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THE BATMAN 2022 Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained & Things You Missed | DC FANDOME

The Batman Movie Trailer Breakdown

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’s been sweating like Kevin Feige after I saw this brand new Batman trailer.

It’s filled with easter eggs, hidden details and a lot of callbacks to the comics that we’re gonna be breaking down in this video.

Full spoilers ahead so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined then I recommend that you check out now. If you enjoy the video then please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to smash the subscribe one like it’s Jason Todd’s head.

With that out the way, a bit of a dark knight joke, now let’s get into The Batman Trailer.

The Batman Trailer Breakdown

Ok so the last time we had a proper look at the film was during the first DC Fandome over a year ago. It’s been a long Halloween waiting until this October but we now have one of the most conclusive look at the film that we’ll get before it releases in March next year. When the initial panel dropped Matt Reeves confirmed that they’d only filmed 25% of the movie at the time but it’s now fully wrapped and we know a lot of things about the movie.

According to leaks from the screening, this will be an almost three-hour epic that is somewhat of a detective noir film. Batman will narrate major parts of the film and this is of course a nod to not only the genre but how the character’s comics are in general. The Dark Knight Returns especially is filled with inner monologues and it’s nice that they’ve managed to bring these two things together.

Batman will also wrestle with killing and according to leaks on the movie, he will come close to it but not actually do it. What we know for definite though is that this is a very brutal Batman who will use pipes and any weapons that he can find to kick the crap out of criminals. Hopefully, he pays for their hospital bills too as that’s pretty bad.

One of the big things to take from the trailer is that we hear his voice and it sounds slightly modulated but not to the point that it’s completely distorted. I really like this rendition and for me, it’s up there with what I imagine Batman to sound like when I read Batman Year One.

Now the trailer itself was worth sitting through 3 hours of Flula Borg standup for. We open in a diner that seems like it was pulled from the beginning of Arkham Knight. What we catch is the police arresting Edward Nashton who leaves behind his signature riddle Mark in a cappuccino.

Later on, we see Batman questioning as he is imprisoned and there’s a lot of Silence Of The Lambs vibes from this.

On his shirt, you might also notice that it says Hospital so it’s possible that he was taken to Arkham which in this universe is a psychiatric institute.

Clearly, Riddler has set things up around the city and is very much terrorising it with his insignia. I actually think this coffee cup might be somewhat of a clue and that it could hold reference in a future riddle with either the location or something dropped here being of some importance.

He’s taken in by Gordon and his men which is when we cut to the logo and also Watch the Bat-signal being lit up. These moments are all very important as they show that Batman is actually working with the police. I believe that there will be a strained relationship with them because we know from the first trailer that Bruce has to escape somewhere as the police fire upon him and it could be that The Riddler frames Batman for something.

It also looks like they chase him off the tower in the moment that we saw being filmed in which he wore a wingsuit. This is such an amazing scene and it showcases how Gotham is really Batman’s playground,

Now According to other leaks from the screening that were dropped on Twitter, the Riddler will be very much a Jigsaw type figure that puts people in impossible traps that ultimately lead to their death.

This was seen in the first trailer with the explosive collar on the DA and this was actually based on the real-life one that was used in a real-life robbery. If you wanna know more about this then I definitely recommend that you check out the Netflix documentary Evil Genius as it’s a very harrowing tale.

Now Riddler is very much in the same vein and we catch footage of him playing out over the city. It also seems like he has gained lots of followers who are of course sick of the corruption in Gotham. Bruce and well Batman, very much are the untouchable elite and this could be

Bruce very much remarks on the bat signal itself and how it’s not just a call, it’s a warning. All criminals should be terrified to be out there and thus they’ve resorted to hiding amongst gangs which we catch in the next shot. This is the Penguin gang which we can tell due to their black and white face paint. They attempt to beat Batman but he completely outmatches them and we see a moment from the first trailer in which he was shot. This kinda shows just how bulletproof the armour is and later on, we see it’s capable of deflecting machine gun ammo.

Bruce said in the dark knight returns that he but the emblem on the chest so wide because people would aim for that instead of his face as it’s somewhat a target. We definitely get that idea in these two shots as that’s exactly where the criminals aim for.

