Stan Lee

Stan Lee

stan lee tribute video on the passing of marvel comics book creator and genius tribute video intro

As I’m sure many of you watching this video will already be aware, sadly, The Great Stan Lee has sadly passed away. Most of you probably don’t know that this channel was originally created predominantly as a comics books channel before turning to movies and TV but I can’t really emphasise enough how much Stan’s imagination and creativity has played a huge part in my life. When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with Spider-Man and he was kinda my gateway into comics as a whole. I remember playing the PlayStation Spider-Man game and being completely swept in by the narrator of the game who I later found out to be Stan.

Stan Lee came across as someone who was in his mid-20s. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for all of his projects made him a joy to watch and like many Marvel fans, I always looked forward to his appearances in the MCU films. This was a man who had a huge influence on pop culture that really cannot be understated. He was pretty much responsible for the way that all movies, tv and games are today and everyone at some point seems to have taken something from him.

Stan worked until the day he died and though I never met him, the footage that I saw of him made me really believe that he was one of the good guys. Stan beamed hopefulness and pretty much embodied the morales of the characters that he created. He was a shining beacon of light in a bleak time and it’s no surprise to see all of the tributes pouring in from across the globe for him.

I wouldn’t normally do a tribute article on someone’s death but I think his passing is the perfect opportunity to remember the incredibly kind and generous life that he lived. Stan was ultimately the King Of Comic Books and I don’t think anyone will ever replace him. The fact that he created countless characters that all went on to be huge successes is a testament to just how much of a genius he was. It’s going to be sad seeing Stan pop up in Marvel movies for many years to come but it also highlights the legacy that he left behind. Stan was a man that seemed to always have time for everyone and no doubt will leave behind a huge hole in the lives of everyone that he had a positive impact on.

Rest in Peace Stan Lee.

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