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Lucifer Season 5 Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Series Spoiler Review & Part 2 Eve Theories

Lucifer is back for its fifth season and throughout this post, we’re gonna be discussing the devil you know better than the song Better the Devil You Know by Kylie Minogue. I’ll skip the rubbish puns from here on out.

There’s a lot to unpack from the ending and we have one hell of a theory of who might be controlling it all from behind the scenes.

As always, there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend you go watch it and then come back.

Season 5 Plot

Season 4 ended with Lucifer professing his love to Chloe and abandoning the mortal world to go and reign over his kingdom in hell. Season 5 deals with the fallout of that and the repercussions of Lucifer’s actions.

Due to the pandemic, Season 5 has been broken up into two parts, so a lot of things are left up in the air by the end of it but we’ll be giving our theories on where things could go.

In the introduction, we join Lucifer collecting the souls of the damned, torturing them in hell and slowly turning to his more devilish side. Because of the way that time works in Hell, Lucifer has experienced thousands of years going through this routine over and over and it’s turned him into a shell of his former self. Being stuck in these loops is almost a loop for him and just as his victims hate the eternity that they’re subjected to Lucifer feels very much the same way.

After he realises that one murder victim is living in their own personal nightmare version of LA, he decides to investigate their death and this of course makes him pull up old memories of his long-lost love Chloe.

Lucifer - Chloe

Family Ties

It’s a great way to start the season and I love how the victim’s regret of not seeing his family when he had several opportunities to was very relatable. Most of us have a family member or friend that we’ve become estranged from and though we could easily talk to them once more, we come up with excuses not to.

Basically, it’s like that old guy in Home Alone who won’t talk to his son. I’m not crying you’re crying.

It too ties into the overall arc of this season and by the end, we see the very estranged family of heaven back in each other’s company once more.

On the flip side of this Chloe feels completely abandoned and has been doing whatever she can to fill the void left by Lucy. I hate calling him that.


Initially,  it appears that Lucifer has returned to her but it’s revealed that this is just his identical twin brother Michael.

Cue a hilarious Sharon Osborne scene, where she says thank you for all that he did for Ozzy and Michael slowly starts to fill the role in her life that Lucifer left behind (episode 2).

We learn that Michael has gained the position of God’s right hand and in doing so cut off all the other angels from their father’s side. This pulls Lucifer back to the surface as he tries to win around Chloe and put an end to Michael’s schemes.

Now Chloe discovers that she was actually made for Lucifer as a gift from God to be his plaything on Earth. It’s a huge revelation for her and she really struggles with the revelation. It also really makes us question whether Lucifer’s love for her is actually real and vice versa.

Mirroring this, we learn that Michael has been manipulating Lucifer with subliminal suggestions that have warped the character’s decisions since the dawn of time and this is why he has made certain choices. He feels pretty powerless but this stems from his own personal view of how he sees himself. That is that the character believes he’s unworthy to rule over hell and have the power that he does.

What it boils down to is that the two characters are actually opposite sides of the same coin. Though they’re identical to look at, the ideologies that the pair possess juxtapose one another.

Michael is an archangel that lorded over an army and with this came almost unlimited power. He and Lucifer battled one another and Lucifer ended up in hell, seemingly losing it all.

However, Lucifer and Michael actually seek different things to fulfil their existence. Michael just wants control, order and rule over people. On the flip side, Lucifer has love, friends and family and though he lacks the power he’s actually won from what he’s gained by having a life and those around him who care about him.

Having finality puts worth in certain things and knowing that are experiences are finite makes us treasure them that much more which definitely speaks to the psychology of the character.

Now what I love about the season is that it’s not scary to take side steps into the greater lore and mythology. Episode 4 is an excellent example of this and in the 1946 film noir spectacle, we’re introduced to a big character in Lucifer mythology.


Lilith is someone who has been teased time and time before. In case you don’t know, Lilith is the mother of all demons.

In the Hebrew Bible, Lilith is referred to as the first woman and according to the text she was made from the same clay as Adam and became his first wife. However, she also refers to an earlier class of female demon, which is how the character appears here. She’s often used in fiction featuring the devil and you may have seen Lilith as one of the anti-heroes in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Lucifer goes looking for her magic ring and she ends up giving it to him so that he can become mortal. She abandons her children and retreats to a life of normality. It’s elements like this that add a wealth of information to the characters and help to fill in some of the blanks we have about his history.

It’s also absolutely hilarious.

Maze tracks Lilith down through this story we learn that Linda abandoned her own children when she was younger. Thematically the show is of course built on this and just in the same way she left her child, Lilith left hers and so on, God can also be seen as abandoning Lucifer to the underworld which of course warped his personality.

If we don’t know our true parents’ intentions then we don’t know our true identity and this too mirrors Chloe’s journey as she deals with the inner turmoil over being created purely for Lucifer.

