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MORBIUS Ending And Post Credits Scene Spoiled By Director | Rant About WTF Is Going On With Sony

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and I feel like I have to hand over my title of The Spoiler-Man to Sony because I cannot believe what they’ve done when trying to Market the movie.

Over the weekend the company shared an interview for the film that was filled with spoilers for the post-credits scene and yeah…it’s a bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off for em.

Throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down what was said, what it means for the movie and also why they’ve done it because…pfffff absolutely bladdy mental. I’ve never seen a company out and out just ruin the ending of their film before it even releases but I think I might have figured out why they’ve decided to do this.

Obviously, there will be heavy spoilers here so if you’ve managed to avoid everything and don’t want it ruined then I recommend you turn off now. Make sure you hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe for puns that leave you down for the count like Dracula’s best mate.

With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Morbius.


Ok so before we get into what happens in the scene, I think we have to address just how brazen Sony has been with their approach to their Marvel movies. If you cast your mind back to 2019 then you might remember that the Spider-man contract that they had with Marvel Studios ran out and there was a point where the character was no longer in the MCU.

At the time it seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen but then 2020 came along. Now the studios renegotiated the contract and though we don’t know all the ins and outs of it, there were some trade-offs. Sony would allow Spider-man to remain in the MCU but they’d also have their universe connected to it so that they could profit off the studio’s success.

Basically, to boil it down to its simplest terms, Marvel Studios are you and Sony is that kid along the street that you hated but played with them because they had a Super Nintendo.

See what I’m saying.

Now Feige clearly knew what he was getting himself in for and because of this, he’s kinda kept them at arm’s length. Venom dropped into the universe but he went out the door quicker than the plans of Letitia Wright to become the next black panther and Morbius has a similar situation going on with it.

In an interview with Cinemablend, the director Daniel Espinosa has flat out spoiled the entire ending of the movie and because of this, we can kinda see where things could be going. Now we have to address a lot of the false advertising that exists around the film.

In trailers, we got shots of Oscorp, The Daily Bugle and also a poster of Spider-man with Murderer written over the top of it.

The final cut of the film doesn’t contain any of these shots and though trailers can often be misleading, I think that this was done on purpose in order to trick people into thinking the movie is more interesting than it is. This is the movie version of clickbait and they should change the name from Morbius to More BS, ey having that.

Now another major talking point in the trailers is Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture.

None of the trailer scenes of the character are in the movie and instead, our first one has the sky ripping open like how it did in No Way Home and Toomes is pulled into a cell in the Morbius universe much like how Venom was at the end of his last solo movie.

Now because he didn’t commit a crime in this universe he’s let out of jail and that ends the first scene.

Yeah, completely changes the rules of the spell but moving on.

morbius sony marvel ending explained jared leto

Second Post-Credits Scene

Now the second post-credits scene has Toomes showing up to meet Morbius in his full Vulture costume. The director confirmed that he has managed to pull this outfit together by being resourceful and that it’s slightly different to the one that he had in the MCU. Toomes says that he wants to form a team to get revenge on Spider-man and that ends the film.

So lots of things wrong there in terms of the character arcs and rules that were set up in the MCU.

Firstly, the spell didn’t allow people to jump across into other universes at random, it pulled people into the MCU who knew that Peter Parker was Spider-man. Secondly, as we saw at the end of No Way Home, everyone was sent back to their home dimension and no one remained behind. Toomes seems like he’s gonna be in the Morbius verse for the foreseeable future which makes no sense.

Now on top of this, Toomes very much had an arc in Homecoming that made most people think he didn’t wanna get revenge on Spider-man. At the end of the movie he was very much protecting his identity and even though he didn’t like him, he knew that he saved his life.

He seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t join the Sinister Six but instead, he’s forming them.

Now Morbius doesn’t know Spider-man so he wouldn’t care about killing him but beyond that, it just feels like they’ve mishandled everything. Vulture is probably gonna end up going through the arc he’s already been through where he realises he’s just a kid trying to do good and he decides to drop the vendetta.

Now they could spin it where Toomes forgets Peter Parker is Spider-man and he just remembers this superhero ruining his life. However, he’s now in a completely different universe and therefore he doesn’t have this relationship built up with Spider-man where it would even be the person he hates.

He gets let out of jail because he’s done nothing in this universe but can’t drop the feud that he has with the webhead.

Now the director also spoiled that Morbius is set in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom and he said there is a Spider-man but that he couldn’t say which version. Again though, we know Tobey has his own Venom in his Universe, Tom is still in the MCU which is a dimension Hardy no longer is in so in the process of elimination, yeah it’s Andrew Garfield.

This is pretty big news but I just can’t trust Sony to handle things the way that they need to be. Garfield has already had a crap time with the studio and I wouldn’t wanna see him go through it again.

It’s clear that Sony will do whatever they can to make every movie connected to the MCU and they don’t care if it ruins the universe, breaks the rules or spoils future reveals. Kevin Feige must be sitting there doing a full head shake like Reagan from the Exorcist because they have the potential to destroy all his hard work.

After hearing this no one is gonna convince me that the Venom Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene wasn’t just banged in at the last minute. Look at it, they have Tom Hardy in a hotel room and then Spider-man appears on a tv screen. It just screams ‘we quickly filmed this without permission.’ Tom Holland is unmasked at Penn Station which doesn’t even happen in No Way Home and they just don’t care.

morbius ending explained sony marvel jared leto

Sony are Strange

Now a studio spoiling a movie before it releases like this is absolutely unheard of. The news dropped at the weekend and I’ve been sat thinking for the last couple of days over whether this has ever happened before and I can’t think of any time when a director has ruined their own movie before its release. There have been studios that have hinted towards a big reveal being in a movie but the marketing of this normally happens on the second weekend and they just tease towards it so it seems more interesting for those that skipped the first viewings.

The review embargo hasn’t even lifted yet and it’s got me saying ‘sony are straaange.’

So why have they done this?

Well, I actually think it’s because Sony has seen the pre-ticket sales and they know the movie isn’t gonna do well. There are also the initial reactions which are s**ting on the movie and thought it might end up performing well, Sony is desperate.

Thus I think they’re doing this so that they can be like.


This strategy has worked in the past with movies like Captain Marvel in which people believed that they had to see that in order for Avengers Endgame to make sense.

I think that Sony has just realised that no one really cares about this movie and due to all the delays, setbacks and incoming bad reviews they just wanna get people to come and see it because they think there’s gonna be some big MCU connections in it.

I think it does the reverse in all honesty though and now that people know what’s gonna happen they’re definitely not gonna bother. My guess is that most of you watching this haven’t seen the film yet and are just checking this video out because you wanna know whether it’s worth spending money to go and see it.

Well, spoiler alert, it’s not, you know what happens now and I think most of you will be put off by this rather than thinking that you now have to cancel your weekend plans to check it out.

Add to this all the cut scenes and it just seems like the film is one big Mysterio illusion that you don’t really need to watch.

People will be disappointed knowing that the things they were excited about aren’t actually in the movie and it just feels like a massive misfire.

It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen and I can see why this film is releasing on April fools day.

I almost feel like my job here is done, the Spoilerman is no longer needed and studios are just willing to ruin things before the release.

I’m in two minds over whether to do a breakdown on Friday but yeah, let me know below what you think of the whole situation.


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