself. I think this is why they did the fake-out in the film as it kinda defeats the point of taking out Gorr if Thor is murdering Gods himself.

Gorr in the Comics

Anyway, he ends up taking the Gods thunderbolt and they set out on a journey to the Shadow Realm. In the comics, Gorr had found a way to travel through time, lots of timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff and we actually met three versions of Thor in the comic. One from the past, present and a much older version of the God who had been fighting Gorr for 900 years.

In this dystopian world, Gorr had kidnapped several of the young Gods and he had them working on a device known as the God Bomb which was capable of destroying every single God throughout the timeline. The three Thors battled it out with Gorr and all the Gods prayed to Thor which granted him enough power to absorb the bomb.

He was aided by Gorr’s son who turned against his father after realising that he had killed his mother. She had been brought back by Gorr and she patiently waited until the day he’d killed all the Gods so that they could spend some time together like my wife when I tell her we can go on holiday once the MCU ends.

She ended up calling him a God because he’d managed to become an immortal, fueled by his hate that decided the fate of all the other Gods. Realising he’d become the very thing he hated he ended up killing her and he became The God of Hypocrisy. Gorr was killed in the comics but he goes on somewhat of a redemptive arc in the movie.

Finding Gorr

We discover that he wants to use the Bifrost to open a gateway to Eternity. In the comics, Eternity is an entity that actually embodies the entire Marvel Universe and he’s very much the universe as much as the universe is him. There’s also a statue room in the film that is filled with the heads of The Watcher, Lady Death, Eon and the living tribunal who’s been popping up a lot recently.

In the movie, getting to Eternity allows you to make a wish and Gorrs is presumably to kill all the gods.

He ends up getting Stormbreaker after an incredible fight scene that feels like one of the most visually enthralling moments in the MCU.

Valkyrie is stabbed and Jane is left really weak due to the cancer. One more transformation is gonna be a one-way trip for her and similar to the comics, she has to later decide whether to sacrifice herself to save Thor.

After this everyone returns to Earth and Thor tells Jane to rest up whilst he goes and fights Gorr. He then ventures out to Eternity and has a battle with Gorr at the Gates Of Eternity.

This is where the kids have been taken and Thor ends up empowering them which is abilities.

Thor and Gorr go head to head with the former losing badly. At this point, Jane decides to take on the Mighty Thor mantle and she arrives to help out. The Necrosword is destroyed but during this time the doors of eternity open and Gorr goes forward.

In this place sits Eternity and Gorr and Thor have a bit of a back and forth. Gorr could wish for the gods to be wiped out and Thor chooses to spend his potential last moments with Jane who is also dying too.

Thor tells him that what he really wants is love and that he can wish for his daughter to return. Gorr thinks that she’d be alone because he’s also dying but Jane says that she won’t be.

Gorr makes this wish and both he and Jane die, as Gore asks Thor to look after his child.

As the movie ends Korg says that he’s now found love himself with a guy named Dwayne, Sif helps to train the children of Asgard and Thor is raising Gorr’s daughter. They are very much the love and thunder with Stormbreaker and Mlojnir also representing this too.

The movie also has a big nod to the mighty Thor Run as we get a statue of Jane that looks exactly like how it did in the comics.

My Review

Now as for my thoughts on the film, I think it was a really solid entry and though I probably prefer Ragnarok overall, this still had some really great moments, I think you can tell there were some bits of it left on the cutting room floor and had the movie even been just 15 minutes longer, they would’ve helped to flesh out just certain things.

I loved Christian Bale in the movie but I really wish that we got more of him because he’s not in the film as much as I think he should’ve been. The comics had Gorr as a major antagonist throughout the whole God Of Thunder Run and here he’s not in it enough to knock it completely out of the park which I think he was very close to doing.

The Guardians as well feel underdeveloped and I wish we got more of their adventures together so we could really feel the camaraderie.

I think also that the tone of the movie can be a bit up and down at points and though some of the jokes didn’t fully land for me, most of them did which made it a good laugh. Chris Hemsworth just embodies the God Of Thunder and Natalie Portman by far has her best performance as Jane Fonda…sorry Jodie Foster…

Moving on.

There are lots of neat easter eggs too such as the Space Dolphins, Infinity Conez, several of the Gods and the aesthetic of the final battle works really really well. Loved the black and white chrome feeling to the entire thing and those last couple of scenes really hit me in the feels.

Just a shame that they had to cut some stuff down as I think the emotional beats would’ve hit even harder if they’d left them in.

Overall, I am wrestling back and forth between giving this a 7 or an 8 and I think that it probably falls more towards the lower number just because of the hangups I have. Still, I don’t think it’s the worst Thor movie ever like a lot of reviewers are making out and to me, it falls just short of Ragnarok with that movie feeling like it had more room to breathe.

So yeah 7.5/10 maybe but that could definitely pick up on subsequent watches.

I’d of course love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.


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