It works as well as the second shot misses and it allows bruce to use a deafening electronic device that might be based upon sonar technology which is of course similar to….submarine.

Batman goes to visit Riddler and we see that he’s causing terror within the city. Matt Reeves said during the costume test that he put on the black eye makeup and we’ve never seen this in a film before and when Bruce has taken off the mask there’s been nothing underneath it. I’m glad they finally acknowledged it as it’s such a cool bit of character design.

Now as for the major plot of the film, according to leaks on it, the movie will pull from books like The Long Halloween, Batman Earth One and some of the more grounded year two stories.

I actually have a big theory that this story is also gonna bring a lot of elements of Dark Victory in as well and in case you don’t know, that’s actually the direct sequel to Long Halloween.

The Long Halloween involved a killer called Holiday who murdered members of the Mafia on Holidays throughout the year.

Dark Victory was somewhat a flip on that as it had a new serial killer emerging in Gotham who struck policemen and high ranking officials.

Judging by what the Riddler is doing he’s attacking people like the Mayor, the commissioner and so on in order to bring an end to the corruption in Gotham.

Now beyond this, the cover of Dark Victory is very similar aesthetically to the recently released posters. They all dropped through the week and showed images of Batman against a striking red background. The image of The Riddler also feels somewhat similar to the covers that are in the book and it all ties together pretty neatly.

In addition to this Matt Reeves put out a tweet yesterday when promoting the posters that said ‘what’s black blue and dead all over.’

Now it could be Nightwing, however, it could also be in reference to the police force being taken out by The Riddler.

Obviously, let me know your thoughts below but that makes a lot of sense to me.

The Batman Movie Trailer Breakdown

Comic Comparisons

Now in the book, it’s revealed that it’s actually Falcone’s daughter Sofia who is behind the killings, which somewhat juxtaposes the reveal in Long Halloween in which it’s his son Alberto who’s carrying them out.

In the movie, we know that Selina will be his Daughter and it all kinda ties everything together.

According to leaks and well…just the way the trailer looks in general, Bruce will actually be in the Batman persona most of the time and he won’t actually care about appearing normal. This is his mission and he’ll stop at nothing to make sure it’s carried out.

This also callbacks to the comics as it was in both Earth-One and Zero year that he didn’t really put any focus on his Bruce Wayne Persona. However, Alfred convinced him that it would be useful as it would allow him to infiltrate the upper elite circles of Gotham and that seems to make a lot of sense from what we see here.

Now at this point, we catch Batman looking over the Gotham Skyline just as the sun is setting. It’s rare that we see Batman actually out in the day and I feel like this moment is the character watching the sun go down which will allow him to be able to hunt in the shadows. There’s an almost Vampiric feel to it and the gothic structure of the city definitely lends itself to that notion.

I love the way that the golden sun illuminates the buildings and it very much feels like his hunting grounds.

Now Reeves has said that he’s taken elements of the Glasgow skyline and then used CGI to bring it closer to what he envisions Gotham as. Glasgow is a lovely city filled with lots of architecture that gives it an atmosphere and I think the design of this is all spot on.

We also got an early look at Selina Kyle and rather than going the sort of street hustler route with her that was prevalent in Year One you can see how they’ve leaned into the Falcone Daughter aesthetic to make a sleek, stunning thief that will steal your heart and mine. Just don’t tell the wife. I love seeing these moments in action now and it just adds so much to the aesthetic.

Now Catwoman has two looks in the trailer, namely her short hair one and the wig. This very much speaks to how she has two sides to her personality.

We see somewhat of the relationship between Selina and Bruce. There’s a lot of passion but also a lot of fighting and it’s clear they’ve really worked on the chemistry between the pair.

We also get a look at Penguin in which he stares over the City, a city that at the moment, currently belongs to him and his criminal elite.

We catch Andy Serkis as Alfred and it’s a much gruffer version than what we’ve ever seen before. This seems like it’s pulling from Earth-One due to the costume design and in that Alfred was Ex-Army and he actually helped to train Bruce after accepting that he was fully committed to his mission.

He also had a prosthetic leg so it’ll be interesting to see if that’s brought across as it kinda hints to the character’s past and what he went through during his many combat missions.

