OBI WAN KENOBI Episode 3 Breakdown | Easter Egg...

OBI WAN KENOBI Episode 3 Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details And Things You Missed

Vader and Obi Wan go head to head


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It’s time to Reva-up your engines as we’re going through all the easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed from Obi-Wan episode 3. As always our breakdown is going to be full of spoilers so if you haven’t checked it out then check out now.

With that out the way, let’s travel back to a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away and get into the breakdown.

Last episode had us picking up on Tattooine post-Order 66 with Obi-Wan Kenobi now lying low. Inquisitors scoured the Galaxy for him, namely Third Sister who got a group of flea-ridden pirates to kidnap Leia. After Obi-Wan rescues her from Daiyu we watched as Reva took down the Grand Inquisitor.

Since the episode aired there’s been a lot of talk about how this breaks continuity as the bad guy has appeared in several things past this point but The Kinda Funny podcast discussed how the creative team said that he’s alive, he’s just been taken out of the show so that they can progress the plot with the other characters.

Star Wars Last Shot Novel Huge shoutouts to KyloKen_XA for pointing out that the Star Wars novel Last Shot reveals that Pau’uns have two stomachs so he could easily have been stabbed at this point and survived it. We’ve had Darth Maul get cut in half, Thundercat patch-up blaster bolts on Fennec Shand so there is a precedent that he could survive this.

Either way we’ll get into it and we start off  with Obi-Wan meditating in an attempt to reach out to Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan had shut himself off from the Force and even buried his lightsaber so that he’d be more difficult to track when it came to the Inquisitors. We also get the line by Yoda Only Pain You Will Find.

This was said to Obi-Wan at the Jedi temple before he looked over the security footage revealing Anakin was complicit in Order 66. There’s been a lot of back and forth over whether Yoda knew Anakin had turned to the Dark Side at this point and amongst the quotes, we get further ones from both Anakin and Qui-Gon.

Accompanying this are shots of Anakin suiting up but whereas in films it tends to be done in a cool way, here there’s a feeling of pain to the entire thing. He has fake arms and legs and even his chest panel has gigantic spikes on it that stab into his body so that they can be held in place. Every moment of his life since Mustafar has been spent in agony and this pain has driven him down the path of the Dark Side. After being assembled we cut to the wide shot of the room which was also the same location that we saw in Rogue One.

Darth Vader 

We are on Mustafar aka Fortress Vader, the home of the world’s biggest deadbeat dad.

Darth Vader helmet bring fixed to Anakin's head

The design of the fortress of course mirrors the Inquisitor one and also their ship which has two spire shapes with a gap in the middle. Vader resided here during his time off so that he could heal and also because it reminded him of the place where he suffered his greatest defeat.

It was a big gut-punch last week for Obi-Wan to learn that Anakin was still alive and mirroring this, Vader was built thinking that Padme died along with their two children, because of him. This is why he never really went searching for Luke and Leia and it was only upon enlisting Boba Fett that he discovered Luke was his offspring. Here he mainly spends his time meditating, dropping puns about choking people like we got in Rogue One and also just chilling like a villain. I always kinda wished that they’d called this The Empire State building but ey, can’t win ’em all.

Voiced by James Earl Jones, he creates a really intimidating opening and you might recognise these shots as being ones that were teased in the Obi-Wan sizzle reel released last year.

According to the leaks, his performance is made up of several people including Earl Jones as the voice, Hayden Christensen for when the mask is off and Dmitrious Bistrevsky for when he’s in the suit. The last one was named in the leaks as mentioned but whether that’s true or not I’m not 100%.

At this point, we get a hologram from Reva and there’s something that they subtly do here. In Empire Strikes Back when Vader spoke to the Emperor he appeared as a giant head, whereas here Reva appears like a small figure. It shows who holds power over the others, which is also why Snoke appeared as a giant hologram during the Force Awakens.

Now, what Reva is currently after is unclear but I had an awesome theory dropped on my last video by Gunslinger100.

They said that Reva might actually be trying to capture Obi-Wan so that she can gain a private audience with Vader and then she’ll be able to enact her true plan to kill him.

If she ended up becoming the Grand Inquisitor then this would allow her to meet with him privately and this would give her an opportunity to strike him down. However, there are others that are after the seat too which is also shaped in that Sith format. That’s branding. She may even be after his spot and taking him out would make her next in line to become Palps apprentice if she’s the Grand Inquisitor.

Episode 1 opened with Order 66 being carried out and the first kid we see will probably be revealed to be her.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Reva knew that Darth Vader and Anakin were one in the same but I suspect that it’s gonna be revealed he was the one who found her after the Jedi Temple attack. He was there and would likely immediately begin recruiting Inquisitors from the off.

We’ve had the Grand Inquisitor talk about how Kenobi should be left for Darth Vader and she even ended up taking him out so I do think that it will likely come out that this is all part of her plan to take out the person that destroyed her life. It would make sense that Obi-Wan would also be someone that she hated too. Though he went to the Jedi Temple with Yoda, he didn’t really look for any survivors and Reva might end up hating him because of this. It’s also possible that her name is a play on Revan, a Jedi who broke away from the order before becoming a Sith much like how she has here.

