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The Mandalorian: Full Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | STAR WARS

mandalorian episode 2 recap ending explained spoiler talk breakdown review

Welcome to The Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and you’re now locked into the channel where we breakdown all the latest movies, new game releases, tv shows and comic books. With the second episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian out on Disney Plus, it’s time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and break down everything that you need to know about the show.

Throughout this, we’ll be discussing the new episode’s overall plot, the easter eggs and it’s ending to let you know what could be happening in the future.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch episode two yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with breakdowns on the show episode by episode. I have Spoken!

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian’s Real Name

Ok so before we get into the episode itself, there’s actually a really interesting development that dropped earlier this week in an interview with Pedro Pascal.

Pascal stated that The Mandalorian’s real name is Dinjarring and he mustn’t have got the din-warning from Mickey Mouse not to spoil this stuff cos I’m guessing he’s gonna be mad.

Anyway just thought I’d drop this early on incase I refer to him as that in the video and people don’t know what I’m talking about.

The Mandalorian Episode Two

Episode Two picks up in the aftermath of Episode One’s big cliffhanger where Dinjarring came face to face with a baby from the same species as Yoda. This is apparently a dangerous and powerful asset and, trying to take it back to the client isn’t an easy task as we see throughout the episode.

Last time I said that I believed that this creature would be extremely force-sensitive, which, in a time that there are little to no Jedi outside of the Skywalkers, would make it an extremely valuable thing to possess.

mandalorian episode 2 recap ending explained spoiler talk breakdown review

The Mandalorian Episode Two Recap

Episode Two named The Child, even though it’s fifty years old, picks up immediately with where we left off.

Mando protecting the baby is clearly going to be the main driving force of the season and whilst those who may be let down by this, expecting a story about the titular character traversing the galaxy for bounties, I actually think it’s the smart move to take to make us care about a character that we know very little about.

This episode is very short but sweet and though it feels like filler on the whole if you were look at the plot from a top level view, this is still engaging as once again it absolutely nails the old atmosphere of Star Wars. I’ll talk about my general thoughts on it later but it still is so well presented that I was brought instantly back in from the atmospheric and slow opening stroll.

Bounty Hunters

After fighting off some Bounty Hunters who want the baby more than fans want a good Episode 9, Mando is wounded and needs to heal himself. The aforementioned battle shows that Din is an expert in all combat including melee weapons and blasters and he makes short work of the creatures that look like they might be from the same species as Bossk.

He starts off pretty vulnerable and it’s refreshing to see a wounded man. Lil Yoda tries to help him and say what you want about Star Wars, they always did manage to bring cute elements into it, yes I actually did like the Ewoks.

Mando pushes him off and there are very minor hints here that there’s more to the baby than meets the eye which I’ll get into later in the recap.

Now what this does really well is that it sets the tone for the show going forward, there are a lot of themes going on here but what I we are going to be dealing with going ahead is someone who had their life ripped away from them as a child, aka the Mandalorian, trying to bring peace to another young thing that could potentially have theirs taken too.

Though this episode isn’t that fulfilling on the whole, it definitely is intriguing and I must admit that the questions that I have about the series are quite a big driving force for me wanting to push ahead as a viewer even if I found this one a bit hit and miss.

Upon arriving back at his ship he discovers that Jawas have been dismantling it for parts and before anyone can say Maclunkey, he takes a lot of them out in quick fashion with his sniper rifle. This, roadblock, like the majority of the episode, feels like a diversion taking us away from the main driving force of the narrative but that doesn’t mean it’s not thrilling. Mando has to set off to stop a Sandcrawler from getting away with the rest of his ride and this is where the episode picks up.

Mandalorian VS Sandcrawler

This segment kinda feels like a live-action version of the Battlefront games in all the best ways you can imagine and watching him clamber up the hulking machine reminded me a bit of Luke in the Empire Strikes Back taking on The AT-AT Walkers.

There’s a nice reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Mando almost being taken out by a rock and we’ve never actually seen a Sandcrawler up this closer before with it being used as a location in itself rather than just a vehicle. Batmanning his way up the wall he’s stunned and sent crashing to the ground and left to get back to the Razor’s Crest to see if he can get off-world.

