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MORBIUS Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs Explained, Theories & Things You Missed | SPIDERMAN

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who’s feeling Fangtastic after just watching the new Morbius Trailer.

So Jared Lets go through it frame by frame as we point out all the easter eggs, things you missed and talk about how it connects to the great Spider-Man universe. There are so many things going on beneath the surface of this and yesterdays Vignette and they even mention characters like Black Cat and The Rhino.

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With that out the way thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Morbius.

It’s All Connected

Ok, so it’s clear from the trailers that Morbius is gonna be massively leaning into its connection to Spider-Man and the connective web around the Marvel Universe. Over the last couple of days, there’s been some vignettes dropped, international trailers, normal trailers and a lot of things that I want to combine into one video the discuss the movie.

The first trailer of course had the Sam Raimi Spider-man in it with the words ‘murderer’ spray painted over the top and it also featured a cameo from Michael Keaton who is reprising his role as Adrian Toomes. The brand new International trailer showed him appearing and introducing himself whilst also saying that the Doc should keep in touch. Clearly, Morbius’ reputation is known at this point and it could be that he’s being taken in by the police after his arrest for murder.

Now Venom Let There Be Carnage ended with Eddie Brock being transported into the MCU and though we don’t know what universe this will take place in there are some really cool easter eggs and ties to the comics.

The international trailer ended with Morbius jokingly saying ‘I’m Venom’ so it is likely that Morbius is indeed in the one that we’ve been in during the Venom films. It was said by Kevin Feige that the post-credits scene of Let There Be Carnage was done at the last minute and as Morbius was filmed many moons ago it could be that they didn’t have things fully set in place when making it. They could’ve not known there would even be a multiverse and that it would be connected but either way, it does seem like Morbius is connected to a lot of things like Mobius.

I kinda think that this might even be its own universe with connections to the other universes and that he might be pulled into the MCU much in the same way that Venom was.

This could be how Blade ends up getting his powers as in the comics he bit the hero and this gave him his supernatural abilities. In Loki, we also had the mention of Vampires out in the Multiverse which could have teased him being out there.

Let us know your best theories below but it would allow for characters like the Vulture to pop up, have Morbius mention Venom and also keep things like the Daily Bugle as a Newspaper without breaking the universe.

Now speaking of the Daily Bugle, we catch Morbius looking over the front page of it in the teaser. The logo and font is similar to the Raimi and Venomverse whereas in the MCU it’s an Info Wars type of news show so that adds weight to it being in its own reality.

It could be that Strange even messed up the spell in No Way Home and this cracked the multiverse open more than the Eternals Rotten Tomatoes score did for Twitter.

Now The headlines on it read that Morbius has been arrested for a vampire type murder. This explains why at one point he’s wearing a prison jumpsuit and also the cost of his powers and need for blood.

However, if we look beyond that and the headlines at the top you’ll also see some cool little nods to other spider-man characters. The first reads that a Rhino is on the loose and that this is a Zoo Hoax. It might mean that we’re gonna be seeing the actual villain or it could just be a prank but it’s a nice little nod to that infamous Spider-man Villain.

Next to it reads Black Cat Friend Or Foe and this is clearly giving us our first hint towards the Femme Fatale from the comics. Black Cat or rather Felicia Hardy is a jewel thief who’s pretty much been a love interest and antagonist to Spider-man so it’s great that they’re referencing her in this.

Now we also catch glimpses of Oscorp Tower which is of course owned by Norman Osborn. Due to the pumpkin bomb in The No Way Home trailer, we know that Willem Dafoe will be reprising his role as the Green Goblin. However, it has been said that it won’t be the one from the Raimi verse per see and instead it’ll be a What If version from across the Multiverse. Who know it might even be this universe and he could get pulled across with Morbius.

Morbius the living vampire marvel jared leto

The Living Vampire

Now for the next part of the video, I kinda wanna do a big breakdown of everything that we know from all the teasers as there has been quite a lot shown in the trailers which we can use to piece together what will be happening in the movie.

As we know Morbius is gonna be following Michael Morbius The Living Vampire and it’ll very much chronicle his life. So far the trailers have shown the character winning a Nobel Prize for his involvement in blood research but for as many developments as he was making, Morbius himself was on borrowed time.

According to the plot leaks, just after Michael collects his Nobel Prize he collapses on stage and this is what really drives him to find a cure.

Left with a debilitating disease that left him unable to walk without crutches Morbius has dedicated his life to trying to find a cure.

In the comics, this blood disease is what made him look like some…thing from the Twilight Zone but here it’s mainly just him to have muscle weakness. As a child, Morbius attended a greek school and in the comics, the character Morbius was actually from Greece.

At this school, we know that he’ll be mentored by Jared Harris’ character who currently hasn’t been named in any cast lists. However, it is possible that he’s actually Emil Nikos who pulls directly from the comics.

I kinda feel that Nikos might end up becoming one of the villains in the movie we don’t have his name and they’re clearly keeping that secret for a reason. He was the one who told him there was a cure for the disease and well…mentor figures often end up the villains in Origin stories anyway.