Now we cut back to the ship and hear Leia about the Force. Obi-Wan says “that’s not really how it works” which is possibly riffing on the similar line Han dropped in the Force Awakens.

Journey Across Mapuzo 

From here they travel to Mapuzo which was first introduced in a Star Wars role-playing game. Huge shoutouts to Erik Voss at New rockstars for pointing out that this was also hinted at in the trailer due to the Arrabesh writing that the Inquisitors look over.

Upon landing, we see two droids, one that looks a lot like R5 but it’s difficult to tell as his motivator isn’t bust-up.

The planet also has Stormtroopers on it and Imperials strip the land of its minerals. Throughout the Galaxy, they threw lots of their efforts into mining so that they could build weapons like the Death Star and they completely ravaged planets in order to take what they wanted. Obi-Wan has visions of a Jedi and I believe that this is Anakin though it is difficult to make out. Anakin is, of course, weighing heavily on his mind as he was his student and in failing him he caused one of the greatest threats in the Galaxy to rise up.

Obi-Wan and Leia on Mapuzo

Now the show has kinda screwed the canon a bit as we have Leia clearly knowing Obi-Wan due to him saving her life. However in a New Hope she only really talks about him serving her father in the Clone Wars and when Luke ends up fleeing, Yoda seemingly reveals to him that there is another. The way this always came across to me was that only Yoda really knew about it but they might end up altering things in this series. I suppose you could kinda write it off as Leia being ten years old here so she might not even remember it – I can’t really remember most of the s**t I did when I was 10. Mainly cos I was drunk all the time. I’ve also seen some people say that he introduced himself as Ben but she did hear him get called Obi-Wan.

We of course know that Leia ended up naming her son Ben, after Kenobi which I always found a bit weird as the pair never actually met in A New Hope. However, this could be explain it, and maybe we will get some of the plot holes smoothed over at the end of the season.

Either way, probably a minor inconsistency that means absolutely nothing and I’ve wasted enough time talking about it already.


The Inquisitors

Now at this point, we see Fortress Inquisitorius, the base of the inquisitors. It actually featured as the final level in Fallen Order and the spire in the sky also goes deep into the ocean. We can actually see lightsabers that they’ve taken from the Jedi they’ve hunted in the background which is such a nice detail.

Stolen lightsabers can be seen in the Fortress Inquisitorius

Reva takes a long walk through the hallways in what is some of the most epic walking I’ve ever seen. Bloody doesnt stop walking. At this point, she meets the other Inquisitors and Fifth Brother makes it clear he wants the throne.

Now Fifth Brother is probably my favourite character in the show so far. Played by Sung Kang you’ll probably recognise him as playing Han from The Fast And Furious Franchise. I dropped a #JusticeForHanSolo joke last week and..yeah…go check out the amazing wit in that video.

Now Fifth Brother like the rest of the inquisitors ended up surviving Order 66 and after he was taken in by the Imperials he was trained by the Grand Inquisitor and also Darth Vader. During training, he actually ended up having his hand sliced off, a classic thing that pretty much happens to everyone in Star Wars. They can’t get enough.

Hunting surviving Jedi, He joined Vader on missions going after characters like Eeth Koth and his Child. When the Grand Inquisitor died during his fight with Kanan Bridger, Fifth Brother became one of the most important Inquisitors and he was tasked with destroying the Rebellion. He met his end attempting to track down a Sith Holocron which is when he came face to face with Ezra Bridger and his new best buddy Lord Maul. Maul ended up killing him and most a lot of the other inquisitors whilst he tried to tempt Ezra with the Darkside. Definitely go check out Rebels if you wanna know more of his story and also the Grand Inquisitors as well.

Fourth Sister 

Alongside him is Fourth Sister who is a bit of an unknown in the Star Wars canon.

She followed the rest of the inquisitors in being recruited from the Jedi Order but she’s not really appeared in the canon all that much and is actually missing from a lot of the articles and sites that go over all the different members.

Because of this, we don’t really know what happened to her in the end but we do know that she ended up losing her armour to Lina Graf. Graf ended up wearing this and impersonating her in order to infiltrate Fortress Vader on Mustafar but beyond this, we know sweet f**k all.

Obi-Wan and Leia 

Cut to Probe Droids being sent out into the Galaxy, a motif that was of course how we opened The Empire Strikes back. Obi-Wan and Leia reach the rendevous point but no one is there. They flag down a crate carrier called Freck and Leia gives the name Luma. Luma means light and this could have been picked by Leia because of Obi-Wans speech about how the force was like turning the light on in the dark.

However, Luma is also a name that has popped up at several points with characters Luma and Luma Rahl.

I feel like the shots in this vessel are also meant to reflect the earlier ones from Episode 1 in which he travelled to and from work. In those scenes, he was trying to hide from the Empire which he literally has to do when they get boarded later on. They state they’re from Tawl the location we visited last week on Daiyu.