Now in this trailer, he has a scar on his eye and I’m guessing that this is a nod to his past. He says that if this continues it won’t be long until bruce has nothing left, and this is very much the stance he took in the comics.

Alfred is of course somewhat of a father to Bruce and he cares about him a lot so it makes sense why he wouldn’t want him doing this.

Now we cut to a skyward shot of Bruce mapping out the clues that have been left by the Riddler, this includes the sings of my father, no more lies, colson, savage, Mitchell and Renewal is a lie.

Colson is the film’s DA and Savage is its commissioner so I’m guessing that these are victims of the riddled. Gordon is a lieutenant in this film and the commissioner being killed will leave room for him to take his place.

The other clues, especially the father one relates to Bruce and I believe that the Renewal is a lie comment is talking about the industrial side of Gotham going through renovation.

Potentially this is simply to line the pockets of the elite and thus the Riddler is trying to destroy the corruption that the Waynes may be a part of.

Cut to what I believe is the iceberg lounge aka The Penguins club. Here he comes face to face with the villain who doesn’t seem that shook by him. It’s completely brutal and we have heard that there are fights at the iceberg lounge so this moment lines up a lot with the leaks. Batman uses pipes and anything at his disposal to go toe to toe with people and it’s such a brutal moment.

We catch another one of Catwoman’s wigs and she goes in disguise before remarking on Bruce’s mask, showing the similarities between the two. She even says maybe we’re not so different which is a line normally uttered by villains cementing the complexity of her character.

Catch Batman not even needing to move faster than a speeding bullet and more of the batmobile chase from the first trailer.

We also catch a very muddy and beaten up looking Batman and I believe that this happens either at the end of the film or immediately after the explosion at the mayors funeral. This would explain the damage on his Batsuit and also why he looks like he’s had better days than us sitting for 3 hours and then hearing Lynda carter talking about a song she wrote.

Go on Lynda give us a song, do a rap, go on do a rap.

The Batman trailer breakdown

Penguin Predictions

Finally, we close out with the car chase which I think will follow on immediately from the club scene. We know Penguin is being by Colin Farrell and he’s said he has a rather short part in the movie so I’m guessing this will last about one scene. I’d love to see him pop up through the films like Scarecrow did in the dark knight trilogy and I think that would be the best way to use the character. He thinks he got Batman but like a phoenix from the flames, he comes crashing through in what looks like imagery ripped again from Arkham Knight.

He struts towards the overturned car looking like death himself and thus it ends the trailer. Now before we get into my reaction I just wanna kinda clear something up as I know a lot of you wanted me to cover the full DC Fandome event. I tried doing that last year and in the end just resorted to doing cam reactions the entire day and though it did ok I kinda felt like I could’ve put a lot more effort into the videos but there was just so much to cover. So for this year, I weighed up doing the two and in the end, just decided I’d rather put out the best video I can on this than try and cover 5 different things and for the videos to all be terrible.

I have been watching the panels and I really am excited about the future but yeah I just thought I’d give a reason why my upload feed is looking pretty bare right now.

That being said it’s pretty late in the UK so I do wanna kinda circle back around to the trailer and do an even more in-depth breakdown later in the week.

Now as for my thoughts on it, I was absolutely blown away by this new look and again I feel like this is gonna be an absolutely incredible film that shows us what DC can do best. We really don’t need the studio trying to be Marvel and they actually have the freedom to explore things that Marvel can’t because of the audiences that they aim for.

Reeves has clearly been given free rein here and this brand new look is absolutely incredible. The whole tone of it makes it feel more like Seven or Silence of the Lambs instead of a comic book movie and I had goosebumps whilst watching it which is definitely saying something.

Everything just seems part of this grounded and gritty world and I think next year that it’s gonna really make an impact and remind us that when DC want to, they have the skills to completely knock it out of the park.

I’m excited as a bat out of hell and feel like this is gonna be something I’ll watch again and again.

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer so make sure you comment below and let me know. As I said we’re gonna be doing another breakdown later in the week so make sure you drop some of the easter eggs that we missed below.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of the perfect scene in Spider-Man Homecoming. We break down the entire thing so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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