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THE LAST OF US Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown | Promo Theories, New Characters And Game Easter Eggs

The Last of Us

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and in this video, we’re breaking down the final Last of Us Season One trailer. The new look has just been released online and it’s packed with easter eggs and callbacks to the game that give away a lot of what’s going to be happening in the episode. By the looks of it, this is really similar to how the game plays out and because of this, I’m dropping a heavy spoilers warning for the ending. This will probably give the game away literally if you haven’t played it, so if you don’t want things ruined then turn off now.

With that out of the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into The Last of Us Episode 9 trailer.

Trailer Breakdown for The Last of Us Episode 9

Ok, so throughout this, we can hear Ellie’s voiceover which is identical to these lines in the game.

This happens in a scene in which Joel and Ellie come across some giraffes and we get a major moment with them in which we see some of the beauty in the world. This scene was just the pair taking a breath from all the mayhem that had gone on and it showed us that though humanity was on its last legs, the rest of the world wasn’t.This was the final push to the fireflies and at this point, Joel offered Ellie a chance to turn back so that they could go and live the rest of their lives together as “father and daughter.”

Ellie said they had to keep pushing though and that all the deaths had to be for a reason and so they kept going ahead.

It seems like they’re pulling lots of elements from that final part of the game and the trailer starts off on a highway like that chapter does at the end.

The Last of Us

We open with Ellie looking at deer engraving on the wall and she is clearly zoning out and remembering the time she ran into David after chasing one. Joel then interrupts her and throughout this section, he does most of the talking whilst she’s quite withdrawn and clearly realizing that this is the end. We see Joel in a dark grey shirt and Ellie in a red checkered one and these are the clothes that the pair both wore at this point in the game.

They’re on a long road which is how that chapter opens and we can see a road sign saying Salt Lake which is where everything goes down.

If you cast your mind back to the end of episode 6 then you’ll remember they came across a map of Salt Lake and a pin with St. Mary’s written on it. This is St. Mary’s hospital which is where the fireflies are holed up and this is also a location where they can manufacture a vaccine. Now we then see them moving through a tunnel and on the other side of this, you can see a couple of grey military trucks. My guess is that this the Fedra QZ that they pass through in the game which is where Joel finally opens up about Sarah.

Ellie ended up passing him a photograph of his daughter that she stole from Tommy and it’s very much him realizing that he can’t outrun his past. This photo is something that Tommy tried to give him back in Jackson but he refused to take it whereas here he finally acknowledges her death and moves on from the pain. This is because of Ellie but the pair don’t get much more time together. They’re captured by Firefly soldiers and I’m guessing that this happens when the flashbang rolls towards them.

In the game, they went underground into a tunnel which is where they came across the infected. After making your way past them, you found that another tunnel had burst and water was piling through which is when you tried to get across it by jumping on a bus that was caught in the stream. This came loose and Ellie ended up saving Joel but the pair were both pushed underwater and Joel had to swim her to the surface. She was unconscious and as he tried to save her the fireflies arrived and knocked him out.

Joel then woke up in the hospital with Marlene at his bedside and she told him that Ellie was being rushed into surgery. Good news is that they were going to create a vaccine but the bad news is that Ellie had to die in order to do this.

Joel was then escorted outside by a guard and he ended up going full on rambo mode and moving through the hospital using it as a shooting gallery. We see this playing out in the trailer with him walking through the corridors firing a gun and this is him basically making sure he doesn’t relive through the pain he experienced in Sarah’s death. Joel then rescued Ellie, killed Marlene, and drove away which is when he lied about everything that went down there.

Ellie was completely deflated and we get a shot with her sat in a car looking at her arm. This pulls from the game too with it happening after their ride breaks down just outside of Jackson.

The first of these is a woman running through some trees. We then see her pushed up against a wall with an infected person scrambling towards her.

Playing this woman is none other than Ashley Johnson who also voiced Ellie in the game. After Troy Bakers performance as James, we’re following things up with Ashley playing who is rumored to be a pretty pivotal character.

According to reports, she will be playing Ellie’s mother Anna and thus this is likely a flashback to when she gave birth to her.

Little is known about Anna but she was mentioned in the last of us comic American Dreams.

How is Ellie immune in The Last of Us?

We found out that she was a nurse before the outbreak and that she’d been friends with Marlene for a long time. An important thing to bear in mind as well is that Ellie’s switchblade belonged to her so we might see some stuff being set up in this scene.They’re clearly trying to make her resemble Ellie a bit and she even has a dark green jacket on. This is something that Ellie has worn throughout the show and this might even end up being another hand-me-down that’s given to Ellie. Another thing that we know about Anna is that she died within a day of giving birth to Ellie. I’m guessing this is connected to the infected person and this creature could end up biting her while she’s about to give birth which would then give Ellie a mutated version of the cordyceps. We also have a shot of Joel looking worried moving through a building with orange sheets hanging up behind him.This then leads into the last conversation before everything goes down and it looks like that’s how it’s playing out.

The Last of Us

They don’t really show the ending scene in this trailer but they do show lots of things leading up to it so I’m guessing that lots of things are gonna play out similarly to it.

Summary of The Last of Us Episode 9 trailer

I am very excited as the game’s ending is my favorite of all time and it carries such ambiguity with it due to us constantly wrestling back and forth over whether Joel did the right thing or not in saving Ellie. Add to this he also lied as well and there are a lot of complex and complicated character moments that happen in the final few scenes.

I think that the series has really knocked it out of the park at points and if they can recapture what made the game’s ending so good then I think we’re gonna have a really brilliant episode. Plus, we have the Ashley Johnson cameo and it looks like this is gonna be an amazing way to close out the season.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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