The Flash Movie WILL Be A Flashpoint Adaptation...

The Flash Movie WILL Be A Flashpoint Adaptation But NOT In The Way You Expect | DC NEWS EXPLAINED

The Flash Flaspoint Movie News

Director Andy Muschetti, who you may know from the IT movies, recently dropped a bombshell that the film will follow Flashpoint…but not in the way that we expect.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down the news itself and what it could mean for the film.

If you don’t want any potential spoilers then now is your time to turn off as we will be talking about the Flashpoint graphic novel in full detail, including it’s premise and ending.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking the video now let’s get into our breakdown of the Flash News.

The Flash Movie History

Ok so if you’ve been keeping up to date with the topsy turvy history of The Flash then you’ll know it’s been a very slow production run for a film that’s centered around the fastest man alive.

Ezra Miller’s Flash was introduced in 2017’s Justice League and in my opinion, he was one of the best parts of the movie. Warner Brothers had already announced that he would be getting a solo film all the way back in 2015, with Lord and Miller working on the script. This got canned, more writers came on board, they left and so on and so forth. It did look like we may be seeing the movie this year but after several directors departed the project it got pushed back to 2021.

However, after more problems, the film got pushed back once more with it now looking like it’s gonna be a summer 2022 release.

This troubled production schedule was mirrored by the solo Batman movie with Ben Affleck originally being part of the project but there being a big recast after things fell apart.

All and all it’s been a crazy ride but, during a panel for the Kristen Stewart movie, Underwater, Muschietti dropped that the film will be a

‘Different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.’

Flashpoint Explained

But what exactly is Flashpoint?

Well, whether you read the graphic novel, saw the animated movie or watched the tv show adaptation, when you say Flashpoint you tend to mean one thing, resetting the universe and streamlining everything under the guise of a time travel story.

We all know that DC have had trouble deciding exactly what direction they want to take things in their cinematic universe. They’re going ahead with some reboots whilst also moving forward with parts of their original vision which could lead to some viewers being confused. With there being a big Joker and Batman recast the reset will allow them to introduce these elements to characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Flashpoint itself revolved around Barry Allen traveling back in time to save his mother from being murdered. Though this allowed them to have a relationship together it also sent a shockwave through time, a sort of butterfly effect that vastly changed the DC universe as we know it.

The Flash Flaspoint Movie News

Bruce Wayne was shot in the alley instead of his parents and his father went on to become Batman whilst his mother turned into the Joker. Themyscara and Atlantis went to war with one another and the planet faced annihilation.

Superman was captured by the government upon landing on the planet and he was kept in a secret military base where he was experimented on.

So yup, good job Barry mum, you ruined everything.

With the help of Thomas Wayne, Flash was able to get to the core of it all where he discovered The Reverse-Flash who told him exactly how in saving his mother he had doomed the earth.

Barry left with little choice traveled back to where it all started and let his mother die.

The New 52

In doing this he created the New 52, a streamlined re-imagined comic book universe that was sort of a soft reboot of the decades of comic book stories that had come before it.

Whether you liked the New 52 itself or not, none of it would have been possible without Flashpoint and I believe this will be a way to bring everything together, discard the things that haven’t worked and start the universe on fresh footing.


It was started so far back as 2017 that The Flash movie would be a Flashpoint adaptation but this has kinda been back and forth with there being no mention of it being a plot aesthetic in 2018 when the movie was taken over by the team behind Game Night.

It does seem like we’re back on track with Flashpoint with these comments by Muschetti.

But what does he mean by different?

Well, personally I don’t think that they will have the big War and world-ending aesthetic that was such a big part of the comic books. This wasn’t really present in the tv show and I doubt that DC at the moment would want two of their bigger stars to face off in the subplot of someone else’s movie.

They will likely have a different kind of threat and this may be the perfect chance to introduce the Reverse-Flash as the big bad as in the source material he was just sort of in the background, taunting Barry.

Who knows if we will get Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman as he was interested in the character, especially with the recent depiction of Thomas Wayne in Joker.

Muschetti does have a lot of pieces to play with and these could all lead to an exciting outcome.

Whatever happens, Flash is beginning his run…get it cos he runs…nevermind what was I saying?

Oh yeah, Flash will begin his theatrical run in cinemas worldwide on July 1st 2022 and I’m very excited to see what’s gonna happen with the DCEU going forward.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Flash movie and what you want to see in it. Comment below and let me know!

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