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RICK AND MORTY Season 6 Episode 9 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed And Ending Explained

Rick and Morty

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 9. Titled “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort,” this episode sees Morty becoming an Athruian figure after he’s given a sword that takes him off on a special adventure.

The entry is packed with easter eggs, hidden details, and a lot of things to breakdown which we’ll be going through frame by frame within this recap.

This is actually the 60th episode of the show and the final one before our finale on December 11th.

As always, we’re gonna be breaking it all down. So, if you enjoy the video, please hit the thumbs up button, and don’t forget to subscribe for videos like this each and every day. With that out the way, thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into Rick and Morty!

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 9 Breakdown

Ok, so the title “A Rick In King Mortur’s Mort” is a play on another legendary film from the 90s. “A Kid In King Arthur’s court” dropped in 1995, and it followed a young kid that loved baseball who came face to face with King Arthur after falling through a crack in the ground caused by an Earthquake. He trained as a knight of Camelot, and in the end, it helped him with his baseball playing. Cos he was crap…he was crap.

Now this somewhat inspires the entry slightly with a Knight giving Morty his sword so he can succeed him as a member of the Knights Of The Sun.

Ey, I get it.

They call themselves A Knight Of The Sun, but Knights/Knight it’s interchangeable. Might be a reach, but it’s possible that this could be a nod to the EP by South Korean Boy Band SF9. They don classic Knights clothing with a sun symbol on the chest that looks similar to the Mithraic in “Raised By Wolves.”

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

There’s also the similar design that Knight carried in “Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade” which…as we all know wasn’t.

In what’s probably the most apparent similarity, these are potentially based on the warriors of sunlight from Dark Soul. This covenant even had a similar symbol, and they act much in the same way. As do the group to the Monty Python Knights from “The Holy Grail.”

Also, I dunno if this is intentionally a similar motif to last week, and whereas Jerry received the Orb, Morty received the sword. Now the reason they’re potentially similar is that Rick doesn’t seem interested in getting involved in either. He also shows genuine growth from last week and is actually at a point of re-examining the relationship that he has with his grandson.

We open with the pair waiting in line for a weird pop-up restaurant that only enters their solar system once every often. Amount of time the wife has had me wait in a car park for a pizza from a van I tell ya, and these kind of became the rage over lockdown when people weren’t allowed to open restaurants, but they could do food like this.

Rick gets some Shrimp, and Rick picks up the food the knights have. This starts off a quest and it’s a similar framing device to “Westworld” when people would pick up Delores can, and it would start an adventure with her.

Realizing that he’s good of heart, they ask him to join their ranks and bring up that the knights’ name is Sir Helios and that they also defend Helios. Helios and Apollo both appeared in Greek Mythology being linked to the sun with the Latter being God Of The Sun. Helios, on the other hand, was seen as the literal embodiment of it, hence why there were two figures.

Morty takes the sword, and the knight stabs himself with it before they’re transported across the galaxy in a sun blast. When we see this land on the other side, it appears like the bifrost in the MCU. Reminded me a lot of when Thor came down on Wakanda in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Kinda similar to how aliens kept coming to see if they could grab the sword, and that takes us into the title sequence.

Medieval Sun in Rick and Morty

Now from here, we see an almost medieval land where all the people of the land worship the sun. We’ve seen several religions and people throughout history that have devoted their entire lives to worshipping the Sun, and the Incas most notably used to hold ceremonies dedicated to it.

Due to science, we now have more knowledge about what the Sun is, and similar to how we can dismantle religious beliefs through close examination, Morty breaks apart the follies of their religion throughout the entry.

According to them, they’re invincible, they live forever, and can leave when they want.

They also apparently don’t burn in the sun, but Rick works around this through science. They obviously aren’t invincible as Morty was able to kill Sir Helios, and overall, their religion can be easily explained away, but they stay faithful to it. Lots of metaphors for belief systems in general and how people align their entire identity with things and make sacrifices for stuff that might be based on lies or half-truths. Getting super deep, though, so let’s quickly change course.

Now this ginger knight might be…might be based on Gimli from “Lord Of The Rings” but just something I thought was similar.

After being told the terms and meeting the king, Morty is taken to the parapet.

This is when the truth is revealed, and that all knights have to cut off their d**ks and throw them into the sun.

In medieval times, knights, there were a number of knights that had to swear celibacy so that they would stay loyal to the order instead of running off with women. This is something George Lucas actually used to inspire the Jedi, and removing their d**ks means that they’ll be unable to love, so they won’t be tempted by women.

Rick tries to take Morty out of there, but he’s only allowed to live if he best the king in Combat.

Rick gives Morty a sword that uses AI to learn its opponent’s attacks. It’s seen “Blade” and loved it, and this is also similar to Iron Man’s armor in “Civil War.” In their final fight that analyzed Cap’s fighting pattern and then came up with a way to break it so that Tony could get the upper hand for a bit.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

It’s basically cheating, and there have been several accusations recently in the chess world that certain champions have been using AI to secretly cheat games. Hans Niemann recently came under a lot of scrutiny after being accused of cheating by using AI.

The King commits Sepekou, which is what ancient Japanese Samurai used to carry out when they thought they had no honor. Criston Cole also went to do it in “House Of The Dragon” after the knight lost his honor similar to what we see here. Now speaking of Game of Thrones, one of the knights that read from the rule book also looks similar to Sam from the show, and he’s clearly able to read, which not a lot of knights could do.

The Knights are similar to those that took the black and promised not to ever feel the touch of a woman. Morty says that he will return on Sun Day….ey…and if he doesn’t, just wait until the next one.

Upon returning home, the sword goes off, and Rick says.

Deacon Frost was the villain from the first blade movie showing that it’s all connected.

