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THE LAST OF US Episode 6 Trailer Breakdown | Promo Theories, New Characters And Game Easter Eggs

The Last of Us Episode 6

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down the Last of Us Episode 6 trailer. The new promo has just hit HBO and YouTube and throughout this video we’re gonna be going through the easter eggs, hidden details and links to the game.

They actually changed up one of the locations so that it resembles how it appears in part 2 and because of that we will be discussing elements of that game as well. If you don’t want things ruined like the street is the street from part 2 then I highly recommend that you turn off now and hopefully I’ll see you Sunday.

With that out the way thank you for clicking this now let’s get into the trailer.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Trailer Explained

Ok so we start off with the HBO sign over the night sky.

Here we then see a northern lights effect and catch Ellie and Joel sitting around a campfire. This moment wasn’t originally in the game however there was concept art created for it that showed Joel and Ellie together. Through the magic of television, they’ve now brought this moment back into the story to flesh out more of their time together.

She talks about how she wanted to save Sam but that this didn’t work and that it led to both his and Henrys death.

Joel says that he thinks it’s a lot more complicated than that and this is clearly the first time that Ellie has actually started to doubt she’s the cure. So far, she’s been pretty confident about it but now doubt is starting to creep into her mind.

We next cut to Jackson in a split-second shot that’s been shown in previous trailers.

There are two big signs here that actually have call-backs to the game and in the top right we can see one for the Light Festival 2003. 2003 was when the outbreak happened, and this is another reminder of how everything in the world stopped on that night.

Later on in the teaser, we see lights lining the streets and this is clearly tying back to this. For the festival, the lights would have to have been placed throughout the town in the setup and now the Jacksonites are getting things rolling so they can light up Jackson. Originally in the game they hadn’t really set up the town yet and you spent the section with Tommy fixing a hydro-power dam located outside of it.

Jackson was created for part 2 and the showrunners are now retroactively making most of the episode take place there.

The Last of Us Episode 6

It’s also important to bear in mind that in the game at this point it was autumn whereas here it’s clearly winter. This has likely been done so that it resembles part 2 a lot more and it’s the creative team kinda tying the two things together.

Now to the right of the lights sign we can see the Tipsy Bison.

This was the bar that appeared in the second game and it’s where a big moment went down involving Joel, Ellie and a new character for part 2.

Now amongst the streets, Joel sees Tommy.

Their reunion is different in the game as he met him at the gates of the damme when the group had guns drawn on them.

Still though they end up hugging like what we see here.

However, the pair quickly start arguing with each other with Tommy and Joel talking about the horrible things they had to do to survive.

This is riffing on a moment in the game in which they discuss their past.

Maria in The Last of Us Episode 6

Next, we see Maria telling Ellie to be careful who she puts her faith in. This is clearly talking about Joel and both she and Tommy know a lot about his past that she’s not privy to. In the game Tommy and Maria are married and this may be something that gets brought up in the episode as Joel didn’t know about the pair when he first arrived.

Ellie is also there with wet hair and a towel around her so I’m guessing she’s just got showered in one of the houses.

Now next we see a scene that wasn’t in the game with riders approaching Ellie and Joel out in the snow. It’s really difficult to tell what’s going on here as it’s a completely new moment and therefore we don’t really know what’s what. The people of Jackson did ride around on horseback a lot in part 2 and with the Tommy meeting being completely different it could be them discovering the pair.

If we go back to the start of the trailer, we see Joel and Ellie with a group of riders that look like they’re wearing similar clothes so I’m guessing that this is where they come across the people of Jackson in the episode.

Now in a very interesting moment it seems like we’re getting two sections combined in this one episode. In Jackson Ellie ended up running off because she learned that Joel was gonna dump her off onto Tommy. She rode into the wilderness, and you had to track her down with Tommy which is where you encountered some raiders.

The Last of Us Episode 6

Eventually, you found her at a house and then agreed to keep going with her which is when you set out to the university.

This is where the fireflies were apparently located but upon arriving there you found it abandoned except for monkeys.

Raiders then attacked and it seems like this is what’s going on there.

We catch one swinging a bat at Joel and in the background, we can catch the firefly emblem spray painted on a dumpster.

Next, we cut to a man carrying rabbits. It’s possible that we actually get three sections in this episode as we are yet to meet David. His part was introduced with Ellie killing a rabbit whilst she was out hunting, and you bumped into him whilst you were both looking for food.

We later learned that the raiders who attacked you at the University were part of his group and they could potentially end the entry with a tease towards David.

I think that would be the perfect way to end episode 6 and then you know what’s coming for 7.

David is one of the creepiest parts of the first game and he’s such a big thing that I’d love to see him teased in this moment.

Now lastly, we catch Joel and Ellie riding away from the hospital whilst she shoots backwards.

This is similar to how you leave the university and if you look carefully at Joel, he looks like he’s slumped over.

In the game he got impaled on some rebar and he was badly wounded at this point. I think this is showing that the same thing is gonna happen and it’s gonna leave Ellie at her most vulnerable point. I think it would be crazy if we ended with Joel slumping over like how he does in the game and then we get a tease at David coming in showing just how much danger Ellie is gonna be in in episode 7.

Anyway, that’s the trailer and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the teaser and also what you thought about episode 5. We’re now more than halfway through the show and I really wanna thank you for rocking with me. Really means a lot and if you wanna support the channel we’re selling a last of us inspired Real Fungi T-shirt which will be linked as the top comment.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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