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SPIDERMAN No Way Home Ending Predictions & Theories | The Spell, Tobey And Andrew, Secret Spider-Men, Sinister Six, Who Dies & More

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Ok so Spider-man No Way Home is due to release and just before the movie comes out I thought we’d do this one more time and give our final predictions and theories for the film. Lots of stuff is now out there on the movie and throughout this video, we’re gonna be going over what we know whilst also trying to figure things out from what’s been shown in the trailers and tv spots.

Spoilers ahead if we’re right so if you don’t wanna know then I suggest you move out the way like girls do when Tobey Maguire is dancing down the street. Please hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this every day. With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into our No Way Home Predictions.

Now Before we jump into that I just wanna kinda talk about the way the world is right now. I feel we very much live in a two-tier society at this point and honestly, I’m just sick of all the conspiracy theories, misinformation and people just saying whatever they want to fit their agendas.

It’s really sad seeing family members and friends spouting off complete nonsense and I can’t wait until next week when we see Tobey and Andrew are in the movie and this is over.

What did you think I was talking about?

Yeah so I think at this point that Tobey and Andrew Garfield are definitely in the film, there’s been so many leaks, mistakes in the trailers and at this point, I’d bet my Grans house on it.

Yes yes Granny, off to the old people’s home you go.

The iconography used in the trailers and tv spots is clearly aping things from the earlier iterations such as us getting first-person views of each Spider-man which we see happening in the bridge scene.

We also have things like the goblin mask being trashed and left behind whilst he runs down an alley which is somewhat reminiscent of the scene from Spider-Man 2. There’s so much in it that I think at the very least is paying homage to the point it all seems to be done to foreshadow them coming in.

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The Spider-Verse is REAL!

Beyond that, though I was talking to Ryan Arey about this the other day and we actually think that there could be more spider people in it that we don’t know about. Tobey and Andrew have pretty much taken up all the talking points but I’d love to see someone like Emma Stone showing up as Spider-Gwen. If Nicolas Cage showed up as Spider-man Noir I think that the cinema would absolutely explode and potentially this could be what’s being hinted at in the trailer when Strange says he can’t stop them coming through.

I think that Tobey and Andrew will be in a good chunk of the film and that they won’t just show up for the final battle like the marketing is leading us to believe. I’d love it if this multiversal portal brought across people from the Spider-verse and though that’s a long shot I think it would work really well.

Now though we are expecting a lot of major twists and turns I think that the movie will be pretty straightforward.

I can imagine that the film will open right after the events of Far From Home as has been shown in some of the clips and from there Peter will hand himself in, he’ll then hand himself in, get off because of Matt Murdock, then go to Strange, interrupt the spell and bring the villains from the trailer into the MCU. This will include him coming face to face with Doctor Octopus and he’ll then be stopped by the nanotech interacting with his tentacles which will then allow him to once more control the AI.

He’ll go to the Sanctorum prison and will become somewhat of an ally.

I think from this point we’ll watch as he goes to Stop Electro, is interrupted by the Sandman and then he’ll capture them both.

He’ll then take the Goblin in and we’ll learn that the villains all died because of the Spider-man of their universe. Peter will steal the cube and there’ll be a chase in the mirror dimension between Peter and Strange which will allow the villains to have time to escape.

Goblin will then probably go after May and I think that in the scene with the bomb blast that she will be killed. We do catch her in the lobby running towards someone and this is right beside where Goblin throws the bomb and Peter jumps after it.

We can see that it destroys the entire Lobby and I think that it’ll tie in with the shot of Happy sitting outside looking in. Green Goblin went after Aunt May in the Raimi Trilogy and it makes sense that he’d do this in the film as she’s such a close person in Peter’s life. In the civil war storyline after Peter’s identity was revealed Aunt May ended up almost getting killed and then Peter went to Strange to cast a spell to save her. It seems like the movie is loosely pulling from those storylines and adapting them to something new but at this point, I really don’t think that May is gonna May-ke it out alive.

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Spider-Man – Home Alone in New York

Now the spell is gonna be a big part of the movie and my theory is that though it doesn’t work early on in the film that they will attempt it again at the end and it will. This is something that we’ve guessed at in a lot of our videos and last year you might remember that there was some behind the scenes footage released that showed Peter walking down the street in the snow.