These elements of subtext are truly what this season feels built upon and it all comes together as we head into the finale.

Michael’s Manipulation

Now Michael, as he’s done in the past, slowly starts to manipulate those around Lucifer, and at one point he calls Dan to make him go to Amenadial’s house. Through the window, he sees Lucifer’s true face and this exposes the character to him.

Dan goes to Charlotte’s grave terrified over what he’s learned and it’s probably the most vulnerable that we’ve ever seen the character. Clearly, he is still grieving for the character and though Ella doesn’t necessarily follow suit, it leads to him being easily manipulated. Michael comes to him in the form of an angel and slowly sinks his claws into him as he turns the character against the protagonist.

Dan arrives at Lucifer’s home and ends up shooting him, but this proves to have no real effect. He has gained his invulnerability back because he has put up walls around Chloe and it is possible that after she took his mojo for a bit, he subconsciously put things in place.

This ties into the ending and Lucifer becoming an invincible and unstoppable force is one of Chloe’s greatest fears as she knows what this really means. To make matters worse Chloe is kidnapped by Michael the season really ramps up as we head into the finale.

We learn that Michael has been manipulating and controlling the whisper killer and Ella discovers that it’s actually her boyfriend Peter. Also, I love how you can see how dark Ella’s mind state is becoming, as her t-shirts have gotten darker throughout the show.

Now, this distrust of someone that she loves of course mirrors Chloe who is slowly starting to lose faith in Lucifer because of the seeds of doubt that he sews in her mind.

Through the help of Dan, Lucifer manages to find Chloe but that doesn’t mean things are over. She decides to break things off with him and slowly Michael begins to tear Lucifer’s life apart. Just as he’s about to tell her that he loves her, time freezes for the character and he finds Amanadial at the heart of it.

Michael has used the fear of learning that his son Charlie is mortal to his advantage and Amenadial is unable to break them free from the time freeze. Michael arrives and mocks Lucifer and it is possible that he implanted Charlie with a cold to make him seem mortal to further fuel Amenadials’ fear. I love how both Lucifer and Michael appear as angel and devil on his shoulder and this makes Amenadial snap.

He goes to attack Michael but Mazikeen arrives to fend for him. It’s revealed that Michael promised her a soul in exchange for working for him and the season ends with Maze and the protagonist going head to head for all the things that Lucy hid from her whilst Amanadial tackles Michael.

Big Battle

The season ends in one of the biggest fights in Lucifer’s history and I loved watching the music soar as the pairs went head to head.

Lucifer- final battle

The battle is only ended by the intervention of God who steps forwards for the first time in the show. Played by Dennis Haysbert this is the debut for the almighty and though it ends on a big cliffhanger there are several things we can take from it.

Now firstly I think that God’s intervention has shown that he no longer trusts Michael. Throughout the season we had lip service paid to Michael pretty much commanding the army of Heaven and his father having to step forward likely shows that he’s displeased with him.

I actually don’t think that Michael has that long left and the way I can see him going down has actually been hinted at several times. Throughout the series, we have been told that the Archangel blades can kill Lucifer but I actually think they will be used against Michael and this will end his life.

Episode 9 of the Season is called Family Dinner and this hints towards the direction that the second part will be going. Part 1 was about finding one’s family after losing it and I think that the following episodes will centre around the rejoining of the families in the series and culminate in them falling apart.

The Fate of Mazikeen

All Mazikeen wants is a soul and I can actually see God giving her this but it comes with a wealth of regret for her. Mazikeen has pretty much turned against all that cared for her and she may become a villain. There’s also the question of Eve who has been notably absent this season. I do believe that she will return and perhaps join sides with Maze in the second part.

Lucifer -Maze

Her first appearance very much brought with it the idea that it was actually her who tempted the devil and not the other way around as was in Genesis. I have a theory but if we’re keeping in with the style of the show I think it makes a lot of sense.

Is Eve in Control?

It could be possible that Eve has actually been controlling things behind the scenes, and just in the same way that the fourth season flipped her and the devil’s role it could be that she’s orchestrated this entire scenario for one specific reason…that is to pull God out of Heaven.

By making his family fight one another, it would force him to vacate the kingdom similar to how she was made to vacate the Garden of Eden.

I would love to see it turn out that her endgame this entire time was to get all of the angels to vacate their spots and this would explain why she manipulated Michael into making Lucifer leave Hell which would in turn make God leave heaven.

Every kingdom is now hers for the taking she could potentially be using Maze as a way to bring this about.

The creative team are hinting at a further love story between both Eve and Maze and the pair may turn out to be the big bad for the second part.

Anyway, that’s my theory right now and I’m not even sure if Lieutenant Diablo or a stripper detective (episode 3) could truly get to the bottom of it.

Your Thoughts

I’d of course love to hear your thoughts on the season so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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