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MORBIUS Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Full Movie Review

Sony is back with Morbius to bring us Morbe-BS, and this feels like the perfect film to feature a vampire because it sucks. Jared Leto needs to Jared Let Go of his dreams of being in a good comic book movie. The film is now out and it contains possibly the most confusing endings since Mystique picked up Wolverine at the end of Days Of Future Past. The movie has a lot to unpack from it but luckily in one of the weirdest marketing moves ever, Director Daniel Espinosa spoiled the whole film before its release and it does clear up some of the questions you might have.

I initially thought him doing this might be an early April Fools but the movie does end the way that he said with a character travelling across the multiverse from the MCU into the Sony Verse.

It’s the biggest downgrade since Jared Leto went from the Joker to Morbius and by the end of it, you’ll be hoping Blade is gonna show up in the universe too.

Throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking it all

I’ll try go easy on it but there will be heavy spoilers. I have seen how empty my cinema was so I’m guessing you’re here without seeing it but yeah, just a heads up mate.

Who is Morbius?

Ok so Morbius is a Marvel Legend.

More like Marvel Legend Figure.

Throughout his new solo film we follow him as he attempts to cure a degenerative blood disease that eventually turns him into a living vampire that must feast on flesh in order to stay alive.

The film opens with him leaving a helicopter in order to get up close to some vampire bats and from here the movie tells his origin story through flashbacks. He attempts to also save his childhood from Lucien who gets renamed Milo, played by Matt Smith.


Milo has financed a lot of his work and he’s just as desperate to be cured as Sony are to make us think this has anything to do with the MCU.

Now Morbius is the creator of a form of artificial blood that we’re told has saved more lives than Penicillan, and alongside his co-doctor Martine Bancroft he carries out experiments on himself. The pair travel out to international waters so as not to get arrested for their human trials and after injecting himself with Vampire bat DNA he becomes a monster.

Morbius kills everyone on the boat except for Martine and though he flees before the ship is discovered he becomes the number one suspect. Back home Morbius tries to take the artificial blood to quench his thirst but the window between these feeds becomes less and less and thus he needs some of the good stuff. Milo comes to him at this point and also asks to be cured but after Morbius rejects him he takes matters into his own hands.

Milo also takes the experiment and when he starts feasting on people, Morbius is blamed for the crimes. He’s sent to jail and after realising that Milo is behind it all he escapes and decides to take him down.

Milo kills their childhood mentor who doesn’t even have a name on the cast list and he also seemingly murders Martine.

It wraps up much in the way that you’d expect with Morbius beating Milo and he travels off on the run, afflicted with his condition, unable to live in society.

However, it’s revealed that Martine was also injected with the serum and she awakens as one of the undead.

Morbius Universe

Now the first major question that you likely have is ‘What universe is Morbius set in?’

Well, the trailers had a lot of people scratching their heads as we got shots of things like Oscorp, a Poster of Spider-man with Murderer on it and of course Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture.

Absolutely all of these scenes and shots from the trailer don’t make it into the movie and it very much feels like the studio was partaking in false advertising to get us interested in the film. I know studios sometimes hide or alter things for trailers but they don’t out and out oversell what’s gonna be in the movie and it does feel quite cheap to do this. Hell, this is the studio that even had people thinking Doctor Strange was Mephisto for a bit because of how he was in the No Way Home trailer but this feels like a definite step beyond it.

It’s left a lot of people confused however the director has stated that the movie does take place in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom.

Spider-Man in this Universe

Now though the shot of Spider-man is removed from the movie, he has confirmed that there is a version of the web-slinger in this universe but he kept tight-lipped about it. Didn’t mind spoiling the whole movie but moving on.

Now we already know that Tobey Maguire’s universe has had it’s own Venom in it through Topher Grace so that rules him out as being the Spider-man in this one. Tom Hardy went to the MCU but he returned because he wasn’t a part of that world and thus it also rules out Tom Holland.

All that remains is Andrew Garfield and all that hype for them bringing the actor back has turned to worry because if it is him then yeah, they need to really make sure that script is Spider-verse levels before they start filming.

Don’t let them massacre my boy.

Now the reason that I say if it is him is that it could also possibly be Miles Morales. Though he hasn’t been cast in live-action they could potentially bring him in here. However, Miles is often mentored by Peter so they would likely need to have him in the universe first before introducing him.

I say that though but Venom showed us they don’t mind introducing Spider-man characters without Spider-man. The director did say that we would learn very soon what’s happening so we might get an announcement either over the weekend or in the next one.

Now the two post-credits scenes are pretty much completely interlinked with each other and Sony are very much pushing this as a movie that you must see in order to understand how their Sinister Six is formed. Though we got very close to having the group in No Way Home, they have now finally put their plans into full effect and unlike the end of Amazing Spider-man 2, they now have a full roadmap of movies.

Kraven the Hunter is next and I’m just hoping that Marvel Studios steps in and takes the reigns before things get too out of hand because I’m not Kraven what they’re doing ey.

Thank you, thank you, wow what a terrific audience.

Adrian Toomes / The Vulture

So the film culminates with us in the MCU’s New York. The sky cracks open much like how it did at the end of No Way Home and we cut to Toomes who is glowing white in his prison cell. For some reason because he knows that Peter Parker is Spider-man he’s getting flung across the multiverse into Sony land even though that completely disregards the rules set up by the spell.