When it seems like all hope is lost, Mando remembers that he has an ally on this planet and watching him traverse the silhouette of the sunset reminds you of just how much Disney is really putting into this production. Mando makes it to Kuill, who I only discovered recently was voiced by Nick Nolte…I must say there is a resemblance there and they set off to negotiate with the Jawas. I have spoken.

We get more Rocky music and also get to see how cute Baby Yoda is, I dunno if they are intentionally aping Mowgli from the Gremlins but there’s definitely some similarities.

the mandalorian episode 2 recap review ending explained breakdown

The Mud Horn

After asking for his armor and almost turning into Star Wars version of the human torch, they say that they want the egg and drive to this planet’s big monster. I love how every planet has its own creatures on it and watching Mando go head to head with the Mud Horn is brilliant even if it amounts to little more than a set-piece.

Mando doesn’t do well in the fight and he bombs worse than Solo’s box office which is where we get out fan theory from last time confirmed with Baby Yoda showing that he is able to use the force and it lifts the creature in the air, allowing Dinjarring to kill, retrieving the egg in the process.

Yoda Baby Explained

Now we know for definite that the baby is indeed strong in the force and if the other creatures of the race that possess these powers such as Yoda and Yaddle are anything to go by then this will be a powerful Jedi should it make it past the age of 700, or whenever it’s in High School. Yoda had 4 million midichlorians in him which is near unprecedented and that’s how he was so powerful, so potentially, even if this baby has half of that, it will still be extremely strong.

Neither Mando or alien Nick Nolte understand what the baby did which to me cements that after order 66 in Revenge of The Sith, the very mention of Jedi became relegated, with many not even knowing what the force was. This is why Han Solo seemed unsure of it and it does seem like since the fall of The Empire that again those with mystical powers have faded back into obscurity.

Anyway, Mando returns to the Jawas to give them the egg and they can finally get some of that sweet sweet crack, I mean honey, I mean egg…stuff. Together with Kuill they return to the ship and fix it up. Mando offers Kuill a position but he refuses, just wanting to go back to having peace in his valley. He has spoken.

The Mandalorian Episode 2 Ending Explained

The Episode ends with The Mandalorian returning to the client to potentially return the child. Now you don’t have to have the prophecy powers of a Jedi to realise that this probably won’t happen and I imagine that when Mando gets back to the Bounty holder and he learns that what he wants to do is either experiment on the child or use it as a weapon that Mando will have second thoughts.

I mean look at that baby, how could you hand it over to its death.

This will likely put Mando himself in the crosshairs and he may be exiled from the Guild for breaking their rules and in doing so have to fend for himself. Good thing he’s got a baby beside him that can move a freight train with their mind and I can see these two teamining up to take down all of the scum and villainy that are in the universe.

We do know from the synopsis of next time that Mando will be meeting with the Client at least in the episode and I definitely think that the situation will go Banther poo doo before it gets any better.

The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review

But what did I think of this episode overall? Well after a really brilliant season premiere, this feels like a slight step back and in the end, this doesn’t amount to much more than filler. At just half an hour as well it feels like an unnecessary addition that does very little to advance the plot in any major ways.

Did I hate it though?

Absolutely not and I loved coming back to this world for the second time this week. Again this feels like the ‘true’ Star Wars vision that we should be getting and therefore it’s hard to ding the episode for anything more than it was just ok.

I think if Disney had’ve followed the Netflix model and they’d dropped all the shows in one go then this wouldn’t be getting as panned as it is online but, we have to take it in the form that we got it.

With the next episode now a week away, I can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed by it and it’s difficult to really critique this in a negative way when it did absolutely nothing wrong but also didn’t really excel in any way either.

If you watched my last breakdown and review of the show and huge thank you to everyone who checked that out, then you’ll know that I gave it a really high score with it sealing an impressive 9/10.

However, because of that, I have to judge this episode to the same score and due to it not really being as brilliant as that first entry was, it’s obviously going to suffer slightly.

Again I have to reiterate that this isn’t me slamming the show and even these two parts are better than the Last Jedi, however, I have to be honest with myself and you guys watching this and give it a fair score in my opinion.

That’s why The Mandalorian Episode Two gets a…


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