Marvel’s Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay De...

Marvel’s Avengers Full Leaked Gameplay Demo Footage & Reaction | SDCC 2019

marvels avengers game play footage leaked demo

Looks like we have footage of the entire demo for the upcoming game Marvel’s Avengers!

The reaction to the game has been mixed to say the least but this first look makes it seem incredible and throughout this, I’ll be showing you the full demo footage from San Diego Comic-Con and giving my thoughts on the footage at the end. This goes through about 15 minutes of gameplay and it covers every character and yeah….it just looks amazing.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want some of the big element of the games demo ruined for you then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it now with that out the way here’s the full footage of the game.

marvels avengers game play footage leaked demo

My Thoughts

Ok, so that’s everything we have from San Diego Comic-Con for the game. I know after the initial trailers release that there was quite a lot of backlash over the game but I actually think it had a lot of potential and after seeing it play out with all its gameplay, needless to say, I think it looks outstanding. This is everything that I really want from an avengers game and throughout it really feels like there’s a massive sense of momentum to the entire thing.

Another thing that it beautifully does it that it nails all of the different nuances between the characters. Everyone feels like they have a completely different skill set which I definitely think is needed in a title like this. Iron-Man’s gameplay is a complete opposite to Captain Americas but overall they all kinda gel together so well and make you realise why the Avengers are such a powerful team. They have all the bases covered and I think that this demo really showcases that and yeah I’m very very excited to see how it plays out. If we get a full game of this I think it’ll be amazing and yeah, I couldn’t be happier with the first look.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the demo and if you’re excited about the upcoming game. Comment below and let me know!


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