That’s not how the spell works.

When it was broken it started pulling people into the MCU who knew that Peter Parker was Spider-man and at the end of the movie they were returned home after Strange erased this knowledge from everyone’s minds.

Toomes wouldn’t need to go into another dimension because he’s already home and Sony just seem to be messing up the rules of their own movie. It begs the question why didn’t MJ, Ned, the Avengers, J Jonah Jameson…hell the entire world who knew get sent over there but moving on.

Toomes finds himself in a different cell and we then get a news report which regards it as a bizarre appearance in the prison that no one can explain. The reporter says that a hearing is being held that could lead to his immediate release and we see him being escorted out of the prison. This appears to be the scene from the trailer in which he met Morbius for the first time but like I said it was removed. It actually would’ve made sense to have been left it as it would explain how he ends up meeting the character in the following scene but nope…can’t have our Sony movies making sense now can we.

Adrian is let go because ey, if Ted Bundy showed up randomly in this universe in a prison jumpsuit the first thing you’d wanna do is let him out.

Meeting Morbius

From here we jump to the second scene and we catch Morbius driving out to a destination and after reaching it the Vulture swoops in.

Now though the director didn’t say how he got his costume he did state that Toomes is resourceful and also that it’s slightly different from the MCU version.

The Wings now have bright beaming lights on them and the mask is slightly different.

Rather than wearing a standard jet pilot helmet with an oxygen mask Toomes now has one that resembles more of a beak.

He says he’s unsure how he got there but that he thinks it might have something to do with Spider-man. He’s clearly as confused as we are over this. Therefore I think we can kinda guess that his memory has been wiped too and that he now no longer remembers Peter Parker as the webhead. Thus Strange might have done this across the entire multiverse and Tobey could be returning home to find that MJ is now dating another 5 people again or something.

Vulture then says he’s still figuring this universe out but that a bunch of people like them should team up and quote-unquote do some good.

Morbius says it’s intriguing which ends the film and thus the birth of the Sinister Six begins.

So yeah, the guy is still figuring out this universe but is resourceful enough to pull together a vulture costume. It feels like they just did a Moon Knight and said ‘Random bullS**t go’ because yeah, weird.

Now they have said that they wanna do some good and obviously Morbius is somewhat of an anti-hero. Toomes has had a second chance and ey, and maybe they’ve changed.

However, we do know from the plans by Sony that they will be becoming the villains that they are in the comics and this will of course throw them up against Spider-man. Now as mentioned earlier, we also know that Kraven is coming around the corner and it is possible that Venom may also be brought into the ranks.

The way that this version’s Eddie Brock knew who Spider-man was was because Venom’s collective symbiote subconscious spanned the entire Multiverse and thus he plucked the information from other versions of himself.

These have also had vendettas against Spider-man which could potentially tip him into seeing him as a danger.

Now I think it’s kinda weird to do this arc with Vulture as he has already somewhat redeemed himself and the movie is just putting him back to square one. In Homecoming he of course wanted to rob Tony Stark because he saw it as an injustice that he and Damage Control took away his business.

More on Spider-Man

Toomes pulled off a big job and Spider-man tried to save his life which is pretty much why he kept his identity secret from Mac Gargan aka Scorpion.

I think going forward he will probably go on a similar arc in not knowing who Spider-man is, fighting him, realising he’s a good kid and then deciding to let him live. He might even die down the line and those are the sorts of arcs I can see him going on.

However, for the next couple of movies, expect to see him popping up in post-credits scenes as a Nick Fury-type figure, recruiting villains from Spidey’s rogues gallery.

The movie has several nods to other Spider-man characters and on the Daily Bugle pages that pop up, we get mentions of Black Cat, Rhino and also Chameleon. Rhino of course featured in the Garfield film and I think both Chameleon and Black Cat would be great additions as long as they’re handled correctly.

Now there isn’t really much precedent for a Vulture and Morbius team-up in the comics and typically the members of the group tend to be more in line with what we had in No Way Home. It’s gonna be interesting to see what they do but there is a big chance that they’re gonna f**k this up.


This film is a complete mess and it’s wild that we’ve gone from one of the best comic book movies in Batman to one of it’s worst in less than a month. After seeing what Sony is bringing to the table I can completely see why Feige got Venom into the MCU, took the symbiote and sent him back quicker than he arrived.

It’s clear they don’t want him connected and unfortunately, Marvel Studios is stuck in this position where they have to play ball with the studio in order to have their biggest name as part of the MCU.

The first trailer released all the way back in January 2020 and I think at this point that the studio just wanted the thing out.

Lots of things feel majorly underdeveloped and you have some breakneck twists and turns. Morbius turns into a vampire without us seeing any real transformation and Matt Smith’s turn comes completely out the blue. The police characters have no character development and everything just feels like it’s a trailer where you’re getting the plot points but no depth beyond that.

Honestly the movie makes House of Gucci look like it should’ve won the Oscars that it thought it was gonna get and everything is a misfire. The story is dated, the editing is terrible and I would advise Sony to take a serious look at these films and ask if it’s worth getting in some better talents to help write them.

Overall just a massive misfire and it gets a…


I’d of course love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know you punk.


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