Normally in these situations, Rick would make Morty feel like s**t, but he actually seems to have changed. He genuinely wants to be nicr 22% of the time, and ey, maybe he’s changed.

Across the way, we see as the sun blast destroys a house, again similar to how the Bifrost destroys whatever it lands on. Bi Frost is, of course, carrying frost, and the Sun is the opposite of that…which is why I keep bringing it up mate. I’m not reaching.

They have promised to follow their king until the Sun Sets and will no longer leave him alone.

Quickly their religion falls apart because they believe that the Sun scepter is what the planets revolve around rather than the sun itself. Nice to see Space Beth there too, and after they laugh at their beliefs. Morty breaks it down beyond the theory time, and they end up quitting the religion.

However, turns out that they were keeping things in check, and we now see that the Sons of the Moon are attacking the Sun.

Coming together are the people of all the planets, including the Viscounts of Venus and the Marquis of Mars. The people of Venus all look like women, and I think this was done to tie into the phrase “Women are from Venus.” The marquis of Mars have their own style too, and shoutouts to our Editor Matt for pointing out that they’re wearing similar clothes to the characters in “John Carter of Mars.”

A blind oracle then appears, and these were typically used in the olden days to prophesize the future. Most recently, an example of this could be found in “The Northman” with the Seeress who was played by Bjork.

We meet the Earl Of Earth who looks identical to Santa and also one who looks like Poseidon. Though he was the God of the sea in Greek Mythology, he also was seen as being the God of Neptune, hence his appearance here.

After revealing the scepter, it devolves into all-out battle.

Now at this point, we hear “Goodbye Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd. This song takes place during the blitz in World War Two, and it starts off with a bird chirping, which then catches the eyes of a child who spots an airplane in the sky. This is actually a bomber that has come to attack, hence “Goodbye Blue Sky.”

In 1982, a film version of this song was released, and it had a similar theme to it, but instead of a child, there was a cat trying to catch a dove. This flew up to the sky, which is where it was ripped apart by a black Eagle that represented a Nazi plane. It descended into the countryside and destroyed everything there before turning into a warplane that ravaged the land.

We hear this song over the war and watch as the scepter is taken by the characters of their planets. Mercury takes it from Jupiter, and both are, of course, Gods along with planets. Jupiter is shot through the throat with an arrow similar to my man Kevin Bacon in “Friday the 13th,” and whilst Santa is crucified, we see Mercury and Saturn fighting it out.

Venus uses this time to take their shot, and I think their character design is meant to be based on House Harkonnen from “Dune” due to their pale skin, black robes, and technology.

Now there is a saying that history is written by the victor, and we see throughout this montage how every time it’s taken, the events are chronicled by whoever has the upper hand.

It leads to a war of escalation, with more and more advanced weapons being created. Chemical warfare begins with gas being used similar to what happened in “Goodbye Blue Sky.”

We see armies charging with giant towers full of soldiers. In another “Lord Of The Rings” reference, these look similar to the ones from “Return Of The King” when the Orcs stormed Minas Tirith.

There’s also versions of the Valkyries that appear to be like the new Gods from the comics.

The entire solar system is threatened because less advanced civilizations are given high power weapons, which Rick says is similar to giving the Amish Nukes.

Morty wants to abandon this universe, but Rick says they should stick it out.

Morty realizes he needs to round up some knights.

We find them in a drug house with marks on their arms and needles on the ground. Probably get demonetized for mentioning what this is, but there was that knight in the garage who did ask Morty how to get ahold of certain substances…you know what it is…and this is it coming full circle.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 9 Explained

Morty says he will cut off his d**k for tradition, and we have recently seen in society how people excuse things because it’s part of tradition. Again subtext is there which I appreciate, and Rick promises to give Morty a fake d**k to trick them. Again talking about sacrifices and how leaders can promise to do things so that people stay loyal to them even though they’re not really going through with it.

He’s presented with some rusty blunt scissors and told to step through a fake d**k metal detector.

Love how funny this scene is with them constantly bringing out all the detectors. Absolutely killed me seeing this, especially the witchcraft one, which had a little witch had on it.

Rick uses telepathy in one of the best and most awkward scenes I think we’ve had in Rick and Morty.

They jump off the ledge into the sun upon fleeing. The knights recount how this brought peace back to the solar system as it was the ultimate sacrifice.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

They discuss how bones floated to the surface and how they even checked with a royal ladle.

Now this all calls back to Season 4 episode 8. In that Rick planted a fake vat of acid at a meet with Gangsters, and he and Morty jumped into it after the deal went awry. Here they hid out and had to pop up to kill the gangsters because they wouldn’t leave. Morty said how stupid the idea was, and the rest of the episode was basically an elaborate ruse to ruin Morty’s life so much that he had to jump into a fake vat at the end to hide out. This is also the episode where Rick basically prestige Morty, and we get Eric Clapton’s song “It’s in the way that you use it.”

One of my favorite episodes in the entire show, so this explanation had me absolutely dying.

The d**k chopping has been abolished, and though they’re discovered, it’s kept secret so that people don’t have to cut off their member to be a member.

Anyway, that takes us into the post-credits scene, which has the illegal hot dog trafficking ring being broken up. It’s a hilarious montage to show the crime behind the food trucks. The police officer has a similar coat to Columbo and he frees the hotdogs who return to the sea.

He was expecting a bird to swoop down and though one does it’s not for the Hot Dogs.

And that ends the episode. I had fun with it, I was kinda hoping for a bit more with it being the penultimate one before the finale but I know this isn’t like last year where it was a two parter. Still though was a good time if not one of my favourites from the season but this one has had so many bangers in it its difficult to even hold that against them.

Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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