However, there is Matt Smiths character which we’ll talk about later on and you can watch me purposely avoid saying his name because I have no idea how to pronounce it.

It was said in the plot leaks before the trailer was posted that Morbius and Nikos end up playing chess against one another during a flashback scene. Nikos then leaves and this would definitely set up their rivalry which could play into the rest of the movie. Saying that though he does judge him quite harshly and sort of seeming disappointed with him so he could just genuinely be a nice guy like your uncle Kevin Spoilers who people just seem to hate because he ruined everything including Christmas.

With his Fiance Martine Bancroft, Morbius experiments on himself with Vampire Bats and in the comics, this is what gave him his abilities. The movie does seem to potentially be changing things up as there’s a strange cave out on a mysterious island that seemingly requires some sort of blood sacrifice in order to bring forth the bats that live there.

In the first trailer, we watched as Morbius brought forth the bats by touching the machine and they swarmed and killed everyone at the location other than him.

He then sneaks aboard a ship in order to travel home and this is when we get the vampire Esque hunting scene that’s been played throughout all the trailers.

Now at this point, it looks like he’s captured and put inside a lab whilst he still figures out his powers and also how to stop his thirst for blood whilst keeping all of the benefits of his super strength and teleportation.

I think the way his powers are put across is absolutely incredible and he has the ability to sort of teleport and move at great speeds. This means that he can pretty much appear and disappear at will and it’s such a cool thing to have a vampire doing. All of the action scenes from the trailers, featurettes and so on look great and it’s gonna be brilliant watching him fly and sort of nightcrawler his way across locations as he comes to grips with his brand new abilities.

Now with this comes a cost and he of course has to drink blood. I think it’s gonna be really interesting to see how the movie handles it as he’s gonna be someone that wants to do good but he has to drain people of their life force in order to survive.

I’m really curious to see how they weigh it all up but I think it makes for quite a complicated character. I think that the quote-unquote Sony heroes all being sort of bad guys from the comics means that they have an edge to them and the opportunity to discuss morality which a lot of the Marvel ones simply don’t.

Now as we can see in the trailers, Morbius is gonna have to evade the law as well. This will come in the form of Simon Stroud who’ll be played by Tyrese Gibson. In the new looks, we see him holding up a paper vampire left behind at a crime scene.

I don’t think this is from Morbius and rather it’ll be left behind by Loxias Crown played by Matt Smith.

In the comics, Stroud dealt a lot with the supernatural and he also investigated J Jonah Jameson’s son when he became a werewolf. I’d love to see him as a sort of Vampire Hunter and in the very first trailer, you might have spotted that he has a bionic arm of some sort which shows he might be upgrading himself throughout the movie in order to combat this new threat.

Now Loxias Crown….who I’ll just be calling Crown from now on, is probably gonna be the big bad overall.

From the first looks, it seems like he’s the one who tells Morbius about the mysterious island and we know from behind the scenes images that he’s gonna be sort of guiding the character. According to the plot leaks on the film he will have had a similar disease to Morbius and he’ll show up completely cured which is when he will tell him about the rare vampire bats.

Crown would end up going on to become a villain known as Hunger Devourer Of Realities. This was a parasitic organism that fed on universes and it is possible that the character could even destroy this reality which will force Morbius into another one.

I’d love to see that in the film and he makes way more sense as being a villain over Nikos but you know…let your boy have his fan theories. When have they steered you wrong?

morbius the living vampire marvel jared leto

To Suck or Not to Suck…

Now as for my thoughts on the film I was pretty much one of those people who thought that this movie was gonna suck. Though Venom has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and Into The Spider-verse was incredible, I was very much of the mind state that Sony just has no idea what they’re doing right now and that it’s been a long time since their golden era with Sam Raimi’s Spider-man. However, I am really on board with this and I think it looks like a very fun movie that sort of leans into what Sony can do best.

Obviously, they’re gonna troll Kevin Fiege and put as many Marvel easter eggs in it as they can so that they can pretty much piggyback off the MCUs success but I actually enjoy what direction Sony can go in with their characters and the moral complexities that they have.

There have been a couple of screenings for the movie and from what I’ve been told behind the scenes this is gonna be a surprisingly good movie that sets up Morbius as one of the most unique and interesting heroes that we’ve ever seen in a Marvel movie.

It’s meant to be packed with cool action scenes but there’s also a lot of character development and things to make you really gravitate towards the character.

Leto was let down by Suicide Squad but this is meant to feel very much like a second chance at a comic book movie for the actor that he doesn’t waste his time with. All the trailers for this film have done a great job of getting me hyped for the movie and I love how they’re really leaning into the greater Marvel universe and teasing other villains in the film.

Hopefully, we get that rumoured Black Cat movie announcement soon as I think that would be another good one to explore.

Either way, this new look did a great job of selling a movie I wasn’t too hyped about and I can’t wait to see it in January.

I hope you enjoyed the video and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new look in the comments below.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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