After the Stormtroopers show up they say they’re looking for a Jedi and ey, look, look at the clothes the guys wearing man, right in front of you.

Obi-Wan told Leia to keep quiet but he’s the f**king idiot in this situation. He passes it off as seeing her mother’s face when he looks at her which is of course a reference to Padme but man, the writing in this scene dear me.

Obi-Wan and Leia in Freck's vehicle

However, Vivien Lyra Blair comes through, delivering a line that’s very reminicent of Carrie Fishers performance in Return Of The Jedi, when she was discussing her mother. So far I think she’s nailed the young version of the character and he even asks if Obi-Wan if he’s her father. This could be riffing on Anakin accusing Padme and Obi-Wan of hooking up but my man was all about the bro’s before Yod’sa.

Obi-Wan talks about being taken away from his family when he was very young and he even brings up his brother which is something that I think is new for the canon.

Stopped at a checkpoint by the troopers and scanned by a probe drone, Obi-Wan ends up using his blaster to take out the Imperials. This is covert for him as using a lightsaber will obviously alert them and we get somewhat of a willhelm scream, though not exactly that when the trooper falls over the edge. Ambushed by more troops they’re saved by an Imperial named Tala who leads them to an underground railroad-esque sanctuary for the Jedi.

The Path

The Path was discussed more in the Rebels episode ‘Path Of The Jedi’ and it’s been used a number of times to chronicle their journey.

This also provided them with new identities and led them to Jabiim, a planet that Obi-Wan led a skirmish on during the clone wars.

If you recognise Tala it’s likely also because she’s played by Indira Varma who played Ellaria Sand in Game Of Thrones.

They meet a loader droid called Ned-B that leads them into the safe house.

They also bring a Quinlan Vos, a Jedi Master who we know from the canon lived long enough to see the empire fall. He was actually a renowned rulebreaker which fits into this notion of smuggling Younglings that we discover he did. Now though we don’t know what happened with Grogu it is possible that he went through this too and ey, as they say this is the way. There’s still a lot of mystery over who the Jedi who saved him was and potentially we’ll learn it was Quinlan the entire time.

The peace is broken by Stormtroopers who arrive and after realising they’re compromised they’re led away. Obi-Wan gives the name Ben once more, showing how much he has given up on the old life. Much like a New Hope and the death star, he senses Vader arriving on the planet which is where everything kicks off.

Such a cool moment and I love how you have Vaders breathing mirrored in Obi-Wan’s.

Guy just starts choking people in an attempt to draw Obi-Wan out and as soon as he kills a father and son you know it’s on.

Probably reaching but Obi-Wan and Anakin had a Father and Son relationship so him killing these first could metaphorically show how he feels about the whole dad thing he had going on. Either way, this choking is also something that he did to Padme in Revenge Of The Sith before their battle, like what we have here. Obi-Wan ends up fleeing, however, we need bloody fights and watching him spark it up amongst the dark sand is brilliant.

We also get a moment in which his saber is used to mirror him killing Younglings in the prequels. Really nice attention to detail by the creative team that shows how the scenes of him hunting the Jedi reflect one another.

Here the lightsaber duel is far closer to how it was in A New Hope with less of the twirling and more of the classic swordsmanship that the original duels were based on. Great seeing them fight once more and I was actually surprised they went head to head this early on.

Vader and Obi Wan go head to head


Revea ends up looking for Leia and she discovers the path and Tala tells her to go on her own. She comes across the Jedi crest which triggers her because it very much adds to her feeling of abandonment;  if our theory is right. Which…probably is!

She was left to fend for herself and she ended up joining the Inquisitors who subjected her to a life of torment whilst others got away.

Vader ends up suspending Obi-Wan in the air and he attempts to drag him through the fire so that he ends up suffering the same fate that Anakin did.

Tala gets the high ground and she buys an escape for Obi-Wan and they’ll never find him, no way mate, no way can they find him now. They did kind of set this up by saying that Tala wears her blaster on one side because she’s a quicker draw with it and it allows her to beat them punks.

However, Reva tracks down Leia, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

As for my thoughts on the series so far, I did enjoy the first episode but the second one was a bit meh to me and my feelings were kinda up in the air for the show. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it gave us what we wanted in terms of having Obi-Wan and Vader finally facing off. Episode 4 is right around the corner and though I had mixed feelings with the first two, this got me back onboard.


Now we also have some minor leaks for the end of the post before we wrap up. There was a big plot leak posted on Reddit a while back that got the first two episodes bang on and though it didn’t detail the others after it, it did say some details about the rest of the series. These aren’t major ones but turn off in case you don’t wanna know. Anyway, we will apparently be getting lots of flashbacks in the upcoming entries of a de-aged Hayden Christensen. This could potentially be during the Clone Wars and both his and Obi-Wan’s time together or it could be after the events of Order 66. I’m leaning more towards the latter as it could explain Reva’s backstory but let me know below what you think.

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the episode so comment below and let me know.

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