Now speaking of the spell, after watching the trailer several times and really sitting on it, I actually think that it does indeed wipe the memory from MJ and Peter is pretty much completely alone in who knows that he’s Spider-man.

Why I say this is because of behind the scenes images and footage of the film in which we see Peter going to meet MJ. Now because he’s not getting mobbed I guess everything works but it looks like he’s asking her out on a date. I think it would be kinda heartbreaking if it turned out that she no longer remembered and this is him basically having to start the entire relationship again.

I also think this could end up happening with Ned, Happy and possibly even the Avengers, leaving Peter alone to go and do his own thing with Sony…sorry in the MCU.

Now why this could be the case is because that’s also how things sort of go in the comics. After Aunt May is put in critical condition Peter goes to Strange for help. Because May is short on time Strange ends up playing out several timelines at once in which we see that there’s no one who can help him.

Thus Peter leaves the Sanctorum but it’s at this point that he comes across Mephisto who says that he’ll save Mays life but in return, he wants Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage. Peter and Mary Jane sacrifice their love in order to save May and when we see them again they know each other but can’t ever remember being in love.

Peter also makes a deal with Mephisto so that people will also forget that he’s Spider-man as people will just come after May again if everyone retains that information.

We know from what’s been said on the next Spider-man trilogy that it’ll be a lot different to this one and I think that Peter will go to college and pretty much be on his own. I’d love to see them bring the Black Suit into it at this point and if we get Tom Hardy interacting with him that would be great. They’ve clearly set the symbiote up so if Peter got the Black Suit he could pretty much become someone completely different in his college years. If MJ ends up forgetting they were in love that also leaves the door open for characters like Black Cat and Gwen Stacy to come into the MCU as well.

I kinda get the feeling that right after the statue of liberty fight that we’ll see this happen. In the trailers and TV spots, it looks like Strange is casting a spell and then this blasts over the entire world. If you compare it to the way that the spell looks the first time that Strange tries to cast it you’ll see that it moves in a very similar way before it fails.

Thus I think at the statue of liberty that he’ll do the spell once more after sending the villains back to their own realities. This could happen right after Peter kisses MJ in the daytime and it would also explain why he says ‘do it’ in the TV spots.

I know a lot of people think that he’s gonna end up going to another Universe but I can’t see the character leaving the MCU completely just for this.

From the looks of it, this could be their final kiss before all is forgotten and that would explain why there are runes cast in the sky during the daytime scene.

It looks like it’s taking place after the statue of liberty fight as MJ is wearing the same clothes and peter is beaten up so doing the spell there makes a lot of sense. When we see Peter in the behind the scenes stuff it’s clearly taking place in Winter in the snow so the timeline makes sense for them to have been apart for a long time.

Spider-Mans Endgame

The first Spider-man movie had a great ending that showed Spider-man would rather give up the love of his life than put her in any danger and add to that Gwen and you can kinda see how Tobey and Andrew would rub off on Tom… In the comics after their breakup, Mary Jane actually went on to date Brad and he was introduced in Far From Home as well so potentially that could be the way things are heading. So yeah I think the spell will be cast once more at the end without Peter interrupting or stipulating things and this will remove pretty much all the relationships that he has.

I think the movie is pretty much gonna have the pace of Infinity War where it’s just boom, boom, boom, plot point to plot point and like I’ve said I think it’s gonna be pretty straightforward. I think after all the stuff I’ve mentioned earlier that Andrew and Tobey will be brought across after the chase scene and then from there we’ll go to the Statue of Liberty. The villains will get taken out and sent home along with the heroes who now will no longer want to kill them in their realities and thus they’ll be saved in some way. Peter will then ask strange to do the spell once more and we’ll have somewhat of a tragic ending with him not only losing May but also the people closest to him.

Now I’d love it if we got another villain in order to make this the sinister six.

Scorpion would be my pick for that as Homecoming of course ended with Michael Mandos Mac Gargan asking Adrian Toomes who Spider-man was. Far From Home ended with his identity being out there and thus I think it would pay off to have him hunting Peter in the third film.

Anyway, those are all our predictions and theories. If you’re watching this before seeing the movie then let us know yours below and if you’re from the future and have now seen it then let us know what we got right and what we didn’t…if anything.

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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